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  1. Hmmm... IGAD refers to part of the manufacturing process (Ion Gun Assisted Deposition) and the 31.7mm just means it's a 1.25" filter but I'm not aware of a Type Z filter. It may be a very old filter that IDAS used to do? The I in the name suggests type 1 in which case it's very old! Sorry can't help more. James
  2. Thank you Mark The beach is illuminated by the lights of Budleigh Salterton right behind me, many of those lights go off at 1.30am ish (12.30 ish in winter) - half an hour after taking that shot it was much darker. Had I looked the other way I'd have been flooded with light pollution from Budleigh, Exmouth and Exeter It's the 'public' beach but it's quiet usually at night - the occasional dog walker excepted. To the left of the image you might see a little water. Catch it at higher tide and you can get some nice photos of the water there and the trees with stars beyond. In early July it's pretty light but you should be able to get some Milky Way shots, around 1am would be best/darkest with Sagittarius just a little past due south. I would recommend Dartmoor... but... due south from Dartmoor you get a bit of LP from Torquay/Torbay etc and to the south west you have Plymouth in the distance.. but it's all relative, I don't know what you're light pollution is like at home Where I am in East Devon it's generally dark imaging anything to the east - but by July the Milky Way is slipping overhead and to the west. I'll haver a think Mark and PM you James
  3. I don't have that habit.. quite... I do tend to point out the ISS whenever I see it. My 'dark site' (aka, my safe site with free leccy, water, toilets) is in fact a local campsite so often when I'm doing stuff there are people there who'll come over and see what I'm doing and ask lots of questions. The owner usually warns people I'll be around so it's rare to be disturbed with lights. I've found the majority of people to be really quite interested in what's up there, even the young ones. I'm still feeling my way around working out the point where I need to stop talking about it though as I can't see their eyes glaze over in the dark!! James
  4. Thanks Dave, full on GEM The Jupiter reflection really does show the distortions in a wide angle lens. In reality, obviously, the reflections were beneath the planet James
  5. Thank you Helen, James, Ady I'm lucky in the spring in that the south-east where the Milky Way is rising is out to sea. The nearest light pollution in the picture (apart from Sidmouth on the left which highlights the distinctive trees anyway) is 30-35 miles away in Dorset After the summer lack of darkness the Milky Way is more on the other side of the sky and I have to contend with Exmouth, Exeter etc... or drive a long ways past Exeter, Torbay, Torquay... but not too close to Plymouth.... James
  6. Probably the last nightscapes I'll be doing until at least August now as the days are drawing in and astro-dark is nearly gone here in Devon. Not to mention the Moon!!!! I spent a few hours on the beach at Budleigh Salterton in Devon last Thursday taking some photo's (and eating way too many biscuits). Here's a couple of the results - first one a 60 second tracked exposure. I've blended in a stationary shot of the beach (my first time trying that!). The second image is the centre of the Milky Way just above the southern horizon. This is a 90 second tracked image (using a Star Adventurer Mini) but I forgot to even think about the ground so the foreground isn't great. Seriously relaxing being on an empty beach at night!! First picture: Taken with a Canon 6D, ISO3200, 60 second exposure (I know, it didn't need ISO3200!) with a Sigma 14mm at f/1.8, Second picture, same camera, ISO 3200, 90 seconds tracked through a 24-105mm Sigma Zoom at 35mm. I've loads of ideas for next time... but it'll be next February before the Milky Way is in the right place again! James
  7. I have the 36mm versions of these filters and am desperate to have a go with them. Unfortunately my efforts have been delayed somewhat by dropping my scope fully laden with camera, filters etc . Luckily not much damage done although the focuser got damaged on my leg (so did my leg!). Cue much shamefaced embarrassment at work though ... astro-dark will have gone by the time the moon has so should be interesting trying them in astro-twilight.. James
  8. Lovely pic Dave, a nice way to end the season
  9. Lovely images Dave and don’t worry about the light pollution, I find it often adds to an image like the ones you’ve done
  10. I'd started typing a reply but realised Dave has said it better than I was going to.. so, what he says! James
  11. I eat. Lots. Also watch movies on the laptop or answer emails or go on Facebook to see if anyone in Wales is imaging - usually if they are and they report cloud incoming I have another 90 minutes or so of clear skies. Sometimes I set up a scope for visual and sometimes I get the DSLR out but often as not I'm quite tired so just sit back and watch a movie And eat! James
  12. Thank you From the ‘Mirador Los Andennes’ on Roque de Los Muchachos in La Palma. ( a viewpoint on the road about half a mile or so past the observatories going east). Nicely done on your image - especially without a viewfinder!!
  13. Thank you @davew - with the flattener I cropped off a little around the edges for aesthetic reasons - it was largely dark space and the stars were nice to the edges.. maybe I should try without the flattener as it's not a huge sensor.. James
  14. I'm only two years late but that's a lovely image Barry
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