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  1. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    We aim to please... oh, hang on... That's very much a work in progress I'm afraid... when we've sussed that it'll be trialled first in Devon Hope you folks all get some clear skies! James
  2. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    From my (very good) experience last spring, a bottle of whisky
  3. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    I prefer globs but I will admit to soft spot for open clusters where there's more than one visible - M35 in Gemini being the best example with a fainter NGC object in the same field of view.. but I can't think of many like that hence, for me globs win overall
  4. Fair enough Actually, complete silence would drive me mad anyway (I have a constant hiss in my ears so other noise is good!). Lets just say that the human sounds were at a minimum, just the occasional jovial Good Morning from dog walkers No sirens, no cars, no tractors etc..
  5. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    Pretty much everything really (except the Moon for me, it doesn't do much for me). I particularly like edge on spirals (the thinner the better), NGC891 being perhaps my favourite and globular clusters. With Globulars there something for every level of kit - M13 / M22 / Omega Centauri (depending on where you are) which all look interesting even in the smallest kit to some of the fainter and harder to resolve ones like say M53 through to the ones that are dotted around the Andromeda galaxy for those with darker skies, and much bigger scopes than mine! James
  6. Certainly magical, definitely not quiet!! Its incredible how much constant noise there is, booming waves, rocks bashing each other (Budleigh has a pebbled beach). On the other side of where I was timelapsing the sound of the waves/sea is muted and you get the noises of the tide coming in up the river, lots of gurgles and clinks of stones tapping each other. All stuff that you don't hear during the day..
  7. Had another early start today - I've never been one for getting up early after just a few hours sleep, I usually struggle with that and find it far easier to stay up all night and get sleep the next night but this is twice in a week I've found it easy to get up at 3am... must be age!? It was off down to the beach again looking for spots to take some nice timelapses and now that I've found a good spot that's the next 8-10 clear nights all booked up, so I'll probably be going there for the next two years . I actually remembered my camera bag this time and charged up the laptop! Here's just a couple of images from this morning, one's a bit of a noisy selfie but there you go... think I went too high on the ISO The slim, svelte figure that I have (cough) is well disguised by the artic gear I was wearing and the red dot is from the 6D recording a timelapse... From just at the mouth of the River Otter in Budleigh Salterton. Both pictures taken with a Canon 70D, Samyang 14mm lens at f/4 20 second exposure ISO 3200... If you click on the images a slightly better version will load..
  8. Ha Ha!! Yes, I'd forgotten that... I guess I should apologize for all the ribbing I gave you at the time The lights of Budleigh Salterton are half a mile behind. They are actually off until about 5am-ish so when I finally got back after collecting my bag it was dark as pitch but the streetlights started coming on as I started snapping... had I remembered the bag there would have been a timelapse... the exact spot where I was set up is in the shadow of a sign on the beach so you can't see my shadow - but that's a good thing to watch out for next time I go there!! So, next time I'll be down there from about 3am - with the kit and there'll definitely be some timelapsing going on. Actually, may even take the slider if I can remember! I'll try go left a few feet too for more reflections... Btw, I followed the advice on ISO of some one who gave a little talk about timelapsing at Kielder recently. The poor guy probably thought I was asleep during his talk but I did listen to that bit and went for a much higher ISO than normal... seems to have worked James
  9. As amateur astronomers I suspect many of us have gotten used to quietly cursing the approach of daylight but there is something to be said for just turning off the imaging kit and relaxing and enjoying the view, in this case, sat on a beach with a flask of hot tea watching the approaching sunrise. It was cold to be sure but the view made up for that.. First image is the Milky Way rising - taken at the beach near Budleigh Salterton at the mouth of the River Otter about 5am. The second image is nearer 6am, the milky way can still be seen but is fading fast, the moon, a very thin crescent is the bright light just above the sea. Not a bad way to start the day Well, except for driving to the beach and finding I'd left the camera bag on the pavement outside my house back home... and then finding out the laptop was only 25% charged, and it was very cold so it pretty quickly just shut down... (click on the pictures to get a slightly sharper version!) First image: 5 shot stack 25 second exposures at ISO 6400 with a Canon 6D through a Samyang 14mm lens at f/4. Second image: 1x 25 second exposure at ISO 2500 f/4, same camera and lens.
  10. Lovely time lapse Aradiel I know how many hours of effort go into a time lapse - we’ll worth it though!! James
  11. Hello from Belgium (West-Flanders)

    Welcome to SGL Miguel James
  12. Hello from Madrid

    Welcome to SGL Juan, enjoy the new scope, you should get some great views with that one. James
  13. Greetings

    Welcome to SGL Mike, enjoy the new scope! James
  14. Pixinsight issues?

    Seconded on all counts ... Kayrons tutorials have been invaluable to me, along with Harry Pages. Pixinsight has a bit of a learning curve but I think it's well worth the money spent james
  15. I've added a little more data to my earlier Ha image of the Rosette - it's helped a bit with the noise but I've put more effort into getting OIII for this as well. I've put the Ha and OIII data together as an Ha OIII OIII image - I tried some blending (Red Ha, OIII Green 40% Ha 60%, Blue OIII) but didn't like the colours I was getting... but I may go back to that as I don't fancy my chances at having enough time this winter to get SII for this object... especially as I think I want to make a mosaic of this one - the Cone Nebula is just off to the left... Details: 21x Ha 5 min subs 25x OIII 5 min subs (Gain: 75, offset 15) Captured by an ASI1600mm-Cooled camera through a Borg 55FL f/3.6. Guided, captured, scope control through The SkyX Pro and EQDIR Processed in Pixinsight. Please click on the picture and wait, a much better image will load! Next task - to see what upping the gain on the ASI1600mm-cool will do