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  1. Awesome image, Rattler!
  2. Thanks, Pete. I was fortunate to have clear skies for the event. Were you able to see it?
  3. I had to actually get two separate images to expose each planet correctly and combine the two. I was really chuffed to get this! I'm glad you at least got a glimpse; it'll be 80 more years before it happens again - we may have to see that one from the other side, lol!
  4. Thanks for this information, Paul. I was fortunate to have seen it on the day of closest approach which made a big difference for imaging purposes, but otherwise, the distance between them on the days immediately prior and following are negligible for viewing purposes. Reggie
  5. orion25


    A few cool astronomy-related images that I have taken over the years
  6. Thanks, Scorpius. Last night, I was so focused with the DSLR that I didn't get a series of good video captures for further processing. I decided to try to get some video tonight while they were still close. I just did get the two in the same frame (as you can see)! Tomorrow night they will be too far apart to fit in my camera's frame so I got lucky, lol!
  7. Tonight, I was able to focus more on capturing video of the conjunction for processing. I used the Orion StarShoot 5 MP Solar System Color Camera and the 127mm Orion StarMax Mak-Cass to capture a 10 second video that I processed in Registax 6. Light on the wavelets with finishing touches in Photoshop: Cheers! Reggie
  8. Haha, I had the camera on timer to automatically open the shutter and happened to catch this wild shot! Thanks, Sunshine. Happy Solstice! Reggie
  9. Here are some the images I took during the Great Conjunction! A nice wide-field camera shot through the trees: A prime focus shot just after sunset: A PLANE CRASHES MY SHOT a few minutes later, lol!: A cropped prime focus shot after the sky darkened a bit: What a GREAT conjunction! And the two will still be very close for several days to come! Cheers! Reggie
  10. The approach continues! This photo highlights Saturn's rings: This photo highlights Jupiter's moons (top to bottom: Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io): Can't wait for the 21st! Reggie
  11. Avani, it is so good to see you here again. I'm glad your family has recovered. Take good care of yourself, my friend. I've missed your fabulous images! Reggie
  12. My first prime focus shot of the Great Conjunction! More to come! Reggie
  13. Not too bad considering the conditions. Just wait until a night of good seeing and when Mars is at its highest elevation for your location and try again. I know it's been over a month since opposition but Mars is still a respectable size right now. Don't give up! Regards, Reggie
  14. Thanks, Keith! I use FireCapture , Registax 6 and Photo shop as well. The key for me is making sure the elevation and the seeing is excellent. Mars is giving us great elevation but the seeing must also be great for the best images. I make sure the camera gain is not too high or low, but just enough to give me a good image on my laptop. I carefully focus my scope and if I can see decent detail on the screen (like the polar cap), I'm pretty sure I'll get good data to stack. Believe it or not, I only capture about 30 seconds of data max and then go straight to Registax 6. You may have to be creative with the settings to get the best image. Try some different settings, tickle the wavelets so to speak, as see what works best for you.
  15. I've officially ended my Mars imaging for this apparition but the observing will continue for bit longer. Here are two of my best images from 2020, ironically neither from the dates of perigee or opposition. I was stoked to get Olympus Mons and Syrtis Major never disappoints: Orion SkyView Pro 180mm Mak-Cass, ZWO ASI224MC, Celestron 2x barlow Captured using FireCapture, processed in Registax 6, post-processing in Photoshop To Mars! Reggie
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