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  1. Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  2. I had to remove the 2" clamp from the focuser and replace it with a T2 threaded plate, a std unit you can purchase from Baader, This helped to reduce the back focus by a further 10mm. Still rather tight though. I persevered with the Tal Crayford for longer than I should have. I was getting inconsistent results from the auto focuser, I tried in vain to buy a Crawmach focuser but they didn't seem interested as they never responded to my emails.
  3. I image with my Tal 200K and have recently changed to a Baader diamond steeltrack SCT focuser and this adaptor. Be very wary that the back focus is limited. I am using the SX mini filter wheel, incorporating the off axis guider and an Atik 460, and it is very tight. I've had to fettle a little to get it all to focus, with only 4mm of focus movement left to play with. steve
  4. I had a large hornets nest in a villa I was renting in France. After discussions with locals in the village the fire brigade came out and removed it. I was surprised how big hornets were as I'd never seen them until then.
  5. Hi Jaydee, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  6. sloz1664

    And another one!

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  7. Hi Nigella, I have a white pulsar dome and had the same problem. The gel coating on these domes is quite thick, so I used T-cut to scour the oxidised top layer, to bring up the colour and gave it a coat of car wax to give it some sort of seal There are specialised treatments you can use. I certainly wouldn't paint it. Steve
  8. sloz1664

    Hi from Italy

    Hi Luca, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  9. Hi Matt and a very warm welcome to the Lounge. Fabulous photo of the Milky Way, I loved the views from Teide. Cold though when you are used to the temps from down below. Steve
  10. Hi Alexandros and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  11. Hi Gordon The limit switches will be identical, the difference is how they are wired. If in doubt with the wiring, ring the suppliers, they will put you right. Yep blame the builder Fabulous build btw and keep the eye candy coming... Steve
  12. Well Steve after your two week apprenticeship you are now classed as an IT expert I agree Win 7 for me, as I have lived and breathed this software after the disastrous Windows Vista. Although I'm amiable with Win 10, like yourself, the thought of transferring over to it fills me with dread. Glad to see you have finally got it up and running. Now you need another hard drive with a backup of a backup of a backup of the backup of a backup.......you get my drift... Steve
  13. Hi Andy and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  14. Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge I certainly would like to know where the Great Man's telescopes have gone. Steve
  15. you could use an adjustable spacer to get the perfect distance. Baader Varilock Steve
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