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  1. Ceramus

    Viewing Total Solar Eclipse 2020 on a budget.

    We're booked to go to this year's eclipse (our 7th). Site is near Belle Vista, San Juan province Argentina on the eastern slopes of the Andes. Anyone booked to be there? Would be nice to meet! Not sure yet what to do for next year's but looks like being there again...all a matter of saving up for it!
  2. Ceramus

    AZGTi problems

    I usually north level align by finding Polaris and offsetting to NCP, level scope and then switch on to do two star alignment. Cross hair reticule EP does help.
  3. Ceramus

    Full Disk on 2/2/19

    Really fantastic rendering, awesome detail!
  4. The OTA Flextube folds down and can be transported in cabin sized bags. The dob mounting is another question. I can't see any way of dismantling it and it does not fit in any reasonable sized suitcases. As I plan to take mine to South America for this year's eclipse, I bought the Az-Gti mount (which will fit in cabin luggage) and tripod, which will have to go in the hold luggage. So the dob base stays behind...It makes a nice "grab-and-GoTo" combination.
  5. Ceramus

    Anybody else keep a written log?

    Sketching and keeping an observing log is an excellent way of keeping track of your experience and skill in observing (I'm mainly but not exclusively a visual buff). I'm into my 4th sketchbook/logbook and I also keep a HAlpha sun sketchbook of daily Obs.
  6. Ceramus

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Welcome Stacy, enjoy the forum and (hopefully) the still darkish sky of Andalucia.
  7. Ceramus

    H130 under great skies

    I've put my Heritage 130 on a AZ-Gti mount and carry it everywhere for dark skies. Fits in cabin baggage as well ( tripod in suitcase though).
  8. Ceramus

    46P Wirtanen Comet

    Managed to see it in my 15x70 on Monday star-hopping from Aldebaran. In spite of the bright gibbous moon nearby the large coma was clearly visible but could not see the nucleus. Will try after full moon with telescope.
  9. Ceramus

    Best Astro "Senior Moment"

    Nothing worse than, after travelling half way round the world, forgetting to remove the solar filter when imaging a solar eclipse during totality
  10. Ceramus

    Skywatcher AZ-GTi

    Fixed my Heritage 130 to The Az Gti and it Works a treat. Still light enough to carry outside on its tripod at a moments notice, and possible as a travel scope as well. Great stuff.
  11. Ceramus

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    Nice rendering, as it looks visually.
  12. The Az Gti head is about 1.8 kg with batteries and the Heritage 130p around 3.5 with eyepiece, so I think within load capacity of the tripod if not fully extended. Will only be used visually.
  13. I'll be using the tripod for a newly-acquired AZ-GTi head, so top comes off but will need to get a 1/4" female to 3/4" male thread adaptor in order to screw the AZ-GTi on to the tripod legs.
  14. Have had one these for years, very stable and tall. Locking knobs a bit fiddly though and the QR plate release knob eventually broke, but is still manageable.
  15. Got The Lacerta kit for my 300p flextube, great improvemnt and easy to fit.

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