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    A Meade LXD55 127 F9 refractor a Tal 100rs refractor EQ5 GOTO Mount, , UHC filter, Sissy Hass, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Nice mustache Damien hopefully I will get back up there next year.
  2. I have seen M81 and M82 in my 4" Refractor from bortle skies M51 and M101 I have never seen from home I have seen them from a dark sky site.
  3. I must not get aperture fever I must not get aperture fever I must not get aperture fever keep saying it Paul it will go away.
  4. Just for information if you get good weather look out for a super nova in spiral galaxy NGC 514
  5. I'm glad you got some clear skies Nick unfortunately for me my weekend in Bala at the end of the month. I expect it to be cancelled any day now especially as Merseyside is Tier 3 so cannot leave area or stay out overnight I'm devastated to be honest only thing I had to look forward to this year. Maybe when this covid thing is over I can take a trip up there. Smashing report as usual.
  6. Well I am jealous booked to go Bala end of the month just for the weekend hoping the weather gods see fit to bestow clear skies in a dark sky area. As of today that will be cancelled as I cannot leave my area and I cannot stay anywhere over night. So please let the sky gods bestow clear skies on you all and have some great viewing nights I look forward to all your reports.
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    A warm welcome to SGL
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    A warm welcome to SGL
  9. Get a piece of paper draw a circle the same size as the objective place this over the front of your scope then get a laser collimator turn it on mark the paper where the red light hits turn the laser 180° and do the same again then do the same again without the diagonal. If you have good collimation when there is no diagonal in but not with the diagonal hopefully you can adjust the diagonal to gain the same results. Like this
  10. Actually it is one of the brightest I find the magnification does not help with this when I had a 150p (6") scope a 15mm hit the sweet spot. x50 mag. I am in light polluted skies bortle 5 so I think it's just a case of the seeing conditions. When you get a good night no moon good seeing conditions and try different eyepieces of various magnifications you will see it mutch better, when I have viewed it on good nights it looked like a smoke ring or polo mint one of my favourite objects.
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    A warm welcome to SGL
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    A warm welcome to SGL
  13. I have just read through it again and it tells you every step to measuring the spider to backing off the 3 collimating screws holding the secondary with your hand while backing off the centre screw, making sure you see a perfect circle of the mirror and equal distance all around it. Nipping up the centre screw not too hard. Take the piece of paper paper blocking the primary now adjust the 3 collimating screws so all the mirror clips are in the view the same amount. That's it secondary is done as long as you don't drop or bang the tube this will stay in place. Now follow the primary mirror instructions and your done. The 3 collimation screws you need to back one off tighten another at the end make sure all 3 screws are nipped up and the centre screw and that's it, seems hard now once you have done it it's like riding a bike.
  14. Try this it will make things easier did with me. http://www.schlatter.org/Dad/Astronomy/collimate.htm
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