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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Eagle Creek does not work now have to go here http://web.archive.org/web/20170419050003/http://astronomy.eaglecreekobservatory.org/doubles/
  2. wookie1965

    Gazing Doubles - Live Report

    H 3934 ( SAO 0173 57) In Canis Major The Winter Albireo.
  3. wookie1965

    Short session

    No just stripped it and regreased it and set it up.
  4. wookie1965

    Short session

    Good spot thanks.
  5. wookie1965

    Short session

    As many of you know had loads of trouble with the mount sent it away to RVO who I am eternally grateful. Just a short seesion try the mount out more than anything as I have a small tear in my medial collateral ligament, tendonitis and inflammation so not very mobile. polar aligned after levelling mount Two star alignment using Castor and Dubhe NGC 457 first just a bit high and to the right brought that back in, M35 next bang in middle which is the theme of all of them. NGC 2158 which I am sure is M44 ( The Beehive) lots of lovely stars. Over to Monoceros. M50 very open cluster. Thought I would give it a challenge so went for Beta Mon ( SAO 1333 16) easily split this triple with my 8mm BST. Finished off on M42 4 stars in the trapezium. All I can say is a big thank you to RVO everything was bang in the middle if I could jump for joy I would of done.
  6. wookie1965

    Lighter sights !

    Was freezing here but cloudy went out every half hour preying for clear skies. Nothing at 1am so turned in. some great doubles there I suspect I could not split some of them.
  7. wookie1965

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Well I will not be there waiting have an op so no use booking then getting a date, plus had MRI on my knee doc thought I had torn ligaments had a letter this morning he wants to see me discuss results not looking to good.
  8. wookie1965

    Southern views.

    Im sure I have them somewhere but my south has very limited viewing with the street light. Cloudy and rain here want try the mount out now its back.
  9. wookie1965

    Bright sights, cold night.

    At least you got out for a bit great drawings as usual another set to add to my lists.
  10. wookie1965

    Heads up ! Starcount !

    I could see the 10 main stars and 5 on the outskirts 2 being in the bow. My son said he could see 21 with a few near the sword and above the belt stars.
  11. Another cracker is the Garnet Star, Mu Cephei in the constellation Cepheus varing in brightness from magnitudes 5.0 to 3.7. Give that a look.
  12. Fabulous star one of my favourite stars I revisit whenever I can.
  13. wookie1965

    Cold , but very light night !

    Clear as a bell here early on Orion looked brilliant could see the nebula by eye, Leo was spectacular. later on the sky brightened seeing was not as good only wish my mount was back I`m missing all this. Great sketches Nick gives the likes of us novices a guide as what we should see going to same place.
  14. wookie1965

    Stoking the passion !

    I cannot wait get outside again just waiting for get the mount back.
  15. wookie1965

    Deep sky fest !

    Brilliant Nick great sketches as usual I am lucky I have the said book to peruse just waiting for my mount to come back. Even if it was I would not have been able to go out it was blowing a gale no way of keeping the mount steady in that.

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