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  1. Sounds good, thanks for sharing...there are some dark sky sites still around here. Went to a similar event a last August in Satiago- pontones. Will try and make it as we are here now.
  2. Ceramus

    Sinus Iridium

    Lovely sketch of a fascinating lunar scape. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I fitted a MDF board with 100mm braked castors and levelling bolts to wheel a 300p GoTo around, works a treat and cost very little.
  4. I know there is an option under 'tracking' for 'point and track' under the 'sun' rate (if the 'observe sun' has been enabled). i haven't been able to try it because it doesn't appear to be highlighted when I click on it! Any one else come across this issue?
  5. Hola Miguel, welcome to the forum!
  6. Nice sketch, thanks for sharing.
  7. Unforgettable, I worked out its position from a popolurar sky almanac ( mostly astrological) and got up at 4am to see it through my new 4" reflector from the kitchen window. I was 13 yrs old and it blew my mind.
  8. Yes, great little mount but my main objection to the OS app is the white keyboard that pops up for typing in your GoTo target is very bright thus spoiling your dark vision!
  9. Keeping an observing log is a good way of honing your observing skills and memory. I don't do it at the eyepiece but the next morning without fail, including sometimes with brief sketches of what I saw. I've filled several sketch books with logs over many years. SkySafari and/or other star atlas helps to fill in details.
  10. Yes, we booked our first eclipse with Explores to Venezuela when Brian was still in charge. It included Machu Pichu wich is unmissable, quite an experience in every way ( it rained heavily they day after our visit there and we were nearly stranded at the top of the mountain). It all went well in the end, I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  11. Sorry to hear about Astro Eclipse lack of communication. We used them last year for the Wyoming eclipse and found their service quite adequate (barring the quality of some hotels.... ) This year we've booked with Astrotrails, which is the company we have always used and they have been good in communicating with newsletters. We view the eclipse from Bella Vista which will be also the Astro Eclipse site, the difference I believe is that we stay in San Juan and Astro Eclipse in Rodeo, a small village just outside Bella Vista. I think the accommodation there is listed on their website: something or other "cabines" . We booked our international flights separately to Buenos Aires, then on tour to SanJuan , Atacama desert, Cerro Paranal (VLT), Santiago and back.
  12. Nice report and a great little scope! Will be taking mine on the AZ-GTi in June tArgentina and Chile for the solar eclipse and dark skies, reports after...
  13. Wow! I missed that. I was there last night with a humble Heritage 130 and a bit frustrated with the very bright cafe lights at full bast. Would have loved to see the HH and Cal Neb... Maybe next time?
  14. What you see also depends of course on the quality of the sky above you. We have still fairly dark skies where we are based in Andalusia so good for DSO. My preference is for planetary nebulae and the 300p is excellent for that, coupled with a OIII or nebular filter when necessary. On a good seeing night components E and (once) F of the Trapezium were glimpsed, the great Nebula is spectacular. Also seen the Veil Nebula and Hubbles Variable Nebula several times. Ii'm quite happy with the optical quality of the 300p although for planetary surfaces a bit more contrast would be nice.
  15. Very pleased with the 300p GoTo. Good tracking and target accuracy if properly aligned (reticle EP helpful). Main issue is the weight. A platform on castors to move it around is a must, it's a big scope!
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