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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Another good source

    Thats is very interesting thanks for finding and posting.
  2. The night garden guest.

    Cracking report there sounds like a good evening I will be copying this and writing the notes in my sissy hass book for future reference.
  3. Gamma Virginis.

    Now will I be able to split it with the 4" do you think.
  4. The BST starguiders supertest!

    If you have one try a UHC filter on Jupiter makes the bands and features stand out, I caught my first moon shadow with a combination of 12mm and the UHC.
  5. Early morning delights .

    Chucking it down all night the ground is still swimming in water in my back yard. There are a few there I would love to see especially "The Sombrero" I thought that was to low mag to see it.
  6. Tour with granddaughter.

    I'm waiting for my granddaughter ask me for a tour but she is only 7 she does like looking through my magazines and asks questions so hopefully not too long to wait. As always great report Nick very inspiring.
  7. The BST starguiders supertest!

    I have them all apart from the 3.2mm s that is to high powered for my scopes. The 25mm is great for finding objects but for me the 15mm is the gem.
  8. How to properly report an EBay Item

    There were several listing last year for these from different vendors I reported every one and contacted the vendors to explain why. They took them off but looks like they are chancing there arms again. 😟
  9. M81 & M82?

    I was always under the impression that m81 and M82 was the same distance from phad to dubne straight through tried for a couple of years and could never see them. I went to Buxton to a star party and met Nick (cotterless45) who told me that it was but just a tad left once I had got there. Following his direction found both in a 25mm in my old 6 inch scope. I can find them really easy now.
  10. Vixen SD103S Unboxing

    I have a Tal 100rs but would love a 6" Vixen long achromatic after loooking through Nick,s optics are stunning not putting the Tal down be nice have a bigger scope.
  11. https://www.365astronomy.com/Dual-Speed-1-10-Microfocus-Upgrade-Kit-for-Skywatcher-Crayford-Focusers.html I fitted one of these to my 200p best thing I ever did focus as best you can with knob hen use fine tuner had some amazing sights much cheaper than a new focuser.
  12. Accessory tray for EQ mounts

    Not a problem didn't want you selling it to someone then getting email saying it was wrong one. Paul
  13. Accessory tray for EQ mounts

    The EQ5 is more round. According to what I have just seen fits the AZ3 and the EQ3-2 just so you know.
  14. Observing on a budget.

    The only things I bought new where the BST'S other than that I have sold stuff to buy stuff. I bought a EQ5 mount the lad give me a 200p for nothing mirror was caked in fluff and other stuff once cleaned flocked and collimated had one brilliant night in Buxton with it. I got my Tal at a very reasonable price, sold the cr4 and eq3-2 mount so only cost me £30 all in. I have just bought a televue plossl second or 3rd hand cheap. I got a lunt herschel wedge 1.25 for £60 with a polarising filter which was a bargain. Us astronomers look after our kits so buying second hand is well worth it as you know you are going to get pristine stuff.
  15. A new kind of Telescope

    Looks like a great concept but does this mean you wont need a box full of eyepieces anymore.