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  1. MarsG76

    First moon shot in years!

    Obviously like riding a bike... very nice photo
  2. MarsG76

    NGC 4145 22/5/2018

    Thats Deep....
  3. MarsG76

    Deep Sky

    Collection of my Deep Space objects.
  4. MarsG76

    Solar System

  5. MarsG76

    This looks interesting

    I think that filter prices have increased MASSIVELY in the last 5 years or so... I do not remember paying that much for my filters....granted that they were not the "enforced" mark but the price does seem massively different... I have a halpha 3nm filter and it cost me around $180 back than... would these be much different in the end result when comparing in the real world use?
  6. What a beauty of a scope.. love that 106mm frac!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MarsG76

    Evoguide 50ED Day Out

    Nice little scope
  8. MarsG76

    This looks interesting

    Not cheap!!!!!
  9. MarsG76

    PHD2 Setting Up

    I always setup at night.... You issue seems to be either the guide cam is out of focus and/or doesn't have the aerial in the FOV and/or the whole thing UNDER exposed... mind you tho, when I tested a CCD during day time, my exposure, shutter speed was at 1/5000th of a second and NO gain. thats 0.2ms.... you seem to be at double that speed, 0.0001s = 1/10,000th sec. I'd find a bright star and set the exposure, frame it and focus.
  10. Thanks for the response.... would be a awesome upgrade by the sounds of your comment.
  11. The Sombraro Galaxy, M104 imaged at F10, 2032mm FL, with a 8" SCT and a astro modded Canon 40D. MG
  12. Here is my 22c worth image.... Imaged using a Celestron 8" SCT and Skyris 618C CCD during the Opposition, 9th May 2018 from just south of Sydney, Australia. MG
  13. Hi All, I'm considering putting my Nexstar 8SE and CGEM with GPS on eBay and putting the money from that to replace those with a Celestron CPC800 on a EQ wedge. The SCT will be basically the same thing, so I can still use my accessories with it as I do currently but the mount will be a equatorially mounted fork mount. My question is does anyone have any experience with the CPC mount and, more importantly, its tracking accuracy when compared to the CGEM (or similar), and is it worth the upgrade/replacement? I like the idea of NO MERIDIAN FLIP.
  14. MarsG76


    The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... I've collected the gear I wanted and use, and after spending a small fortune, I really don't need anything else... just play with and mod what I have. Later on I'll perhaps get a cooled CCD/CMOS camera, but i'll put that off until I cool my 40D and have no improvememnt to my imaging (or kill it while cooling modding). Outside of that, its sell old gear and upgrade every 10 years.

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