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  1. Hmmm, barkis. I'm pretty sure that sentence would be more acceptable without the word 'older' ! 😡😖
  2. That's simply wonderful, Mike. You have clever hands. Well done. I couldn't contemplate such a project. However, no 'e4' available ... 🤔
  3. Ooh! That's low!
  4. A difficult exercise you've taken on there, Rob. In this age of 'post-truth', sorting fact from fiction is nigh impossible. 😱 From what I've picked up on, the 200 Dob should be higher up the list, certainly for the UK. p.s. I know, I know; post-truth started long ago.
  5. Hi, William. Welcome to the forum and the hobby. Both the quotes above are relevant: James points out that you should give as much info as possible when you seek advice about what to buy. i.e. Budget; plans for usage (astrophotography, visual only); how you'll use it (transport or garden, etc.), and where you'll use it (city centre, remote island). Then stand back and watch us help you spend your money. 😈😳🤕 Davy's post highlights how difficult it can be to choose. 'No one scope will do everything' or 'The best scope is the one you'll use' are almost clichès now - but clichès are only so because they are self-evident or widely-accepted as truth. 🤘 Have fun and enjoy the trip. 🔭
  6. Welcome. Yep, it seems like you're hooked! Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  7. Welcome back. Hope life goes more smoothly for you. 👍
  8. Welcome to the forum and the hobby. Advice above is, as always, good. Lots of stuff online and, unles it's changed, Turn Left At Orion is available as a free PDF download. Just Google it. Hope you and your daughter have lots of fun.
  9. Well said, Ronin, I do wish people would take that on board. Yes, Colin. More info on budget and how/where you intend to use the scope will help a lot. And don't worry about 'stupid' - asking questions is never stupid.
  10. ... for now! Nevertheless, a lovely case.
  11. Hi, Gareth. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Wow, SloMoe! That's like a masterclass in 'show me your eyepiece cases' 🤘
  13. And hello to you and welcome. I hope you enjoy the forum.
  14. Welcome. Enjoy the forum - you're obviously enjoying the hobby and obviously far more capable with your hands than most. Glad you're around.
  15. Good to hear from you, Geoff. Seems to me you know what you're doing and enjoying doing it. That's gotta be good!