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  1. James

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    That's nice Martin - and a huge field of view!!
  2. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    I'm fairly careful on the spilling front, the food/drink is kept away from the laptop --- Unfortunately from the point I posted the image at the top it was downhill from there... the FWHM just got worse and worse, I didn't see this on screen for a while and only began to wonder when I did a refocus and found it not as tight as I'd like. Oh well - the Pot Noodle was good, the Green Thai noodle thing was excellent ...
  3. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    I've had nights where I don't think it's done it as well... at the time of capturing these ones the moon was quite low and in quite a different part of the sky and the sky was very very clear, no sign of haze around the moon. Later the moon was higher and brighter but there was virtually no dew - although there was a layer of frost by midnight All in all, not a bad evening! James PS - the OIII will happen when there's no moon! Moonlight seems to mess with my OIII data ..
  4. James

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    They’ve just had their half term here
  5. James

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Chilly moonlit night here in East Devon... very rough and ready/quick photo of kit... would have had my son Tom with me but tomorrow's a school day James
  6. James

    Mixed bag, so far

    497x... strewth... Imaging for me tonight... no clouds down here at present but quite a strong wind and pretty parky At least we're out!! James
  7. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    I think it's probably way better than my imaging James (Priorities and all that!)
  8. James

    Beggars can't be choosers...

    Thank you - sadly it's finished but it was enjoyed... Definitely!! Beef and Tomato. I have some Jaffa Cakes with me, a flask of tea and a Naked Noodle, Thai Green Curry flavour Egg Noodle thingy to eat next (um, if/when I get cold/hungry). Kettle's already on... James
  9. File this under: "I'm still imaging when I can..." First clear night in ages and yes, of course, the Devil's own Light Bulb is up and about, its being Sunday night isn't ideal either ... I couldn't resist the urge to get out though and am currently sitting in a nicely deserted campsite, the temperature is down to 2c already and dropping fast and I'm making a pot noodle whilst I collect some data. Ha of course, it seems to work even when the moons up. At this rate of clear nights it'll take me 1.8 years to complete this image so here's a bit of the North America Nebula in Ha, 51 subs of 2 mins, 300 Gain. Calibrated against some darks from last month, otherwise only stacked and stretched.. I'm collecting a little more Ha tonight before switching to another target... one day I'll get OIII and SII, honest! 51x 2min subs, Esprit 100, ZWO ASI 1600mm-Pro, Baader 7nm Ha filter, captured using the SkyXPro on a belt modded HEQ5 (my trusty HEQ5 is rather enjoying a new lease of life!).
  10. James

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Good luck for tonight!
  11. James

    Drizzle vs Nondrizzle

    This is only anecdotal and my own experience but when I was imaging through a little Borg at 3.9" per pixel drizzling helped a little - as others have experienced in terms of roundness of stars for example. Through a scope at 1.4" per pixel it makes no difference that I can determine (beyond taking extra processing time). What really made a big difference for me was dithering in the first place. I only started to do it to try out drizzle but drizzle or not, dithering makes quite a difference to my images James
  12. James

    Astronomy Holidays With Imaging Equipment

    I'll second that/them. Rented a scope of them back in August. The trip up to the top of the Roque is a little shorter from that side too! James
  13. Nice one Mike Sorry to hear the la Palma walking trip didn't pan out - there's some stunning walks there. Maybe next time...
  14. I got that wrong many moons ago with my shiny new EQ6... this was pre my joining FLO, even had to email Steve to ask him where the counterweight shaft was.
  15. Thank you There were some lovely images entered in this challenge and I think I've benefitted a fair amount from where I was and timing as much as anything else James

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