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  1. That's beautiful, Carole, and a wonderful idea! You may want to get an ISBN after all Regards, Reggie
  2. That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing this rare event; the video was fascinating. You were very fortunate to be in the zone Reggie
  3. Brilliant, Charl. You always manage to get good detail, despite the circumstances. Reggie
  4. That's a mighty nice Plato! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Reggie
  5. Wow! It's like a painting. Good job, Adam! Reggie
  6. Here is a peaceful early morning film of the heliacal rising of Venus on Thursday morning. I inadvertently disturbed the the neighbor's puppy while I was setting up! Enjoy! Reggie
  7. Gorgeous, Paul! A lovely starscape! Regards, Reggie
  8. My image from last year on March 22 was even better in my opinion: No superimposed image of the moon and less star motion (especially on the Pleiades).
  9. I couldn't resist this one-off shot of the Hyades, waxing crescent moon and the Pleiades, a single 3 second exposure at f5.6. I superimposed a shorter exposure image of the moon so that you can see some earthshine. Here's the result: It was a beautiful sight! Reggie
  10. Nice composition, Pete. I am a composer myself. Here is one of my works:
  11. Great video of Luna. I love the music; did you compose it? Reggie
  12. I regularly visit this site for information on conjunctions. It's a good resource! Reggie
  13. Amazing presentation, Avani! Great comparison of the different filters and the details each reveals Reggie
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