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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. For astrophotography everyone says mount mount mount I would buy a book called (Every photon counts) you can then decide better.
  2. Took me two days first time I gave up first day did it the next after reading and rereading how too's. When I got my 200p completely stripped it cleaned the mirror flocked it did the secondary mirror mod put it all back together, collimated it in 10 minutes tops just takes practice.
  3. Thank you Nick once again cannot wait to try it out pity it's cloudy and forecast is not looking good for the weekend.
  4. Thank you everyone cannot wait give it a whirl thank you all for the advice. If I get the shadow right and see the sun does anyone know what to do on the handset (EQ5 goto) Synscan to track the sun please.
  5. Yessss just turned up 6 o'clock last minute. Sun try coming out try give it a whirl.
  6. I used them send my mount off to Damian only took two days get there and the same coming back don't understand why taking so long. Think the delivery up to 6pm if they do better get a move on.
  7. Good news of a sort seller txt back said posted with Hermes and I should have email with tracking number I don't he supposed to have checked and it is "out for delivery" said Hermes takes 3 days we will see.
  8. I did check him out before handing money over and see he has other items for sale. Despite this not replied to my email and now a txt still no wedge today postman been and gone, I emailed yesterday asking how he posted it either with royal mail signed for or tracked either of the last two I would of done with this item. So I'm still waiting if he posted Monday should of been here today.
  9. He hasn't even answered me I do try see the good in people. I suppose it could get it tomorrow see if he gets back to me.
  10. Well not turned up today getting a bit worried as fella said pay by friends and family through PayPal. Sent me email Sunday saying all parcelled up ready for posting Monday. I have posted stuff before signed for turned up next day. I have emailed him ask how he posted especially since charged me a fiver for special delivery. Am I being fussy.
  11. Brilliant it is one of my favourite objects I keep going back to it. Well done it helps when you know what you a going to see rather than apps that show you a distorted view.
  12. Try your 20mm first then you could barlow your 25 or 26 see which gives you the best view.
  13. I wouldn't go so high it is not that bright to much mag darkens the view you wont see it, go for 15mm to 18mm better views then. I have looked at it with an 8mm but that was in a 6" reflector.
  14. Without collimation screws rather difficult you could shim the prism maybe centering it, if that is possible.