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  1. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    There's a tube ? What tube ?
  2. L8-Nite

    T'was ever thus...

    I don't need no stinking updates !
  3. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    Hi Stuy, I've come to the conclusion that with the weather being the way it is here in the UK, planning is rather pointless. An observing meet based on short notice is more realistic for any success, however, most Observers find it difficult to attend on short notice unless it falls on a non working weekend. Many times others and I have traveled to our Blaenavon site and have been clouded out when the consensus of the weather predictions claimed good conditions. It has been a disappointment and unnecessary expense which I'm sure has affected repeat attendance. As Fref has mentioned, an informal get together at Forrest Fields is something to think about. My Wife have it penciled it in on our calendar and look forward to a few days away, with no expectations for observing, but we will bring a telescope; hope to see some familiar faces there, and perhaps meet some other Observers too.
  4. I bought boxes of the ones shown in my photo many years ago over seas, For a source here in the UK, google " essentracomponents.com " and search for..... Thumb Screw Knobs - Knurled. You can buy any quantity, depending on size, a box of fifty can be less than a couple of (£) Pounds. Also, google " Images for plastic thumb screw caps " which will give you an idea of the types that are available for various purposes.
  5. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    Hello Pat, The only thing I find disappointing nowadays is the weather, and the ridiculous excuses the Planning department comes up with to insult my intelligence. As for the one eye view, well, I have a contingency for that.
  6. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    Nothing Astronomical at the Brecon fayre today, so we didn't stay long. Drove over to Abergavenny where my Wife spotted a Zeiss Jena 10 x 50 binocular on one of the tables in the market hall. My heart nearly jumped up into my throat when I found the price was just fifty pounds. The views through them were great, however, when I looked through the objective ends I noticed a large clamshell right in the middle of the left objective. The owner sighed and said I could have them for thirty quid if I wanted; sadly I declined.
  7. L8-Nite

    The South Wales Lounge

    Hi Neil, Sorry about the late reply, nothing planned. There is a militaria collectors fayre at the Brecon indoor market hall today. I've occasionally found Astro related items there; especially leather bound vintage books. For anyone interested, hours are 10:00 am > 2:00 pm, and parking is close by at Morrisons.
  8. +1 for others. Make the thumb screws yourself, they are socket head cap screws with plastic caps, and for just a few pennies each at hardware suppliers. Caps are simply squeezed on. So why pay outrageous prices for what you now know ?
  9. L8-Nite

    Where do you buy second-hand scopes?

    It might be worth checking the cloudy nights site which has a classified section ? Although most items advertised are in the US, there are scopes advertised as located in the UK ; which is how I was able to finally acquire a Telementor.
  10. L8-Nite

    Why Did You Start??

    What got me started was seeing a fireball one evening slowly streaking its way across the sky back around 1964. After that I spent too many evenings waiting for another to appear. Being that I took such an interest in looking up, one weekend my parents took me over to the Griffith Park Observatory which was just a few miles away from our home. I was fascinated with the Planetarium, but my biggest thrill was getting to look at the Moon through the 10" Zeiss refractor. Wow ! After that, my Dad let me use his binoculars, but I craved having a telescope. A few months later we were at our local Sears store where they were having a big sale in their underground parking lot, when my Dad spotted a box with a small refractor and a jumble of parts in it; lo and behold, I had my first telescope !
  11. L8-Nite

    Welcome to the South Wales group!

    Hello, and Welcome ! Hopefully those of us in Astronomical hibernation will reawake soon as the dark nights approach, and the weather starts to cooperate. Look forward to meeting you, and catching up with some old familiar faces.
  12. L8-Nite

    The Lunar Eclipse HAS BEGUN

    Total overcast in my neck of the woods.
  13. L8-Nite

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    I have the dream telescope, a premium 178mm Mak., but not the dream location; and far from it.
  14. " Guardianship " Yes, that's how I feel about the scopes I have now, that I am giving them the care that they are worthy of.

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