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  1. OK, no problem.. I'll take a photo tomorrow for you and post it....
  2. M42, I'm so jealous.

    Nice image.. have a look at NEBULOSITY from Stark Labs. I use version 3.3 and it rotates and re-sizes subs to align them, than aligns them for you. The software will also dark subtract and flat field all subs for you before aligning, re-sizing, rotating and stacking. After stacked you can also color correct and stretch your image within the program.
  3. I was going to recommend a SCT but 250 is not enough... it would be much smaller. Just get the 200p and enjoy the views... if I can lug around a 14" dob than I'm sure that the 200p is more than manageable.
  4. Buy moon land?

    or a waster of money for suckers.
  5. NGC 1333

    Very nice, smooth and colorful image... nice work
  6. I second that... you wont recover your eyes once they're burned to sultanas..
  7. H-alpha filter

    I don't like the words "cheap" and "solar viewing" mixed together... HAlpha solar scopes are not cheap and with cheap alternatives put it this way "How much is your eye sight worth to you?"
  8. Processing before stacking

    I do... after exposing the RAW data, I use Photoshop CameraRAW to convert to 16 bit TIFF before stacking. Camera RAW does a awesome job of removing nothing but the noise, and you could even slightly sharpen the subs but I don't, I just use Topaz Labs Detail later. The difference that stacking makes after removing the RAW noise is noticeable.
  9. Andromeda Galaxy Two Pane Mosaic

    fantastic.... hubble move over... who needs the hubble ?
  10. Antares Region

    Like it? love it, what a great picture...
  11. Hello Hello !!!

    Hello and welcome to SGL....
  12. most of my data is useless =(

    Even though it looks useless, still try to stack and process it... I've had data in the past that looked useless but the end result after stacking and processing was not too bad... The data does look like you might be able to pull something out of it. If using photoshop, you could remove/even out the vignetting/background shading using masks. have a look here: http://www.astronomyphotos.com/PhotoshopTechniques2.htm
  13. Canon vs Nikon

    Yup... at the end of the day, use what you're most comfortable with, the unit that will give you personally the best results. Why and how can anyone call a image file "RAW" if it has any processing to it... raw is meant to be that, RAW, unaltered and it's the imager who will decide to what to do with all of the data. Even though Nikon might claim that their units no longer process their raw files anymore, I doubt very much that they rewrote their code from scratch and most likely it might still have a leftover from the old code...
  14. Canon vs Nikon

    Looking at the link, all cameras on there will benefit from dithering, noise reduction and stacking... but I'm very impressed with the Fuji-x... seems to be the cleanest...
  15. Canon vs Nikon

    Has any one actually done a test to see whether Nikon processing doesn't kill stars as noise? Majority of Canon users will say "canon bettah", majority of Nikon users say "Nikon bettah".. and truth is cooled sensor is best... Nikon vs Canon is like Amiga vs IBM Compatible in the past....