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  1. Really wonderful, thank you.
  2. M5

    Nice image. Not easy to cope with the high dynamic range, and get the detail in the core and outer regions, when you have fixed length exposures and no post processing. I think you nailed it though!
  3. I popped out last night for a quick view with the C8 and was instantly struck by a tiny black dot. Checked on line line and realised I was witnessing the transit so had had a fun couple of hours tracking the shadow (in between cups of tea) and seeing Io pop out the other side, as if Jupiter had ejected a tiny egg! Conditions were pretty good, plenty of detail on the disc at x200, no GRS sadly.
  4. Very nice, also interesting illustration of the difference that seeing conditions makes between the start and end.
  5. Fastar/Hyperstar is becoming increasingly popular for for EAA/Video astronomy where the results are quite amazing. See this example and note the short total exposure times to achieve the results (although admittedly the lucky poster was on a mountain in Hawaii!). I am not an expert but it seems that although Fastar seems expensive, the ultra fast f-ratio means a lot can be achieved with short exposures (meaning no guiding required, which is simpler and cheaper), and a wide field can be captured with smaller chipped cameras which are cheaper. So it seems to work for the right applications.
  6. Very nice image, the propeller is very prominent (once you tune into it).
  7. Yes Nytecam, I though exactly the same thing. I was thinking that my mono Lodestar plus colour filters could produce some very nice images for the competition. Not sure my post processing skills are up to the job but an image exported from Starlight Live and then sharpened or whatever in Photoshop could look quite nice. Perhaps I'll get extra points with the judges for no post processing at all.
  8. Lovely image of the cluster against the rich background of stars. Nicely done!
  9. M57

    Very nice capture, I think you have also managed to pick up the mag 14 galaxy IC1296 at about 10 o'clock half way out to the edge of the frame.
  10. Thanks for the information and encouragement Racey. I had a look through the one teleconverter last night and got a good sense of what it may be like, there were an impressive number of additional stars visible and the entire constellation could still be seen, so I think I will like the end result. The lens quality seems very good with pinpoint starts to the edge. My IPD seems to about 1mm wider than the diameter of the outer edges of the lens frame, so I am hopeful they will work for me. Thanks for the link to the printer and the lens on ebay, may go for this tonight. I will keep you posted.
  11. @Racey thanks for the offer of the fungal one btw, if your friend decides not to persevere with it then I would be interested in having a go. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks @Racey for your helpful advice. I have looked for these on ebay but there don't seem to be many about at the moment. Sounds like I should up my expectation of price a little. I was originally looking at the Kasai 2.3x binos at £135, then read the threads about these teleconverters and it turned out a friend had one he didn't use, so he kindly gave it to me in exchange for a curry! So now I need another. I was thinking if I could do the whole thing for £50 -£60 then it would be worth it otherwise might as well spend the extra on the manufactured pair. The quality of the Nikon looks extremely good though so hoping I can source one and give it a go. Did you use the 3D printed frame as specified on the CN thread?
  13. I am looking for a Nikon TC-E2 2x Teleconverter as part of my project to build some 2x40 widefield astro binoculars. I have already managed to acquire one and am looking for a second. I understand these lenses often came with certain Nikon Coolpix cameras. Really not sure what the market rate is, ebay says they are 'trending' at £13 but I would be happy to pay more than this. If you have one and are happy to sell please let me know! Thanks for reading.
  14. Nice post and some lovely insight from fellow members. I have been a casual 'lone' visual oberver for decades, but my interest was re-ignited in in a big way in 2011 when I joined SGL, started getting Astronomy Now and got back on the grid. For some reason I went straight to AP. What a actually attacted to me to AP is a very interesting question, I think it was the discovery of how technology had improved over over the years, and how you could get truly amazing pictures with fairly modest equipment and free software. I didn't really have an interest in terrestrial photography. I started on the path of astro imaging with a small frac, reducer, EOS 1100D and non-goto CG5 (which I converted to guiding) and was starting to get some great results. But the thing that killed it for me (for now) was post-processing, after a day at the computer at work I just didn't have the inclination. So I now do Video Astronomy (easy instant results and no post processing) which is great for faint fuzzies and and I also do Visual which is great for lunar, planetary, doubles and clusters. I'll probably change again in afew years!
  15. Nice selection of captures in memory of Messier, thanks for posting.