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  1. I usually store my 300p dob in the guest bedroom, but when observing most nights, rather than wheeling it out onto the terrace, I keep inside this collapsible motorcycle shed and wrapped in a scope cover. That way it's ready for a nights observing without having to re-align the Synscan (parked option).
  2. Had to return my first AZ-Gti after it stopped working when just on batteries, would only work with an external power source. The internal switch that cuts the battery circuit when an external source is pluged in was probably stuck permanently on. A pity because otherwise it worked fine. The new replacement unit's az axis is very stiff and doesn't seems to be as accurate in goto as the original , but point & tracks ok. Perhaps quality control on these SW mounts not so hot?? I use a Heritage 130p on it, still within it's weight capabilities but perhaps very near the limit...
  3. Thanks for The warning! I own a 330p and sometimes fiddle around with cables in the dark...
  4. I've had an LX10 for 23 years now and it has given me many hours of great observing. But attempts at imaging have not been successful . The RA drive has quite a large periodic error and so trailing star images on long exposures. Accurate and precise polar alignment also difficult as I suspect the fork mounting is not perfectly ortogonal in both axis. Visually though it's a great scope and I'm sure will seve you well, especially as it has been gifted!
  5. great sketch, thanks for sharing.
  6. I've taken my Heritage 103 and AZGTi as cabin luggage to Argentina and Chile for the Eclipse last year, with tripod in the hold luggage. Worked a treat in the Atacama Desert on magnificent Southern DSO's.
  7. It's a great find! I've had one myself for over thirty years, great optics.
  8. Enjoy a wee dram of that nice malt in the light of the full moon...
  9. Nice report, shows what the 150Heritage is capable of. Have a great New Year.
  10. The 300p Flextube GoTo has given me hours of great viewing of DSO,both bright an faint. On a wheeled platform it's very easy to move about. I reckon the slightly lower weight of the 250p isn't an advantage considering the loss of light gathering power, perhaps only the cheaper price.
  11. Nice report, will try the same order with the same scope...
  12. One simple thing that perhaps has been mentioned before but of great importance is the precise centering of alignment stars in the eyepiece. I use a high-ish power illuminated reticle eyepice and make sure the last adjustments are UP and RIGHT.
  13. Nice one! I was in Bella Vista also for the eclipse but the best skies were from San Pedro de Atacama, were Omega Centauri and Eta Carina through a 300 MM SCT were absolutely fantastic, so much detail never seen before.
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