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  1. Yes the easiest way I have found with these short scopes is to bolt a long dovetail bar onto the bottom of the dovetail 'foot' of the telescope - the telescope can be slid back and forth to get the right balance point - however because the balance point is near the focussing knobs, the dovetail will not allow the draw tube to rotate (if that is needed). The alternative is to use rings of sufficient size which gets rid of this problem, but more expensive if you don't already have them.
  2. Multiple First Light NGC6823

    Glad to hear you are starting to make use of your new dark skies Matt, you've got an exciting winter ahead!
  3. Skywatcher colour scheme

    Exactly the same here! I finally did get to own one, but annoyingly they had changed the scheme to black with orange lettering. 😡 As for a new skywatcher scheme, I think white looks really nice on the modern design mounts such as the az-eq5 & 6 and the gti. The white counterweights are nasty though, for some reason, perhaps black, grey or silver would look nicer and be more durable. As for the scope, gloss white (or possibly silk) with white dewshield but some subtle colouring which can change depending on the scope, and perhaps a coloured logo.🙂
  4. Can These Things Be?

    It is lovely out there tonight. I'm not too familair with the type of astronomy you do John, but if you're worried about your studies try doing more quick and easy visual astronomy. A pre-prepared observing list will allow you to do a 30 minute observing 'raid' when its clear, which should keep the passion going without taking up too much time and interefering with your studies. Step away from the imaging equipment though, put it in a box in the loft!
  5. Your best ever view through your bins

    I've literally just come indoors from one if my best ever sessions. I am currently on holiday at a lodge in deepest darkest cornwall. Just been lying on the terrace scanning the milky way with my 10x50 bins. It's been raining for much of the day and the transparency is amazing. I really didn't want to spoil my dark adaption by looking at charts so I just scanned and identified later indoors. Stand out moments included: Nebulosity to the east of Deneb was incredibly bright and well defined, I can't say I could see the North American outline for sure but I am pretty sure thats what I was seeing. The Eastern Veil was very faint but visible as I knew what to look for having been studying it recently through various scopes Numerous dark clouds and lanes very well defined - as interesting as emission nebulae in their own way - next time I would like to identify some by name Many colourful binaries including Omicron Cygni (triple), Delta Lyrae and Alberio. Interestingly I found the constellations getting lost in the profusion of stars and I lost my way around the sky more than once! A great experience from the dark skies of Cornwall.
  6. Full Frame APS-C "crop factors" etc.

    Ah, well when you remember, please feel free to share with us! I'm very jealous, I wish I had the opportunity to see Gong and Divided Alien himself before he went to joint the giant teapot in the sky. I have actually come to appreciate Gong fairly recently with their brilliant musianship and quirky material. Planet Gong is up there waiting to be discovered!
  7. I thought the Meade 0.33 was no longer made and could only be picked up used? They are around £50 to £70 used I think. Mallincam do a 0.33 for $250 and Optec do one but it's $325!
  8. FOV calc vs captured image

    If you pop your image into an astrometry tool such as astrometry.net it will calculate the actual FOV view you are getting and hopefully it should agree with the FOV calculators to reassure you that your system is behaving as expected.
  9. Sounds like you have covered the main factors to consider plus Chris's point about portability is worth thinking about. I think the point about reducers is very valid as for EAA/video you may want a selection, a 0.33 reducer is common for fainter objects (only works for very small chip cameras) and 0.5 and 0.63 for smaller or brighter objects, and they are way cheaper for non HD SCTs. So the 9.25 seems the sensible option. Without wanting to derail the thread, what camera were you thinking of using for EAA/Video?
  10. Full Frame APS-C "crop factors" etc.

    I think this kind of proves the OP's point! The categorisations are just not relevant today (if they ever were) and confusing but I totally understand why it's very hard to change this. Many software/apps still have a 3.5" floppy disc as the 'save' icon - when was the last time you used one of those?
  11. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    Interesting development Shirva, sounds like you have been getting on well with the Canon for live viewing. I dabbled with imaging using my Canon 1100D + 72mm frac + 0.8 reducer + BYEOS - do you think this would work for live viewing? Did you manage to post any results on SGL (sorry if I missed it)? Sorry to OP for derailing thread btw.
  12. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    Let us know how it goes. Looks like you have a nice comfortable viewing set up there!
  13. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    Unfortunately Meade don't make theirs anymore but they do come up used for around £50 -£70 ish. You could always try a wanted ad.
  14. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    The SBC2000 appears to have a tiny chip (even smaller than the Lodestar camera which I use) so even at F6.3 it covers a very small area of sky. Using an F3.3 reducer would almost double the field of view and this kind of reducer was designed specifically for tiny chipped webcams like this so should work well. May be worth tracking one down as the SBCs have a good reputation for EAA/video I believe and should produce nice results with the F3.3 reducer. The SCB + C8 + F3.3 reducer combination has been widely used in EAA/ video for many years so should work but you will of course get a much wider field of view with a small short FL refractor + reducer, so choose the scope to fit the target. Good luck!
  15. Make your scope earn its keep

    It wouldn't surprise me if you get more interest by charging than if it were free. From my memory of marketing (from the days when I ran a business) the wisdom was that freebees are deemed to have no value by the recipient whereas payment meant they getting something of worth. Didn't help my business much though!