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  1. Ceramus

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    Nice rendering, as it looks visually.
  2. The Az Gti head is about 1.8 kg with batteries and the Heritage 130p around 3.5 with eyepiece, so I think within load capacity of the tripod if not fully extended. Will only be used visually.
  3. I'll be using the tripod for a newly-acquired AZ-GTi head, so top comes off but will need to get a 1/4" female to 3/4" male thread adaptor in order to screw the AZ-GTi on to the tripod legs.
  4. Have had one these for years, very stable and tall. Locking knobs a bit fiddly though and the QR plate release knob eventually broke, but is still manageable.
  5. Got The Lacerta kit for my 300p flextube, great improvemnt and easy to fit.
  6. Ceramus

    An Incredible Region

    Astonishing image, like flying in Moon obit!
  7. Not using the 130p for solar observing, only for DSO from the Atcama desert after the eclipse. From past experience I find the best way to enjoy the short duration of totality is without any optical aid (perhaps, momentarily only, with binos if you're very careful!). During the partial phase of course with adequate protection such as proper eclipse glasses.
  8. Thanks to all for the helpful info, the Heritage 130 and Az-Gti will do for me. Thanks also for the tips, GavStar- we'll be seeing the eclipse from Bela Vista, near SanJuan in Argentina and after to Chile and the Atacama desert ending with a visit to Cero Paranal, all with Astrotrails. May convince my partner to take my PST if she has room left in her cabin bag...
  9. Going to South America for solar eclipse 2019 and visiting the Atacama desert for a few brief nights observing. Will want to see as many of the DSO not visible from the UK, so a GoTo mount would help. Plan is to take as large aperture scope as possible that fits into cabin luggage to go on a SW Az-GTi , mount, hopefully also in cabin luggage (tripod would have to fit in checked-in suitcase). The Bresser Messier AR102 XL came to mind first, but the SW Heritage 130 Flextube is probably the better choice (larger aperture, cheaper and lighter?). Question is will it fit Iin the the 55x35x25 cm South American internal airlines limit? And can the 130p be easily fitted on to the Az-Gti? Would be grateful for any info/suggestions on the above, like weights and measurements of the Flextibe and Az Gti.
  10. I have the 300p GoTo Flextube and it's a great scope, but heavy! The 250 would be lighter ( although not as bright for Deep Sky fuzzies) and the Flextube version much easier to store/transport.
  11. Had cataract op on both eyes, distance vision near perfect. M31 just visible on dark, transparent nights but M13 is tough. Used to easily see it years ago and once even glimpsed M33 from a very date site.
  12. Ceramus


    Hola Gregory, welcome to the forum.
  13. Ceramus

    Locking a Dobsonian?

    When leaving my SW 300p dob outside overnight I use a heavy duty cycle chain threaded through apertures on the dob base and locked on to an eyebolt anchored to the terrace. Everything is then covered up.
  14. Ceramus

    Hello from Spain

    Hola Sergio, welcome from Andalucia.
  15. Also have a 300p Flextube, great scope. I leave it permanently on a dolly with braked rubber casters and levelling bolts. Added a computer fan attached behind the mirror to speed up cooling down and a Lacerta 10:1 focus adapter to the SW Crawford. Also fitted a Telrad but without the extender, which is needed as it is difficult to turn the very small centring knobs on the Telrad do it the low height.

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