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  1. lifeonmars

    SkyTee 2 - ADM Saddle

    i dont know if this helps Gavstar but i asked the same question and got this answer From Patrice apparently the ADM dual saddle for Takahashi mounts fits!!Hope this helps
  2. lifeonmars

    Can you play a tune on a Meade lx200 look at this!

    looks like fleabay as removed it that was quick for a change !
  3. lifeonmars

    Can you play a tune on a Meade lx200 look at this!

    I wonder if its got GPS,I might have trouble setting that up too many keys!
  4. Hi Everyone just stumbled across this on fleabay ,just cannot believe some people! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meade-LX200-ACF-GPS-14-Catadioptric-SCT-Telescope-/161045345942?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item257f0cf696 Should imagine it wont last long!
  5. lifeonmars

    Jupiter Moondance

    Hi Kerry nice report saw the moon dance of jupiter too,a lot happening in such a short time,but after that the seeing wasn`t up to much for doing much else up here in the Manchester area,but hey you can`t have everything!
  6. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Yes Stu really pleased with the fit on my Heq5 a nice sturdy clamp well worth the cost just got to figure out how to fit one to a skytee
  7. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Yes guys I put one on my heq5 but apparently they dont do a Losmandy type saddle clamp that will fit a skytee
  8. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Can any one throw any light which ADM or Altair astro Losmandy saddle clamps have the 35mm hole spacing to take 6mm cap head screws to attach to a skytee apart from the Takahashi one as mentioned above by Patrice.I am just trying to find out if any others willl do the trick.I cannot use the vixen Adm Saddle due to my middle tube ring holes being a bit dodgy,and prefer the 4 point attachment of the Losmandy System .Thank you in advance for any help
  9. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Yes I tend to leave flea bay alone mostly,because its difficult to get a good buy a lot of schill bidding goes on,so as soon as i see that going on i walk away. Hoping for clear skies Tonight looking promising!
  10. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    It wouldn`t have been a bad price if it was buy it now but to start at that is a bit steep for my liking,but I see where you are coming from.
  11. lifeonmars

    Trying to upgrade Synscan firmware

    Glad that worked Kerry I totally agree with you about the instructions needing to be a little clearer ,especially for me!
  12. lifeonmars

    Trying to upgrade Synscan firmware

    Hi kerry I had a problem upgrading mine,I cannot remember the exact detail but part of the procedure asked to keep a key held down,but i wasn`t sure whether you had to release the key or not i found out by trial and error that I had to keep the key held down and then it updated.I am a dinosaur with these type of things but that worked for me hope this of some help!
  13. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Whooooops! i meant guys!!!
  14. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Thanks guts for the heads up on that,yes I have spotted them both ,but the prices seem a bit steep to me thanks guys
  15. lifeonmars

    Sky Tee 2 with ADM clamps

    Thanks for that information Patrice now I can go ahead and get myself a skytee,knowing i can get a losmandy ADM saddle to fit Many thanks!

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