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  1. L8-Nite


    Hello, and Welcome to SGL.
  2. L8-Nite

    A Week At Fforest Fields

    There were kayaks there, but I haven't used our canoe since we shipped it across the Atlantic; which I thought was a bit too far to paddle.
  3. L8-Nite

    A Week At Fforest Fields

    Nice photo of our group Tony. Dorothy & I really enjoyed Fforrest Fields, I liked the lake there and will be bringing our canoe on a future trip.
  4. L8-Nite

    The Moon 27/10/2018

    Awesome images there buddy !
  5. L8-Nite

    What makes a good/great star party?

    To me, an organized star party is a social event, but for any serious observing I want to be as far away from civilization as practical. The best star party I've been to had an observing area on top of a hill which you could drive to and set up equipment " before " dark. Vehicles were then driven down the road and observers had to walk up to their equipment; if you arrived late, too bad.
  6. L8-Nite

    What makes a good/great star party?

    My Wife and I would be interested, as we have previously thought about a camping/observing trip at a site midway along the eastern side of Bala Lake.
  7. L8-Nite

    Your thoughts on a scope thinning please.....

    If you haven't been given a deadline on thinning the herd, consider waiting awhile until the excitement of your new acquisition wears off, and make your own decision; as only you will know what's best for you.
  8. L8-Nite

    Fforest Fields

    Thanks Tich ! Dorothy & I enjoyed that. Glad the observing conditions were favourable for you earlier in the week. Cheers.
  9. L8-Nite

    A Week At Fforest Fields

    Nice to have caught up with you again Tich. Even though the weather was a " little " bit stormy, Dorothy & I enjoyed the unofficial event and look forward to seeing you at the next one. Hope You, Tony, and Mick & Jill all had a safe and uneventful journey home.
  10. L8-Nite

    Fforest Fields

    Hi Tony, Dorothy & I liked camping at Forrest Fields. The dark skies there are better than I've experienced at other campsites and we are looking forward to returning again; the facilities were excellent, and the Staff made us feel very welcome. Next time we will be bringing our canoe as the onsite lake looked inviting. It was nice to catch up with You, Tich, Mick & Jill once again and hope to see you all in the near future.
  11. L8-Nite

    Observatory build Questions

    Hi Tich ! Looks good. So, the Hiab driver didn't have a sling capable of temporarily hoisting the neighbours car out of the way ?
  12. L8-Nite

    Questar first light

    So you recognised my mug, lol.
  13. L8-Nite

    Questar first light

    Nice report Matty. Clear skies predicted in my neck of the woods tonight, but sadly the curse of the Flu is upon me; and my Wife will be watching me like a hawk in case I try to sneak out tonight for a peak with our Questar. At least Summer is over and we now have dark nights to look forward to.
  14. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    There's a tube ? What tube ?
  15. L8-Nite

    T'was ever thus...

    I don't need no stinking updates !

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