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  1. Floater


    Welcome. I have no experience of such a scope but if you have any specific questions, just ask. Have fun on the learning curve.
  2. Welcome. Have lots of fun.
  3. Hi, @Paz I use WO binoviewers with my refractors, including the Lunt 60. I have to use a 2x Barlow nosepiece or 2.5x PowerMate in order to reach focus with all three. The WO binos come with 20mm (or 22mm, I believe) EPs and I also use 15, 25 and 30mm pairs. I think TS Optics offer binoviewers which they claim will reach focus without any Barlow needed - even with a reflector! I’m not sure about that, though, and a recent thread asking for any info on these BVs drew no response. Hope this helps. Enjoy the hunt.
  4. Mine is a BF1200 so not sure if this is relevant but scope side is green. S/N 20143040. Just as extra information, the EP side of my 1200 is red and during a back and fore email conversation with Lunt customer service some time back I was told that the green side should be towards the scope. Hope you find the answer to whatever it is you seek.
  5. Floater

    And another one!

    Welcome. I hope you have lots of fun on your journey.
  6. Welcome. Have fun on the learning curve.
  7. We all know the excitement, no need to say sorry about anything. That’s what it’s all about! And this is unlikely to be the answer you’re looking for ... but you should wait. Spend time with your scope, using it, learning the sky and learning what you can do with your scope and your skies. Certainly think about what might help in your enjoyment of the hobby but, mostly, just enjoy what you’re doing. And it seems to me you’re doing just fine! Have fun and go easy.
  8. Floater

    Hi from Italy

    Welcome. I hope you have lots of fun.
  9. Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun and success with the AP.
  10. Welcome. Have lots of fun with the hobby and the forum.
  11. Floater


    Welcome. Have lots of fun.
  12. Welcome. Have lots of fun on your journey. And you’re right: the 200P is a very good place to start. (The sunbed will be no use with it, though ... )
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