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  1. Still looking for a Berlebach Uni 28 tripod in good nick anyone? Thankyou for looking
  2. Hi just have a look at this cloudy nights link Robindonne this might help https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/708353-rowan-astronomy-az100-arrived/page-7#entry10705402 think its post 158 think I will be pulling the trigger soon on one of these!
  3. Hello Everyone still looking for a uni 28 if anyone as got one thanks for looking must be in good condition.
  4. Thanks for that spacehopper really looking for a uni 28 or planet, going to put it on my Heq5 with my 120 equinox and work towards a a Rowan AZ100 alt az but thanks for that its appreciated.
  5. Anyone got one they are thinking of Selling?
  6. Would also consider Planet or Uni 28 with other types of head if it could be modified to take a eq6 head as per John's mod ,many thanks for reading.
  7. Searching for a nice example of the above Tripod with a EQ6 Head/EQ5 would prefer UNI 28 but would consider PLANET please pm with any details if you have one thankyou.
  8. Would be interested in a Berlebach uni 28 with eq5 head if anyone is thinking of selling would also consider one with a eq6 head please pm me if anyones selling .Many thanks
  9. Explore Scientific 82 degree 4.7 mm eyepiece for sale in Excellent condition boxed with both caps. Price including postage £79 to mainland UK. Any questions please ask thankyou
  10. Be carefull if you buy one on ebay make sure the seller as de registered the product with Adobe,and if I remember this correctly they also register your details that way it will work when you load it up. Another good product is dxo photolab on special offer at the moment and you get free upgrades and its noise reduction software is groundbreaking. Happy New Year
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