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  1. sloz1664

    Dehumidifier finally died

    I purchased an EcoAir DD122-Mini desiccant dehumidifier, together with a separate Humidistat and this has worked faultlessly for over two years. I've set the Humidistat to come on at >60% and switch off at <58%. Steve
  2. sloz1664

    A dream come true

    Great project & excellent build. As others have said. you will love your Pulsar dome. I do and I had to wait until I was 60 before I got mine. Steve
  3. sloz1664

    Hello From Bristol. UK

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  4. sloz1664

    Hello All

    Hi Chris and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  5. sloz1664

    Hello from England

    Hi Dave and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Wow what a superb set-up. The 12” Officina Stellare Corrected Dall-Kirkham is my dream scope. Steve
  6. sloz1664

    EQ8 semi permanent installation

    There are members out there that have EQ6 Pro setups - semi permanent and permanent. The EQ8 tripod is built substantially stronger and more rigid than the EQ6. So I would say yes. Steve
  7. sloz1664


    Hi Gregory and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  8. sloz1664

    Trius 694 dropping out

    I believe the SX cameras are supported natively in MaximDL Steve
  9. sloz1664

    HEQ5 Synscan Pro issue

    Hi Andreas, A very warm welcome to the Lounge. As Cornelius stated, contact your Vendor. Do not try to fix it yourself as it will invalidate your warranty. Steve
  10. sloz1664

    AZ-EQ6 Dec belt has snapped

    If you buy the belts from reputable companies like Beltingonline or HPC Gears you can order glass reinforced belts. These will not break, they are industrial quality and withstand thousands of RPM and many hundreds of hours of working life. The biggest danger for timing belts is "not enough tension" This causes the belts to slip, damaging the belt teeth and eventually rendering it useless. Steve
  11. sloz1664

    Atik 460 upgrade??

  12. sloz1664

    14" EDGE HD Scope endless issues

    That dome is a work of art. Any Tinsmith would be proud of the quality of workmanship involved in making it. Regards dust....You cannot eliminate it, however hard you try. All you can do is clean the best you can, without damaging any optics and, as all have explained, use flats. Steve
  13. sloz1664

    Must be something simple

    Hi Mick, Have a look at your fits header. that will give you the information you seek on whether the images are binned or not. Steve
  14. That is a really good image. The good thing is the Moon pops up quite regular. So another attempt is in the reckoning. Steve
  15. sloz1664

    Crescent_Moon_2081011 and Jupiter

    Lovely shots, in what looks a lovely location. Steve

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