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  1. Total lunar eclipse Sunday night/Monday morning (2019/01/20-21) and conjunction of Venus & Jupiter on Tuesday morning(2019/01/22)! 

  2. orion25

    Tour, comet, nebula, galaxies.

    Awesome images, mate! Love the animation! Reggie
  3. orion25

    Saturn debut

    Great first Saturn! I remember my first time viewing (and imaging) Saturn; it's an experience you'll never forget! Keep it up! Reggie
  4. orion25

    Orions Sword13-1-19

    Brilliant, Charl! You captured some interesting real estate there! I hope you get to capture the upcoming lunar eclipse Reggie
  5. orion25

    afternoon Moon 13-1-19

    Nice ones, Charl. The one with the clouds is kinda spooky and cool. I'm planning on a good night for the lunar eclipse next Sunday night! Reggie
  6. orion25

    Annual M42 Image

    Thanks, tooth dr. I'm really pleased with this year's image. Seeing and transparency can make all the difference.
  7. orion25

    M42 WIP

    That's a fabulous image, Jan! Can't wait until you finish! Cheers, Reggie
  8. orion25

    Annual M42 Image

    Hi, all. Here is my annual M42 image, taken at prime focus with my Nikon D3200 and 127mm Mak, single 30 sec sub at ISO 800. I also posted images from previous years. Only the 2018 image was shot at ISO 1600 to bring out more detail. The images prior to 2018 were shot with my Nikon D50; the difference between the two cameras is striking! 2019 image: 2018 image (ISO 1600): 2017 image (D50): 2016 image (D50): 2014 image (D50), first one: Now is a great time for imaging the Orion Nebula when you have clear skies. It's positioned nicely from mid to late evening, and into the wee hours (if you can brave the cold). Clear skies! Reggie
  9. orion25

    Testing new processing techniques!

    Ditto! All excellent images, Avani!
  10. orion25

    New Year Mars 2019

    Cool sketch, Shane! I've slowed down quite a bit on Mars now and I'm glad to see others still giving it some attention Reggie
  11. Awesome animation, Dave! That was one fast moving comet! Reggie
  12. orion25

    Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Info

    Thanks for the heads-up, Rob Reggie
  13. orion25

    Mars in December

    Thanks, Pete. Looking towards the total lunar eclipse on January 21
  14. Very nice! Crisp, clear moon and distinct phase of Venus. Happy New Year, ZiHao Reggie
  15. orion25

    Mars in December

    Thank you Yes, Mars is getting more challenging to image. It's a good time for me to end my run of images now until the next opposition in 2020.

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