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    Obviously Astronomy... Observing and Imaging.
    Gym, Down to Earth Video and Photography. Tinkering with and engineering electronic devices.
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  1. In theory it will, but confirm that the input voltage is 110/240v switchable.... most are these days, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.
  2. MarsG76

    A dream job for someone?

    That job has me written all over it.... one problem.. the address..... the commute is a little too far.
  3. MarsG76

    VdB 141

    With all of the effort, you ended up with a great ghostly result.. nice work....
  4. MarsG76

    Map of Brazil on the Moon?

    Nice and CRRRRRISP!!!!
  5. Yup, forgot to mention Bobs Knobs.. I got those too and they make collimation MUCH easier.
  6. MarsG76

    Messier 2

    I can't say that I've ever seen streamers in a globular.. Do you think that it's and optical illusion?
  7. MarsG76

    Messier 72

    Nice and bright....
  8. MarsG76

    Messier 71

    Your sketches are very good..
  9. This is soo awesome.. nicely done.
  10. The laser collimator on a SCT will be useless. The best way is on (if not a artificial star far away) than a bright star high in the sky and center the secondary shadow on the the star out of focus at various stages at both sides of focus. If setting up for planetary imaging, than I do the same thing but through a CCDs.. which is probably more accurate.
  11. MarsG76

    Venus - Oct 19

    Good stuff... daylight planetary, especially Venus and Mercury) observation is risky but obviously worth it.
  12. MarsG76

    Deep Sky Imaging

    Collection of my Deep Space objects. These images have been take through a 8" SCT or 80mm refractor using a full spectrum modded Canon 40D (as stated in the description of each photo).
  13. MarsG76

    Messier 92

    Cool sketch... nice view!!!
  14. MarsG76

    M33 Not Brilliant

    Still not bad... slightly green on my monitor.

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