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des anderson

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    Fishing,dog walking,gardening,reading,annoying the wife[bless her socks]anything astronomy related.
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  1. des anderson

    A quick session around Sadr

    A great image, that`s good, all that detail. Des
  2. des anderson

    Sun 8/7/18 full disc

    WAS THAT A SKETCH....!!!!!! ..Bloody Brill , A real talent. Des
  3. des anderson

    Wonderful clear sky last night (10/07/18)

    When a night like this comes along you just don`t know how lucky we are, only a couple of times have I had nights like this,and it`s one that you never forget. Des
  4. des anderson

    Jupiter July 8/18

    Both great images, now that Jove has passed his prime, well done. Des
  5. des anderson

    Are you comfortable standing when observing?

    We were in our local garden centre and they were selling tractor seats on stools that could be turned to lower or higher, best thing I`ve ever got that`s not astro and comfortable. Des
  6. My favourite has to be my Baader 8-24mm zoom, just the job for nearly everything and my filter that I get the most use from is the Baader O111 visual filter 10nm the views of the veil nebula just stunning. Des
  7. des anderson

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    Dream`s do come true.... An observatory unoverlooked at the back of the garden, a modest 9.25sct on a AVX mount which is on a pier. Sheer bliss and quite. Des
  8. des anderson

    Hello from South Bristol

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  9. That`s whats its all about, enjoyment and a small learning curve. Now your eye`s have been opened a little more the sky`s the limit. Des
  10. des anderson

    New user

    A warm welcome from Essex, nice scope ENJOY. Des
  11. des anderson

    The Crescent Nebula

    Nice to see something coming together, a success story, well done .Des
  12. Getting into bed at whatever the time, putting my cold feet on my wife`s warm ones [feet] and a sleepy "good out there" You bet. Des
  13. des anderson

    The Sun in Ca-K - 5th July 2018

    Now, that`s a set of classy images, well done. Des
  14. des anderson

    Mars Dust Storm Could Take Two Months to Subside

    That`s a kick in the teeth, a dust storm for a couple of months and a lowwww opposition,what else could go wrong!!!! Des
  15. des anderson

    Hello from Minnesota, USA

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des

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