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    A Meade LXD55 127 F9 refractor a Tal 100rs refractor EQ5 GOTO Mount, , UHC filter, Sissy Hass, Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo Edition.
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  1. Great resource Nick thanks.
  2. You can put a Barlow in then the laser and can check it that way you will see the primary mirror and can centre it doesn't matter if the laser is out a bit.
  3. I've had 2 laser collimators the first although I dug the gunge out where the screws were and could adjust it it never would collimate. I threw it in the bin got a new one that was miles out but managed get that collimated. So don't rely on the laser collimator I only used it to do the Barlow method. I used a Cheshire/Sight tube.
  4. Well I have got the moon and this was just a forecast which was wrong I`ve got 80% cloud now.
  5. 30% cloud going up to 40% at 8pm so I'm not sure whether to set up or not.
  6. I have 10 x 42`s and they are brilliant easy see Orion`s nebula plus the trapezium, double cluster all Auriga`s clusters so in a dark site see so much more May even be able take a lightweight tripod.
  7. If you are riding your bike I would go for a good pair of binoculars easier to carry. Otherwise you will need a small set up I small refractor with a easy to carry mount and a couple of eyepieces.
  8. I have looked at that but as I would go March or October making use of the darker nights 6 amp EHU is not enough I need to run a heater for the tent and then he mount it would be tripping. I was looking at this one https://www.hadrianswallcampsite.co.uk/Home/TheCampsite
  9. I am going have to visit there then sounds like a great place to camp and do some Astronomy.
  10. I'm hoping to bring both my scopes the Meade 5" and the Tal 100rs depends on room.
  11. Great Nick and I are next to each other double stars here we come.
  12. I have this to contend with so I made a shade 2nd photo but that completely blocks my view south I`m now in the process of making a hood to go over the lamp then take it off when I have finished.
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