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  1. I managed another session on the Sun yesterday although seeing conditions were poor plus I were fighting clouds, I did manage to use the 3X Barlow on all the scopes but the HA PST is definitely suffering with Newtons rings with or without a Barlow being used. Not a brilliant set of images so this is probably about the best I could manage from a bad bunch.
  2. The Sun in white light, Hydrogen Alpha & Calcium K using an ED100 & PST's I only had a short time to process these earlier as I had to rush to work, my old faithful cheap & cheerful £15 ebay 3X Barlow lens which I've had for years still worked quite well on the Sun in white light today even though conditions weren't great for seeing, however the Astro engineering & Revelation Astro 4 & 5X Barlows were completely useless as both were casting reflections in the imaging train so Solar work is definitely out the of question for these & they both cost nearly 4 X as much. I think I saw a hint of Newtons rings when I were imaging in Ha using the DMK41 so I'll need to look into that. 25% of 2000 frames stacked in autostakkert 3, wavelets tweaked in Registax & finished off in Photoshop
  3. Some more solar shenanigans before I go to work seeing wasn't great either but nice to be out again so I quickly set up in the Dumpy Dalek, I tried the ASI camera in the Ca-K scope but got Newtons rings, switched back to the DMK41 & tried a Barlow lens still Newtons rings & the same in the Ha scope. you don't get any of this in white light. This solar imaging malarky is a right royal pain, I don't think tilt adapters will work using PST's so kinda stuck for ideas. The close up of the Sunspot was done using the ASI camera, ED80 & a 2X Barlow on the nosepiece into another 3X Barlow lens. A bit unorthodox method but its all I had to hand & I couldn't be bothered to run upstairs to get more Barlow lenses. All images with varying frames from 250 to 500 stacked in Autostakkert 3 depending on their quality, Ca-K PST, Ha PST, ED80 & Lunt wedge for white light.
  4. No Dave I use a Ca-K PST using a DMK41 so I can get the full disc in frame
  5. It started off well in white light but as the day went on Calcium K & Ha images went a bit squiffy so this is the best of a bad bunch. White light images taken using an ED100, Lunt Herchel Wedge, ASI 120 MM camera with 2X then 3X Barlow lens to try & get up close. Calcium K & Ha images taken using a DMK41 camera, CAK PST, HA PST Double Stacked.
  6. That's brilliant Gav you do realise I may have to share this a lot..
  7. I always use a polarizing filter when observing & I've got a couple knocking about so I can screw them onto the eyepieces so it sounds like it should be good to go then. I've got a continuum filter that is screwed together with an IR cut filter which I cannot separate but I know he used to image using those on a DSLR, what they'd be like for visual I've no idea but I guess I could try them on the other wedge I have when another spot comes into view. I've heard a lot of people use the continuum filter when imaging as they help bring out a bit more so I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  8. My other 2" Lunt wedge only has an ND3.0 filter installed so I thought this one should be ok to use with one screwed onto the eyepiece holder, I do have another Baader 2" ND filter but it has OD 1.8 printed on it but I don't fancy using that one.
  9. I've looked online & found the instructions for the Lunt wedge & it says; UNPACK YOUR NEW PURCHASE!In the shipping box you will find: •Lunt White Light Solar Wedge Diagonal Assembly •Barrels with 1.25” or 2” diameter, based on the model ordered •Pre-installed ND-3 Filter •Metal transport and storage case with die cut foam inserts https://luntsolarsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/White_Light_Solar_Wedge_Manual_Revised1.pdf
  10. Cheers Stu although I dunno who this Rob fellah is? ? I've got an 1¼ polarizing filter which I use on my other wedge so as they came as a pair I can use the other one with this one, I thought it would be ok but wanted a second opinion for safety reasons of course.
  11. Afternoon everyone I have been given quite a bit of astronomy equipment some of which I have passed onto people who've helped me out as astronomy outreach events. However the 2" Lunt wedge I have doesn't have the ND3.0 filter fitted it never did by all accounts as I remember the owner telling me this, although he did use to image with it a lot. After rummaging around in all the stuff I found a Baader ND3.0 filter so I've screwed it onto the base of the 1¼ eyepiece holder. Now I haven't tested it yet but would it be ok to use like this for visual? Or should I just stick to using it for imaging? I did think about fitting the filter to the end where it attaches to the scope but I think the heat generated might not do the filter any good so thought against that idea, although it does make me wonder why they have a filter thread on it?
  12. Cheers Steve the dumpy dalek does have its uses, so its been nice to finally get out there.
  13. Cheers Dave now I've got the observatory up & running although there's still more to so I can get set up a whole lot quicker now ?
  14. This morning's Sun taken in Calcium K, Hydrogen alpha & white light. It were a bit of a rush job as time was against me as work was beckoning & conditions were also quite hazy but it were an opportunity not to miss. It's the first time I've imaged in CaK & that one came out the best of the three although there were dust bunnies galore so I had to remove those in a less than scientific method. Full disc images taken with a Cak PST & Ha PST the white light of the sunspot AR12738 was taken with an ED80 Lunt Wedge & TAL 3X Barlow. All images were captured with a DMK41 1000 frames & best percentage stacked in ASI3, wavelets in Registax 6 & tweaked in Photoshop
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