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  1. I have two scopes a 8" F5 reflector and a Tal 100rs F10 I use both on a EQ5 goto mount. I do want a larger refractor but I will have to get a different mount before that as the EQ5 although quite stable I don't think it would handle a 5 or 6 inch long F ratio achromatic refractor. I use both for different things the refractor for planets, double stars and clusters. The reflector for deep sky stuff and I am very happy with both.
  2. Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    I have the 1.25" herschel wedge I use with my Tal the scope never gets hot the wedge does get hot.
  3. Doubles in Coma Berenices and Bootes

    Yes Damian not had the 8" out for 9 months I have either got to find a dark spot close to home, wait until I can get to a dark site or sell it being that I am not using it.
  4. Quick smash and grab doubles

    I will have to wait until it comes round now again that area of sky is a no no for me and south is out with the stupid street light I am lucky can see high North and East nothing south or west.
  5. Planets, moons, double stars! Oh my!

    I cannot see Cancer from my viewing place it is behind my house there are a few doubles I would like to bag. For the first time with the Tal I had a chance to look at the moon and as you said the terminator had some great contrast with the craters. Cor Caroli is one of my favourites nice haul there.
  6. Quick smash and grab doubles

    Some cracking doubles there I have not viewed any in Cancer and will have to wait, it is in part of the Sky not observable from my house.
  7. Sun today 21-04-18

    Supposed to be raining later I was hoping get out tonight get some doubles but looks like thats a no no
  8. Sun today 21-04-18

    AR2706 I think
  9. Sun today 21-04-18

    A few from today.
  10. JUpiter, april 20-2018

  11. Observing report 19.04.2018

    Well done some fine doubles there I am hoping to go out tonight and do some more double viewing.
  12. Doubles in Coma Berenices and Bootes

    I have seen M 57 many times to be truthful the scope looked as though it was pointing to low but everything else was in the FOV so could not understand it.
  13. Only a short session planned before I went out. Coma Berenices first 35 Coma B (SAO 0825 51) I believe this is a triple system but I could not pull the third component out white/yellow primary with blue/white secondary. Σ1615 (SAO 0629 04) White primary with small dim red secondary. 12 Coma B (SAO 0822 73) lovely double Yellow/white with dim pale blue 17 Coma B, (0823 30) wide twins. 24 Coma B Σ1657 (SAO 1001 60) Albireo like orange/yellow primary with pale blue secondary. Σ1685 (SAO 1003 07) white twins. 32-33 Coma B (SAO 1003 11) copper and pale blue lovely colours. Bootes next. Delta Bootis (SAO 0645 89) tight double had use 6.7 mm yellow/white primary with small yellow secondary. Epsilon Bootis (Izar) ( SAO 0835 00) used 5 mm here but what a reward yellow primary with small blue secondary really tight. Mu Bootis (SAO 0646 86) Cracking triple Bright primary with twin sun like secondaries. Iota Bootis (SAO 0290 71) pale yellow primary creamy white secondary. Kappa Bootis (SAO 0290 45/46) Pale white primary bluish secondary. Pi Bootis ( SAO 1011 38/39) tight double Blue/white primary white companion. Zeta Bootis (SAO 1011 45) This is getting tighter by 2021 wont be able split it the two stars will be as close as the Earth is to the sun. Very tight bluish twins. Xi Bootis (SAO 1012 50) yellow/orange reddish companion used 6.7 mm. Tried M 13 I have seen it better but at least this time more mag made it better. M 92 smaller but nice Tried M 57 ring nebula could not see it at all. Packed all my stuff up then realised Jupiter was out and I forgot to view it.
  14. Dob's epic first night under dark skies

    Great report I am not at all jealous of your dark sky.
  15. EQ5 Spares

    Pm`d you.