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  1. Hi everyone, just left them a message to reserve pitch 29 so fingers crossed we'll be there this year as it's been to long.
  2. Totally gutted we would have loved to have caught up with you all, now we'll just have to put our hats away & somehow munch through a huge chocolate fudge cake my ourselves!! One thing you can't rely on is the weather such a shame for everyone, fingers crossed for the next one!!
  3. Both have our special hats at the ready now, hoping for some clear skies.
  4. He doesn't need persuading he just needs one!!! It's the law!!! "Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" said Thud the viking!!
  5. Sorry for putting the frighteners on you Tony I hope you will be able to pop along it would be great to catch up, thinking of you both.
  6. I'm bringing lots of kit not sure what as yet, Nicky nacky Noo & of course my SGL Hat!!!
  7. Just wondering if there's a pitch plan as I can't find one anywhere? If we can get on Kingfisher again then that would be great but happy to pitch up anywhere really, I will be quite late getting there so I'd imagine I would have to ring up Lucksall to give them my car registration details.
  8. We will be on pitch yellow 154 this time & getting there quite late so should er be fun setting up!! Be great to catch up with you all....
  9. Afternoon all I'm thinking of attending this year although it will only be on the Friday & Saturday night, we will be coming down straight from work so I'd imagine I won't be there until 7:30-ish so I'll be setting up quite late. If its clear & I don't want to be stoned to death is there a hard standing pitch where I can set up out of the way? We will be using red torches when unfolding the caravan but it any hands on help to get the thing set up quick would be appreciated so not to disturb any of you lovely folk.
  10. tich

    Thanks Tim

    I'd just like to say thanks to @Tim for letting us hold a couple of outreach events at the garden centre, unfortunately the clouds were conspiring against us on Sunday but we did get some interest, plus it were nice to catch up with people like @John as I just heard his voice & I thought I know you!, so it were lovely seeing you again after all this time. It's ok the shark didn't bite Andy's arm off. Scuse the er finger!!
  11. We were going to build a roll on roll off shed observatory but as this came up for 150 quid on eBay it were a no brainer!! A dome can be limiting but then it does offer good wind protection to so horses for courses.
  12. I managed another session on the Sun yesterday although seeing conditions were poor plus I were fighting clouds, I did manage to use the 3X Barlow on all the scopes but the HA PST is definitely suffering with Newtons rings with or without a Barlow being used. Not a brilliant set of images so this is probably about the best I could manage from a bad bunch.
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