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  1. Nice image and colour on the GRS,
  2. I have both, but the Cheshire is the one I use/trust all the time.
  3. Very nice. Hope to catch C 41P when down south in April.
  4. Hi Veronika, welcome!
  5. We've booked with ASTROTRAILS, a tour operator we've used on many eclipses before. The eclipse observing site will be near Shoshoni, Wisconsin. The tour will also visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and extensions to Kitt Peak and Lowell Observatories. Any one there also booked on this tour? Would be good to know. Marcio
  6. I really understand this collimation predicament, went through it myself when my Flextube arrived. I ended up getting a Cheshire collimating tool and leaving the laser alone. Made things a lot easier.AstroBaby's collimating tutorial was a great help, but her site is not up anymore, pity, wonder why. But there are others.
  7. Fantastic quality build. Well done!
  8. Welcome! And enjoy your SW 200p, a great scope.
  9. Great image, nice moon limb detail!
  10. Thanks for this link, very interesting site. As a young teenager I drooled over the Sky &Telescope adds for Unitrons until I was lucky enough to get a second hand 3" fl 1200mm Equatorial (model 142) for Christmas. Many years of pleasurable observing finding my way around stars and DSO's . Finally decided to sell it to someone who bought it during the Apollo Missions to take to a star party...wish I still had it.
  11. Nice sketch, and good notes too! Sketching is a great way to develop the ability to see fin detail in what you observe. Being mainly a visual rather than imager I should do more of it myself...started off with the sun in Halpha and also Jupiter is a nice target I plan to do more of.
  12. Hola from Andalucia, welcome!!
  13. We're going on the Astrotrails national parks eclipse tour, plus extension to the Arizona meteor crater and Kitt Peak observatory. Any one else on this tour?
  14. "On a clear night one can see forever!"

    1. jabeoo1


      Nice & true too.

    2. orion25


      So true, so true:icon_biggrin:

  15. Welcome to the forum!