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  1. Lovely images as usual Dave The sky down here has been an impenetrable murk too, even seeing the Milky Way has been an achievement let alone imaging it ..
  2. Managed to get a quick shot of Comet NEOWISE as it bumped along the northern horizon here. At least it's visible all night now in Devon - I wasn't really up to staying up till 3am and fighting the advancing daylight. Here's a quick 10 second shot, f/4, ISO3200 through a Canon 6D at 105mm
  3. What he says We included alternative sources of data on Clear Outside so that people could easily check alternative forecasts ..
  4. I've just put one onto a 104mm StellaMira and it fits fine with no extra adaptors needed. Having taken it all apart again I am regretting not taking a picture! James
  5. I am a fan of PixInsight but my problem is that I so rarely get round to processing I've forgotten everything I learned the last time round so I do find the learning (or re-learning) curve a tough one. I've relied very heavily on tutorails from Harry Page here http://harrysastroshed.com/pixinsight/pixinsight video html/Pixinsighthome.html and Kayron Mercia here: https://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/tutorials.html The developers strike me as real hardcore maths/stats types - as processing is maths/stats that's got to be a good thing... James
  6. Thank you David - I’ll try anything that hides my processing failures James
  7. It's been a bit of a drought for me for imaging (and most others in the south-west UK) so I've scraped together some data taken using a scope that's fallen off a mount (!) and needs a little tweak to the optics, two mounts (one that's proven somewhat recalcitrant), all over about three years with mixed weather conditions. The changing scopes/mounts etc is an occupational hazard I'm afraid but, whilst hard on imaging, it does allow for variety . The Leo Triplet is an old favourite from my visual-only days - I like the '3 for the price of one' object thing (yep, M81/M82/NGC3077 is another favourite). A group of three galaxies about 35 million light years away they make a good set of objects to observe and image. The image below shows the faintest of trails off the bottom of the galaxy on the left, NGC 3628, (aka the 'Hamburger' Galaxy - really!?). This is part of a 300,000 light year long tidal train of stars from the galaxy and this part is probably why I'm going to redo this image properly some time - I'd love to do an image properly showing this... Due to the data being captured at different times and different circumstances I've had to crop a fair part of the image - I aligned to the little star in the middle every time but forgot to check the rotation of the camera.. every session was at a slightly different angle! Equipment: Mostly (!) Esprit 120, iOptron CEM60-EC, ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro through Astronomik DS RGB filters. Scope control, capture and guiding by CloudMaker's apps - AstroTelescope, AstroImager, AstroGuider and processed in PixInsight, all on a Mac. Lots of Pot Noodles, chocolate biscuits and tea. All subs 120 seconds, mostly at Gain 75, Offset 30, -25c. 38x Luminance, 15x Red, 15x Green, 21x Blue (click on the image for a better quality version). Annotated for reference, North is to the left..
  8. Slippery slope Martin Wow, though. Lovely image. 11 hours to get the OIII!!! James
  9. I’ve never looked back after getting a pair of these: https://www.baffin.com/products/85920000 I can’t for the life of me remember where I got them, a fisherman’s shop up in Lancashire I think but they’ve kept my feet comfortable in the cold (-15c coldest use) and haven’t been too hot either when the temperature has been higher. I went a size higher than my feet are which allows for thick socks but makes walking awkward if I’m not wearing thick socks
  10. Hope your recovery is quick Stu.. Cloudy here in East Devon - clear night predicted tonight for several days but it’s turned out cloudy Maybe for the better as tonight’s a school night so to speak. James
  11. I’m exactly the same and struggle with crowds - so I’ll be lurking behind some seriously nice kit on the Ikarus Imaging stand - do come and say hi James
  12. There aren’t enough clear nights to make a difference. Says the definitely not waif-like James..
  13. We've all got different metabolisms and not withstanding how good a Blazewear or equivalent can work (says me with one) I tend to prefer warmer clothing like down jackets as per Olly's post above. Modern cold weather gear seems to be set up for the athletes amongst us with the assumption we're running around and doing stuff rather than sitting still whilst imaging or moving minimally whilst observing and therefore, for me at least, doesn't quite do the job. I spent a fair chunk on some decent boots that are rated down to -60c (although I think that just means the rubber will cope at that temp) and that have pretty thick soles and a decent coat with umpteen layers underneath. I actually avoid actively heating my hands or feet as I suspect doing so fools the body into thinking you're warmer than you are and therefore not giving you a sufficient warning that you're getting too cold (having had hypothermia once I don't want a repeat!). The one thing that makes a big big difference for me is food. When I'm out at night and it's genuinely cold, apart from lots of clothes I eat, lots. A lot of the food I'll have is fatty stuff too like cheese. (OK, I'll usually squeeze in biscuits and/or a pot noodle too). On nights that I don't eat lots I feel the cold even when comparatively warm, when I do eat lots I don't feel the cold. Just don't leave the food out in the cold. Chewing frozen food really isn't helpful! To each their own of course - if your hands suffer/are painful from the cold then definitely go for hand warmers I'm lucky, cold hands don't bother me (hmmm.. maybe thats a problem!). James
  14. Picking up on what @Rob Sellent mentions about the cold. Have a look at this site: http://lapalma.hdmeteo.com/index.php?user=meteo-fagundo At this moment it’s about 10c up at the observatories but only 3c just half a mile to the east So I think his dress warmly advice is good!! (the webpage in the link highlights the weather at the area I was staying in, on the website you can change it to another location). James
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