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  1. orion25

    WOO HOO I'm famous...

    Congratulations! You richly deserve it! Reggie
  2. orion25

    Jupiter and Saturn 19th June 2018

    Great images! What a Cassini division! Keep up the good work Reggie
  3. orion25

    Saturn 24/6/18

    Nice Saturn! Great Cassini and cloud details. I was out last night with my 180mm Mak and Saturn really put on the show! Opposition is only a few nights away Reggie
  4. orion25

    Saturn: My New Fave Image!

    Thanks, Niallk!
  5. Thanks, Angie. I got a late night view of Mars last evening and saw a relatively smooth, peach disc. Not much detail due to the dust storms. I was using my 127mm Mak and a 6mm Orion Expanse EP. Tonight, I'm going to use my Mars filter, but there may not be much detail to work with
  6. Great set of images, John. Love the earthshine shot . Interesting effect with the focus stacking! Reggie
  7. Yeh, I've been noticing it for most of the year, but I was so focused on the planets that I didn't check to find out what star that was, lol. I kept saying to myself, "I'll snap a pic of that one of these nights"
  8. orion25

    Afternoon lovely Moon 21-6-18

    Nice afternoon shots, Charl. Have fun with Saturn! Cheers, Reggie
  9. I had been noticing it for months but I'd been so busy observing and imaging the planets that I hadn't taken the time to find out exactly which star it was. I knew Jove was in Libra, though. Then, through the scope I discover there were two stars there! A pretty cool pair (trio)!
  10. orion25

    Some NLC activity

    Beautiful shot! I'm still chasing NLCs from my latitude Reggie
  11. I'm sure everyone's noticed that star (actually stars) that's been hounding Jupiter. It's Zubenelgenubi and, upon closer inspection, Alpha 1 Librae. You can see the moons of Jupiter in this image as well. I took this wide-field shot using my Nikon D3200 on the night of 18 June of this nice composition of celestial objects: Cheers! Reggie
  12. I decided to add my first Mars image of the season in to the challenge (probably won't be the last, lol). Shot at 3:40 a.m. EDT on the morning of 10 June. I used the Orion Deep Space Video Camera II (analog version) with the Orion SkyView Pro 180mm Mak-Cass. Approximately 300 frames stacked in Registax. Final post-processing in Photoshop: Cheers! Reggie
  13. orion25

    Jupiter 19th June

    Beautiful, Peter! Look forward to seeing more! Reggie
  14. orion25

    Jupiter (UK) - 2018-06-19

    Superb! Love the color and detail. Great festoons Reggie
  15. Thanks, Martyn! I'll be watching Mars for a little while now, lol

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