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  1. I use Ulysse Gizmos APP APP also has a compass, which is useful when sighting tripod for viewing Recently got the SynScan Wi-Fi adaptor, and takes guess work out of everything Uses GPS location, date/time from my Android phone John
  2. I use laser collimator to collimate my dob If you only using your scope, home situation, very rarely need to touch your collimation I am out couple of times per month with my club, doing presentations in primary schools, scout/guide groups, and still rarely need to re-collimate Have found that my Saxon laser collimator, is also not a snug fit, and just put a bit of electrical tape around it to stop the wobble John
  3. Been in the Southern Hemisphere, thinks slightly different down here Orion is upside down I use Night Sky, as reference book, and there is also some good APPS as well, for star gazing John
  4. cletrac1922

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Welcome from Land Down Under You travel the universe in this forum John
  5. cletrac1922

    Lunt Scope Choices

    Reapplying grease to "O" ring Meade make both LUNT and Coronado brand scopes To regrease "O" ring, remove the assembly Clip off the plastic over, to reveal a small screw, undo screw, and entire piston assembly slides out, to remove "O" ring There is provision to fit an additional "O" ring as well John
  6. cletrac1922

    Lunt Scope Choices

    My club has a LUNT 60mm solar scope, and have had no end of trouble with it Main issue is the pressure tuner, and continually have to take apart, and regrease with special grease which had to order from Meade I finished up purchasing Colorado 70mm Solarmax 11, with BF10 tuner, and the only thing do not like about that, is the securing screws for the tuner are plastic, and mounted on my SW EQ5 mount John
  7. cletrac1922

    Hello from North East US

    Welcome from Land Down Under You travel the universe in this Forum John
  8. Will measure mine tonight, and take pic
  9. Erin I have a SW ED80 on a EQ5 mount Hope the attached pic of my setup assists Sounds like you have wrong stud, and thread U purchase new, of brought used John
  10. cletrac1922

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Welcome from Land Down Under U travel the universe in this forum John
  11. cletrac1922

    What's your favourite observing time?

    So rewarding sharing I live on an ungated corporate community, and we have a community centre with swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, and function rooms Couple times a year arrange a community night, and set up Dob and ED80 on the tennis courts Recently did a local primary school, with club belong to for grade 1 students After students been through, then put through parents and carers After the evening was over, had a lady come up to me She said she is 83yo, and the first time has ever seen the rings of Saturn through a scope She then went on to say, her grand daughter, is in grade 1, and to give her grand daughter that opportunity, she never had, will live with her forever Words in response failed me John
  12. cletrac1922

    Hello from South Oxfordshire

    Jack Welcome from Land Down Under U travel the universe in this forum John
  13. cletrac1922

    Greetings From Northeast England

    Anthony Welcome from Land Down Under U travel the universe in this forum John
  14. Hi Alan from land down under If you want to do AP, then you definitely going to need a mount with GoTo Was not aware that the HEQ5, came without GoTo, and SynScan hand controller I have a EQ5, with a SW ED80, and recently purchased the Wi-Fi adaptor, and use APP from my Android phone to control the mount John
  15. cletrac1922

    Hello from center of France

    Hi, Florent Welcome from Land Down Under John

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