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  1. Hi everyone I'm selling my 6" SCT & Nexstar mount simply because I don't use it anymore plus I'm accumulating a lot of gear due to outreach it's just taking up to much room too. I'd prefer collection only & I want £500 no offers please for it.
  2. Well I can safely say I quite enjoyed my first Kelling star party, nice to meet up with some new faces of people on my Facebook plus catch up with some folk from SGL. Nice to see @Michael Morris @Tim again & @Grant I hope your shins are ok after your stumble over the barrier Grant I hear FLO sell red torches cough!! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/red-light-astronomy-torches/celestron-night-vision-red-led-torch.html Nice to see @daz & Mrs Daz too, shame the weather wasn't great but to those staying I hope you get some clear skies....
  3. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    Its going to be on the village green @Mark at Beaufort so if you can make it along it would be nice to catch up. Starts at 9:00 & finishes as 2:00
  4. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    They'll be back at Braunston on the 22nd September where myself & a few others will be doing another outreach event, it's a fundraising event we do every year for the air ambulance.
  5. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    As Tim says try to make sure the kids don't yank on the eye pieces as they have a habit in doing that so just tell them politely not to touch, try & keep cables out of the way, its always handy to have a set of steps with a handle on top so they can hold on while looking in the eyepiece as not everyone can reach even me lol. Answer any questions you can although if you don't know the answer don't try to fudge it just answer you don't know trust me it makes life a lot easier. It's always an idea to have a plan B in case of rubbish weather a lot of people cancel but I think if you've gotten interest folk may turn up & be more disappointed, you can still set up a scope & explain how it works & what you can see with it. If you can get some freebies to give away then that helps too. Tim was a natural with the kids he took to doing an outreach like a duck to water lol, it can be a fast paced event or it can be more relaxing & pretty quiet it all depends on the day, but whatever you do just enjoy it & if you hear any cors & wows then consider it a success. I've done quite a few events now international SUNday is one I regularly attend, the last 3 years we've held it in Daventry & the first couple of times I were quite apprehensive but the first 2 events went well as it were done in the town center, this years was very quiet due to where they put us & we only saw mother father & daughter for the whole day which was a shame. But that were down to the towns organizers & not us so if they put us there again I may not bother & try setting up somewhere else.
  6. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    Tim the Gremlins seem to be sorted out now so onward to Kelling & see you there, I do hope we can do another event soon as you're only approx 45 mins away from me, I always thought it were more.
  7. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    No rain? Hmmmm we did have a couple of downpours during the day but they soon passed, in other news @Timafter both my mounts going kaput Saturday evening the first being the old Vixen mount as it slewed the power failed & it went off, I wiggled the power lead & it went on & off again which led me to believe the power socket on the board was had it. Well I connected it all tonight at home & all was fine, no amount of wiggling the lead made a difference as it didn't loose any power. So I tested the EQ5 Pro as that went totally dead on Saturday night, that ended up it being the power lead failing so I've ordered another one from FLO, I'm just glad it were nothing serious phew!!
  8. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    Gotta keep the diet up there @Davey-T as I like to keep in shape, round is a shape right? Also I think you'll find @RayD that the finder is actually a Lunt 35 Ha solar scope It does fit perfectly in the finder brackets though so you can look at white light & Ha pretty much from the same position.
  9. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    Dug out some more pics of the event although I had to show you all the breakfast.... Very nice it were too. These stones were brilliant!! Storm incoming!! Grant out with the big guns.
  10. tich

    Collecting Wows!

    It were an absolute pleasure Tim & thanks for putting me up for a couple of nights the slabbed area was made for my Caravan I reckon lol, just a pity both my mounts decided to go kaput in the evening so I'll be checking them out later to get them going again. I were a little worried when one young girl started jumping on the stepladders as she were so excited about seeing her favorite planet for the first time Saturn. I also like the fact I got some cogs whirring about the screen idea, Well here ya go although this was on my old van so it were more a widescreen version lol. Anyhow thanks again & hope we can do another event soon....
  11. tich

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    Hi Mark can you move Central Midland stargazers please? Cheers
  12. tich

    Some photographs from an outreach event on May 26

    Nice one Michael I do love doing a bit of outreach although I haven't been to any schools as yet. Myself & a few others generally go to public events & show folk the Sun in HA & white light & give away a few freebies etc. The last one we did was at Lamport & the weather turned out to be pretty good on both days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CguTAnjk_O8
  13. I haven't watched anything astro on Ebay for ages now as most seem to go for a lot more than they're worth on there, but that isn't a bad price at all.
  14. If I weren't already helping out at an outreach event on international SUNday then I would have been up for it too, have fun folks :-)
  15. Tony has arrived today & I've been doing a spot of soalr although the Sun is looking very quiet today, thanks Tony for knocking me up the adapter plate as it makes the old vixen mount much more usuable now & it will be spot on for outreach events. It seems to handle the 3 scopes quite well although I'll probably only use 2.

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