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  1. Very interesting presentation.... I think that the mathematics is all good and a good guide, but in the real world there are too many factors at play and sop there is still a big trial and error component involved.
  2. RAW, ie CR2, files instead of JPEG, you'll lose a lot of data if you use JPEG... (8bit data JPG vs 14 bit data in RAW... thats a lot 256 steps per channel vs 16384 steps per channel).. sRGB and noise reduction off.. take care of that in processing... plus stacking will lower the noise amount.
  3. and another superb collection...
  4. AWESOMES... SkySync shall be back in business.....
  5. Great project.. my Skycam is also a budget el-cheapo solution.. I use my rarely used IS DMK41 with a $9 CS and a $8 4" security camera dome on top of my Obsy.... It doesn't deliver quite as a wide field of view as your project but still allows me to keep an eye on the sky when I'm imaging when away from home or inside watching tv through VNC.
  6. Very true, not the easiest hobby to get into....
  7. I disagree that it's imaginary.. my baby boy makes a lot of dark matter and fast....
  8. All good and all, but whats the speed of dark?
  9. Yeah, I remember that feeling well.....
  10. We all started somewhere.. but do you remember how proud you were of your first image? I remember that I was as proud as punch of my first shots, even though they were as mediocre as can be comparing to the slight imaging improvement we have today.
  11. @Stub Mandrel don't laugh... this was on a single arm alt-az mount that wobbled with me just breathing near it.... 30 sec exposure, ISO3200 non astromodded DSLR..... ah memories of the start of the AP track....
  12. Very nice project... are you having any issues with dew fogging things up?
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