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  1. For the price of the Halfords unit linked on top of the page I'd sooner get a leisure battery for around the same price plus it would last for hours too, the lead acid batteries in the jump starters can pack up if you don't keep an eye on them from what I've read.
  2. PHD vs PHD2

    The last time I imaged anything was back in March & I were having issues with PHD2 for some reason, something I never had before so I downloaded the later version at the time & all is fine again. I guess the thing to do is try it out & see what works best for you as I remember when I started to guide I used to have issues with both versions locking up.
  3. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    It's been a very busy year for me this year since march we've had at least one outreach event to do sometimes it's been 3 a month, still got a few more to do before the years over too. Most of them have been solar events but we have had the odd nigh time one too.
  4. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Cheers Stu it makes my Aussie mate laugh when I call my Lunt "my Ha finderscope!!" But yeah it does the job nicely & last Friday at an outreach event I had some exceptional views with it in the evening, after all the rain lol.... The surface detail was the best I'd ever seen with it & the proms put on a good show too, sadly the weather was against me that weekend so never managed to get out with it this time.
  5. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    I must have missed this thread well here's mine I'd love to get my hands on a better Ha scope although this one has given me some great views in the past. Problem is it looks like a finderscope when mounted on the AR127L.. Being used in anger at an outreach event back in July It doesn't image to bad either.
  6. Its big, very big!

    Very nice
  7. Interestingly enough we had a talk about variable stars only last week at Stanion..
  8. The Sun 2nd September 2017

    Even warmer when you have your head under a blanket staring at a laptop screen, still should be nice during the winter months...
  9. The Sun 2nd September 2017

    Thanks Michael, it's the first time I've tried getting up close for more spot detail too so I'm pretty pleased with the result, this solar imaging can be quite addictive.
  10. The Sun 2nd September 2017

    Thanks it were nice to get out again, to much cloud around today though which is a pity as I'd like to have seen those spots again.
  11. It wasn't looking to promising when I set up today due to the skies being quite hazy & cloud here & there, however I set up anyway & had a look in the eye pieces in all 3 scopes, the sunspots were putting on a good show in both white light & Ha so I thought I'd have a go at some imaging again. The DMK41 is working fine as I were using Firecapture this time so I just stuck to using that camera for this session. The Ha is taken using the Lunt 35 basic to get the full disc & a 2X barlow on the nose piece for the closer up images, I wouldn't mind finding a 3X that will screw on the end sometime just to see what I can get. The white light images were taken using the Bresser Messier 127L & Lunt wedge to begin with then I swapped the wedge over to the ED100 & used a 3X Barlow for the close ups as the image just seemed that bit better using it. Anyhow enough of my waffling this is about the best I managed from around 40GB of data.
  12. Sun 27/08/17

    I've downloaded the newer version of Firecature to give a try, but whenever I'll get to try it is anyone's guess.
  13. Sun 27/08/17

    I downloaded it & tried Firecapture after I finished & it worked, as I'd updated Sharpcap & tried IC Capture to see if I could get anything, I'm not a huge fan of Firecapture though but at least I shall know for next time.
  14. Sun 27/08/17

    Thanks Stu it's very hazy out today though so I doubt I'll be setting up unfortunately, oh I had to edit the post as I put today's date on it lol doh!! I thought I'd better add the image details too, the white light images were taken using the Bresser Messier 127L, Lunt wedge & ASI120MM. The Ha images were taken using the same camera & Lunt 35. Stacked in Autostakkert3 & a quick process in PS.
  15. Sun 27/08/17

    As I haven't done any astronomy for myself much in a while I could see the a lovely blue sky yesterday so I thought I'd set up in the garden for a spot of solar. I popped the eyepieces on the scopes & had a look, there was some nice spot formation showing plus one near the limb & a few small proms so I thought right I'll set up the cameras. The neighbours 3 year old Granddaughter thought it were fascinating seeing me with a blanket on my head & wondered what I were up to, so I let her look through the ED100 & she loved it so I gave her some solar glasses to keep. However all didn't go well as I couldn't get the DMK41 to work, even after updating Sharpcap & trying it on IC Capture I ended up using the ASI120MM which suffers badly with newtons rings with Ha imaging. Apparently I need to update windows frame network to get the DMK to work again although after packing away I did test it using Firecapture which I'm not a great fan of & but the camera seemed fine. I know none of these images will win any awards but it were nice to be out although it did take me a while to figure Autostakkert3.