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    A Meade LXD55 127 F9 refractor a Tal 100rs refractor EQ5 GOTO Mount, , UHC filter, Sissy Hass, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Hi where did you get that case from please one of those would reduce my 3 down to one thank you.
  2. wookie1965


    A warm welcome to SGL
  3. It's 287g so with packaging not sure I would have to do that then weigh it again. PM me your address please I will take it to the post office and see how much it will cost tomorrow.
  4. It is 11" long and you can have it. I was sent it from a SGL member when I got a EQ6 Tripod but it didn't fit. All the best Paul
  5. wookie1965


    A warm welcome to SGL
  6. Thick end looks to be M12 whereas the other end is just shy of M10 as you can see the spreader plate needs a tidy up.
  7. wookie1965

    Hi everyone!

    A warm welcome to SGL
  8. I have a bar in the shed spare I will get it out tomorrow take a picture and check the size see if it would be any use plus I have a spare spreader off a EQ5,HEQ5 mount.
  9. Doug I didn't want to say anything but I knew you would have kicked yourself if you had sold it I bought a ironing chair cut the legs down to the right height for me to put my feet flat on the floor I also bought one of these for when it's lower.
  10. That's it I thought when I wrote it that doesn't sound right I have been up since 3.30am after going bed at 12am my mind is not thinking straight.
  11. It's called PAE (periodic error alignment) it is in the handset user manual it does help, I have used it on a couple of objects at the beginning of my night and then everything is in the FOV your very welcome.
  12. I know that "johninderby" is correct because I have done it with my EQ5 mount on a EQ6tripod.
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