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  1. L8-Nite

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    I have the dream telescope, a premium 178mm Mak., but not the dream location; and far from it.
  2. " Guardianship " Yes, that's how I feel about the scopes I have now, that I am giving them the care that they are worthy of.
  3. Of the 9 scopes which I've acquired during my lifetime, I presently have five. The only one I sort of miss, was my Sears 6339-A ( Royal Astro ) refractor. I gave it to a good friend recently, so I can visit it If I like.
  4. L8-Nite

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    Hello Mark, I would also like to request that you move the South Wales Group to the new heading called Clubs. Activity has been slow with our group for awhile. For many of us, life has a way of taking precedence over our hobby at times, but I'm confident there will be a renewal of interest when the dark nights return. Regards, Mike
  5. Great post and very good advice Karl.
  6. L8-Nite

    Not what you’d expect at Telescope House

    Bad advertising is advertising none the less, obviously seems to have had the effect of putting the business on the front page here, lol.
  7. I remember it well, but it was overshadowed on the news by a group of cult members wearing new clothes and trainers that committed suicide; idiots.
  8. It seems you are asking a legal question here, which only your local government authority can answer.
  9. Steve & Calv, I agree with you both, but surely it would be easier to fix or tweak a mechanical motion issue than to correct an optical one; after all, when making a substantial investment, its all about your getting the " Wow " factor views.
  10. I think my main consideration would be three premium quality components, the mirror, secondary, and focuser; and that's where I would spend my hard earned money. Put those items together in a less than fancy dob framework and you will still have an outstanding scope.
  11. The website quotes €1920. , which currently works out to about £ 1725. so Charl, your dreams may not be so badly shattered after all ?
  12. L8-Nite

    Monocular required......

    The image quality is superb, as is the build quality. I have never been disappointed with any of my Zeiss purchases.
  13. L8-Nite

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    So you got it ! Hopefully it will only need a good cleaning. Yes, the objective is held in place with two screws, and the objective holder position can be adjusted within the tube for focusing purpose. I had to adjust mine when I added a diagonal to the helical focuser. Edit: Just a note. The turret is a great item to have, although I feel it adds too much weight for our Telementor 1 with the helical focuser; but its perfect for the Telementor 2 with the internal focuser.

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