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  1. I would definitely try ending alignments in the up and right directions, made a huge difference on my CG5, which I was ready to trade in until tried this! Admittedly this is nexstar not synscan, but same principle applies. I only polar align roughly and do a 3 star align and the gotos are within about 1/3 degree on nine out of ten objects.
  2. Great thanks Chris, that adds some useful flexibility to the mount.
  3. They have missed several delivery dates from what I can see, I was told they would be available early February 2019, still no sign. The scope of the mount (excuse the pun) is way beyond anything else they have produced from what I can see and I always felt it was high risk for them - I really hope they pull it off.
  4. Nice review Chris, that gives a really good feel for what this setup is all about. At £175 that's terrific value IMO. A couple of questions: (1) Does the mount have a standard tripod fitting (3/8"?) and (2) do you think a sturdy camera tripod, like the Horizon, would be any better, or does it need something like a 1.75" leg tripod? Love the beard by the way!
  5. It's just great to see a well run business continuing to innovate and prosper, and giving us even better astronomical goodies and advice!
  6. Great report Martin, those clusters are coming out so well with that setup - I love WBL 692 and 685 - outstanding. I really like the eyepiece view btw, makes it seems more real somehow, hard to explain.
  7. Fantastic detailed report Alan, quite a session - wish I could have been there, almost felt that I was! Some wonderful objects.
  8. For just 72mm of aperture, you've resolved a lot of stars there, looks promising. I can't answer your question about the cameras though sorry!
  9. That's a lovely area of sky you have captured with some really amazing star colours, so many reds. I am frankly gobsmacked that you have captured an image of that quality with a Lodestar! I am guessing the colour rendition provided by Jocular makes it different (better) to other Colour Lodstar images I may have seen in the past. I never knew about the 'window' btw.
  10. Nice report of some interesting galaxy clusters and nicely presented in Jocular. Good to see you back in the saddle.
  11. Amazing report, the Omega Centauri M13 comparison is hard to believe but there it is in black and white (literally). Which scope did you use?
  12. Very impressive Gav, worth persevering for sure. Would be interesting to see a comparison of the same objects with your other scopes?
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