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    A Meade LXD55 127 F9 refractor a Tal 100rs refractor EQ5 GOTO Mount, , UHC filter, Sissy Hass, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Got these last night with my phone as where the comet is I cannot see it from my observing position.
  2. It's frustrating when things don't go right and I know from experience. You need to go through the same steps every time. Level the tripod. Add the mount. Polar align Add weights and Scope Check polar alignment. Choose either 2 or 3 star alignment after putting in your co ordinate's and time and date. Go to your first star it won't be in fov use your finderscope, telrad or red dot finder to centre it now check your eyepiece centre it in that pressing right and up last. Go to second star this should be in fov or very near do same as before. Now either go to a object or to 3rd star, if you go to a object and it is slightly off press ESC once the press again but hold it in the object you have gone to will now be displayed and it will say centre object do the same as the alignment stars and finish with right and up keys. Goto your next object this should now be in the centre of the fov. Keep calm and once you have done these steps a few times it will become second nature and you can enjoy your sessions. I had exactly same problem as you I can now do a session just on double stars and hit every one. Good luck.
  3. I have a couple of new books read through double stars mostly
  4. Thank you Mark could not of done it without your skill with a lathe. Paul
  5. Thank you very much really appreciate that, it has been a Labour of love with help from this marvelous forum.
  6. A very kind SGL`er made me a proper centre bolt and I have tarted up the tripod and bits what do people think.
  7. I thought I had not seen any posts by you Shane great to see you back . Paul
  8. A Warm welcome to SGL
  9. Wear a eye patch on your non viewing eye that way you can leave both eye's open much more relaxed viewing.
  10. My first Scope was a skywatcher 150p and that is the only one I have ever seen 6 star's in the trapezium, I never saw it in my 8inch or with both of my refractors, saying that when I did see them I had a pristine night I've not had one that good since with the lamp outside my viewing position The 150 is a very capable scope.
  11. My Meade 127mm had a terrible focuser on it a friend gave me a Skywatcher dual focuser that needed tweaking. I also needed a an adaptor to make it fit. I contacted Mark at Moonraker He said send the old and new focusers and plenty of measurements and diagrams and he would see what he could do. He rang me about how much infocus I had to make sure the skywatcher would work properly said the Meade focuser was it out of a lucky bag and said he would look at the skywatcher focuser. 6 weeks later rang me all finished with a price he had made the adaptor araldited the focuser in the adaptor and told me he had tweaked the focuser told me there was a ballbearing missing and a couple of small grub screws. Sent it back to me I put it on and the view was terrible took the whole thing to Peter Drew brilliant bloke he looked through it and said I know exactly whats wrong the two pieces of glass at the front had been swapped around. He took it apart and they where swapped them did a star test on a artificial star and it was bob on, I brought it home checked collimation and it was collimated to perfection I was lucky I guess.
  12. The biggest scope I've looked through is a 22" at M51 and what a sight it was. I had a lovely 8" reflector which I should never of parted with it was very good at getting fainter objects. I only ever used it at meets so 2/3 times a year good for deep sky. I have two refractors a Tal 100rs and s Meade 127 5" these you can get out even if the sky not that clever these punch through. Double stars, multiple stars and cluster's even from light polluted sky's is why I have them plus planets look like marbles and stars look pin sharp.
  13. This what I have to put up with complained to the council they put a shield on this is the result , not worth a carrot
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