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  1. If the dust gets too bad they close up shop - http://www.not.iac.es/weather/index.php - on the top left, if any of the categories get too extreme a note pops up advising them to "Close the Hatches". usually when there's lots of wind or rain. I was up there during a pretty bad calima and the milky way shots I was getting were better than I'd get here. The dust will show up light pollution though - the main towns are only 9-10 miles away as the crow flies... The Magic telescopes are open to the elements at all times (they're just gert big mirrors). That can't be good for them, maybe they hose them down ones in a while I never saw a laser directly. One timelapse from my first trip shows a 'star' visible on the timelapse that didn't move with the other stars which I suspect was the result of one of their lasers but I didn't see the beam..
  2. What he says.. I've used a similarly specced iMac with no problems. It only struggled when I was exporting loads of time-lapse images out of Lightroom at the same time...
  3. Sounds like you had an interesting time When you go back if the wind is getting to you where you were (based on the second photo) drive a little further round (half a mile) towards the scopes, there's a couple of spots round there. The wind can be completely gone just a little bit further round and vice versa There's a gully near where you were where I swear all the wind off the sea chooses to come flying up!! We've stayed in Puntagorda each time and I still can't get used to being in a fully lit kitchen at night and stepping out the door and seeing the Milky Way better than from here in the UK when not even dark adapted. Both times I've been have been August so it's usually been about 15c at night at the top but sometimes very dusty. I think Steve above has the right idea by going in June.
  4. James

    PixInsight,,,,,its looks complicated

    I second that - I've found Kayron's tutorials really helpful
  5. Belt modding removes one of the main sources of backlash but there are still parts within the mount where backlash is possible so I've assumed it's best to get close to balance but not stress too much about it. I've stopped deliberately moving my counterweight out (east) or in (west) though as that doesn't seem to be necessary now
  6. One is sitting comfortably on my Esprit-100, no extra adaptors needed James
  7. That works for me Martin Brings out the star colours really well.. James
  8. Looks a lovely spot Dave, you've managed to control the wobbles well, I couldn't stay still for 25 seconds, certainly not several times!! James
  9. Lovely images Dave, so nice to see you getting out and about after a long gap! Missed a few clear nights up in Scotland but other things were needing my attention so I’ll have to wait a bit longer James
  10. It is the 58mm version - the picture we have on our listing here https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/idas-d1-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html is of the 48mm/2 inch version. That's just been pulled through to the original post As per tooth_dr above, we do list the 58mm James
  11. I'll file that under 101 uses for a mount @davew James
  12. James

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    That's nice Martin - and a huge field of view!!
  13. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    I'm fairly careful on the spilling front, the food/drink is kept away from the laptop --- Unfortunately from the point I posted the image at the top it was downhill from there... the FWHM just got worse and worse, I didn't see this on screen for a while and only began to wonder when I did a refocus and found it not as tight as I'd like. Oh well - the Pot Noodle was good, the Green Thai noodle thing was excellent ...
  14. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    I've had nights where I don't think it's done it as well... at the time of capturing these ones the moon was quite low and in quite a different part of the sky and the sky was very very clear, no sign of haze around the moon. Later the moon was higher and brighter but there was virtually no dew - although there was a layer of frost by midnight All in all, not a bad evening! James PS - the OIII will happen when there's no moon! Moonlight seems to mess with my OIII data ..
  15. James

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    They’ve just had their half term here

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