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  1. They look good looking at them on my Phone screen and remember that you not only have relatively short exposure time but captured during a full moon.
  2. Very nice glob and smoke ring, Alan...
  3. Excellent image, Bryan.. well done.
  4. Welocome to SGL... if you're only long sighted and your glasses don't correct for astigmatism than you adjust the focus at the telescope... you don't need your glasses at all.
  5. What a great example of "grass is greener on the other side".... "hydrogen is redder on the other side"??
  6. You might be right with the sar bloating being camera dependent.. I personally am using a modded and cooled DSLR and do not have a star bloating issue.. you'd think that a dedicated astro imager would be better than a DSLR.
  7. I think your image looks brilliant... the way you mixed your blue channel looks to me like it aesthetically works well.
  8. Sounds like dew, or dust in the atmosphere... you might have experienced a number of nights of hazey seeing?? is/was there a bush/forest fire within a few hundred km of you location recently? Did you perhaps leave a filter inline by accident?? Did you leave the focusing bask on the objective?
  9. If you're experiencing massive star bloat when using narrowband filter than DOUBLE check than check again your focus.. use a Bathinov mask, I use one for perfect focus every time.... If anything, narrowband should make your stars smaller than during OSC imaging... The ED80 should be a fine scope to get some great images, narrowband or natural color.... but be ready to expose your subs for much longer than when you imaged in natural color... especially SII.... There are times where I need to expose for 20, 30 and 40 minute subs.
  10. Excellent work Steve, this is one major object that I regret not being able to image from my location.
  11. I haven't ticked any extra buttons that show visually the corrections outside the graph that get generated as the mount is guided... I use Resist Switch for both RA and DEC... but I suspect that not only does PEC make little to no difference on my current sensor pixel size resolution and that PEC can damage the PCB during a coincidental alignments of conditions.. this is what happened to my mount...
  12. "Quite a lot" is an understatement... Nice image of the swan and friends wide field.
  13. That looks great... very sharp detail....
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