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Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

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Hello everyone from SGL! I'm just a 3D artist in love with art and astrophotography. My passion started when I worked on a game that used images from stars and planets! since then I have been looking for information and people to learn and talk about it.

Silvio Valinhos

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Hi and. Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site! :) 

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Hello Silvio, and welcome to SGL, lots of helpful folk here, and friendly too, 

hope you enjoy your time with us.

Clear Sky's.

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Welcome Silvio from land down under

In this forum you travel the universe, and make new friends



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A huge thanks guys! i spent minutes in the forum and find info and articles for a lifetime reading ... now, lets have some fun!

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Welcome to SGL, you definitely found the right place for information and people to talk to about astro stuff.

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Welcome Valinhos, you'll find lots of useful information in the forum. Have fun!

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    • By 5haan_A
      2 months ago I had no idea what was what in the night sky. Today I still don't really know what's what up there but I really would love to know more. 
      I bought a telescope about a month ago, a dob, and since managing to catch a glimpse of Saturn on one of my first nights out I was completely hooked. Now I can't wait to see more and more up there.
      I never thought I would join a forum, let alone a stargazing one, but I have found the community here so good and the resources in the threads so useful in terms of learning that I felt compelled to be part of this great place. So thanks to you all for making this place great. I look forward to being able to contribute in whatever small way a complete novice like me can, and I look even more forward to pestering you for help.
      A little bit about me, I'm a Yorkshireman, 27 years old, live near Leeds and work in a fintech company. I have loved looking up at the sky since I can remember but have only recently got in to the proper stuff. 
      It would be great if you could share 3 things that you know now that you wish you known when you first started?
    • By LorenzoMs
      Hello everybody.
      My name is Lorenzo and I am an amateur astronomer from Rome, Italy. I am writing since I moved in London one month ago where I will work for the next two years and I would like to introduce myself in UK astronomy world.
      First  I am going to tell you something about me. I am 30 years old and I am a physicist. I got a PhD in material science, then I moved during postdoc to X-ray imaging field. After two years in Rome, more than half year in France, I moved to London for a postdoc position at the University College on a really amazing project.
      I have also passion for astrophotography and photography. The first since I was 10. I tried several telescopes, mount and accessories. My current setup is a FSQ106Ed telescope or Epsilon180 on a paramount MYT mount and Moravian G3-16200 ccd. I have also a Coronado PST and a stellarvue 102 refractor. If you are interested you can find my shots in my astrobin profile https://www.astrobin.com/users/LorenzoM/.
      Unfortunately, I gave up with astronomy for more than a year. First, the earthquake in center Italy destroyed the place where I was used to go. Then, I moved in France and finally in London.
      I couldn't bring the heavy setup with me. Moreover, I sold the FSQ106 to help my relocation in France and UK and I was never able to get the epsilon 180 working properly. However, when I was in France I started to build a portable setup including a Ioptron SmartEQ mount and photograhpic 300mm f4 Canon lens coupled with Canon 6D that I use also for normal photography and thus it is not modified. 
      This setup has not seen the first light yet and I would like to add guiding system. 

      Now, I am looking for a real telescope. I placed an add for an used epsilon 130, since I would like to continue to fight with these fast reflectors.
      Like I said, I've never seen stars yet in UK. Main for two reasons. First because I don't know locations or anyone and I am still embarrassed to speak since I am not fluent in English . Second, because I am a little bit scared about taking a car and driving for miles in UK. 
      I hope to overtake these problems soon since it is also the best way to improve my English!!!
      As first thing I think I will join meeting of amateur astronomers in Regent's park in London. I know that I will see only planets from London's center but it is a way to meet somebody. And also to look at Jupiter with a real telescope. I will try to get some night landscapes with my canon. You can have fun with long exposures also on the ground 
    • By Andremz1
      Hello All, I am a newbie and very pleased to have found this site. I received a Celestron NexStar 8se as my Christmas gift and I am eager to learn everything about planets, galaxies, and beyond. Thanks in advance for all your input and feedback for my upcoming questions.  
    • By beni
      I am Beni living in Nelson, NZ.
      My school has kindly lended me their celestron C102-AZ for an astronomy club me and my friend run at the college. I am looking forward to learning new things and seeing the night sky. I so far have found this forum nice, and hope that continues!
    • By crcooney
      Good morning everyone,
      Just to start out, a little about me:
      I'm US Navy stationed in Sicily, Italy, originally from lower Alabama. I've always been an Astronomy geek, pointing out the stars and planets to friends at night....nothing beats a calm, windless, clean night out in the middle of the ocean. Other than what I've picked up over the years sky watching and reading, I've recently finished up my second semester of Astronomy so I have a decent understanding of the sky....but I know bare minimum about telescopes. I never owned my own telescope and it's been a while since I've looked through one. I did some research and almost bought an entry model celestron a few years bac, but didn't. I like to consider myself beyond beginner, so I'm looking for an intermediate level scope. I've done several telescope finders and seen several reviews.
      On a budget of under $1,000, but would rather stay closer to $500. I want to see the moon yes, but more interested in the planets and deep sky objects. I will be traveling with it...by traveling, I mean driving about an hour or more to get to a nice dark field. With that I've eliminated a dob, as an option. I'm looking for something that will fit in my car, and a grab n' go/no hassle. My main question is does a newtonion/reflector type require much maintenance? like if I pack it up and drive to spot am I going to be fumbling with it in the dark, trying to get a clear picture? I really want something no-hassle and spend more time viewing than aligning. The reflectors get more aperture for the money over refraction type. Astrophotography is possible, once I get more comfortable and can afford it, ill get a mount, but other than that a simple iPhone snap will suffice. That brings me to my next point, I'd like to explore and would rather spend the money for a good view, than the motorized mounts. Are the motorized mounts really worth it? I also planned on getting a eye-piece/filter kit.
      So, I've narrowed it down to the Celestron Omni XLT 120mm- the entire Omni line keeps popping up best reviewed/high rated lists; The Orion SkyView Pro 8". Like I said I also plan on getting a filter/eyepiece kit. Any other options or are these good?: no-hassle, decent deep sky/good planet view, $500-$1000 budget (including eye-piece kit), fit in a car. It's my first telescope, so I want the best bang for the buck, not a beginner scope. I'm an adept learner so I'm not scared off by non-computerized mounts (and I want to learn to use without it). Thank you for the help!

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