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    Fishing,dog walking,gardening,reading,annoying the wife[bless her socks]anything astronomy related.
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  1. There was a good article in the SKY & TELESCOPE a wee while ago on how to star hop and read star atlas`s. Des
  2. des anderson


    A warm welcome from Essex. What a smashing part of the country, my wife went to Scotland for a holiday and all she talk`s about is the scenery and that was year`s ago Des
  3. Your going to have a few up`s and down`s, it happens to all of us. Just enjoy your journey and the rewards will speak for them selves. Des
  4. A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  5. The mono image,is just a tad better than the other one, really there`s nothing in it both first class. Des
  6. A GEM, So simple and it`s works so well. Des
  7. What a report, I was there all the time,but with out the views......SHAME. Just show`s it`s all about light-grasp. Des
  8. des anderson


    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  9. What a PAIR, the mono image a classic.....Just, beats the other one. Des
  10. What sketches, all very good and something I would never achieve. So well done. Des
  11. Those colors.......Just amazing. Des
  12. I`m another one who`s got W&W dew straps, and I got them Astro fest last year and for the price very good value, and coupled with a Pegasus controller make`s a good combination. Des
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