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  1. Venus and Uranus in Conjunction

    Venus and Uranus will be in conjunction, less than 4' apart, close enough to fit within a low power telescopic view. It will be a challenge to see Uranus at magnitude 5.9 in the evening twilight. Use Venus as your guide. A great astrophotography event!
  2. Stephen Hawking's Last Interview

    You're very welcome. And to think, Tyson had no idea that this would be the last time he would speak with Hawking. The show was aired only a few days before his death.
  3. Stephen Hawking's last interview, conducted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his show Star Talk has been made available on YouTube. The interview took place last fall and was aired March 10:
  4. Can it be true?

    A true visionary. So inspiring. R.I.P.
  5. I think I just saw my first planet..

    Congratulations! Jupiter and Saturn will blow you away - and there's a certain Red Planet that's due for a great show this summer! Cheers! Reggie
  6. Jupiter March, 08-2018

    Beautiful image, Avani! Love the GRS!
  7. Venus and Mercury setting in the West

    I knew Orion shouldn't have been there, haha. After zooming in I can see it's clearly a passing jet. It was a strange mind trip and a cool picture!
  8. Venus and Mercury setting in the West

    I thought so. It was playing with my mind there, lol!
  9. Venus and Mercury setting in the West

    Great shot, Pete. Love the twilight colors of the sky! Is that Orion's belt at the top right? Reggie
  10. Here is some video I shot of the Venus & Mercury conjunction on the same evening I took the image. Watch out for the geese! Regards, Reggie
  11. Venus & Mercury Conjunction

    Cloud blast from Siberia! BRRRR! That sounds serious, Gus. Keep warm!
  12. Venus & Mercury Conjunction

    Thanks, Pete. I hope it clears for you this week!
  13. Venus & Mercury Conjunction

    Thanks, DP. Right now, Mercury is still climbing, soon to reach greatest eastern elongation on the 15th so there's still a chance for you I hope, lol! I was able to see both of them from my backyard this evening, very low on the horizon.
  14. Hi, all! Venus and Mercury have been back in the early evening sky for the past few weeks and are in close conjunction right now. Closest approach was last evening (March 3), a little more than a degree, not close enough to fit within a telescopic view, but a great apparition as soon as the sun set. I grabbed this wide-field shot at one of my favorite observing spots (Venus left, Mercury right): Cheers, Reggie