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  1. Cheers MIke lol I'll have the usual pitch Tony from Weds to Sunday Morning please I have PM'd you so all being well I should be able to make it...
  2. tich

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    I'll probably be out mooning & not much else until the pier gets installed.....
  3. I've imaged using my 10" F4.7 Skywaycher 250P on an NEQ6 a few times now & it does work well, but none of my images came out as good as yours mind.
  4. Yeah there's plenty of hard standings even the pitch I were on was hard standing although you had to cross a part of the field to get there. We just went to those as it gives you a lot more sky.
  5. Ah yes the calm before the storm, it certainly turned out to be an adventure when that arrived.
  6. tich

    Bubble Nebula

    Looks good to me a target I've never had a go at myself.
  7. tich

    The Moon 27/10/2018

    Thanks folks I don't think I'll be out tonight though cloud & rain
  8. tich

    The Moon 27/10/2018

    Thanks Tony I've still got to get the pier installed so its only on the tripod at the minute & its a bit bouncy on the wooden floor lol. I haven't got the kit to do it & the bloke who were going to fit it is away at the moment due to family reasons. Still I'm good for Lunar & Solar at the moment so happy about that for now.
  9. tich

    The Moon 27/10/2018

    I haven't posted any images for a while now so this week I've been out in the observatory aka the Dumpy Dalek trying to get some colour shots of the Moon, this one is my 4th attempt although it would have been my third if I'd checked the focus properly. This image consists of 30% of 320 shots stacked in Registax & tweaked in Lightroom & Photoshop to bring out the colours. Equipment Canon 1000D, ED100 & AZ EQ6 GT shot at 1/500th sec at iso 100.
  10. Even though conditions weren't best as regards the moisture it's a hell of a lot darker there, of course there are regular campers around so there is the odd white light around which is why we set up in the large field away from the main buildings. The Milky Way went almost from horizon to horizon & looked stunning overhead. As far as I'm aware they only close for two weeks of the year & open the rest, my only niggle is their weird pitch pricing that they have there. I'll definitely be back there though although it wont be this year for me as I need to get the observatory up & running for winter
  11. It's the first time for me although Tony has been a couple of times there now, although conditions weren't perfect for seeing the Milky Way still popped out overhead & was easy to see plus quite a few deep sky objects with the naked eye. Would I go again? You betcha!!
  12. tich

    Fforest Fields

    It were brilliant catching up with everyone & we got a couple of decent nights out too, already looking forward to our next meet although I had to open up the caravan to dry it out as it were folded up wet. Still I managed to catch up with the rain again too as there were no blue skies here when I got home lol. Just in case you haven't seem it Mike;
  13. Sorry Gav hope you're all having a good time there & the storms didn't cause anyone any harm. I'm already looking forward to it Tony I can't wait I have to say the skies there were pretty impressive even though there was a lot of moisture in the air, the Milky way did look very impressive.
  14. This wasn't really an official event just a few of us getting together to make the most of the skies there which is why I were unable to make it to SGL this time, it were the first time there for me & I wasn't disappointed, with the Milky Way stretching right over from one horizon almost to the next. I even managed to get some imaging in although I did go for easy targets as I've struggled lately & it's been the first time I've grabbed any photons in around 18 months. I also did a spot of solar too although it were very hazy so not the best conditions. I can also safely say Storm Callum didn't dampen our spirits nor do any damage alhough the awnings were taken down before the storm hit. Thanks goes to Tony for helping me out, plus it were great catching up with Mick, Jill, Mike & Dorothy. Hope to see you at Pencelli in March.
  15. tich

    Observatory build Questions

    Crikey Jim take it easy then mate hope to catch up sometime soon.

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