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  1. Nice kit Around $2700 down under Have fun with your new toy
  2. cletrac1922


    Taleah Download ISS APP to your mobile device Shows predictions of ISS and other satellites over your location Heavens Above APP also gives you same as well as showing what is currently visible heavens above you You been enjoying Stargazer Live Last night 8 of our clubs members did a presentation for Guinness Book of Records attempt most people viewing through a scope at the moon at the same time at a school on the Goldcoast We had about 80 students and parents present and had 43 viewing through a scope at same time as part of the record attempt John
  3. cletrac1922

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Welcome from land down under Bit more exploring Solar viewing With the dust cover, you should have a small removable cap On the underside of the cap, just sticky tape a piece of Baader film, then replace the dust cover on to your scope With reduce light gathering due to the smaller hole in the dust cover, and using Baader film, you can now observe the sun Be sure to leave off your spotting scope Attached is a pic showing solar eclipse in 2012 using mobile phone camera, and attached process John
  4. Welcome aboard from land down under If you have an astronomy club close to you, rock up one meeting night Members only too happy to show you their equipment, and assist with yours Big learning curve John
  5. Taleah Welcome from a fellow down under Aren't you in for a treat over the next 3 night Stargazing Live on the ABC with Prof Brian Cox and Julia from Rockwiz Tomorrow night we are aiming to break the Guinness Book of Records, for most people viewing through a telescope at the same time Attempt is at ANU site in Canberra, Mt Stromlo Wednesday night If you take your scope to Mt Stromlo, be lot of people only too happy to assist you with your scope Australia set the record back in 2015, with over 8,500 people My own club, is doing a presentation as well, for the record attempt, at a school on the Goldcoast My own club, Southern Astronomy Society, is also co-hosting Star Stuff 11 at Byron week-end 7-8 July Happy Viewing John
  6. Welcome from land down under Everything is upside down where I am Google astronomy club close to you, and members only to happy to assist with issues you having, and also show you equipment they have My own club, also has loan scopes for new members Try before you buy Members night nights also have presentation Happy Viewing John
  7. cletrac1922

    G'day from down under!

    MarsG76 Leave home around 4-30 every morning to rail to Brissy for work This morning was a crisp 6.1 degree C, and looked up, and perfectly clear skies Jupiter was on the western horizon, and the CRUX and pointers were south of the celestial pole Mass of stars everywhere Living in Goldcoast Hinterland, had a hill behind my house, which shields light pollution from remainder of the Goldcoast Check out Star Stuff, which Southern Astronomy Society is co-hosting at Byron Bay second week-end in July Happy Viewing John
  8. cletrac1922

    First scope

    Lynx Welcome from land down under Glad u having so much fun John
  9. cletrac1922

    G'day from down under!

    Am north of the boarder Go Queenslander John
  10. Ledge Was over in Auckland on the weekend for family function Saturday night, bucketed down Thursday and Friday night was not too bad Which part od NZ are u John
  11. cletrac1922


    Caco What sort of mount you have for your scope? Few days ago, purchased Wi-Fi adaptor for my EQ5 mount To your mobile phone upload SynScan App The Wi-Fi unit takes the place of your SynScan controller, and use the SynScan App to control your mount The beauty of the Wi-Fi adapter, is that automatically loads GPS location, date and time from your mobile device Then just do two star alignment as per normal Point your mobile device where want scope to point Deep Sky Object, and then fine tune using controller buttons included in the APP
  12. cletrac1922

    Hello from Mexico

    Welcome from land down under Started out with a 10" collapsible dob, and as interest grew, then got ED80 on EQ-5 mount for AP Enjoy your stay with us John
  13. Hi Ledge from across the ditch I do not bother with polar aligning With my EQ5 mount, using a compass, as you have discovered, allow for magnetic variation, which is 10deg east where I am North leg of EQ5 mount has to point south as well Then do a 2 star alignment This time of year I use Sirius and Canopus You should be 99.9% aligned Draw a line through the Southern Cross, and through the 2 pointers to the Southern Cross, and where they intersect, is the South Celestial Pole John
  14. cletrac1922

    Greetings !smash

    Welcome !smash from a fellow down under Enjoy your time with us John
  15. Not sure if a 35mm film canister fits Knows it fits focuser tube, as had a club 10" dob that came back from loan with focuser cap missing

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