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  1. ... a new section on chocolate snacks would just get spammed with images of Mars Bars and Milky Way bars.. @clarkpm4242 - I see the snow on the hills on the March image. If your May has been anything like mine I'm guessing your May image was taken on a colder night ?
  2. Wasn't that the previous time? Or the time before that? I'm looking forward to you going back and getting the day to night timelapse you wanted. The only advice I feel that I'm qualified to give is to take a lot more food - I'll leave the choice of chocolate to you obviously but I'm not a Bounty man ... but a bounty and a couple of eccles cakes - no way is that enough James
  3. Best I don't comment on the merits of chocolate snacks as I struggle to get past the idea that sheer quantity isn't all Or rather I fail completely... The lighthouse worked in my favour I think. It was odd - it wasn't a full on coastal lighthouse but taking a timelapse sitting 40ft from a gert big light, not to mention a row of LEDS along the pier was somewhat unusual... however, it illuminated the water nearly that was otherwise dark as pitch (the pier blocked off all the town lights) and the houses/buildings in the distance. There were no lights around those buildings at all at night b
  4. Here's a short timelapse, or rather collection of three timelapses taken this April. It's been hard to get out the last few months for obvious reasons but the mid-April partial 'reopening' had me heading out to my favourite haunt of Budleigh Salterton for a timelapse or two. I got another from Mevagissey in Cornwall when the family had a short break there. April is a great time of year for the rising Milky Way and the coast down here tends eastwards so the skies are dark....if you can stay up late/get up early. The core of the Milky Way isn't at it's highest until about 4am in April. It takes
  5. I still use their version 3 software and I’ve found it pretty reliable and comprehensive in terms of kit that’s compatible. I use it in conjunction with their AstroGuider and AstroTelescope apps. Haven’t gone for version 4 yet but that’s solely because what I have is working
  6. Nice images Icesheet - from Bergen I'm guessing it's hard to get the brighter bits of the milky way (I'm spoiled on the south coast of England). Others have made more useful comments than I can, but I like the fact you've gone all-in to try and get as much out of the Milky Way as you can - I must admit, I hadn't thought of trying PixInsight to process my images, I've just stuck with Lightroom.. I'm no expert on composition but if you want to crop the right you'll lose the snow on the hills which I quite like But, of course, from bergen you get more aurora than we do... James
  7. What davew says The levels!! Can't believe I haven't thought of going to the levels; it's only an hour away up the M5! Now that lockdown is gradually easing I feel a need to go visit my sister in law who lives in the vicinity.. Actually - given how dry it's been I'm guessing the water levels have dropped a bit? James
  8. Got a few days away from home for the first time in a long time and naturally took a camera and tripod... attached is a single 30 second shot from a time-lapse taken from Mevagissey in Cornwall, looking to the south east over Chapel Point. This is the first time I've ever done a time-lapse sitting directly underneath an operating (albeit small) lighthouse and LED lights. There wasn't anywhere I could go that avoided the light but on the plus side it's illuminated the houses a mile or so away on Chapel Point. Hopefully, one day I'll get the time-lapse put together but I take, on average, a
  9. CloudMakers ( https://www.cloudmakers.eu ) do a nice set of apps for Mac control of mounts and other kit Slightly more straightforward than the very comprehensive Ekos..
  10. It's been a while since I've been out in real cold (Devon's quite temperate) but when I have been out (and have access to AC power) I've used a pet heating pad in a box with the laptop on top. Has worked well at around the -8c to -10c mark. I tend to stay out with my kit so have also on occasion loaded an app or two that I know draw a lot of power and set the fans going which also nicely warms the laptop. Of course, without unlimited power both of those are quite draining of any batteries I have James
  11. Lovely images as usual Dave The sky down here has been an impenetrable murk too, even seeing the Milky Way has been an achievement let alone imaging it ..
  12. Managed to get a quick shot of Comet NEOWISE as it bumped along the northern horizon here. At least it's visible all night now in Devon - I wasn't really up to staying up till 3am and fighting the advancing daylight. Here's a quick 10 second shot, f/4, ISO3200 through a Canon 6D at 105mm
  13. What he says We included alternative sources of data on Clear Outside so that people could easily check alternative forecasts ..
  14. I've just put one onto a 104mm StellaMira and it fits fine with no extra adaptors needed. Having taken it all apart again I am regretting not taking a picture! James
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