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  1. Enjoy a wee dram of that nice malt in the light of the full moon...
  2. Nice report, shows what the 150Heritage is capable of. Have a great New Year.
  3. The 300p Flextube GoTo has given me hours of great viewing of DSO,both bright an faint. On a wheeled platform it's very easy to move about. I reckon the slightly lower weight of the 250p isn't an advantage considering the loss of light gathering power, perhaps only the cheaper price.
  4. Nice report, will try the same order with the same scope...
  5. One simple thing that perhaps has been mentioned before but of great importance is the precise centering of alignment stars in the eyepiece. I use a high-ish power illuminated reticle eyepice and make sure the last adjustments are UP and RIGHT.
  6. Nice one! I was in Bella Vista also for the eclipse but the best skies were from San Pedro de Atacama, were Omega Centauri and Eta Carina through a 300 MM SCT were absolutely fantastic, so much detail never seen before.
  7. I also have a venerable LX10 and the Canon 450. I love this scope and I must say I'm basically a visual observer, so my imaging experience with the his set up has not been the best. Mainly I think due to the periodic error in the drive and the lack of a hand control to correct it by guiding. The accurate polar aligning is also an important factor difficult to achieve if, as in my case, the scope is not permanently mounted. But do persevere!
  8. I use a TalentCell Li Ion battery pack to drive a SW 300p GoTo and also the much smaller Az Gti. Works fine and is very small/lightweight. Took it with the Az Gti and Heritage 130p on the plane to the Atacama desert.
  9. I've just taken a Heritage 130 on a AZGTi to the Atacama desert for fab views of southern DSO's. Both fit in a cabin size bag with tripod in large suitcase in the hold.
  10. Thanks for sharing your image Jose. Will try to spot it when the moon fades.
  11. I've had an LX10 for 20 years now and still use it. Great scope. Pity the Magellan 1 on offer at Telescope house does not fit it, I don't know of other alternatives.
  12. My Heritage 130 works well on th AZGTi. I also use a Celestron WA80 short tube on it, and cameras of course.
  13. Good news indeed. I got hold of my first copy in 1959 as a young boy who wanted a telescope...
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