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  1. cletrac1922

    Hello from Norway! :)

    Hi Aniruddha Welcome from land down under You transverse the universe in this forum John
  2. cletrac1922

    Using a 10” dob for Solar

    First of all welcome from land down under There is a simpler way to solar observe with a 10" dob The hard plastic cover has a small removable cap Just sticky tape some visual Baader film on the underside, and this will also reduce the amount of light coming into the tube Also remove the spotting scope, Attached pic was taken through my 10" collapsible dob, solar eclipse several years ago in Oz Taken holding mobile phone camera to eyepiece John
  3. To align the spider, just get a piece of paper, once have spider secured Then tighten each spider mounting screw until the spider is central Just measure each way and mark on piece of printer paper Once that done, then can align secondary mirror The primary mirror should not be out of focus
  4. cletrac1922

    Enjoying astronomy

    Hi Ash Welcome from Land Down Under You transverse the universe in this forum John
  5. cletrac1922

    Belated Salutations!

    Ewan Welcome from land down under My Great Great grand parent emigrated from North West Scotland, in 1810 to Australia Came from Argyll John
  6. cletrac1922

    Jewel Box

    Welcome from a fellow down under Something I show when doing presentation schools and scouts groups Just a hop from there you have Omega Centauri In Australian indigenous astronomy, Southern Cross is the head of the Emu https://kids.kiddle.co/Australian_Aboriginal_astronomy
  7. Welcome from Land Down Under If you intend doing both visual and AP, then you will need a scope on an EQ mount Go for something like Skywatcher ED80 on either EQ5 or HEQ5 mount Attached pic of my ED80 on an EQ5 mount, with solar filter fitted to ED80
  8. cletrac1922

    Hello from Staffordshire

    Welcome from Land Down Under Rock up with your scope to a local astronomy club Members there will only be too happy to sort out handset issue
  9. cletrac1922

    Filters ?

    Hi guys Went down same track a while ago Attached link gives you a description of most filters, and use, whether DSO, moon or planter, light pollution location http://sas-sky.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/SAS-The-Use-of-Astronomical-Filters1.pdf John
  10. Les Started out with a 10" dob, and still my first weapon of choice, when doing school and scout group presentations Progressed to Skywatcher ED80 on a EQ5 mount, and very portable as well, especially if you want to venture into AP, which cannot do with your dob
  11. cletrac1922

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcomed from land down under Still not progress into AP at this stage, but on list of things to do John
  12. Simon I have had my Skywatcher 250mm collapsible dob now for about 10 years, and out 2 or 3 times per month with my astronomy club, doing presentations in schools and scout/guide groups Find easy to transport and store, as folds down when not in use I have additional assortment of eye pieces as well as 2 X Barlow A little trick The hard plastic cover, has a removal small cap, which fits over the non-removal cap Tape a bit of Baade visual film on the underside of the small hole, and fit over top of the tube, and can use for solar viewing Make sure spotting scope is removed Talking of spotting scope, get yourself a right angle spotting scope, if viewing objects almost overhead, do not have to lay on the ground to align scope with spotting scope Have attached pic for of mine with right angle spotting scope fitted Pic taken at a club public viewing night John
  13. cletrac1922


    Welcome from Land Down Under
  14. Have new Skywatcher SynScan Wi-Fi adaptor, issues with that as well Go to do a 2 star alignment, pick first star from list, and last command to save is up and right Not been able to save Then second star, application picks short list of stars thinks it wants, not what you want to use, and star want to use not in list Very little support info from Skywatcher as well
  15. Deb I just use a battery jump start to power my EQ5 mount Have been connected for several days No need to run power chords across wet lawns at night time John

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