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  1. L8-Nite

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    So you got it ! Hopefully it will only need a good cleaning. Yes, the objective is held in place with two screws, and the objective holder position can be adjusted within the tube for focusing purpose. I had to adjust mine when I added a diagonal to the helical focuser. Edit: Just a note. The turret is a great item to have, although I feel it adds too much weight for our Telementor 1 with the helical focuser; but its perfect for the Telementor 2 with the internal focuser.
  2. L8-Nite

    Russian Binoculars

    A few years ago I also found a Russian binocular, a KOMZ 8 x 30 while looking for Astronomy books in a charity shop, the optics are very good. Price was the same, £10.oo but the case was British made. There is a certificate in English which is dated 1963, and the eyepieces are focused individually, are yours ? 12 x is about the limit in power I would want for a terrestrial binocular, especially if you are likely to be venturing to a hot climate, as anything with stronger magnification would suffer from mirage as the temperature rises past the mid 20's C. So, congratulations on a nice find !
  3. L8-Nite

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    It may be a chancer, but if we didn't already have our two, I would definitely take a punt.
  4. L8-Nite

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Yeah, in good shape the turret would go for £250 and upwards. It could be all that's needed is a quick cleaning with a pressure washer. Will be interesting to see what the winning bid is.
  5. L8-Nite

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Just noticed this add on ebay for an............... Old Telescope with 40-H eyepiece and Revolver Price currently at £ 27 pounds. Looks like a Telementor with A Zeiss turret. Add number: 312134451851 Usual disclaimer, nothing to do with me; I already have two Telementors.
  6. L8-Nite

    Eye piece holder

    Nice, but consider countersinking the screws below the wood level, as they could damage the eyepiece barrels while attempting to place eyepieces in the holders when its dark.
  7. L8-Nite

    Monocular required......

    Glad you found it to be a worthwhile investment. Sometimes it's the little things which can be the most useful. I found that the 6x20B can resolve the writing on a business card from a distance of about 5 metres down to slightly less than 2 metres, which will be great for inspecting things which would require getting a ladder. Edit: Photo shows it larger than actual size.
  8. L8-Nite

    Monocular required......

    Just found this thread. Sara, are you still happy with your monocular ? I first became interested in a monocular back in the early 1970's when I joined to an archery club, and carried a binocular like many others to spot distant target hits. Even though it wasn't large, my binocular was heavy and cumbersome to carry; then I noticed a visiting archer carrying a monocular which was cobbled by cutting a binocular in half that had individual eye focusing instead of the usual central focuser. I thought what a great idea, and while looking for a similar old binocular to cannibalize I discovered an actual 7 x 50 monocular for sale at a local second hand store. At the time I thought I was the coolest archer in the club, lol. I still have the monocular which is a Manon, and have used it often over the years. Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase a tiny ( 1" by 3 1/2" long ) thirty year old Zeiss 6 x 20B monocular. Its just the perfect size to carry and not even notice it being in your pocket. The magnification, brightness, and resolution seem well balanced to me for such a small optic. I'll definitely be carrying this in my future and sometimes daily travels, especially when venturing into antique shops to look at price tags on items high up on the walls. I added a Pound coin in one of the photos for scale.
  9. I'm just a visual observer of the night sky. If I classified myself as anything else, people might think I know something.
  10. L8-Nite

    Battery Question

    Sorry, when you said getting outside and portable, I thought you meant for travel.
  11. L8-Nite

    Battery Question

    If it were me, I would get the same type of battery (with a warranty) that's in my car. It would serve double duty if the vehicle battery decides to die when I'm out at a dark site.
  12. L8-Nite

    What did the postman bring?

    Obviously a deceptive add, but were you able to check the optical quality and function before deciding to send it back ? It looks like a glue failure which could be a production issue for others manufactured as well. Could you tell us what brand it was ?
  13. L8-Nite

    What did the postman bring?

    That's what I'm afraid of. I've been trying to resist buying the 10" Portaball that just came up for sale in the Classifieds here on SGL.
  14. L8-Nite

    What did the postman bring?

    We have a winner ! Now I will spare everyone the suspense. I finally found a mint condition example of this out of production optic, which I have been looking for for a long long time.

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