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  1. I`ve got an 9.25sct similar to you, and its coupled up to a Zwo 224 camera, and if I got results like your first image I`d be really proud. Des
  2. A stunning sketch, and your observing report is out of this world. Des
  3. A great report, and to see the Veil which is always challenge is a win win situation. I`m blessed with fairly dark sky`s [mag 5] but I`ve never seen the Veil without an O-111 filter. Des
  4. Just cracking, a real gem.Des
  5. Welcome to the rocky road of DSO objects, it`s a big universe out there and take some advice. ENJOY IT. Des
  6. I use the Astonomik o-111 filter and UHC filter with my 9.25 sct, there just brill at bringing out that detail in nebula`s and the Veil mind blowing. Des
  7. A warm welcome from a wet Essex. Des
  8. All good things come in two`s, who had the most fun?? Sound`s like little one to me. A most enjoyable journey for both of you, may you have many more. Des
  9. A warm welcome from Essex, great images and memories. Des
  10. An enjoyable time had by you, and i can say an enjoyable time for me reading your report. Des
  11. I upgraded to a Badder for my 9.25 sct best thing I did, a real solid bit of kit also i splashed out and got a 2 inch diagonal for my 2 inch E.P Des
  12. A cracking image and for a first attempt a big thumbs up from me Des
  13. A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  14. A fantastic image, and a big thumbs up from me. Des
  15. Just amazing!!! A remarkable sketch. Des
  16. A warm welcome from Essex. A beautiful image. Des
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