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  1. Floater

    Hello From Bristol. UK

    Welcome. Have fun.
  2. Floater

    Hello All

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  3. Floater

    Hello from England

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  4. Floater


    Welcome. Hope you have fun.
  5. Floater


    Welcome. Have fun. Quantum physics, eh? Lots of fun guaranteed. Economics and philosophy, eh? Headaches guaranteed. Have lots of fun.
  6. Floater

    Hi from a total newbie :)

    Glad you’re enjoying the forum. Have fun.
  7. Floater

    A simple conjunction

    Nice one.
  8. Floater


    Welcome. I can’t help with AP but others can ... and, I’m sure, will. Have fun.
  9. Floater

    Sky on Skye.

    Glad your pre-departure comment about ‘pristine’ skies hasn’t angered the weather gods ... yet.
  10. Floater

    Isle of Skye.

    Ooh! That’s tempting fate! Best wishes anyhow ...
  11. Floater

    Coronado PST question

    The thing is, there’s not much to see at present. And, as Peter points out, if you’re new to Ha viewing it can be underwhelming at first. Take some time to look and really ‘observe’, educate your eye. Most of all, you have to absolutely nail the focus. Stay with it. It is worthwhile.
  12. Same as above. Welcome and sorry I can’t help. Hope you get sorted soon.
  13. Floater

    Hello everyone

    Welcome. It’s OK, nobody gets jealous in SGL. Have fun.
  14. Floater

    Hiya, long time non poster

    Welcome. Have fun.
  15. Floater

    Hello from Spain

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.

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