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  1. Waves are waves

    I believe that.. I watch free to air news... 95% is garbage
  2. Waves are waves

    What a coincidence ??!! Maybe you just now discovered the unifying theory of everything factor?
  3. Sky Cam for Obsy...

    All I need now is auto close...
  4. Beginner

    Hello Tracy and welcome to SGL
  5. M42 SWED80 unguided

    Looks great, unguided and pin point stars is another level of achievement.
  6. Jupiter in 4 wavelengths

  7. M45 - Glowing Gems

    Nice Pleiades
  8. M65 + M66

    Thanks for sharing... I can't wait until I'm at a dark site again, but until than we can live it through sketches such as yours.
  9. Just a Joke Since

    No atmospheric fluctuation between frames... you must have had some very still seeing.
  10. Mars

    You're probably the first one to do Mars for the year... nice image for so early in the season.. imagine the July images and views.
  11. Sky Cam for Obsy...

    Hello all... After completing the build of my observatory, I keep adding to it, slowly inching toward a fully automated system... the latest addition is a sky cam to keep an eye on the sky conditions when I'm imaging and away from the obsy/home which I tend to be quite often, imaging while at work or the gym. I can remote into my obsy computer through VNC and, over the mobile network, see the status of my guiding, images and now.. sky/cloud condition.... If, for example, I'm at work and I get a cloud patch go over the imaged object that might take 20 minutes to pass, I can now see when the coast is clear and, if need be, move the guide star back into position and resume guiding/exposing etc. There are a few dedicated Sky monitoring kits available, but, not only am I one of those types that like to design and put things together myself rather than buy ready made (yes the take the long hard way kind a guy, perhaps even a tight as$)... and I have 2 Imaging source cameras and generally only use one at a time (also the Skyris 618C), so the other camera can be the sky monitor... in tonight's case it was the DMK41. I got a $9 C-mount lens for the IS DMK cameras and a security camera dome through eBay and mounted it in the roof. There are a few teething problems, as with every project, but nothing that can't be solved... the first problem is the street light in the corner of the street refracting with in the dome and fading out the sky view... so as a temporary solution, I gaffa taped a cardboard to cast a shadow on the dome and boom, clear view... the permanent shade will end up being a small aluminium semi circle riveted into place. The other problem is the dew, soon enough there was so much dew on the dome that I couldn't see anything but the brightest stars through a very low contrast sky view. Initially I'm thinking of heating the inside of the dome to generate a few degrees of heat and stop the dew from settling on the bubble. Method, few 3.9kR 10W ceramic resistors (that I have laying around) hooked up to the 12V 60A supply in parallel inside the dome should do the trick. If that doesn't heat up enough, I'll get a few 1kR ceramics... Ultimately my plan... I'm hoping to get the scope to Park & Hibernate, shut down the computer and the obsy to roll it self over the gear at the end of the session or in the event of where it suddenly starts to rain (my scope was rained on a couple of times as I was imaging and fell asleep, waking up at 5 or 6 am to rain, rushing out to close the obsy hut, it was like a cold shower wake up call). I'm using the iCap software to view the Sky, but if anyone knows of good weather/sky related software for this kind of purpose, please share. Thanks for looking. MG
  12. A beautiful transit!

    Stunning.. the celestron SCTs are very good planetary scopes...
  13. Cone & Fox Fur wide field

    That is an awesome result.... so much detail that it makes it look furry.
  14. Like a Living stack in realtime.
  15. Yet another M42...

    and yet, another beauty. I too manually mask out the blown out areas...