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  1. Floater

    Herschel wedge

    This is one of those situations where I fear that I may offend. However, this is meant sincerely - I hope you know, @TSRobot, that the wedge and film would not be used at the same time. It’s just that I’ve seen a couple of posts recently and I got the feeling that the writer thought the addition of a wedge would enhance the view given through film. I repeat, sorry if you feel I’m stating the obvious. But if one doesn’t know then it will not be obvious ...
  2. Floater

    Words fail me

    Nope! Didn’t have to add that, John.
  3. Floater

    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome. Hope you continue to enjoy the forum ... and the stargazing.
  4. Floater

    Hello from Durham

    Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun with the hobby and the forum.
  5. Floater

    Hello from NC

    Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun.
  6. Floater

    Words fail me

    The only reason words fail you, Dave, is our Code of Conduct. And, therefore, words fail me too. The emojis give only the slightest hint -
  7. Floater

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome. Have fun.
  8. Floater

    Hello from a Total Noob in Herts

    Hi, Dave, and welcome. Yes it is a friendly forum and a door to access some of the most knowledgable amateur astronomers. In fact, whisper it, some are professional! Have fun with the forum and the hobby. I have a Skyliner 150 (see sig) and you won’t go wrong with that - although 200 is even better, if you can handle the size. However, there will be many others that may be recommended! Be prepared for lots of input ... EDIT: Don’t turn your face against the used market. Lots of bargains available and, with the right advice (see above ) you’ll be set right.
  9. Floater

    Gaia reveals Albireo is a chance alignment only

    Ah! Of course. Gonna sharpen up here, boss ...
  10. Floater

    Gaia reveals Albireo is a chance alignment only

    You’ve got me flummoxed with that one, Peter?
  11. Floater

    Changing times

    Yes, John, a decline in the number of swifts has been noted for some years, certainly. It’s just that this year there appears to be a catastrophic plunge. Apart from the historic reasons such as fewer nesting sites, etc., it is suggested that this year they were hit by extreme weather in southern France just as they were trying to come north. The sand martins arrive first, then house martins and swallows, and last, the swifts. It appears the timing was critical; they got caught up in dreadful conditions and were hammered! There are also suggestions that poor summers over the past few years have meant they struggle to stock up on food before heading back to Africa and, therefore, often don’t make it. I’m not expert enough to square that with how swallows and martins, apparently, have done better. Anyhow, I miss seeing those crescent wings in the summer sky. Back on topic, you’re dead right about Ha viewing. It’s a saviour!
  12. Floater

    Changing times

    No, Derek. Hoverflies are harmless - cleggs certainly are not!
  13. Floater

    Changing times

    Ha! Good to hear from you, Chas. A bit of a switch to the thread but more than happy. I agree, there are many butterflies around now, although the majority are Whites - Cabbage Whites, I was told as a bairn - and the odd Red Admiral. A lot more bumblebees, too, I’m happy to say. Everything just came late, it seems. But my main point in that earlier post was the dearth of swifts - and that remains. Very, very few swifts. Plenty of martins, fewer swallows and hardly any swifts. Could that be why we’re smothered with hoverflies...?
  14. Floater

    Changing times

    Couldn’t agree more, John. And it was the Ha element of solar that pulled me in rather than white light. Not shown in the above images, of course, but I remember being gobsmacked at the proms and filaments in 2014/15. One of the filaments was so big it almost split the disc in half! And proms were shooting out an astonishing distance. Hasta la vista! Yes, Derek. But I know that you, like me, still love the bright side.
  15. Floater

    Changing times

    I was mooching around on Solarham.net earlier and I've strung together these images of the Sun on this date from 2014 to present day. I kicked in to solar viewing in late 2014 and this little series makes for interesting viewing, I think, and provides a graphic illustration of the plunge into solar minimum. 2014 2015 2016 Today It may take a while ... but the only way is up! (I hope.) And we'll have the Parker Probe reports to look forward to.

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