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  1. tich

    Some photographs from an outreach event on May 26

    Nice one Michael I do love doing a bit of outreach although I haven't been to any schools as yet. Myself & a few others generally go to public events & show folk the Sun in HA & white light & give away a few freebies etc. The last one we did was at Lamport & the weather turned out to be pretty good on both days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CguTAnjk_O8
  2. I haven't watched anything astro on Ebay for ages now as most seem to go for a lot more than they're worth on there, but that isn't a bad price at all.
  3. If I weren't already helping out at an outreach event on international SUNday then I would have been up for it too, have fun folks :-)
  4. Tony has arrived today & I've been doing a spot of soalr although the Sun is looking very quiet today, thanks Tony for knocking me up the adapter plate as it makes the old vixen mount much more usuable now & it will be spot on for outreach events. It seems to handle the 3 scopes quite well although I'll probably only use 2.
  5. I got here around midday and got set up, then we popped up to the Priory for lunch at two, very nice it were too I can't see there being much scope action tonight though.
  6. They best get some layers at the ready.
  7. They're a hardy bunch who camp at Pencelli I've just had this pop up in my Facebook tonight............
  8. They're a hardy bunch who camp at Pencelli I've just had this pop up in my Facebook tonight............
  9. tich

    SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Ooooh dates saved cant wait!!!
  10. Can't have my pitch nabbed by anyone lol, it'll be nice to see you both again & catch up, the same goes for any other of the regulars who are going & meeting some new faces too.
  11. Oooooh normal pitch for me Tony from the 11th March to the 17th please!!!!
  12. tich

    Time to say goodbye :(

    Great stuff Jim it's sounding like you've pretty much got away with it with only some small losses in the end, still an annoyance though I'd imagine. Just don't go overdoing it with that chest infection though.
  13. tich

    Time to say goodbye :(

    Here ya go mate, bet you're feeling better already!! ;-)
  14. tich

    Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    A good Quark is a superb bit of kit & they are superb to image with from what I've seen, but I know someone who's on their 3rd one in under 2 years who lives not to far from me so they sound like a bit of a lottery to me. Just my tuppenceworth.
  15. tich

    Time to say goodbye :(

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)

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