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  1. Fill the legs with play sand keep tapping to compress it you can hang a weight not to heavy from the eyepiece tray this will make it steadier.
  2. Thanks Nick for organizing this had a great weekend, Met new people Calv, Swampthing, Kerry, Dave, Jem and a couple more who`s names I cannot remember, great to catch up with old friends Shane, Stu Damian and Nick off course not to mention LeeB only briefly. Thank you to Damian for fixing my mount and Jem for the tools. Thank you to Stu showing through your PST prominence was superb and the sun spots. Biggest thank you is to Nick for the sky tour Saturday night the amount of objects we got in before my back gave out again was brilliant, report later. Just one dampener set up Sunday night on Kerry` Patch with Dave saw Mercury through Kerry`s scope another highlight, unfortunately my mount broke again had to pack up early.
  3. Packing up now setting off around 1pm should be there around 3 and looks like were in for a couple of good nights at least yesssss.
  4. I am getting a inflatable tent Tuesday hoping to book some where on the Llynn Peninsula any tips let me know at psp.
  5. These are brilliant.
  6. we can only go in the the Yurt after 3pm so setting off about 1 just having a nice drive should get there about 3ish as long as I don't get lost
  7. I`m just getting bits and bobs together thinking about best food bring when I will be cooking on single gas cooker (might bring two) make it a bit easier still quite hard. Leaving my Astronomy kit until Friday morning may get a clear night tonight or tomorrow.
  8. BBC forecast is for high pressure sunny days and cold nights with frost so hopefully clear.
  9. Get a good sky map Turn Left to Orion is very good especially for a 6 in scope, I had the skywatcher 150p to start and had Turn left found loads of objects using this. You might consider a Telrad maps for this can be downloaded free it is excellent combined with finder scope to find objects. Welcome to SGL ask any questions loads of people to help on here.
  10. I had a hole load of trouble with my EQ5 it was the latitude bolt slipping under the lug (peter Drew) kindly fixed that for me. Check your polar scope during the day time to make sure that is right mine was way off, make sure your in the park position when starting 2/3 star alignment Weights down scope up First star is usually well out second and third should be nearly there remember to use right and up on handset last (for backlash) also pick stars halfway up the sky makes alignment better.
  11. I`d make a collar better to err on safe side. It will be a lot more manageable now though, good job.
  12. Ingenious what about moisture getting in through the middle now.
  13. I have the 5,8,12,15,18 and 25mm BST`s I'm pretty certain there is no 32mm I have seen a 3.2mm but never bothered with that as it would never get used need extraordinary skies for it. As for the rest they are brilliant eyepieces for the money I believe the X`Cel`s are very good as well they are a tad dearer. I would visit your local Astronomy club and try a few eyepieces to see which you like and suit best.
  14. I had this 110 litre one for mine just got some sponge line it took it everywhere brilliant.
  15. That is fantastic