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  1. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    The Lunt 50 will out-perform the PST, if only because of the larger aperture. I’m pretty sure the PST has a 5mm blocking filter so the Lunt with a BF600 will again be superior to the PST. I don’t know where you’re based but in the UK the price difference will be in the order of £400. You will have to decide whether your budget will cover that and whether the extra outlay is worth it for you. Hope that helps, even a little. 🤔
  2. Hi, CQ. The Baader film allows you to view the Sun in white light. i.e. mainly sunspots. The Ha filters to which I think you are referring are a means to try and tease out Ha features and elements in Deep Sky Objects. As emphasised above you must never try to view the Sun using only that kind of filter. And if you use it along with the film it will be of absolutely no benefit at all. I suspect the only effect would be to dim your white light image. Oranges and apples; not related.
  3. Hello from Bodmin Moor - new Dark Sky area!

    Welcome. Enjoy the forum, your scope and the hobby. In short, have fun.
  4. Massive solar prom today!

    Been looking on GONG, too (only way to see it), and it is huge. Would have loved to get my scope on it ... 😫
  5. Massive solar prom today!

    Harrumph! Been clouded out for days now. 😤😖😫
  6. Ask the little ones with young eyes to tell you how many stars they can see in the Pleiades ... and then peer to see if you can catch up! 😳
  7. Hello from Grand Rapids, MI

    Welcome. Howdy, even! Have fun.
  8. Brandon eye pieces

    Ooh! That’s cryptic! 🤔
  9. Dusty Sol

    Weird light (or lack of it) up here, too. An ochre tinge to everything and the street lights came on at 14.30 ...
  10. Hello from South London

    Welcome. Glad you ‘signed up’ and hope to see you around on the forum. Have fun.
  11. Hello!

    Good to hear from you. Enjoy the forum and the hobby.
  12. Hello everyone

    Welcome. Have fun - ‘cos that’s what it’s all about.
  13. Show us your Solar Observing Equipment

    Looking good, Bob. Enjoy.
  14. Hello from Barcelona, Spain

    Welcome, Victor. Glad you said hello. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  15. Also, the ‘arrow’ comprising Caph, Shedar and Navi, in Cassiopeia (right hand side of the ‘W’), points in the general direction of Andromeda.