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  1. Anyone know what AstroTrac are up to?

    Perhaps not the best date to have chosen if they are releasing a new product!
  2. Anyone know what AstroTrac are up to?

    Interesting, I hadn’t really looked at the logo, does suggest something along those lines. To me their USP was a tracking design giving almost zero periodic error and very accurate tracking. Unfortunately this only seems to be an advantage if you have very accurate polar alignment and reasonably long focal length? I’m wondering if they have managed to incorporate their USP into an EQ or Altaz design of some sort?
  3. Astrotrac website is showing a countdown (below), presumably to a big product launch? They don't seem to have released any new products in recent times so I am expecting that this is something they have been working on for a long time. Given the rate at which Skywatcher release new products, I imagine AstroTrac would have to be certain theirs is novel and has a market, so will be very interested to see what it is.....
  4. Waves are waves

    A fun comparison, food for thought. I guess this only makes sense on earth where we have an atmosphere. If we were to go into space suddenly the smaller scope starts to do amazing things and the speaker......won't be heard at all!
  5. That's very generous of FLO and Opticron and a fantastic project from Steve T. I love this idea, my 4 year old loves looking through my bins and giggles hysterically at what he can see, I'm hoping this excitement will extend to the night sky one day.
  6. Jocular -- a new tool for EAA

    Only just seen this Martin, looks very exciting, looking forward to giving it a go.
  7. Little and large

    I just love that mount.......and scope(s).
  8. Holiday scope question

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Thanks Peter, I'm assuming you are suggesting the Tal because the smaller aperture might be able to 'cut through' the atmospheric turbulence caused by the low altitude? Or do you just think it is more suited (not wishing to start a hot debate, just curious )? In a recent session using the Tal and the C8 side by side, the Tal was able to split Alnitak above the rooftops but the C8 wasn't, so that was a revelation! I didn't know the TV's were tested to F4, that would definitely fit the bill, but a bit pricey for me (I realised I failed to give you a budget, but I was thinking £50-£80 given that neither scope cost me more than £100! I'd love to have a TV some day! I have a BST 5mm which gives me 130x, but could do with the option for a bit more mag. I actually have a Seben Zoom so a Baader shorty is a definite possibility, 8mm x2.25 is pretty much what I was hoping to achieve and provides a nice flexible solution on a variety scopes. I assume this is the barlow you are referring to? Thanks Mark, I would love a Televue one day and I will have the perfect flexible solution! It's good to know this is possible with the Heritage as the plastic plate cannot withstand heavyweight e/p's, so this sounds like a good solution. I think I will have to try a side by side with the Heritage and Tal on the moon to see how they compare. I think I know what is going to happen, I will buy a barlow and take both scopes!
  9. I am off to Cornwall on 21st to 28th April and trying to decide which scope to take. From what I can see the moon is going to be around last quarter and Jupiter will be starting to rise, so I was thinking of taking a scope that was suitable for lunar/planetary/doubles. Car space is limited so the C8 and Tal 100RS are not really an option as they also require a beefy mount like the Skytee 2. So I am thinking that the Heritage 130P is probably the best option on either its own dob mount or on the Mini-Giro. The smallest eyepiece I have is a 5mm BST, giving 130x, but I was thinking that it would be good to get closer to 180x, which would require a 3.5mm eyepiece giving an exit pupil of around 0.7mm which is just about ok I think. So my questions are: Would the Heritage stand up to 180x (especially as Jupiter and the moon would be fairly low)? If so what 3.5mm eyepice would work well with F5 optics? If I could find a way of taking the Tal, would it outperform the Heritage on lunar/planets/doubles? Any help appreciated!
  10. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    I just had a quick search of SGL trying to find the image that inspired me, there are several amazing images which I recall seeing before (none from Olly that I could find) but I'm now not sure! Either way I take my hat off to anyone that can produce quality images of this faint object.
  11. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    That's Really nice Chris, it’s amazing how you can see galaxies through the middle of the nebula! I think @ollypenrice recently imaged it too, from memory this is what inspired me to have a go.
  12. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    Thanks Chris. This is a wonderful learning experience for me, so many of these objects I have never seen or heard of, and I am learning so much,it's very addicitive seeing one fantastic object after another. Glad you like the results!
  13. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    Many thanks for doing this Martin, looks like it is a simple case of "over stretching" myself (sorry). I was using an ipad to remote control the whole thing, and the screen does not show the same level of detail as my laptop, so that might have had something to do with it. I shall try altering the black point and less agressive stretch next time, as I don't think my version shows any more detail than your smooth version. I haven't thought about inverse images, I don't think SL allows this live, but I will try this in future for really faint stuff. Thanks again.
  14. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    Thanks for the offer to do that Martin, zip file below with the 11 fits files (files are named 'helix' but they're not!). Ambartsumain.zip Inspired by your suggestion, I quickly used Deep Sky Stacker to stack the FITs files using median and average (assume this is the same as mean?), both images were a lot smoother than my SL version, but couldn't see any obvious difference between the two stacking methods. Will be interested to see how you get on.