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  1. I'm hoping to be out later till the early hours taking pictures of these again;
  2. Hi Tony still plodding on here mate I hope you are all well to? You'll be better off with mono camera I use a DMK41 which I bought from Helen a while back or if I'm using the iMAC I use a pointgrey grasshopper camera, one thing you might suffer with is Newtons rings on the images especially if you're using a CMOS camera as they are a little more prone to suffering so you may need a tilt adapter. Colour cameras do work but the red can swamp the sensor so mono's are better if possible.
  3. I can get images like this using a Coronado PST Tony so I'm sure you should be able to knock the spots of that quite easily. What camera will you be using to capture?
  4. Nice one Mick I managed three ISS passes all within a month although it's gone pretty quiet now, strangely the first one I did came out better than the next two. I do have a chance of a daytime Lunar pass on the 30th so might have a bash at that so could prove to be interesting.
  5. Cheers Tony that clears up a lot of things now still means I've got to but more spacers though which is a pain...
  6. Cheers for clearing that up hope you're well?
  7. Hi everyone I'm having trouble finding out where you measure the back focus on a Skywatcher ED100 0.85 reducer as some results are saying from the base of the threads on the rear where others are saying from the back of the glass, either way I've still got to buy yet more spacer adapters anyway as the one I have is to long but if anyone can help me with this issue then that would be appreciated thanks.
  8. I got up this morning feeling a bit groggy after imaging half the night but still managed to set up the PST's for a quick run of solar imaging, the hedgerow prom has changed a lot since yesterday but it still a nice thing to view.
  9. I thought I'd have another look at the Sun after yesterdays dismal failures imaging & there's a lovely hedgerow prom coming into view so I had a go at imaging it. All were done using PST's the close up I used a TAL 3X Barlow
  10. Might be an idea to do a few practice runs if you can first, good luck & hope you manage to get it.
  11. I never knew about this site until yesterday Mick my mate Andy I think he is Andyboy1970 on here gave me a heads up so I thought I'd have a shot at it. I've got another transit on the 21st 9:08AM to have a go at if the weather is good so I'll be having another go at that one to. Someone said to me recently is very addictive so after my first go I think they could be right Yup keeping busy Tony gotta do something with this social distancing although I have still been going to work which I'm not overjoyed about with the current situation. Thanks Dave fingers crossed we can catch up at a star party somewhere soon!!! https://transit-finder.com/
  12. Here are some images I took of the Sun yesterday afternoon plus an ISS transit which is my first time I've ever captured one so quite pleased about that, seeing wasn't the best again due to haze but I pushed the PST's I think about as much as I could to get anything from them. The close ups I popped in a TAL 3X Barlow which worked pretty well I thought although after all the stacking & head scratching a rest is needed today I think.
  13. I did a live broadcast on Facebook earlier using the iMac & Point Grey Grasshopper camera so I'm still learning on how everything works as I'm a bit green behind the gills when it comes to using anything Apple related. Anyhow I did some captures even though the seeing was pretty poor due to the hazy sky but managed to get something at least, all images were taken using CaK & Ha PST's the close ups I used a 3X Barlow
  14. It's been a long time since I've done any solar but these images were taken using Coronado PST's in HA & CaK, I did pop a 3X Barlow on the close up of the prom although I didn't notice until afterwards I'd captured another one below (doh!!)
  15. I seem to have mislaid one of my counterweights for this mount so I'm looking at getting another one or two I can use, I do have 3 NEQ6 weights I could exchange as these won't fit due to the centre for the shaft being a smaller diameter, If anyone can help me then that would be appreciated thanks. Picture below shows the one remaining counterweight I have;
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