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  1. I'm sure it made for a lovely Father's day present!
  2. For now it's a lot of plans and lists and ideas. Currently my main candidate is the Stellamira, but as you mentioned it has few reviews and only for astrophotography. But also every time I find a discussion about this, I think that I could stretch my budget and go for that Tak... tough choices! Good luck to you
  3. I'm in a quite similar pickle, after a thread I had opened a few months ago (where there are plenty of suggestions, basically all those you have), and I basically narrowed it down to the same models that you mention, with the caveat that I'm trying to stay on the lower side of things - that excludes 80mm and 72mm that don't have a retractable shield like the SkyWatcher ED72. If you're willing to go this low in aperture, in my shortlist there is also the SkyWatcher Evolux 62ED. Little caveat: for me portability is king - especially as I'm hoping to fly with this thing when I go on travels for work, so in a final decision size and weight will be very important. It's obvious that the more I hear about it, the more I'm tempted to wait and put some money away for the Takahashi FS-60CB, but this is a whole other discussion
  4. Lol I also do the combo Lunar-Solar 😂 very light touches are required from the stump onto the paper, as you have no doubt noticed. But it is worth the hassle!
  5. How do you load the stump with graphite? I normally use a stump that is dirty from some other sketch loading the stump is probably half the technique...
  6. Very nice @Roy Challen! It's difficult to control how much graphite you put down with the stump, but you did great I think!
  7. Nice sketches @josefk! Are you also estimating the position angle yourself, or do you just report it on your sketch from StelleDoppie?
  8. The Moon is behind the tree line another night of no observation for me...
  9. I use a blending stump, I mix two ways of usage: to lay down some shade, I take a dirty stump and leave very light marks on the paper, then blend them out vigorously with a clean stump; the second way is to take a clean stump and pass it on the disk marked before with the pencil, rubbing out slightly the inner part of the disk. This also allows the disk not to be so marked (if you're not drawing on a black background). The marks are always left on the disk limits, then rubbed out following the curvature of the sphere towards the middle.
  10. Looking forward to seeing it! It gives the Sun a nice spherical appearance.
  11. My current starvation of darkness continues, I haven't been out for almost a month - with lots of things going on between bad weather, work, new puppy, a trip to Finland and one to Wales... I finally managed to catch 30 minutes of rest and pointed the telescope towards the Sun, which compared to a month ago is looking quite unimpressive. The sketch was dome at 60x and took me only 20 minutes - including the darkening of the limb. I'm hoping to catch some Moon views before midsummer, I'm aching for some pastel action after my last sketch!
  12. We just got a puppy, I look forward to taking her out with me for some sessions 🥰
  13. Nice sketches! I was almost giving up on the idea of resolving any globular cluster in my skies with my 5in Mak, but your sketch of M10 gives me hope. I will hunt it down as soon as I can!
  14. Absolutely beautiful stuff! 😍 Your new 10" sounds like the bomb! Thank you for the notes too, very informative.
  15. Thank you Mark! I'm sure the book is worth the wait!
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