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  1. L8-Nite


    Hello and Welcome.
  2. Hello, and Welcome from me too.
  3. Hello, and Welcome from across the pond.
  4. The weather is pea soup in my neck of the woods today, can't see a hundred yards. Odds are zero that there will be even the slightest opportunity for viewing this evening, but I just might take a chance and run the lockdown blockade (if there is one), and head up to my favourite observing spot on top of the mountain.
  5. Total Solar eclipse in Argentina live streaming now on YouTube.
  6. That was a great one, and quite a few of my neighbours gathered around for the event.
  7. Took the photos awhile ago. The book is in storage at the moment, but I will try and get a better photo for you tomorrow; until then, here is a photo of the inside cover page.
  8. The event which struck me the most was the one that started my lifelong interest in Observing. It was one early evening in 1964 when I witnessed a fireball while washing out my Dad's cement mixer after the day's work on the patio. I saw it pass over head which must have took six or eight seconds to go from horizon to horizon. Not long afterward he bought me a small used refractor.
  9. Astro Theology book, with star charts; dated 1715
  10. Not worried about thieves, unless they can carry a half of ton.
  11. Best one I remember was about fifty years ago. There was a small back page add in the newspaper which stated " Your Last Chance " - send $10.oo to *********** There was no mention of what the last chance was about, or even if you would receive anything in return, lol.
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