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  1. Great start there, Steve. Just one thought ... using a single (50s) dark will not achieve very much, except possibly adding noise. You really do need to take a batch (10 is ok) to average out the noise and remove it from the final image.
  2. Nice result. And a few tiddlers in there as well.
  3. Hi, Space_gurl, and welcome to SGL. Enjoy the journey.
  4. EQMOD will do it, if you use that. Alternatively, PERecorder.
  5. Oo, there is, isn't there? Now I'm gonna have to give it a try - as if I haven't got enough things on the list ...
  6. You can either buy or make a light shield (black yoga mat wrapped round the tube?) Anything you put it on will need to be very stable, as to the height, I would wait until you get the scope and see what you will need as a decent observing height. Getting a foldup chair and observing sitting down may be a decent option, depending on your circumstances.
  7. t is the optimal sub-length for a particular telescope, camera and SQM combination ... all condensed from this article. That said, there are some on here who disagree with the specifics. For a bit of discussion, see this thread.
  8. Hi, Todd, and welcome to SGL. I'm sure you will get some good advice from our binocularists. Enjoy the journey.
  9. Hi, Ian, and welcome to SGL. If AP is your aim, then it is worth getting a copy of this book. It will save you time, money and heartache in the long run. Enjoy the journey.
  10. Hi, Jaydee, and welcome to SGL. Enjoy the journey.
  11. Hi, Luca, and welcome to SGL. Enjoy the journey.
  12. The streetlights around here make visual difficult and less than satisfying. I tend to image at the "snapshot" level and am reasonably content with results others would bin in disgust - and that's ok. I still often get out the 7x50s for a "cruise" while the imaging gear is doing its thing, and sometimes stumble upon things I didn't realise were there. So I reckon I get the best of both worlds in unsatisfactory conditions for either.
  13. On the bright side, I think they will outlast me ...
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