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  1. I use SAO numbers most of the time got mine from Eagle Creek. I use Sissy Haas I have written the numbers in there. Having a book with them in will be a bonus thanks. I have just sent for one from Amazon £20 used but in very good condition. Cheers Paul
  2. Which edition of Cambridge have you got. I have this one which doesn't have the SAO numbers in.
  3. Great doing doubles especially this time of year.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POWERLINK-8-pin-DIN-MK2-3-Speaker-Cable-FULLY-WIRED-for-BEOLAB-BANG-OLUFSEN-B-O-/292241548900?nav=SEARCH I bought one of these for my EQ5
  5. I have never seen M101 or M51 from home even though according to S@N magazine it is a binocular object. Go for clusters and doubles that`s what I do from home now leave galaxy hunting until go to really dark sky places. Go for M57 the ring nebula in Lyra that is very achievable I have seen it many times M13 and M92 both lovely clusters in Hercules.
  6. As above could be seeing or collimation. My first scope was the 150p I easily split the double double with a BST 12mm. I have seen the ice caps on Mars the cassini division in Saturn's rings and E and F stars in the Trapezium in Orion. It is a brilliant scope I had a friend flock the inside for me as I was a Newby after that I flocked a 200p. As people have said double check everything leave to cool longer this does help and persevere.
  7. I've not been out in months due to health reasons and getting my mount fixed now I'm ready to get out this weather is the pits.
  8. Booked Friday and Saturday Paul
  9. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=149177
  10. This is mine when I had my 200p on the mount very rarely went near legs except pointing straight overhead which I did not do after it caught the legs once. If you have android download this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RapidoDroid.synscaninit2&gl=GB
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-AC-DC-CCTV-Power-Supply-Adaptor-12V-5-Amp-Charger-for-CCTV-Camera-UK-PLUG/323088476689?hash=item4b3992ea11&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVvM6ZsVnoDik5HX%2FMP%2BxkrZOvN4hzfwLCq7wUwzYVWAlFRlrRN5XbbpqvRm9oG3lASrxHl0YgUvJIXnnrIjqm3tb6AD%2BTjbiN5Z%2Bx0ywRAdvqtXQNXK26FUqkC0Z80Aq4e0DHKWStX2KaV9AP%2BTUM9CC5NMyv2Hf5hl1r%2Fldvg3nIKLFHNaNlyXNY0lw0JrN7WhNOPgS5jztbMSJ4EoGagetfQW%2FVhm3D8WaBkSZzhy6XCwkzQAwl5QQqDomMLuGCYwZ6TaLwGLQrgpX%2BMO2N%2Bb%2FgaTc8w9%2BavczEl1BD5C4ec1c%2BpM9DnUXGix6MQ23lWoEdWQD5ENH82aZN74lLvceE8BNJoHyVePx1pqrBHk3SkErxnSXoRkpCjVQTMUNgyjoE2nawW765y8LOBPpv9WIpTciEkSYXwoNu1foIb213aC09H7YJmSjb20zyfRZ2lriFXWmaPssy%2FSba%2B2J0MS%2Bl3W%2BFODr2R9RARnwS6hohvlqcQ2NgLq7XLUXw6Qg7E%2Boid7Y5bmmjUiEEmlG5WZkkvmNJ064OugjCuORDFGw0pTpep4qk9Nf9Q4sp5%2FkbEPPzrBcnPqGXpWYeEzHbGQ21wm0LpPpom28JOa88rsXKoOvzR8Zniu3xuW7CfBQ0Ih2j4j2HSl14SZO0z3DoNJiqhNJds%2F8RIsDzVp%2BkDJzGgLPN4z0y3FTrrkS77oXOHCXC309a7wBG7L1qBo%2B%2FCnMhtKsfsHjGZjvV70PJWixPjwA2NdRBoF053MedD6yuMZvd%2BGQqNUYc90qOxvgTFqRw%2B0Tma7VmTiy7iLozCues3p%2B7NPBeYJeR3vBzyWtj0I%2FuDuqnVY04KkYF%2BwhAeOvGfgDfVtVzpHL0MQJ2CG6oe3l%2FIWG%2B3qPQzM2AvNHG3GZdOzWN1vpycutEqQM0xWZZ%2F%2Bt9IQOmeWs3NJKJRIq0k3OfQsE1wPnEOL0E7U6M9vvEp7VsAVTljE8HxE4a0g%3D%3D&checksum=3230884766895702556f8fd64e1bb78cde4d1b30b239 I use this power supply for my EQ5 had no problems
  12. I have just been reading through some targets you sent me in Canes Venatici and lo and behold you done a report. I keep going back to this constellation for M51 to see if I can get a glimpse through my scopes.(No luck yet) I see that 8" is performing brilliant again. Rain here massive thunderstorm about 6pm then sun come out then back to thick cloud and rain.
  13. I have seen one of these in action brilliant mounts only problem I see is if you use long fracs like me. I need a extension on my EQ5 mount to clear the tripod legs. If this could be addressed I would seriously consider getting one.
  14. I had the 150p on a eq3-2 mount which to be honest was still a bit shakey I ended up getting the HEQ5 tripod to make it steadier. As they say the mount is everything the 150p is a great scope though let me know when your set up I will give you a few things to enhance the viewing. Paul
  15. You cannot beat a dark sky, I have light pollution I was lucky enough go to Galloway last winter, Friday night was no good but Saturday was a dream the stuff you can see by eye is amazing and deep sky stuff even with my 5" Refractor was superb.
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