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  1. Very impressive, thanks for sharing.
  2. Amazing detail, thanks for sharing!
  3. I had exactly the same problem with my PST. Beloptick was able to re-contact the etalon and also replaced the ITF blocker filter: oliver.smie@beloptik.de Good luck!
  4. Try Oliver Smie of Beloptik, he's done work on my PST and hs filters: oliver.smie@beloptik.de
  5. Seen it once with a 300mm GoTo fro southern Andalucia. Very faint but discernible (just).
  6. Rarely, if ever, during observing except maybe when meteor-shower viewing and definitely no alcohol (said to impair night-vision?). But after a cold night's session perhaps a wee dram or two before retiring to bed...
  7. What a fantastic trip! I once had the chance of a quick visit to the Observatory and was lucky to see M13 through the great Clark Refractor, absolutely amazing! Very few of the newer scopes were around then.
  8. Hy Sid, welcome to the forum. I'm also based E of Malaga!
  9. Great Unitron ad! I had one along time ago, the 3" 142 EQ. Bought second hand but eventually had to sell it, wish I had kept it...
  10. Took my Heritage 135 OTA plus a AZ-GTi in my backpack to Chile, no problem. Just a bit heavy...
  11. yes, I caught these early this morning. Impressive.
  12. Great sketch, thanks for sharing.
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