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  1. Well, from an observational perspective, at least, lol! I got my first really good look at Mars last night, or should I say, early this morning at about 4 a.m. as the Red Planet cleared the big oak tree to my east. It was bold and bright, and rivaled the brilliant gas giants not far away to the south. I was using my 127mm Mak-Cass, or lil' Mak as I like to call it, which easily revealed the polar cap and a subtle dark region near it. The ruddy color was apparent without the telescope, and was enhanced through the eyepiece. I started out with a 9mm and then moved up to a 6mm. Simply gorgeous! Still a bit late (or early) for other than weekend observing right now, my excitement for Mars this year has definitely received a boost! I just hope there is no global dust storm this perigee! Regards, Reggie
  2. Thanks, George. I'm keeping an eye on Mercury as it reaches elongation. Hope all is well. Keep safe!
  3. Lucky dog! It's been pretty much cloud here since I took that shot. I'm doing well and being safe. Things are reopening in the U.S. at an alarming rate. It's nice to have hobbies that don't require close contact, lol. You stay safe, too, Pete
  4. Thanks, Pete. They were playing peek-a-boo with some serious rain clouds, but I managed to snap a few during opportune moments. Did you get to see them?
  5. Gorgeous! Nice color and detail Reggie
  6. This one almost didn't happen as heavy clouds eventually took over! Cheers! Reggie
  7. That's awesome! And add the picture with the Earth (the Venus/Mercury landscape) to make 6, lol! Regards, Reggie
  8. Great work as always, Pete! Nice cloud detail Regards, Reggie
  9. Great compilation! It really shows how Venus has changed over the months. Regards, Reggie
  10. Thanks, Myles. Delta Cephei is a nice one. I have to take a look at the others!
  11. I don't know, but I just saw Tommohawk's post and hope that his information will help you
  12. Nice shot, Dave. Looks similar to shots I've gotten of the crescent. I worry less about trying to get any detail and just "focus" on getting a good phase, lol. I've used a Meade zoom eyepiece and a 2X barlow with my Nikon camera at prime focus for some interesting shots. I even got a little detail using a variable polarizing filter (nothing spectacular, though) and video image stacking. For me, Venus is most fun just observing through the telescope., and it's all about fun! Regards, Reggie
  13. Here are a few widefield shots of the moon as it moves from Gemini, through Cancer and towards Leo: Cheers! Reggie
  14. Thanks, leibek! Yes, eternal tight dance
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