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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Try this cheaper.
  2. Wow look at that sky I've not been out for 10 weeks had an hour that's it.
  3. Is there anyone that is coming able to strip my EQ5 and take as much backlash as possible out please.
  4. Printed hoping for clear skies want to view M51 and the Leo trio if possible.
  5. Printed off and in my folder all ready.
  6. I'm going whatever the weather always glean new information and meet new people even if you don't see anything, I have gained loads of knowledge at other meets without which I would not be enjoying this hobby as much.
  7. Orion for me if I could see it cloudy here.
  8. Book marked thanks Nick.
  9. I'm bringing jaffa cakes and a bottle of bushmills just to warm my cockles šŸ˜‹
  10. Wish I had known got a bottle in shed.
  11. Cracking report I havnt had a chance get out since had mount back properly.
  12. I have my paper ready to start sketching just need clear skies great report from a frac lover using a reflector. I'm going to try and use my Tal then the 8 inch on same objects and see the difference, obviously have to take into consideration the seeing.
  13. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Looking at the video looks like camping is near the yurts.
  15. Get yourself some heat holder socks really keep your feet toasty great report at least someone is getting some views.