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  1. Canon 1100D Batteries

    I still use both my original 1000D batteries one I've had for 5 years the others age is anyone's guess but they'll still plod along taking pictures for 4 hours even on a cold night whereas the Insten you mentioned have gone off after a couple of years. I've done timelapse photos & all sorts using them too so they've been used regulary. Just a pity they don't fit the 1100D...
  2. Canon 1100D Batteries

    This is true but in my experience they last 5 times longer too lol
  3. Canon 1100D Batteries

    I would prefer original Canon Batteries if possible as the copies I have don't last very long at all, I guess they're ok when new but when they age a bit they aren't very good at all.
  4. Canon 1100D Batteries

    I've already got a 12v power supply for it although I'd like to use it remotely on just a tripod & it can also be used for daylight photography too. Dave this is the type of batteries the camera came with but don't last 5 minutes out in the cold but I know genuine ones can last about 4 hours.
  5. Canon 1100D Batteries

    I've got a modified Canon 1100D with a low shutter count but unfortunately it came with aftermarket batteries which don't seem to last very long especially when it's cold so I'm looking for a couple of original Canon 1100D Batteries if anyone has any lying around.
  6. Sol - 2017-10-22 - A Few Views

    With the DMK41 I use I don't get any banding either Gav but when I use a Barlow it suffers a bit, I have it set up as camera, barlow diagonal. All I did to get rid of mine was loosen the camera in the Barlow pull it out slightly & tighten it back in slightly off line as I've enough focus to mess around with using the Lunt 35.
  7. Chameleon First Light

    Cracking first light there Gav.
  8. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Well what can I say, a brilliant weekend catching up with folk, I managed a bit of observing but not much imaging apart from my Frankensolar attempts lol. I were gutted to have missed Steves solar tutorial too & what he did show me has sadly departed from my Teflon sponge that's called a brain. I loved the video Gav although I don't remember you walking around the site that fast!! Thanks again to all the organizers see you again next year... MickD's Frankenmount Solar imagers in their natural habitat with heads in boxes.... My pretty nasty solar images.....
  9. Bring and Buy sale?

    I haven't got much to sell although I am looking for a couple of original Canon1100D batteries & some flexi knob things for a manual EQ5 (or similar) if anyone has any kicking about that would be ace.
  10. DIY Polemaster half the price

    Nice one I look forward to seeing that in a few days then, I might have another job for you if you're interested, I'll bring the bits with me to show you :-) I think we spoke about it last time we saw each other but without the mount etc it were hard to picture.
  11. DIY Polemaster half the price

    That's what I thought Tony as the EQ8's polemaster is fitted offset due to it not having a polarscope fitted. I think Justin got a polarscope for his & it fits to the side of the mount if I remember right.
  12. DIY Polemaster half the price

    It's just the USB lead as it's behind the camera I think the polemaster goes in on the side but I'm sure we'll come up with something :-)
  13. DIY Polemaster half the price

    Hmmm still got my old QHY5L II I did think about flogging it but after reading this I might keep hold of it, I wonder if there's a way to fit it to an NEQ6 like the original polemaster? I've already got the lens etc & an adapter to fit it to the polarscope but I think it would be better fitted in front of it...
  14. SGL Starparty Scopes?

    I've looked through a double stacked PST Gav & the view was pretty awesome as the surface detail really popped out & the proms weren't to shabby either, after I'd finished I said to the guy "I hate you" lol. I did find the view a lot darker though plus with the lightest of cloud & haze the Sun all but vanished whereas I could still see it with my little Lunt. Although looking at the Sun with the Lunt afterwards the view looked poor in comparison to say the least lol