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  1. RobertI

    Portable EAA Setup

    I’ll be interested to see how you get on with the F3.3 reducer, I’ve never been able to get close to F3.3 without coma like effects, and have to settle for F4.0 -F4.5, although I have not really spent much time experimenting/fettling. I thought the reducer might be to blame as there are stories of dodgy manufacturing runs of F3.3 reducers, but I have tried three different reducers (including a Japanese version) and they are all the same. Others don’t seem to have such a problems and you may have more luck as I think you may have a smaller chip than my lodestar. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  2. RobertI

    Portable EAA Setup

    Looks like you have the perfect portable EAA setup, very nice results, and they can only get better as you become familiar with the equipment. Looking forward to seeing more.
  3. RobertI

    Now I have a dilemma...

    Unless you are going to spend the money on something that will improve your observing enjoyment and make the sale worthwhile (like GavStars's suggestion of NV) I'd definitely keep it. I learnt a long time ago with hi-fi equipment that as soon as I sell something, I need to use it for something I didn't forsee when I sold it, so I try to learn from that with my astro gear. I am struggling to find a use for the wax cylinder record player though!
  4. RobertI

    Nebula's and Galaxies 23/05/2018

    Great results, the colour really adds another dimension. The Iris is particularly nice. I assume this was at native F5 (1000mm FL)?
  5. Congrats Chris on the new scope and mount. If you struggle with the weight offset you can always try the mod I did a while ago. If you had gone for am AZ5, you could have always got round the side mounting issue by using an L bracket which effectively top mounts the scope but without the weight offset issue, although you lose the ability to balance lengthways. You introduce a little more vibration but not an issue at low mags. Anyway, have fun!
  6. RobertI

    Reducer Myth: On Point

    I agree! But when I examined the originals you posted, I saw something different. It could be that the viewer I am using is doing its own 'smoothing' of the image? I'll have a look at the TIFFs later and see what I get.
  7. RobertI

    Vixen GP upgrade to dual axis drive and ST4 port (no goto)

    Very worthwhile upgrade to a lovely mount. I have a non-goto CG5 which I upgraded with a GP-USB port on the handset and managed some very nice guided shots. I think that the mount is actually better for guided imaging than my goto mount, because you can accurately minimise the backlash by 'feel' using the RA/Dec knobs (ie: twiddling the knobs to see how much play there is whilst adjusting the worm). Oh - just seen the original post is 3 years ago. Never mind!
  8. RobertI

    Reducer Myth: On Point

    I did a brief comparison of a small part of of the image (the thumb shaped pillar) and I felt that the unreduced image was sharper and showed the detail more clearly. Did it show additional detail? I don't think so, but perhaps that's because there isn't the additional detail in that part of the object to show? I agree that the reduced image is brighter, appears to show more detail, and is aesthetically more pleasing, but close up, I reckon there is sharper detail in the unreduced. PS: I looked at the first images in the post, not the TIFFs.
  9. RobertI

    What's your favourite Hubble image?

    That's a great photo, I love the reflection of the astronauts on the shiny surface.
  10. RobertI

    What's your favourite Hubble image?

    Yes, that is a mindblowing image, I love it too. I often show this to people when I feel they need a sense of perspective.
  11. I stumbled across this amazing image of the Tadpole Galaxy (ARP 188) from the HST, it's just so full of 'action'; the seething vortex of the galaxy itself, the tidal tails 'pouring' over the edge of the galaxy like waterfalls, even the smaller galaxy at the bottom appears to have a jet emanating from the core. Do people have their own favourites? Full image and description can be found here. As far as I am aware believe NASA images are free to use for non-commericial purposes so can be posted here.
  12. RobertI

    Heads up, a cheap Tak

    Nice one Chris. I've never seen a Tak in the flesh so I may have to pop round just so I can touch it!
  13. RobertI

    eVscope, a new real time EAA dedicated scope?

    Looks like there is another one on the horizon: https://comingsoon-tech.com/projects/hiuni-motorized-telescope
  14. RobertI

    Celestron 5SE

    Can't get much simpler than that!
  15. RobertI

    Last photons of winter...

    Yup, here you go:

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