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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. wookie1965

    Equinox 120 opens up the sky !

    Looks the same as the one in this post. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/323935-barlowdiagonaleyepieces/?tab=comments#comment-3533462
  2. wookie1965

    Equinox 120 opens up the sky !

    I am about to buy a vixen 10mm on this reports review.
  3. wookie1965


    PM sent thanks.
  4. wookie1965


    Can I have the vixen 10mm please.
  5. wookie1965

    What has experience taught me?

    Many a time I have wanted pack up and sell up through different things not being able find objects other people said were easy when I first started. A mount even now does not play ball but I'm sure it's me not the mount and buying equipment which does not turn out to be what you wanted. I cannot stress enough the help off this site has been invaluable as a few who have stepped up and helped me with my mount a scope but more importantly experience. Nothing can beat dark skies for deep sky stuff but if you live and view from light polluted areas change your viewing habits clusters and double and multi star systems are just as enthralling as a Galaxy from home.
  6. wookie1965

    Why can't i see M51

    I live not far from you I have never seen M51 from home only ever seen M1 once you definitely need dark skies see it. M81 and M82 I can get in my 4" refractor but M51 even in the 8" eludes me.
  7. wookie1965

    Equinox 120 opens up the sky !

    Wow that 120 pulls no punches great list, I would like to know what the lowest I could split. Cloudy here once again some clear patches so used my bins all I could do.
  8. wookie1965

    Celestron AVX

    I will have a look into that thanks.
  9. wookie1965

    Celestron AVX

    The HEQ5 might be a bit heavy for me, I have had loads of problems with the EQ5 I thought a change of supplier may help.
  10. wookie1965

    Celestron AVX

    I have a Skywatcher EQ5 mount but I know from quite a few people that the AVX mount is super accurate. There is only one thing letting it down as I use long fracs I have a extension so the scope does not catch the tripod legs Has anyone made one or know of a way to make for a AVX mount please.
  11. Brilliant I was reading about this yesterday with the intention of viewing it last night but fate had other ideas. Great capture.
  12. wookie1965

    Andromeda challenges.

    Brilliant Nick some great doubles as usual to add to my ever growing lists. The sketches makes it much easier to know your in the right place.
  13. wookie1965

    M33, Trapezium E&F, Plus Doubles!

    Great report I've only recently seen M33 and that was at a dark sky site never seen it from my back garden ever. I go for the doubles from home and clusters no use going for deep sky stuff.
  14. wookie1965

    Blasted foot!

    M13 is in Hercules, The great globular cluster. M51 is in Canes Venatici The Whirlpool Galaxy for future reference, the amount of times I've kicked a tripod leg and had to restart again. Anoying to say the least when your having a great session.

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