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  1. cletrac1922

    Back again

    Hi from Land Down Under I am in same boat with respect to AP Time is my main enemy with work and family to do AP Looking at getting a ASIZWO MC of some description to do AP John
  2. cletrac1922


    Welcome from Land Down Under Hope you enjoy your stay with us John
  3. Welcome back from Land Down Under, and another Skywatcher Dob owner Last night did presentation for local Cubs group, scout movement for 5-7yo's Looked at Jupiter, Saturn, Mars came up not long after sunset, and used laser pointer to highlight Scorpio, in all her glory John
  4. cletrac1922


    Welcome back from Land Down Under John
  5. John Welcome from Land Down Under Fellow John
  6. Gil Welcome from across the ditch, Pacific Ocean John
  7. cletrac1922

    New to sgl

    Welcome from Land Down Under You do travel the universe in this forum Personally I would had waited to get Skywatcher 8" Flex Dob Attached pic is of my 10" flex Dob, taken at a club viewing night late last year, pre-Covid In background with shroud is a 8" Flex Dob John
  8. Reduces the amount of white light been reflected back up the tube Why most observers also wear a red head lamp, or use red torch when observing, or doing AP White light also impacts on your night vision John
  9. i'm using the middle screw to try and get this in line. but can never get it properly in line the top picture above is the best ive been able to get but when i then look through the chesire it looks compeltely out of line with the cross hairs so im getting confused. Any help greatly appreciated. I've spent last night and half of today trying to get it in line again. The middle screw is the locking screw for the secondary mirror The three outer screws are for alignment Just shine a torch with red filter into the focuser, without an eyepiece, then adjust the secondary so that the red beam is in the center of primary, then use your collimator from there final adjustment John
  10. Welcome from Land Down Under I have not had the chance yet to venture into AP First thing is knowing how to drive my 600D in manual mode Looking at getting an ZWOASI 290MC John
  11. Paul Welcome from Land Down Under John
  12. Jack Welcome from Land Down Under We have two full moons in October, first was on the 1st October, the second been on the night of Halloween Couldn't resist the comment hence your profile name Hope you enjoy your new toys, and your time with us John
  13. First of all welcome from Land Down Under I wear glasses for reading, following cataract surgery several years ago, I go without them when viewing EP have their own magnification, and your eyes adjust to them I have filters as well, which very rarely use At the moment you can use a red filter to observe the polar caps on Mars, as Mars will be closest to earth on the 6th October, than will be in the next 15 years Lunar filter will dull the brightness when observing the moon, and highlight lunar features John
  14. cletrac1922

    I'm New Here

    Welcome from across the ditch, Pacific Ocean John
  15. First of all welcome from Land Down Under With the 9mm eyepiece, and scope not tracking, then will go out of focus very quickly Did you do a two star alignment prior to going to Mars or the moon With the moon, your 25mm eyepiece is ideal, as will fit in the whole moon, where using your 9mm will only get partial view I use either a 15mm and 17mm for planets and other DSO with both my 10'' flex Dob, and ED80 on EQ5pro mount You can also use a lunar filter to bring out more detail of the moon, and a red filter to highlight the polar caps on Mars Mars is closest to earth on the 6th October, than it will be in the next 15 years John
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