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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. wookie1965

    Easy comet !

    Brilliant Nick which part of the sky is it in see if I can get it be a shame miss out.
  2. wookie1965

    Stunning Summer haul.

    Probably won't get that with my light pollution but I will give it a go with the 8" never get it in the 4" Thanks for that.
  3. wookie1965

    Comet Panstarrs S3 - another outburst

    Will have to find co-ordinates for this get it on the goto.
  4. wookie1965

    M57 and small fuzzies

    I admire your dedication I am visual only so to take all those images to stack is a real accomplishment.
  5. wookie1965

    A Start On Doubles With New Dob

    There are quite a few doubles in Hercules a constellation to bag some. Don`t forget look at M92 gets missed with the great cluster there but its a fantastic glob especially in the 10 Inch.
  6. wookie1965

    M57 and small fuzzies

    M57 is one of my favorite objects nice capture on the central star.
  7. wookie1965

    Stunning Summer haul.

    Clouded out here very disappointed had a few targets wanted to try. I was going to look for the coathanger asterism I did not know 4 vul was in there. Going write these down as well cracking drawings as usual I have saved them.
  8. wookie1965

    A spot of darkness

    Great report half the stuff I have not seen I need to go to a dark site.
  9. wookie1965

    Some Messiers and Heritage 130p first light

    I've had all of the BST'S I use the 25mm now as my scanning eyepiece.
  10. wookie1965

    Delphinus gems.

    I am copying them did not go out last night as it is granddaughters birthday today so we are up early planning a barbecue and entertainment for quite a few children. Thank you for posting Nick
  11. wookie1965

    Meade LXD55 AR5 rebuild / resurrection

    No well can adjust 4 screws at back but just makes it worse.
  12. wookie1965


    There must be someone on here can help me.
  13. wookie1965

    Dark Wales Bonanza !

    Half of that stuff I have not even seen in a scope especially M51 I must get to a dark site. Great report Nick you describing the milkyway has me jealous.
  14. wookie1965


    A very good friend has said he has a S/W focuser I can have for the Meade 127 F9.3 Achromatic but I will need an adapter. This is the one just had email back from Agena Astro and they have none in stock. https://agenaastro.com/antares-m120-crayford-focuser-adapter.html Is there anyone out there knows a different supplier or could make one of these please.
  15. wookie1965

    Teflon strips

    Thank you I am sorted now.

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