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    A Meade LXD55 127 F9 refractor a Tal 100rs refractor EQ5 GOTO Mount, , UHC filter, Sissy Hass, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. I will have to have a go at Antares see if I can split it.
  2. I fitted the Lacerta to my 200p when I had it the improvement was brilliant, really helped with the focus especially bringing out clusters M13 was amazing.
  3. This scope is nearly identical to my Meade 127mm EMC it goes on my EQ5 very well if this helps anybody thinking of purchasing it. Really lovely scope and a bargain to boot.
  4. Hi Dave, Well it looks really good I know you can get those Berlebach ones and I would need a more substantial tripod to carry the EQ5 and the Meade 127mm but it would be lighter than the EQ6 Tripod I have now. Paul
  5. I do keep notes but not to a great extent date object mostly what I have seen and which scope but I really should add what eyepiece I used. I should look up the objects and write interesting facts down.
  6. Love those tripods love one of those for my EQ5.
  7. 2" Semi apo filter thank you Harv. Now let's see what I can spot with this in now. Paul
  8. Was that on the Ioptron AZ Pro with the Tal?
  9. This is embarrassing I saw a post a couple of days ago about 3d printed polar caps I said I needed one of those. As I am on some pretty strong pain killers (Oxycodone) and I have a chest infection, I'm not compus mentis. I had a pm from a fellow sgler who said they would make and send me one all good. Thought it was strange I had been messaging two different names but didn't think much of it. That was until today when the post turned up with two parcels no big deal as I was expecting a parcel from ebay and the polar cap. Well to say shocked is a understatement I now have 2 red
  10. As you know I never got my kit out as forecast was bad and you saw the sky well look what happened took through my Galaxy S10 and a pair of solar glasses.
  11. Well that forecast has changed I note Clear Outside hasn't.
  12. Woke up to this let's hope it holds
  13. John I said exactly the same I have blue skies here I cannot believe its going to change so much in 24 hours.
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