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  1. sloz1664


    £30k for the sensor Anyone want a couple of kidneys......
  2. sloz1664

    issues with star adventurer clutch mount

    Welcome to the Lounge Abdul and glad to see your problem solved Steve
  3. sloz1664

    Hi from a newbie

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge. Also, very nice images and congratulations on your first steps into astro photography Steve
  4. That's exactly what I used to do when I first ventured into astro photography.Ii used to set-up and tear down every session. So on cloudy days and nights I used run dummy imaging sessions to fine tune my methods so I could confidently set-up in the dark and be imaging sooner. Steve
  5. sloz1664

    Boo.. (waving)

    Hi Pete and a very warm welcome back to the Lounge Steve
  6. sloz1664

    Hi all you stargazers

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ is a good start for second hand equipment. Although getting this book:- https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html will help enormously into what's needed for AP. Steve
  7. You definitely need to fully calibrate your subs prior to any sort of processing. You didn't expand on how, what software and process you used to calibrate your images. regards imaging last night, well there was so much moisture in the air and combined with a bright blobby, it was very challenging. Steve
  8. sloz1664

    Sol 17-1-2019 Ha

    Wow, details amazing Steve and if the clear night skies keep diminishing even I may stray onto the "hot" side Steve
  9. sloz1664

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    That's a cracking image. Combining the Ha & red has really brought out the contrast & detail. Steve
  10. Great image Göran. Nice rich deep colours, without affecting the star colours and nicely processed. Steve
  11. sloz1664

    First lunar shot with a telescope

    Really nice, crisp and sharp image. Steve
  12. sloz1664

    Luna17-1-2019 IR642

    Yet another great image Steve.....still waiting to capture the squiggly, whirly things Steve
  13. sloz1664

    Luna 16-1-2019 IR642

    Really great shot Steve. I usually curse the big glowing thing in the sky as I'm after imaging the squiggly & whirly things in the sky Steve
  14. sloz1664

    1st Moon shot in years

    Great shot Francis and great to see ingenuity when most would give up as a bad job and not image at all. Steve
  15. sloz1664

    New to astrophotography

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  16. sloz1664

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  17. sloz1664

    Welcome from Sale

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  18. sloz1664

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    It's certainly on my wish list too Steve
  19. sloz1664

    Matter where LP filter is in train ?

    My LP filter is housed within my focuser unit so before my broadband & NB filters. Not had any issues yet. The plus point of adding the LP filter inside the focuser, is that it doesn't use any of the precious back focus distance. Steve
  20. Cricky that is tiny. My Altair Astro 80 Triplet looks like a Mother Ship compared to the Exp Sci. Steve
  21. sloz1664

    Orions Sword13-1-19

    Lovely widefield shot and well framed. Steve
  22. Lovely mono image and a nice mosaic as well. Steve
  23. sloz1664

    LDN 1622

    Two excellent images on a subject I'm unfamiliar with. LDN 1622 is now on my ever expanding list Steve
  24. sloz1664

    Small Mars, 9 Jan

    Nice images with some fine detail. I am woefully short on planetary imaging and will make a serious attempt this year. Steve

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