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  1. Excellent time lapse, Paul! The Geminids were good for you. Love Stainlesssteve's composite image as well! Reggie
  2. Geminid composite.

    That's awesome, Stainlesssteve! What a creative mosaic; it's worthy of publication Reggie

    Absolutely ghostly! Beautiful wisps of light you captured there. Thanks for posting!
  4. NGC 7635 - The Bubble

    Wow! Your technique produces excellent results! The bubble pops right out of the star field!
  5. The Hyades

    Nice work, Richard. Rich, starry field and nice color. Keep up the great imaging! Reggie
  6. Brilliant! The source of one of my favorite meteor showers revealed, haha.
  7. The Stars, Like Dust

    Such a rich region of stars! You did a great job capturing them and a wonderful shot of a Geminid as well!
  8. Bravo! That's a beautiful image. Great composition. I wish I could have been out all night, but I had work the next morning, though I was fortunate to image one in the good couple of hours I had
  9. Great shot! The cloud adds a nice dimension. I was out there myself last evening and caught one at the extreme left of the image. Tricky little things those meteors!
  10. Perseus Double Cluster

    Great image, Tony! These are two of my favorite clusters!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Thanks, Pete. You are so right; it takes patience and determination to catch a meteor. I took about 50 shots before I got this one. Hide and seek at its height!
  13. Thanks, Gus. I've been wanting to capture a meteor for a while. The Perseids, Orionids and the Leonids all disappointed me this year. Go, Geminids!
  14. Thanks, geordie. I know what you mean about pointing the camera in the wrong direction or having the shutter close just when one emerges. I took about 50 exposures before I got this one, and I didn't even think it was in my field. The small meteor that I just knew I captured in one exposure didn't even show up!