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  1. Hello, and welcome from me too. You have found a great forum for the hobby.
  2. L8-Nite

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Hello from South Wales, and welcome to SGL ! here as usual.
  3. Clear outside forecasts 3:00 am as a possible clear hour, so I might stay up. Would like to give the 150P I recently bought a go.
  4. Thanks, but no commission required, just doing my good deed for today.
  5. The great thing about older books is that you are not besieged with advertising. Another good book worth looking for by James Murden is " Astronomy with a Small Telescope ".
  6. I had to negotiate a jungle of bubble wrap too.
  7. A couple of Skywatcher eyepieces for the 150P dob I bought the other day. A Super 10 long eye relief, and a Super 20 wide angle long eye relief.
  8. Hi Steve, Upahill & Choo_choo_baloo, The South Wales Group which meets at the Fox Hunters car park has been quiet for awhile, but the site is a good one. For most of us its a long drive though, and many times I've made the 60+ mile round trip only to be disappointed, along with others, by the failed forecasts. Got to say quite honestly, the advanced scheduling of meets up at the site seems pointless considering the fluctuations in the UK weather, and I've found posting short notice meets also to be challenging based on the unreliability of even the "area specific" Astronomy forecasts. If anyone is near Blaenavon, it would be great if you could post in the early evening the actual weather conditions as you see it for those of us watching SGL. I think this would give a great boost to help the South Wales Group to recover from Astronomical hibernation. Although the South Wales group hasn't been active for some time, it would be nice to catch up with familiar faces and meet some new observers. Glad to see your back Steve. Cheers Everyone !
  9. Finally giving up, lost faith in forecasts. Pleasant dreams to all.
  10. Currently 100% cloud cover, even though my local specific prediction is for 2% .
  11. Clear Outside predicts a maximum of 5% cloud cover in my neck of the woods for the current and next 3 hours, but its still 100% overcast. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try the 150P Dob I just acquired ?
  12. Not from the postman, but I received a photo and message from my Niece that there was a telescope for sale at the "Shed" in the local recycling centre. I don't need another scope, but I jumped in the van to go and have a look; it followed me home. Its a 150P and all that was missing were the eyepieces and the knob for manual tracking. EDIT: My mistake, there is no provision for attaching a manual control knob for tracking, must be an addition on new models. The few marks on the scope and base were actually glue residue from stickers I would think, and they easily cleaned off with a rag soaked in "Goo Gone". .
  13. That's good to know, as I've been considering selling my Questar 7.
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