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  1. Hi Steve, I have focal length (1003mm for my 8" Newtonian) and 2.9 microns for my pixel size saved in the tab. The field of view is not particularly big (about 19x10 arc mins). My laptop only has an i3 processor, maybe that could be the problem? Andrew
  2. At the moment, I'm not connected to the mount or camera - just uploading an old image file and blind plate solving.
  3. I am trying to plate solve for the first time but am not having much (any) success yet. Hopefully someone here will be able to show me the errors of my ways. I intend to use ASPS in partnership with Sharpcap Pro, however, at the moment, I cant even get ASPS to solve a single image. My FOV is 19.3 x 10.9 arcmins and I have download the relevant index 4202, 4203, 4204, 4205 (and 4206). In the plate solver setting I have my FL (1003mm) and pixel size (2.9um) entered. When I select a file to solve however, the 'work in progress' counter just ticks away (I tend to abort it after an hour
  4. Oh, I see. Thanks Seelive. I was thinking that LST was my actual local time. So, I can use the LST to judge what objects are crossing the meridian based on their R.A. (I think) Thanks.
  5. My longitude is 0 7' 4.6" E so LST is going to be very close to UCT. Laptop clock shows 17:09, Stellarium clock shows 17:09 (not sure where calculated LST would be displayed), but EQMOD is still 8+ hours ahead.
  6. Hi. Yes, the time in Stellarium matches the laptop clock.
  7. Hi, After (finally) going down the route of autoguiding, I have managed to control the mount via Stellarium, image through Sharpcap pro and guide (reasonably), through PHD2. However, EQMOD reports the LST as about eight hours out! I have the correct coordinates entered, which also match Stellarium. Not sure how to resolve this. I'm running (the HEQ5 pro) through the hand controller in PC mode. Any help, greatly received! Thanks, Andrew
  8. Thanks, I want to go down the autofocus path at some point. The baader clear filter is supposed to match my baader narrow band, i.e parfocal (ish). I'll have a rethink of what I use- thanks for the advice!
  9. Won't the focusing be off on the narrow band filters though?
  10. Hi All, After a number of years as an observer, and a little bit of (mainly) DSLR imaging, I've decided to head down the autoguiding/dedicated camera route. I have a mono ASI290MM camera and a seven-filter wheel. At the moment, this is loaded with: Clear focusing filter (same glass thickness as the narrow bands) RGB filters Ha, Oiii, Sii narrowband filters. My question is this: the clear filter is not (I believe) IR blocking. I do have a L-IR CCD filter. What are peoples thoughts if I added this permanently onto the filter wheel nosepiece? Obviously this would add more
  11. The mount is kept outside with a weather proof cover over it so it could be a moisture issue. The motor board is dry but Ive not checked the smaller daughter board that takes the power and hand control. I'll check that today- thanks.
  12. Hello all. I have a rather old (almost 15 years) HEQ5 mount which was upgraded to the goto version some time ago. I started getting the error "unable to detect both axis - standalone mode" or words to that effect. I understand that this is often an indicator that the motor board may have become damaged. I replaced two capacitors on the board which are known to often fail (420uF 25v). Still getting the standalone error. However, with repeated tried to turn the mount on, from time to time is will actually start to function fine for a short while - slewing to targets etc. However it will th
  13. Hello all, I know that this is a rather old post! My HEQ5 (with Pro kit upgrade) started giving the error "Both Axes No Response". It's pretty old now - 14 years or so. The hand controller still connects to a laptop ok, and I have re-flashed the memory just in case. The error still shows though. I took a look at the motor board. Nothing obviously wrong. I replaced the two 470uF capacitors but I', still getting the same error. I cant really afford a new board at £120 until the new year. Any suggestions of what else it may be?
  14. Hi Louise, Do ST4 cables tend to be problematic then? I was only testing the software out - I was set up with a ZWO ASI 290MM camera and a 200mm newtonian. I am ordering a Sky watcher edoguide 50ED from FLO for christmas and will guide via the 290MM. My laptop has limited USB ports which is why I was trying the ST4 first. (Before upgrading thye laptop or buying a powered USB splitter). Many thank, Andrew
  15. Hi Dave, With Hind sight, I think you are correct - I may simply not have clicked on the greed button. Since the red "stop" button had become illuminated, I thought that it was therefore trying to guide! I now feel rather daft... Cloudy skies here now until December- I shall give it another try in a couple of weeks time. Thanks once again.
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