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  1. Hallo from Broadstairs

    Welcome. Have fun in your retirement.
  2. Hi

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.
  3. Caught the eclipse from the UK

    Great image. Thanks.
  4. Or there's always Bob's Knobs. One of the most satisfying mods available ... (Not the cheapest, I'll admit. But as a Scotsman I know that money's not everything ...😈😈)
  5. Changing Focuser for 12" dobsonian

    I installed a Moonlite as a replacement on my 6" Dob. I can't give any advice on which may be a better or worse replacement. But I'm happy and it was definitely a step up. Lovely focuser. As for fitting, the Moonlite came with 'adapters' to fit various size scopes. Yours comes into the 'larger' size 😳 (relatively, I know), but I'm sure FLO would be happy to advise on any specifics. p.s. I did have to file a bit on the OTA to fit the new focuser ... but please believe me when I tell you that DIY things are not my things! It was easy.
  6. Hello to all from Cliffm

    Now there you are, Cliff. A perfect example. The lovely thing about SGL is that we all do it our own way - because I find Ouroborus's preference gives me too 'many to keep up with'. I choose forums to follow and receive notifications when new content is posted. So have a snoop around; check out the corners and under the drop-down menus. And for anything specific, just ask.
  7. Hello to all from Cliffm

    Mods will respond far better than I but, basically, choose 'browse' at top left, then 'forums'. And then dig in, sir. Welcome. Enjoy the forum - a pool of knowledge and anecdotes which reflects a wealth of experience that would be difficult to replicate. In short, have fun.
  8. Hello, New from WA state USA

    Welcome. Have fun.
  9. Nikon 21-9mm MC zoom

    Piero, you are an ocular alchemist. (And I claim copyright on that.) I'm hanging on when I can and lovin the ride ... 😳😳
  10. Bins ordered.....

    Looks good. Enjoy. I don't expect great skies - and the inbuilt Mk1 pair of eyes will suffice if I'm wrong, backed up by 8x30s. πŸ€“
  11. Bins ordered.....

    Where? When? We're off next weekend for a week on the Lancaster Canal and, having looked at the forecast, kinda decided I'd stick with my bins ... well, field glasses rather than astrobins. EDIT: Dammit, I'd clean forgotten it was your birthday. Many happy returns. πŸΎπŸŽ‚
  12. Hello from Cambridge

    Welcome, Harry. Enjoy the forum.
  13. Is this a dream ?

    Shaun, to be responsible for such a disagreeable occurrence would cause my heart to sink like a stone! 😱 Now, gulp in that Moon.
  14. Is this a dream ?

    My trees are high again at this time of year (healthy πŸ‘Œ); the Moon is low; the clouds are low and my hopes are low. Enjoy. πŸ˜€