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  1. orion25

    Mars Near Perihelion

    Thanks, Gus. I'm seeing more in the EP now without the filter which is a good sign. Imaging now reveals what I was able to see pre-dust storm. I hope you get some good seeing soon, buddy!
  2. orion25

    Mars Near Perihelion

    Thanks, Stu. I'm already looking toward the 2020 opposition with its much better predicted altitude
  3. orion25

    Mars Near Perihelion

    Mars is rapidly shrinking and showing a distinct phase but is also revealing more detail. Through the EP, I could easily see a well-defined polar cap and more defined but still shadowy maria. The Red Planet also reaches perihelion this evening, 16 September at 12:54 UTC (8:54 p.m. EDT): Cheers! Reggie
  4. orion25

    Mars - going but not gone -12 Sept

    Great image, Geoff. Mars reaches perihelion on 16 September at 12:45 UTC! Reggie
  5. orion25

    Mars 1 September

    My opposition series is over but I will continue to get some images of Mars over the next few months for the rest of the year. It's getting smaller but more interesting as the dust storm continues to settle. This shot was taken using the ZWO ASI224MC and the Orion SkyView Pro 180mm Mak: I can see more in the EP now, too, especially the polar cap, WITHOUT a filter! Exciting times! Cheers, Reggie
  6. orion25

    Mars moons, Phobos & Deimos

    That will be fantastic!
  7. orion25

    Mars 1st September - but very poor!

    Are you kidding? That's a great image, Tom! Especially dealing with such low elevation. In a few years, you'll be amazed at how you were able to get such a good image with the conditions you were facing. Regards, Reggie
  8. orion25

    Mars moons, Phobos & Deimos

    Bravo, Mars! The imaging continues...
  9. Thanks for sharing that. I had an experience similar to that when I went to a dark site outside of the city. I had never seen skies that dark before. I couldn't recognize anything at first; it was amazing! Reggie
  10. orion25

    Mars - 28th August 2018

    Great Mars! You can definitely see the phase as it moves away from us. I may take a few more shots over the next few months as a farewell. Gearing up for the 2020 opposition! Regards, Reggie
  11. orion25

    Mars Series Finale!

    Thanks, Pete, and congratulations again on your award!
  12. orion25

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Very exciting, indeed! Thanks for sharing Reggie
  13. orion25

    Mars, a brief GIF

    Excellent animation, Avani! Very three-dimensional Reggie
  14. orion25

    A Go At Mars - 21-08-2018

    Nice work, Gav! Reggie
  15. orion25

    Mars (of course) C6 SCT on AZ-GTi

    That's going to be a great family portrait Lovely detail on Mars! Reggie

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