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  1. The DMK is the USB version sorry I should have mentioned that, the capture software recognises the camera but I'm unable to use it to capture video even though you can see the image on the screen, hope that makes sense.
  2. Hi James I had some issues with Ubuntu so ended up doing a reinstall as the wireless kept dropping out, I tried the point grey camera & the software was not finding it so tried a DMK41 which it found but wouldn´t save the video after creating a directory. So I ended up putting Linux Mint on instead & the wireless seems to be working & is stable as I am using the iMac right now. Again I tried the point grey & set up a folder which it captured to fine but the DMK41 wont even though it finds the camera so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
  3. Hi James I've plugged the camera in this morning & oacapture found the camera & it's working, I've yet to try it out on the Sun sometime so I'll probably have a go weekend all being well. I remember when I did live streams using the imac & I had a choice of what cameras to use using chrome so maybe that option will be there so I might try that option too. Many thanks again & I'll keep you updated
  4. Hi everyone I have a question about doing solar imaging using Ubuntu, I have an old 2009 iMac, it came with a PGR Grasshopper camera that connects via firewire & I used it last year when the Apple os was running nicely & had some pretty reasonable results. I also did a few live video streams via Facebook showing proms & different features of the Sun last year which people seemed to like. Unfortunately later in the year the original OS refused to boot up & when it did it became unusable plus with it being old Apple don't offer any support any more, I did think about junking t
  5. Well I bottled it in the end & handed the RASA over to someone who knows what they're doing especially when it comes to optics & the good news is that it's been fixed & I'll be picking it up very soon. There's still the CGE pro mount to sort out I've managed to find somewhere in the UK that sells boards but do I throw a ton of cash at the mount to find it doesn't work? Would it be worth it? I know the motors work as I've tested both with a 6v supply & they spin up a treat, the handset works but prodding the buttons & the motors do nothing.
  6. It were lovely to see you all again ok so the weather wasn't playing ball but still enjoyed it nonetheless & we did get some glimpses when the skies cleared a little, as been said already lets hope for a bit more normality next year!!!
  7. tich

    Just joined

    Hi & welcome aboard keora, nice to see you're back to Carl
  8. Great to see you back hope to see many more of your wonderful images
  9. Maybe that's why I'm not getting any replies from Celestron due to the Covid situation? I did remove the corrector plate rather nervously & try as hard as I can neither halves will tighten onto the corrector plate so it looks like I may have to wait for a bit. There seems to be a ring with 2 holes opposite each other & I'd hazzard a guess that's what needs to be tightened back up, but without having anything here that would remotely fit it I think I'll leave it to the guys who know what they're doing.
  10. Wow that is very disappointing Nicolàs not very good service at all which is kinda worrying, I've downloaded the white paper Francis the threaded ring is what the camera is held on by I think that's what you mean it's the to halves that are on the corrector plate itself that are slightly loose that's the issue sounds an easy enough fix but it appears it isn't.
  11. I haven't actually tested it yet Ian but with a loose lens group you can feel slight play between that & the corrector plate so I would imagine the star field would end up being quite a mess, I have looked at it & there doesn't seem any obvious way to tighten it so I'm guessing specialised tools are going to be needed to do it.
  12. I have Olly & they told me to contact Celestron direct to get the scope looked at so I have a ticket on there that's been unanswered, the mount they said they could fix but I'd have to go through a supplier for them to raise a ticket as I'd have to pay them & not David Hinds direct. I can deliver the kit to them direct as I'm only about an hours drive away but I don't know why I'd need to go through a supplier & not deal with them.
  13. I missed this post which is a bit odd as I usually get notifications, unfortunately we're booked for Kelling (providing it goes ahead) If the event gets cancelled I'm sure we can shift venues so I'll keep you updated
  14. I got the scope used & knew the RASA had issues & as it's a version one it's very unlikely it has any warranty left, I raised a ticket with Celestron.com but I've heard nothing back from them, I don't know if any dealers would take it on & get it repaired for me as it seems you have to get repairs done via dealers as David Hinds mentioned this when I enquired about getting the mount repaired. Obviously I'd like to get the scope done first if it's possible before starting on the mount as my mount in the obsy will handle it but only just. I'm not a member of Cloudy Nights Dave so
  15. Hi everyone I've recently acquired a RASA 11 V1 which has an issue & I were wondering if there is anyone that can repair it? I've contacted Celestron but I've heard nothing at all from them. The issue is the Lens group has come loose in the corrector & needs to be tightened back up plus I'm guessing the collimation will need to be redone afterwards as being F2.2 I would imagine it is pretty sensitive. Someone on cloudy nights managed to tighten theirs but the post they put up is rather sketchy & doesn't really help much. The CGE pro pictured needs repairing to but that can wait a
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