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  1. Wow!

    That is phenomenal.
  2. SGL Imaging Challenge #7

    Piece of cake ;-)
  3. IC1848 - Soul Nebula - Ha 3nm

    Yeah, I can see that.. nice and tight.
  4. EEEEEh, I don't like the sound of that....
  5. Nice, looking forward to your experience and report.
  6. Ah Mate, that won't be easy to buff out....
  7. NGC 7822 SHO Hubble/Sharpless 171

    Personally I do like the less saturated version better...
  8. NGC 7822 SHO Hubble/Sharpless 171

    Saturated or not, still looks good.. a comparison will be good...
  9. Definitely looks like that for some reason the power hub is not delivering enough current to you mount. The flickering light basically means that your mount or drawing more current that the hub can supply and you're getting a voltage drop as a result and there is not enough power to drive both motors. Look into the hub, see how much current and volts is being output when you're slewing, to run the mount you'll need a PSU to deliver a consistent 12V at 2 amps.
  10. Looks great.. there are heaps of flashing satellites that flew through your FOV... nice.
  11. Sun HA 19 Sept (+ Frankenscope!)

    Awesome detail.
  12. NGC 7822 SHO Hubble/Sharpless 171

    Great result, I like the magenta hue in the middle... all I would suggest is to decrease the saturation to make it look more photographic rather than a painting, than again it could be saturated on my monitor.
  13. IC1848 - Soul Nebula - Ha 3nm

    Amazing result... love the detail, I guess thats what a 3nm HAlpha filter delivers.
  14. Venus in UV 31.8.2017

    Very interesting.... but like you said, they have no idea yet... Personally I think its a combination of the slow rotation, high pressure/thick atmosphere and high temperature that makes the clouds and the atmosphere behave more like a high viscous fluid rather than a gas resulting in the "high viscosity" being "attached or dragged on by the surface resulting in a very slow cloud movement. I bet that there are deep valley or high mountain ranges that seem to hold the V shape on the cloud structure.
  15. Congratulations.... well done.