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  1. Hi, John. I found difficulty, too. Not enough in-focus. Sorted that with a WO 2x ‘nosepiece’ which came up on Astroboot. The binoviewer also works well with the Powermate 2.5x but the magnifications these produce mean I have to use long EPs. Don’t give up on the binos - I struggled a lot to begin with but now find the views very nice. Floaters are less of a problem, too.
  2. Floater

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Welcome. Have lots of fun.
  3. Floater

    Just getting started!!

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.
  4. Floater

    Howdy !

    Welcome. Hope you have fun.
  5. Floater

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome. Have fun ... and ignore anyone who laughs at you!
  6. Caught a view myself. Gorgeous. Thanks for the heads-up, Helen.
  7. Floater


    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and your nice kit ...
  8. Floater

    Sun in Ha 17/05/18

    In Arran just now and gorgeous, sunny weather. But no solar scope. Been looking at GONG, though, and old Sol looks very, very quiet ... ... and only poor views of Jupiter as well. Never mind, I didn’t expect this weather so that’s come as a bonus.
  9. Floater

    Daystar Quark

    Davey has highlighted the crux of it: quality control. It certainly appears that Daystar were inundated with orders in the run-up to the solar eclipse and, in trying to meet demand, let the QC slip. The train crash of customer relations and general PR that followed left a sour taste in many mouths - both of consumer and retailer. The product is a winner and if consistent reliability has been brought/returned to the production line then it ought to be a good retail line.
  10. Floater

    Greetings from sunny Northern Ireland!

    Welcome. Have fun. The imagers here will be helpful, I’m sure.
  11. Floater

    Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

    Welcome. Have fun.
  12. Floater

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Hi, Mark. I think Peter has hit the nail on the head. I’m visual only and enjoy the extra ‘teasing out’ of detail that the DS set-up affords. The difficulty in answering your question is that your take on ‘worth the additional cost’ can only be subjective ... and you can only know once you’ve tried it! Any way you can arrange a test view somehow? Perhaps at a shop (the outlay for the etalon justifies any trip) or do you know anyone or any club that might help?
  13. Floater

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome. Enjoy yourself with the hobby and the forum.
  14. Floater

    Greetings from an Italian in London

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum. And your command of English is already good!
  15. Floater

    G'day from down under!

    G’day right back at ya. Welcome. Have fun.

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