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  1. James

    NGC4535 + NGC4526

    That’s a lovely combination They’re in Virgo so should be visible :)!
  2. Thank you for the tip Paul - I've had a look and I think I know the road you mean (although I only ever went part way up). Whether I do it or not will depend on the car my wife hires for us Last time I took some pretty hairy roads in an underpowered 1.2L Skoda. When I handed it back I took the mechanic there aside and suggested he changes the clutch and the brakes... nothing could be done for the long term stress damage I caused Kate and the kids... James
  3. James

    James' foray into the Dark Side

    James's images - captured with various scopes/camera: all via a Mac :)
  4. Thank you for the comments folks I'm really looking forward to getting the OIII for this one Thank you Peter.. OK, so there is a bit there but it'll take some time... I think come say October Im going to be discovering whether the CMOS high gain lots of subs approach will work on SII!! Knowing me I'll probably get the OIII and then want to do another object .. James
  5. James

    An early Pickering's Triangle

    Lovely image Steve and another great write-up! James
  6. It's the end of galaxy season (at least here in the UK where astronomical darkness has come to an end for a few weeks) and after a long three year break from imaging galaxies - due largely to imaging with a scope of focal length of just under 200mm - I've managed (just) to get some data in before it got too light... I nearly didn't 'finish' this one as I've had some problems guiding objects over on the west side of the meridian (my 8 year old HEQ5 needs a little tweak I think!) and all of my subs showed some sign of my tracking problems but I've tweaked what I can. M81 (aka Bodes nebula) and M82 (aka Cigar Galaxy) are two relatively close ( approx 12 million light years away) galaxies that are fascinating objects for several reasons - visually in a wide field both are bright and obvious and very different in appearance. For imagers this difference is good too and M82 has the added 'benefit' of jets of material being ejected from the galaxy which shows up in images as red bits streaming out from the galaxy. Back in 2014 there was also a supernova visible, an easy catch in images and visually - I remember seeing it in my 10" Newt easily, it was probably visible in much smaller scopes And finally this patch of sky contains some bright (ish) patches of the very faint integrated flux nebula. I've deliberately not tried to show much of the IFN, it was a processing challenge too far for me (I'll go and practice) but some is just visible in the image below (or it was on my computer screen!). There was a fair amount of it visible during processing so I suspect a little more data and a little bit more processing skill and I'll be able to show it better. Mount & Scope: Esprit 100 on HEQ5 ProCamera: ZWO ASI 1600mm-Pro (Gain: 250, cooled to -30c)Filter: Astronomik L-RGB Type 2c filtersSubframes: 103x 30 seconds Luminance, 30x 30 secs each of Red, Green & Blue and 23x 4 min Ha added into the Red channel (just over 3 hours total)Control, capture, guiding through The SkyX ProCalibration, Stacking and processing in Pixinsight Here's M81, M82, and NGC and a lot of PGC galaxies As usual, if you click on the image a sharper version loads up - and I've posted an annotated version with some labels - loads of galaxies in there!
  7. We've had a good run of clear skies this month so I've been out a bit of imaging rather than timelapsing. I've missed the boat somewhat with galaxies so in frustration I've turned to an object that I should be able to actually finish this calender year. Honest! I've been having guide problems when imaging to the west so I've been imaging to the east again (which works fine! ) ... I think I know the solution so I reckon I've got a 2-3 months to fix it before the Crescent ends up overhead or over to the west. The Crescent Nebula is low enough now in the east that I've managed to get a good run at some Ha.. I think I'll be leaving OIII etc to later in the year (i.e. when it's actually dark again! Does anyone know if there's any/enough SII in this object to justify the effort to collect it? I thought that my field of view wouldn't quite reach the spot of sky where the elusive 'Soap Bubble' Nebula sits but to my delight it is there, just! I think I'd better stop dithering as much (in the imaging sense, not the can't make my mind up sense! ) as I'm almost at the point of having to crop into the area where it is. I will definitely get more data in Ha, I was imaging very close to the heat column from a bonfire about 100 yards away at my regular imaging spot.. The 'Soap Bubble' is a very faint planetary nebula and wasn't even discovered until 2007. I believe it was spotted by an imager (probably worried about a dust bunny!) on one of his images.. I don't think I would have spotted it in this image if I hadn't been looking. So here's my efforts so far with the Crescent Nebula in Cygnus. 47x 2 minute exposures in Ha and I've also attached a close up of the "Soap Bubble". The bubble itself sits at the upper edge of the image - at approximately 11 o'clock relative to the Crescent nebula. In the case of both images actually clicking on them should load a slightly clearer image (the joys of jpeggery...) Imaging details: Scope and mount: Esprit 100 on HEQ5 Pro Camera: ASI1600mm-Pro Captured, guided, controlled through The SkyX Pro on my MacBook. Processed (a bit) in Pixinsight. 47x 2 minute images in Ha (Baader 7nm Ha filter) and a close up:
  8. James

    M 83 Zwo ASI 071 Pro

    Lovely image I like the colours too
  9. James

    Abell 1656 Coma Cluster . . . awesome

    There's a LOT of galaxies in there! Lovely image Barry
  10. James

    My first light with a mono camera.

    Lovely first light!!! I can't... but then most of my images end up darker when posted (possibly a good thing sometimes!!). I bet it just needs a little tweak to bring it out more James
  11. James

    M51+more RGB data

    Lovely detail in there I don't feel I can critique (at least not until I've done one as good as that) but perhaps M51 itself is very slightly too blue? Could be my screen of course but still a really lovely image! James
  12. I'm going to be rewiring my setup but still getting my old reflector out for Jupiter and Saturn There's some software I really need to get to grips with - firstly to improve my processing and also to investigate some new methods of scope/imaging control. Being entirely Mac based my options have often been limited but there's some interesting stuff out there I want to look at. Planetary imaging.... Hmmmm... there's a thought. Even though it's not wholly dark it can still be nice to get the scope out.. and I'm going to see how much ha imaging I can do. Now that I've said all that I've guaranteed weeks of cloud haven't I!
  13. I spent a couple of weeks there in August 2015 - it was all DSLR stuff last time and will be this time too although I’ll have a SAM with me this time. Not sure if taking a slider will be practical but I’m looking into it Last time the first week was full of desert dust but the second week was good ... I think we leave on the 17th so probably no overlap We’ll be up in Puntagorda on the NW part of the island.. Looking forward to it obviously but need to Improve my fitness and get ready for a week or so’s lack of sleep. Looking at your picture Peter I think by August the Milky Way will have moved enough that I’ll have to try for pictures from a completely different position from you.. Is the works on the telescopes up there causing any problems? ( for random astronomers sneaking around in the dark?)
  14. Lovely shot Peter If the first few nights you’re there you walk past a guy in the dark do say Hello, it may be me It’ll be the tail end of my holiday though so I’ll be tired.... so if you just get a grunt in response it was definitely me
  15. James

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    That's great news!!!

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