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  1. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Wow! We’re on to short francs, now. Just off to replenish the popcorn ... 👌
  2. Bino advice

  3. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    I say! Almost choked on my popcorn there! 😉
  4. Bino advice

    All good stuff above and I hesitate to try to add. However, in the spirit of trying to help, may I endorse: @jetstream using longer focal length eyepieces and then with a compensator makes binoviewing much easier. @Peter Drew make sure in your potential selection that there is room for the nose between them. @alanjgreen you need longer focal length eyepieces than you thought (to allow for the barlow effects). @Moonshane This means you'll be limited to longer focal length eyepieces. Longer focal length eyepieces of a wide field are not really feasible and in any case the prisms of most cheaper BVs clip wide field stops so you'll end up with plossls probably. @Timebandit Some half decent Orthos or plossl pairs and you are away. @Louis D I can reach lower powers by putting the 2x nosepiece on the front of the 1.25" diagonal and a 0.5x reducer on the front of the binoviewer. It works out to about 1.25x with some edge distortion and vignetting. That last quote, from Louis, carries an implicit message: experiment, play around with this and that, and you may be surprised at the results. And anyhow, part of the fun for me is the journey to find what I want. The destination is all the sweeter when you have discovered it. Enjoy the binos. I’m sure you will when you become friends. 🤗
  5. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Yes, Neil, I am. 😉 Always love to see the different input and how it helps to focus (couldn’t resist) the mind. Although, sometimes the choice and the suggestions are so diverse they can have a frying effect! 😳🤪 As before, with those powerful keywords in your first post I knew this one had legs ...
  6. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    ... No, but I’m going to fetch the metaphorical popcorn, sit back and watch this thread run. I mean, ‘fantasy’, ‘eyepiece’ and ‘thoughts’ all in the same sentence? 🤪
  7. New Member

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.
  9. Kidderminster newbie

    Welcome. Have fun.
  10. Hi from Dundee, Scotland

    Welcome from just up the coast a bit. I hope you and your family have lots of fun with the hobby and the forum.
  11. Hi from Dorset

    Welcome. Enjoy the forum and the hobby. Best of luck with the AP.
  12. Checked for sunspots

    Surprised this site hasn't been suggested before: http://halpha.nso.edu/ Telescopes around the world beaming you images of the sun. How good is that? You'll now have so many links that you can spend lots of time looking at what the clouds won't let you see!
  13. Observatory door security

    Steve, you have done everything a reasonable person could be expected to do to safeguard your property, with pics to prove it. Add in a decent ‘home and contents’ insurance policy and you must be good to go. 👍
  14. Hello from Atlantic Canada!

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  15. Checked for sunspots

    ... invented or not, IIUC too, you’re right. Quiet, quiet. 😟