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  1. MarsG76

    First time in a while...

    Great stuff... good to have buddies who share astronomy interest.
  2. MarsG76

    RGB and H-Alpha

    You do not need to convert to greay scale if you just want to add a perentage of the HAlpha capture to your RGB. Simply paste your HAlpha image into photoshop as a seperate layer and change layer type from "Normal" to "Linear Dodge (Add)" and change the opacity to the percentage you want to add yo your RGB. This will add your HAlpha data to the red channel if you leave your halpha data as it is, color.. if you change to grey than itll add your halpha data to all channels.
  3. MarsG76

    Lagoon Nebula

    Smooth and detailed... looks great....
  4. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    Otherwise I'd be there... that solar beast would be great to see.
  5. MarsG76

    Saturn Tonight 21.30 16-8-18

    Oh Charl... Mars is feature poor everywhere... very subtle details in the eyepiece.
  6. MarsG76

    Saturn Tonight 21.30 16-8-18

    Cool Saturn pic Charl... I just came imside from a observing session and that reminds me of what I've seen in the eyepiece...
  7. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    I can imagine... that sounds amazing to see.
  8. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    D4m.. 6" solar scope!!! So how easily do you see granulation with that??
  9. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    So exactly what size are we talking about? how big is yours?
  10. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    Good one... although like I stayed before, it's not that easy to see such subtle detail in the eyepiece...
  11. MarsG76

    Barred Spiral Galaxy in Centaurus

    Thanks Ragnar... I'll document the cooling procedure and my results.
  12. MarsG76

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    Didn't miss much... How long until the next solar maximum.... 8years?
  13. MarsG76


    When it comes to a editing/processing PC, I recommend an intel i7 3+ GHz CPU, 16Gb RAM, at least 4TB HDD... For a computer to control you telescope/aquite data... really any Laptop thats 8 years old or newer will suffice.. personally I use a Core 2 Duo 2Ghz with 3GB ram old Sony VAIO in my obsy and it doesn't skip a beat fro what it's supposed to do, namely control the scope and grab the incoming data. The only change I made to it is ad a USB3 PC express card and a 1TB SSD.
  14. Nice scope... you're in for a treat with the views through it.

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