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  1. Looks like an awesome camera.... I wonder how much vignetting would be on the big sensor when used on a 8" SCT?
  2. Very nice result.. been a while since I glimpsed Venus.
  3. Awesome.. reminds me of what my 1st M42 look like...
  4. Looks like a comet... check if it's documented.. you might have a comet named after you...
  5. Those images are superb.. the C8 is a great scope for imaging close ups.
  6. Beautiful... looks like liquid GOLD!!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience.. I remember my first view of the moon and planets through a scope so I know the feeling.
  8. Very very nice.. good to see that the GRS hasn't disintegrated yet.....
  9. Looks great.. nice and delicate veil....
  10. Are you sure that that's not some dirt on the sensor?
  11. Hi All, Sharing my latest image, the Colliding Galaxies, NGC2207 and IC2163, in Canis Major. I imaged this at 2032mm, f10 on my 8" SCT and still it is very small in the frame but the actual collision is visible. Used the cooled 40D DSLR and exposed 600, 300 and 150 second subs, to make this image, total exposure was 5 hours 49 minutes and 30 seconds. Clear Skies, MG
  12. Awesome, happy birthday and enjoy the scope.
  13. Looks like my first M45... keep at it... use flats and bias too, it'll improve your image.
  14. To my eyes, your test is a great success....
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