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Walking on the Moon

Venus cloud detail


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Further to my recent efforts to capture the clouds of Venus HERE, I had another go this afternoon. This time I was using my QHY5-II mono cam, and the results were better.

This is the result of 1000 frames stacked in Registax. Baader U-Filter, 1/10s exposures, 3x TV Barlow, 250mm f/4.8 Newtonian (3600mm FL, f/14.4). The air was quite steady, so I managed to capture some definite detail despite the longish exposures.




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Thanks for the comments, folks.

I had another session in a darker sky, just to see if the features weren't just processing artifacts. This is about 1200 frames at about 1/10 second. Similar details, so I guess they must be real.

It's nice to get some results out of this one-trick pony expensive U-filter!


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That is an excellent image! Quite amazing what is possible to achieve. I've just been observing Venus this evening and could see the kind of hook, or extension where the 'terminator' meets the limb each side, but no surface detail at all

Thank you for posting it.

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Indeed! That's an excellent portrait in 'gas & glass!' Folks' are coming up with amazing "amateur" images from this filter(s) of late.

Venus - due to it's elusive nature - has always been one of my favorite planets. And it still is - but it seems people like you, Luke, have made it much more approachable!

Thank you!


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