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des anderson

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    Fishing,dog walking,gardening,reading,annoying the wife[bless her socks]anything astronomy related.
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  1. des anderson

    The gift of excellent transparency

    Who`s says dream`s can`t come true.......You`ve had a dream of a night!!! A GREAT report so good I read it twice. Des
  2. des anderson

    How long to adjust eyes to the dark?

    Give yourself about 20/30 minutes and you should be fine, enjoy the views. Des
  3. des anderson

    M31 4-panel mosaic

    A STUNNER, you`ve done it proud. Well done, Des
  4. Depends, if the sky`s dark enough it should not be a problem. I Live in a rural location and in the summer its visible from the zenith towards the south,and, when the street lights go out......it much easier to follow down. Des
  5. des anderson

    Devon Newbie

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  6. des anderson

    SynScan WiFi & Stellarium - a dummies guide!

    Thanks a lot, that was very informative,BUT not having a SynScan handset,i`ve got an AVX mount can I do the same with my handset?? Des
  7. des anderson

    Widefield Orion

    That`s one of the best shots I `ve seen of the Loop around Orion, a real classy shot. Des
  8. des anderson

    Hello from Cyprus

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  9. That`s a lovely set of images and a bonus in the shape of a comet. Des
  10. des anderson

    What do I get Christmas.

    Well guys, that`s some great suggestions and I`ll give them all some thought. Thanks Des
  11. des anderson

    What do I get Christmas.

    Hi. Guy`s Christmas is coming, and I wondered if you could give me some ideas what to get...... There`s a few things that I do not need, telescopes, eyepieces, mount, Iv just upgraded my ccd camera, laptop,[My wife got me these for my birthday] I was thinking of dew control. There is a budget £500 The kit, which I use all the time is a 9.25sct, Baader steeltrack focuser, on a AVX mount a full set of Baader eyepieces,Filters and more filters, Zwo224 camera[usb3 laptop] 2 bins 16x70 & 8x40, A couple of 2" low power eyepices 31mm & 36mm. I know that presents are a personal thing, but any ideas would be welcome. Des
  12. des anderson

    First sketch - M45

    A great start as m45 is not easy... I use black drawing card from The Range,and they do a nice selection of white pencils and the staff in our Range are very helpful. Or try an artist shop, saves inverting in photoshop. Des
  13. des anderson

    Better late than never...

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  14. des anderson


    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  15. des anderson

    New focuser

    I`ve got the steelrack for my 9.25 sct, it`s a joy to use. Des

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