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  1. Wow! Look at those colors! Amazing, Steve I've never seen such a colorful image of Venus outside of NASA/JPL! Reggie
  2. Great detail! Thanks for posting Reggie
  3. Excellent shot, Pete. Love the detail you were able to get! Reggie
  4. Thanks, Pete. Did you get to see it?
  5. It's cloudy just about every other night here, lol! I have to take advantage of those clear nights.
  6. Thanks, Ruud. Haven't heard from you in a while. Good to hear from you! Yes, Neptune's blue is truly magical
  7. Thanks, George. I was dealing with cloud ALL DAY until just a few minutes after sunset when the clouds parted.
  8. Crackin', mate! I was quite chuffed with my first DSLR image of M42 as well. My first images outright of M42 was using the planetary imaging approach (processing video) and though things were overexposed and stars were bloated I was excited! But once I tried just hooking up my DSLR to my scope I was blown away with the detail. I tried different exposure times, trying to get some resolution on the Trapezium while still highlighting the nebula. I couldn't stop there, though, lol! Congratulations! Reggie
  9. Thanks, everyone. It was a beautiful sight. I had gotten an image of the pair for the first time in 2017 and it was just as striking (I used a Nikon D50 for this shot, 1x5s exposure at ISO 800:
  10. Wow! I see some serious detail there! Nice work! Reggie
  11. The clouds finally parted and I was able to get this prime focus shot of the beautiful conjunction of Venus and Neptune with my Nikon D3200 and 127mm Mak-Cass (single 5s exposure at ISO 800). It was visible in a low telescopic field of view: Clear skies! Reggie
  12. Excellent work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful image! Absolutely love the animation! Reggie
  13. That's great news! I look forward to future reports Reggie
  14. Thanks. I was pleased to get the colors and the Trapezium. I experimented with different settings on the camera until I found a nice balance between a clear Trapezium and bright, colorful nebulae.
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