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  1. That is spectacular that is the one thing I want to see now our milkyway over head not managed yet just need a good dark sky.
  2. I bought this and installed it on my 200p cheaper than getting a whole new focuser.
  3. PM sent
  4. Could you tag the post please but not sure how good a 40mm would be Im looking for a round 16/17mm and 22/24mm that should do me then unless I go for the 9.7mm.
  5. I have 6 BST`s and a BST ED zoom and I am just looking around for some cheap plossl`s I have just bought 2 meade 4000 A 12.6mm and a 6.4mm im looking for a couple more around 15/16 mm and 22/24mm I have two scopes a F5 Newtonian and a F10 Frac.
  6. My 200p is F5 so the 5mm will give me a magnification of 200X still on the edge for skies in Britain.
  7. It could be just a bad one I don`t know have to compare it with someone else`s saying that a friend who is a lot more competent than me sold his 5mm as well as he did not get on with it.
  8. Everytime I have used it can never get my eye in right position seems like I`m searching around seeing eyelashes, half the FOV all the other`s are brilliant even the 25mm which was supposed be runt of the litter I find it great for searching the sky.
  9. I saw this but it`s not big enough for the dob mob
  10. Check your polar scope is aligned use this makes it easy Then get an app called polar finder can get this on computer gives you the position of polaris which you can then align your mount to.
  11. I too struggled to find deep sky objects until a a friend who is a lot more experienced than me told me to go for clusters and double stars, only the brightest galaxies can be seen from light polluted skies (M81,M82,M45,M42) to name just a few. get a good map. Since i have done this I have seen countless objects and renewed my love of this hobby. If you want to see deep sky objects you need get out of town in dark skies hope this helps.
  12. More inspiration and objects for me thanks Nick
  13. I started with exact same set up its only this year i have got a goto mount. Saying that I bought a lemon its just a good job two friends on here have fixed it the second engineering it better than original.
  15. I loved searching for stuff best thing is to make a list maybe in one or two constellations and have good maps. I have only recently gone to goto which was forced on me for medical reasons I have seen quite a few more objects but finding them myself helped me learn the sky.