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des anderson

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  1. des anderson

    Collimation of a SCT telescope

    Thank`s guys, that`s a lot of information on how to help me get me and my scope back on track. I`ve a Zwo244 camera and can use this to get an image of a star.Des
  2. Hi Guys, I`ve got a 9.25 sct and I was going to get a Badder laser collimator to help with collimation, but was advised against using one!!! Can anyone advise me what to use, I`ve thought of using a false star but, I `ve read somewhere that it should be positioned approx 85 yards away. Des
  3. des anderson

    MARS 10/13/2018

    A lovely set of images,something to be really proud of, well done. Des
  4. des anderson

    NGC 1501 - Camel's Eye

    A new object for me also, the sketch just amazing. Thanks for sharing. Des
  5. des anderson

    Hello From Bristol. UK

    A warm welcome from Essex . Des
  6. des anderson

    Hello from England

    A warm and somewhat wet Essex. Des
  7. des anderson

    My Mars 2018 Collection

    Truly amazing, a lovely set of images, lets hope 2020 is better for both hemisphere`s. Des
  8. des anderson

    Veil Nebula - First time ever

    A firm favourite with myself and I still get a buzz whenever I observe it, although my 9.25 sct has such a small field a OH111 filter does wonders. Des
  9. des anderson

    Finally got back to the fold.

    A warm welcome from me also, not an easy choice to put one`s love one into a care home. Des
  10. des anderson

    My first Andromeda of the season

    That`s good, seems to me a nice combination you`ve got going there. Des
  11. des anderson

    M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

    I`m sure your fiend would be proud of your image as you should be, it`s a CRACKER.Des
  12. des anderson

    Hello from Spain

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  13. des anderson

    Skywatcher Evostar ED150 snaps the Moon

    Looks like the scope is going to be a winner on lunar and the planets, and the images stunning. Des
  14. des anderson

    Hiya, long time non poster

    A warm welcome from Essex. Des
  15. des anderson


    What a beautiful image. Des

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