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  1. L8-Nite

    ISS trip home.

    Awesome, you look the part Tony.
  2. L8-Nite

    Fforest Fields - Dark Skies

    Great Location, good facilities, and there are power connections at the hard standings in the grassy events field.
  3. L8-Nite

    What was your first scope?

    The best I can recall, it was a little 50 or 60mm refractor my Dad got me during a sale in the underground parking lot at our local Sears department store back in 1965. It was a return item with a couple of issues which my dad was able to fix.
  4. L8-Nite

    Clouded out in Hereford

    No luck to the south of you either.
  5. L8-Nite

    Lucky Lunar Eclipse

    No luck here in my neck of the woods.
  6. L8-Nite

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    I got into this hobby before the invention of the first led device and the first video game, which was Pong, a tennis game that consisted of a single white moving dot on a black screen. Yes, technology has come a long way, but I'm still a visual only observer and prefer to enjoy studying my star charts in planning a session; and then make the most of what the conditions have to offer. I like to keep things simple, and tracking mounts with setting circles work for my kind of observing. Technology has not changed Astronomy much for me, but I do appreciate what it has done to further our hobby.
  7. Many old school ideas still work well, and at negligible cost.
  8. L8-Nite

    Magnets and miracles

    Interesting video. I love Zeiss optics, but 7200 euros for a 20x "fixed" power binocular of limited use is questionable, and better stability than shown in the video could easily be provided by a tripod. When temperature on warmer days rise enough to create mirage 20x magnification would be useless; even 12x would struggle to provide a discernible image.
  9. On the colder nights, I put an old fashioned hot water bottle with knitted cover inside the big front pocket of my hooded sweatshirt; it keeps me warm & comfortable and is a toasty place for hand warming.
  10. L8-Nite


    My favourite Astro Mug.
  11. HI Tony, Dorothy & I are looking forward to it. Please put us down for pitch 6; Don't want to upset Tich by jumping que for # 29. Merry Christmas to you and Cath and to all a Happy Holiday.
  12. Check with your local charity shops, and ask them to let you know when any ironing board or or other portable type chairs come in. I found each of these ironing board chairs and the other two drummer's stools in charity shops for ( £5 ) five pounds each.
  13. L8-Nite

    A reliable green laser?

    On very cold nights I observe with an old fashioned hot water bottle tucked inside the big pocket of my hooded sweatshirt which keeps me comfortably warm. I also keep my laser in the pocket if need be, so no problem with failure from temperature issues. Perhaps one of the smaller pint size hot water bottles ( which I've seen available in the Pound Shop's ) could be a solution for you ?
  14. L8-Nite

    Very Quiet

    Hi Paul, Hope all is well with you and yours, yeah, it will be nice to catch up. Dorothy & I are also looking to move house, and hopefully in the next few months. Its not far, just on the next street below us where there will be better views to the South. We've been remodeling the property over the past several years, and not without some grief from the planning dept.. Even though I'm retired, I hardly seem to have time lately for anything but work on the house; still, it would be good to take a break and spend a clear night up at the site.
  15. L8-Nite

    Very Quiet

    Hmmm, just noticed this South Wales Club forum an clicked to join. I haven't done much observing this year, as its been a busy one for my Wife and I, so Astronomy has been low on my priority list.

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