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  1. Floater

    Devon Newbie

    Welcome. As above: some more detail will help. Enjoy the forum and the hobby.
  2. Hi, snorkmaiden, and welcome to the forum. Your choice of scope is good and will give your son (and yourself?) a great introduction to astronomy. As mentioned above an erecting prism will not be of any use with the scope but I’m sure you and your son will quickly become used to the image orientation. How old is he? As for collimation, don’t worry about it too much and certainly don’t think you have to get into that right away. Chances are the scope will be well enough collimated when you take it out of the box. Of course you can come back and ask if any questions arise and someone here will almost certainly be able to advise. Probably the best advice I could give right now is to make sure you enjoy the learning curve. All too often I see folks fretting about this and that and getting stressed out. (I made that mistake, too!) That should not be part of the hobby. Have fun.
  3. Floater

    Hallo from SE Italy

    Welcome. Have fun.
  4. Floater

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Very nice, SG. Welcome to SGL. Hope you have fun with the forum.
  5. Floater


    Welcome. Have fun.
  6. Floater

    Hi all

    Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun.
  7. Floater

    Hi Guys

    Welcome. I cannot help with anything AP related but others can/will and I hope you have fun with your quest.
  8. Floater


    Welcome. I hope you and your children have lots of fun.
  9. Floater

    One of those nights

    I have a couple of T-shirts which I had printed with four words that say it all (for me) very briefly: Wake up Enjoy Repeat
  10. Floater

    One of those nights

    With respect, it can never be a ‘mistake’ to wake up, eh?
  11. The above reply says it all. +1!
  12. Floater


    Welcome. Hope you have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  13. Floater

    Hello!. Nice to be here!

    Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun.
  14. Floater


    Welcome. Have fun.
  15. Floater

    Greetings from Italy

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.

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