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  1. sloz1664

    A distant Mars!

    Fabulous image Avanti Steve
  2. Thanks Gina, It's still working as well as it did from day one. The phase two stage - Automating the shutter has been more of a head scratcher. Hoping to start this next spring. Watch this space Steve
  3. sloz1664

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    I you want to automate your Dome at some point in the future, have a look at my DIY automation project, for any pointers:- Steve
  4. sloz1664

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    It may not look outrageously fast but on a sudden stop inertia kicks in, which could cause damage to the dome. Steve
  5. sloz1664

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    That is a bit too quick in my opinion. When I automated my dome the consensus was for one rotation every 45 - 60 seconds or roughly 1 rpm. Steve
  6. sloz1664

    HELP !!!!! USB Trouble

    Hi Rodd, this not uncommon for usb's to not be read by your pc/laptop. Do you have another pc; laptop, tv or any device that recognises pen drives. This should check that both pen drives are being recognised or not. Pen drives can get corrupted if you disconnect whilst they are running. This could brick them, so best to only disconnect when all data transfer has finished. It could certainly be the laptop. I have had many a pen drive not recognised by the computer. If that's the case, check out this link :- Steve
  7. sloz1664

    IC1396 HOORGB

    Cricky, that's a close-up Carole. Some nice detail & lovely reds. Just check your Top and R/H borders, they could do with a slight crop though. Steve
  8. sloz1664

    First narrow band Esprit 100

    That's a lovely image, with great detail and nicely processed. Steve
  9. sloz1664

    New Obsy in the making

    Like it, anything to ease the work load is good in my book. I'd certainly look at incorporating a garage door motor to open and close the roof, in the future. But, first I would want to be in there observing and imaging. Have you had any time using the Obsy for imaging? Steve
  10. That's one mighty fine video and well worth the time and effort you have put into it. I hope you did a spot of fishing whilst you were there Steve
  11. sloz1664

    My Grand Tour of the Solar System 2018

    Wow, what a fabulous collection of images. Steve
  12. sloz1664

    Mars Neptune conjuction and a sneaky Uranus

    Nice images Neil. Planetary isn't really my thing. But, I'm putting the Tal on soon and I may sneak a pic or two of planetary Steve
  13. Hi Reggie, that is a great image. Yes I love the bluish hue of Neptune. It's hard to think it's 2.7 billion miles away Steve
  14. sloz1664

    3D Printers

    Wow! 3D printing is coming on leaps and bounds. Equipment to print that 10 years ago would have cost 10's of thousands of pounds Steve

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