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  1. Tracking solar

    With solar viewing, pick another star which is close to the sun, and then do a single star alignment Bring scope back onto the sun Might need to slightly adjust the speed to stay aligned Believe V4 SynScan now has a solar tracking mode Still using V3.2 with my EQ5 SYNSCAN V4 HAND CONTROL INSTRUCTION MANUAL (V4.39.04) What's new in this update? 1. A "Solar Track Mode" is added in the UTILITY menu. To use this new function: 1) Polar align the equatorial mount or level the base of the Alt-Az mount. 2) Finish the initialization on SynScan. No alignment is needed. 3) Activate "Solar Track Mode." Now the mount will start working at solar tracking speed until exiting the "Solar Track Mode". 4) Center the Sun in FOV with SynScan hand controller. 5) Start observing. Warning: Your telescope must be capable of observing the Sun safely.
  2. Hello from the Midwestern US!

    Wes, welcome from land down under Enjoy your stay with us John
  3. Outreach Laser Pointer

    I use one to align my 10" collapsible dob, by laying the laser along the dovetail of the spotting scope In Australia, the only people who can own and operate a laser pointer, are those who are members of an incorporated astronomy club, and used for public displays On our club website there is a disclaimer with respect to use of laser pointers. Maximum power rating is 1mW I have a SDLaser laser pointer, and has a rechargeable battery, and a key in the base to turn off Had friends who went to a music festival recently, and was taking photos with their digital SLR, and when got home found some of their pics had a green line down them Turned out that the was laser light show was been used on stage, and their camera was zapped by the beam, and has burnt a permanent line into the pixel of the camera They not sure if the camera is repairable, and waiting to hear back from local camera shop Most of the astronomy shops in Australia no longer stock laser pointers, due to restrictions on import
  4. hi

    Welcome from land down under John
  5. FlyDoc Would not think be that much, since uses 8 X AA batteries internal battery compartment Ensure you do not have batteries in the internal battery compartment when using external power pack I use a jump start pack to power my Skywatcher EQ5 mount, with ED80 attached Cheers John
  6. New Member from W PA

    Welcome from land down under Enjoy your stay with us John
  7. Hi, from Memphis!

    Welcome from land down under Many happy hours of observing If have a club near you, then drop in one night for a visit I have been on committee longer than care to remember with my club Club nights, members give talk and presentation on what they have been imaging, and latest things in the amazing world of astronomy, and deep space exploration Club was involved with NASA's Cassini spacecraft project and had a person on the Cassini project assigned to the club, and they provided club members with regular updates, as well as memorabilia including posters and stickers Club is also involved in presentations to primary schools, space badge scout/guide movement Couple times of the year, club also hosts public viewing night, and members have around 20 scopes set up on the night John
  8. Dino I would not leave outside I use a water proof ground sheet under mine as well With the mount been constructed out of chipboard, can absorbed moister, and eventually swell and split
  9. Phil I have a Skywatcher ED80 and came in a hard case, along with spotting scope, and a couple of 2" eyepieces Have a glass solar filter, which also fits nicely in the case, beside the scope Not sure why your Skywatcher Startravel 120mm Refractor did not come in a case What did it come in Cardboard box John
  10. Hi Guys You are always welcome to come down under Lot of dark sky sites Off the record, if you superposed Oz over Europe, Perth is London, Sydney is Moscow Gives you an idea size this place From Brisbane, where I live just outside off, is 1800kms to Melbourne via Sydney Brisbane to Cairns is also 1800kms Very little in between except for small coastal towns Happy Viewing John
  11. The sun

    Hi Dave Provided you have right solar filter should not be an issue Done same thing with my ED80, and just used electrical tap to secure Recently purchased a glass solar filter, and fits very snuggly With my Skywatcher 10" collapsible dob, just remove small hole cover of the lid, and I just attached Baader solar filter underside of the cover, and observe from there Have attached a couple of pics One is showing solar filter my ED80 Other is of solar eclipse back in 2012, taken with camera android phone, to eyepiece through my dob Have fun your solar viewing John
  12. Greetings from New York

    Welcome Mike from land down under Like yourself, been committee member of my local astronomy club, longer than can remember Club is very active Unfortunately last week we were totally rained out for the lunar eclipse, and a lot of very disappointed club members Club was also doing a public display that night with media coverage With the club go into primary schools and do presentations, and also space badge and astronomy badge scout/guide movement There is seven astronomy clubs around South East Queensland, Australia, and every year clubs get together for annual week long Astrofest, which now attracts international visitors Link to Astrofest Queensland http://www.qldastrofest.org.au/ First weekend in July, club is presentencing an astronomy weekend, with local and international presenters Also had several of our members head over your way, for last years solar eclipse In 2012 we had a total solar eclipse here as well, also the transit of Venus Day of the transit, we had about 30 scopes set up local park on the foreshore, which attracted a lot of interest from the public and media Have attached link to Star Stuff 2018, in July https://starstuff.com.au/ Club link is http://sas.org.au/ When go into club link, click on Event Horizon, which is our monthly newsletter, and read about what club members been doing Also have a team of our members, who over the last 10+ year, been chasing previously unknown supernovas and comets Comet Lovejoy, was one of their discoveries Be great to stay in touch My contact details are on our website under Field Night and scout/guide coordinator If you make it down this way, you very welcome to come along to one of our club nights Cheers John
  13. Dec balance

    How many counter weights you using? Might need more than one, to balance, and also depends how far up or down the shaft you have your counter weights mounted With my EQ5 mount and Skywatcher ED80, find only need a half size counter weight Twist to any angle, and with RA or DEC locking screw slightly loosened, and scope will stay in that position
  14. Getting started

    Last Saturday night club meet, had a new member came along with a 6" solid tube dob, and commented not able to see anything as blurry, and had brought second hand on E-Bay I had a quick look, and had my laser collimator in my eyepiece case which was in the car Found was way out, and had issues trying to collimate Was looking at the secondary mirror, and something did seem right Notice vanes holding the secondary mirror were warped and twisted Using a bit of paper and pen, measured distance from centre mounting screw to edge of the tube Secondary mirror was over to one side by a fair bit First time every seen that Assume previous owner had been trying to do some sort of alignment and stuffed it totally Adjusted secondary mirror where should be, with mounting screws for vanes, and bingo, perfect collimation Very happy new member
  15. Hello again

    Welcome back from land down under With respect to passwords, I use a unique way My initials in Uppercase, followed by my car registration number This give combination of upper and lower case, and alpha and numeral characters No-one but yourself knows your car registration, and hard to hack Clear skies and happy viewing John