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  1. My trip tp Holland went too quick! :D

    1. ronin


      How long was it? Sounds like you enjoyed it. Was it ferry to Rotterdam or flight to Schipol?

    2. JessicaFaye


      I went for 10 days! Flew to Schiphol from Exeter, then was staying in Eindhoven! saw some amazing places but it rained a lot :D

  2. Well you gotta do what you gotta do good times! Haha!
  3. Aaron, Luke and of course Shaun, I thought I'd have a look at what was going on Lunar observing wise as it's fascinating! I have to say this is one of the most polite threads I ever read, lovely use of first names Shaun what can I say you've come along way since our very first encounter, Trespassing fire extinguishing (if I remember rightly!) Any way sorry this has nothing to do with your thread! Just had to say
  4. Oh you are a doll, I feel much better already! Haha
  5. That's lovely!! What a great pic but in the first pic it's not straight... It's playing havoc with my OCD
  6. wow that's incredible... Your images are always incredible Olly! Very nice
  7. Hello Kev! Welcome to SGL, it's the place to be! Great bunch of people on here! Clear skies, Jess
  8. Yikes! quite a tricky language... My ex was from north wales and he went to a welsh school and was fluent! Not the sexiest language ever! haha
  9. Why thankee thankee I learned something else new today!
  10. 'scuse the ignorance but what's a 'gog?'
  11. JessicaFaye

    The moon

    That's such a fab sketch! Thanks for sharing
  12. Nice one! I've just got myself some black paper sketch pads and white and grey pencils to try my hand at sketches as Art is one of the things I enjoy doing! so I thought why not combine two of my favourite things! I think it also helps to slow your observing down and really look Thanks for sharing I think the sketch is great
  13. Fantastic! I've attempted to see Saturn a couple of times and failed... booo!! I can't wait to succeed Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hello Hello from Exeter!! I've not been stargazing too long myself and this site is awesome!! All the best with the new scope Clear skies, Jess
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