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  1. m78

    That`s one of the best images I`ve seen of m78 just brill. Thanks for sharing. Des
  2. Frustration to Elation

    That was a great report and very true of what you usually see through a telescope, my wife can never understand on what that grey little cloud is.....But to us just seeing and thinking on what we are seeing makes it all worth the effort. Des
  3. Hello From South Texas

    A warm welcome from Essex U.K Des
  4. Wow, just goes to show you don`t need a massive telescope to get results like that, well done. Des
  5. Old member has returned!

    And, a very warm welcome from Essex. Des
  6. ZWO ASI294MC Pro

    Stunning results....Not an imaging bod myself but I can see that you`ve got something special there, Des
  7. Pre Conjunction

    That`s a fantastic image. Well done. Des
  8. Blinking Planetary Nebula

    A great object to track down, it took me a about 4 goes with the goto to find it and when it jumped into view afterwards it became easy to spot it. Happy hunting. Des
  9. Hello from sunny Bedfordshire?

    A warm welcome from Essex, enjoy your scope I`ve got its smaller brother [6se] a great scope for taking to dark sky sights. Des
  10. Hold on....I`ve seen that before.......seems along time ago. Des
  11. I'm actually out imaging :-)

    Lucky girl...we`ve got cloud and showers make the most of it. Des
  12. m37

    Well that`s a stunner.....M37 the best of the bunch,it leaves m35,m36 and m38 standing. Des
  13. Hi, just to put my oar in....I`ve got an AVX mount and starsense , and never get more than a 100 stars on each alignment.All handsets start in America so you have toggle to international then country, nearest city. Make sure you have the RTC clock on and put in your long/latt. Also what some people forget to do is make sure that the mount is level starsense will not work otherwise. Des
  14. Greetings from Oxfordshire

    Hi and a warm welcome from Essex. Des
  15. New book; Shoot the Moon

    I`m a "bookie" looks good, one for the cloudy nights. Des