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  1. Probably not be able to that. I was assuming you meant travel out of the city (i.e. by car).
  2. HI, dungba, and welcome to SGL. The truth is that the scope you have has severe limitations. Take a look at this thread. I would suggest you do not try to "fix" it by throwing more money at it, but maybe consider saving for a better scope (which will cost a lot more than this one). Something like this would give you much better views (it has nearly 4x the light grasp of the celestron for about twice the price) and would still be portable to get out of the city lights.
  3. Demonperformer

    setting up the asi1600

    The camera should screw directly into the efw. It is generally better to screw this directly into the scope if possible. You should be able to screw the 2" LP filter directly into the camera, before the efw.
  4. Demonperformer

    NB filters reduce skyglow!

    Nigel, have a look at this thread to see how I am applying these figures.
  5. Demonperformer

    NB filters reduce skyglow!

    When I am imaging with these filters the noise from the skyglow will be less. This just gives me an idea of by how much and allows me to adjust my sub length accordingly.
  6. Demonperformer

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    Glad it is finally available, Geoff. I'm sure whatever you select to observe will be impressive in that beast. FWIW (not a lot!) my choice would be Saturn.
  7. Demonperformer

    Now I have a dilemma...

    Compromise. Sell it to another member of the irregulars and "borrow" a look through it whenever you get the chance.
  8. Demonperformer

    NGC 6441 ZWO ASI 071 Pro

    They form a nice juxtaposition. I guess the exposure time is what makes the orange star look whiter than the cluster?
  9. Demonperformer

    20,000 not out.....

    Congratulations on your landmark post. Here's to the next 20k.
  10. Demonperformer

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Hi, Silvien, & welcome to SGL. Enjoy the journey.
  11. From memory, I think registax will work on FITS files. It also has a 'centre of gravity' option so it won't concern itself with a lack of stars. It also has the ad advantage of being free so it will cost nothing to try.
  12. Demonperformer

    This looks interesting

    I don't know much about prices of filters back then. Looking to purchase these narrower filters now, I am not aware of any cheaper than the chromas @ £485 each for 1.25" and £775 for the 2". I would not think these would be any better than your current 3mm.
  13. Demonperformer

    This looks interesting

    Depends whether you are thinking in absolute or relative terms. A full set of chroma 3nm filters in 1.25" would be about £1455, so £540 seems very reasonable to me.
  14. Demonperformer

    This looks interesting

    Thanks for the link, they also seem to be aiming to produce the OIII & SII by the end of the year as well ...
  15. Demonperformer

    This looks interesting

    Just stumbled upon this. OK, it's 3.5nm rather than 3, and there isn't a 1.25" version (apparently), but it looks as if it could be promising. The 2" chromas are ~£770 each, so this is about 37% of the price. If Baader were to bring out a full set of these as 1.25" filters at 37% the chroma price, that would be about £540 for the set. Sign me up! [Any indication that this might happen, @FLO?]

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