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  1. Very nice sketch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have the SW 300p and I'm very happy with the 12mm and 8mm BSTs. I tend to use them much more often than my MEAD plossls. I also use a Seben 24-8mm zoom and GSO 2.5x barlow with good results, especially on planets.
  3. Excellent seeing last night from N London, Cassini Div seen in my 130p Heritage (8mm EP + 2.5x barlow). Jupiter even better, at least 5 belts discerned. In my 8" LX10 and 300p dob I usually see Cassini Div every time in the apparitions when rings are favourably inclined.
  4. Nice images, great detail, thanks for sharing.
  5. Great capture, thanks fo sharing .
  6. The FOV of a 15x20 is not too large, so finding faint targets is difficult. Which Skymaster 15x20 model do you have? I've just bought the15x20 Skymaster PRO and it came with a tripod adaptor that also serves as a finder bracket for a red-dot finder. Using one of these and a sturdy tripod would make the task much easier.
  7. Great scope, many nights of enjoyment. Does need a shroud (mine's a yoga may) and I made it a trolley platform to wheel it out onto the terrace. No need to remove the OTA from the base then.
  8. Beautiful image. Thanks for sharing.
  9. When I travelled to Chile for the solar eclipse of 2019 I took a Heritage 130 with the AzGTi in a large rucksack as cabin luggage (a bit heavy but doable) with tripod in the hold suitcase. Worked fine, great views of southern DSOs from the Atacama desert!
  10. Excellent sketch, thanks for sharing.
  11. The finder harness is a very wise precaution...once, when removing a large cover off my 300p flex tube in the dark the finder slipped off and nearly fell into the fully extended OTA, which would undoubtably have caused grave consequences to the primary...I've secured it with wire to the bracket but cable ties are more neat.
  12. I've got a 12" SW GoTo kept (not permanently) in the foldable motorbike shelter below. Works fine.
  13. I keep my 12" dob in a lockable/extendable motorcycle https://www.feelgooduk.net/. The cover rolls off and I'm ready to observe from the parked scope.
  14. I have a 20 yr old Mead 8" SCT. Optically still quite good, just the tracking a bit iffy. Instead of upgrading I went for a SW 12" GoTo flextube to complement, as I'm mainly a visual observer.
  15. Nice sketch, loads of detail.
  16. I usually store my 300p dob in the guest bedroom, but when observing most nights, rather than wheeling it out onto the terrace, I keep inside this collapsible motorcycle shed and wrapped in a scope cover. That way it's ready for a nights observing without having to re-align the Synscan (parked option).
  17. Had to return my first AZ-Gti after it stopped working when just on batteries, would only work with an external power source. The internal switch that cuts the battery circuit when an external source is pluged in was probably stuck permanently on. A pity because otherwise it worked fine. The new replacement unit's az axis is very stiff and doesn't seems to be as accurate in goto as the original , but point & tracks ok. Perhaps quality control on these SW mounts not so hot?? I use a Heritage 130p on it, still within it's weight capabilities but perhaps very near the limit...
  18. Thanks for The warning! I own a 330p and sometimes fiddle around with cables in the dark...
  19. I've had an LX10 for 23 years now and it has given me many hours of great observing. But attempts at imaging have not been successful . The RA drive has quite a large periodic error and so trailing star images on long exposures. Accurate and precise polar alignment also difficult as I suspect the fork mounting is not perfectly ortogonal in both axis. Visually though it's a great scope and I'm sure will seve you well, especially as it has been gifted!
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