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  1. As I understand, politics are not allowed here, so acquire what you want !
  2. Got to have spares scopes for parts. Only trouble is, these scopes never fail.
  3. This is a very good nightly guide on what you can expect to view on the moon with different scopes.
  4. I would like to suggest an extraordinary book which you and your 7 year old can learn the night sky together through a simple step by step visual guide to picture images that will "stick" in your mind, then you both can go outside at night and be able to find them amongst the myriad of background stars. The book is called " Stikky Night Skies " ISBN 1-932974-01-6 by Laurence Holt Books.
  5. Hello Jarvo, My condolences to you and your family. If you are not in a hurry, consider looking for an older " Tiltall #4602 " professional model tripod manufactured by the C.D. Marchioni company. These tripods seem to be under the radar and can still be found for reasonable prices. They are superbly built to a very high standard. I have one that has been in my family for over fifty years and I wouldn't change it for anything similar on the market today. The tripod has been perfect for use with both our 89mm & 127mm Maksutov telescopes and the respective mounts. Here are some photos. .
  6. Over the past few days the Postman brought a vintage phase contrast compound Microscope and a variety of related consumables. A companion scope to the stereo Microscope, for those cloudy & rainy nights.
  7. The dimmer takes the brightness down to that of an ember.
  8. Made up this extension light with a dimmer switch to use in our caravan awning.
  9. Interesting, I haven't seen that application used before. Would definitely want it hot dip galvanized prior to a mount being attached.
  10. Yes, I also use a heavy duty Manfrotto tripod, a video camera tripod; got it at a flea market for £18.oo, about $22.oo equivalent at the time. Use it mostly for our 127mm Intes-Micro scope.
  11. I observe as often as I can, but sure do miss the many fabulous clear nights I took for granted at our overseas home.
  12. Overseas I acquired a portable Voting Booth from a salvage yard. It made a great field desk for observing, and simply folded away into suitcase form. My only modification was to shorten the legs from standing height to chair height by using a tube cutter.
  13. Here is a simple Solar Viewing Screen for a refractor which can be made at basically no cost. All that's required is one of the ends of a cardboard notebook cover, a piece of scrap plastic pipe which fits into your finder holder, a suitable cork, and a wood screw. Simply jam the cork into one end of the plastic pipe and screw the cardboard onto the cork, then slide the length of the pipe in the finder holder to adjust the projected image.
  14. Yeah, I agree with you on hobby specific items. One of the biggest ripoff's are the thumb screw knobs for collimation. They are just socket head cap screws with a plastic squeeze on head, costing only pennies each. ( here's a photo) The old saying...…. you pay for what you don't know. Another option to create collimation thumb screws is to acquire several automotive or bicycle "Tire Valve Caps", and epoxy them on to the heads of your existing collimation screws. It would be interesting to see photos of your light shield.
  15. I found a quality replacement for a missing objective cover. My wife bought a few candles at an Aldi or Lidl shop awhile back, which I noticed came with chrome plated metal cap's lined with a silicone seal. One of them happened to be a perfect fit for the small refractor we have. The candles with cap's come in several diameters and are regularly available in the shops.
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