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    Tropical fish, Astronomy. skywatcher 200p a Tal 100rs EQ5 GOTO Mount, moon filter, UHC filter,Turn left at Orion, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Collimation

    There is a YouTube video about collimation and updrade using a PTFE washer type in astronomyshed collimation shows you secondary holder with indents in that's why keeps slipping back in position.
  2. Looks like I`m going to Billinge hill as I can see horizon from there luckily I have got a marine battery now so will have power.
  3. Ar2671 with my wedge

    Thanks Stu not too shabby with a smartphone and adaptor. Next purchase a DSLR have wait until my birthday next year.
  4. Ar2671 with my wedge

    Took these around dinner time.
  5. A fly around

    I could see Ursa minor by eye if that helps.
  6. A fly around

    Set up at 10pm looking very good, took 8 inch out as sky was that clear. Two star alignment Altair and Mirach. First M57 just to check alignment there it was bang in the middle using 25mm x40 dropped down to the 15mm x66looked even better tried the UHC filter but think it looked better without it. M92 this is a fabulous cluster much forgotten but well worth a look with the 12mm x83 in could start seeing stars pinging out at me. Cygnus now and try for the Veil 25mm x40 with UHC NGC 6992 and there it was now a trick Nick showed me dial in NGC 6995 and watch the loop through the eyepiece as it finds it great to watch. NGC 6826 wow first time this and its as it says like blinking its there then look straight at it and it goes amazing. 61 Cygni lovely double twin yellow A lovely long Meteor streaked through about 10.40 ish. 31 and 30 Cygni easily split first orange with a green blue companion 30 I could not see that`s companion. Σ2666 lovely colourful pair yellow and blue had to use a 8mm x125 but managed it. A quick look at one I had not seen Theta Sagittae lovely triple described in my bok as twin white with a grey dot but I could of sworn there was a yellowish tinge and a pale blue. Aquila next tried for NGC 6741 (Phantom streak) but it eluded me. NGC 6790 could see a blueish mass NGC 6807 white blob but still saw it. A few open clusters NGC 6709,6738,6755 and 6756 needed more mag for this one. M17 Swan Nebula hazy with the UHC M11 wild duck this is a fabulous cluster a bit more mag brings out sparkling stars. IC 4756 in Serpens (Graffs Cluster) a first for me this is a lovely cluster plenty of colour. Andromeda next went to NGC 7662 (Blue Snowball) and looks better in a bigger scope 36 Andromedae nice yellow twins A bit of Mag needed. Looking through notes saw (Ghost of the moon) NGC 6718 I was delighted to see this. M15 cracking globular cluster. The double cluster NGC 869 and 884 looked brilliant last night. went for Caroline`s Rose NGC 7789 I had missed it few nights ago with the Tal I know why now had the 25mm in and thought I had missed it again but could just see a patch upped the Mag and wow this is gorgeous. Beginning of night missed Saturn as it had gone behind some trees. tried M31 this looked a whole lot better whether it was the seeing or bigger scope I dont know. Last on my list was Uranus and Neptune. Uranus first and hidden behind houses at the back of me Neptune next and I was delighted to see a pale blue dot at X125 I was made up. All in all a very fruitful night.
  7. Stunning clear night.

    Great report Nick some fine doubles there must try them in the Tal and after last night with the 8" got some great sights last night. As usual you have added more objects to my lists thanks.
  8. Observing in the summer

    Try M92 in Vega M15 in Pegasus and NGC 7789 (Caroline`s Rose) In Cassiopeia, cracking objects this time of year.
  9. new AR2671, is looking very nice today. 15-8-17

    Cloudy here supposed be clearing up later hope to get kit out.
  10. Mains Power to EQ5 Motors

    Now that I did not know I was assuming it was the same as the 12v.
  11. Mains Power to EQ5 Motors

    I was told drew 1amp why slewing so its well worth having a couple of amps in reserve especially for a good session.
  12. Mains Power to EQ5 Motors

    My EQ5 is 12v Just check yours I have looked on FLO and they dont appear to have any 6v power supplies which makes me suspicious. I was told it was down to amperage when i looked for one for mine nI went for a 5amp one as I would run a dew heater off it as well. If you are running just the mount it needs tip positive 6v 3amps should suffice.
  13. Cracking shots Danny
  14. Meteor Showers

    I was out until 1 am I saw 5 a couple with long tails really pleased usually see nothing.
  15. Refractor choice?

    Having only had two refactors I am no expert, I can only give my honest opinion on what I view. But your right everyone is going to say different scopes are better I could get a 120ed and think its amazing, unless you could line them all up and look through each one and its different strokes for different folks.