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  1. Hello.

    Welcome. Have fun.
  2. new

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.
  3. Hello From Malaysia!

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the hobby and the forum.
  4. Newbie

    Welcome. Have fun with the hobby and the forum.
  5. Listening to ‘Oumuamua

    Think you have it, John. Clarke it is. 👍
  6. Listening to ‘Oumuamua

    As I wrote, I can’t remember. Carl Sagan?
  7. Listening to ‘Oumuamua

    Can’t properly attribute this, but there are two possibilities: ‘we are either alone in the universe or we are not. Each is equally terrifying’. Nuff said. 😳😳
  8. International Santa Sleigh (ISS)

    Aw come on, Neil! You were just too excited thinking about Santa ... 😈
  9. Observing session with 15x70 Binos and Heritage 130P

    In the spirit of ‘the season’ - Oh no it wasn’t ! 🤡🤡
  10. Other eye protection

    You could even close the lid on your non-viewing eye? 😈 Seriously, as Stu writes, you’re maybe worrying too much. p.s. I bought a tube of sunblock in 1984 ... and still have half left.
  11. Just Joined

    Welcome. A lovely ‘starter scope’, indeed! Your take on things is spot on, Grizwold; ain’t no hurry. The learning curve is a large part of the fun, I find. (Sorry, am finding.) 🙂
  12. Solar glasses dangers

    Aw man! Dave, that’s a real downer. He’s a lovely guy, as we’ve discussed before, and doesn’t deserve that. Common sense is being bred out. 😤😖😡
  13. erect image diagonal

    I use a Baader 2” erecting prism for lunar. I just prefer to see a correct image on the Moon. Quite happy with L/R switch on stars, etc., but I want the Moon to appear in my eyepiece the way it does when I look at it without a scope. Any degradation is minimal and doesn’t impinge on my observing experience - in fact, the correct image enhances the experience.
  14. Hello from Loch Lomond

    Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Welcome. Have fun with your new kit, the hobby in general and the SGL forum.