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  1. A new web series introducing newcomers to the night sky!
  2. Nice first image, Tony! What were the settings on your camera? Reggie
  3. Didn't go to the show but would like to hear more about it. What was the focus? Cheers! Reggie
  4. From the r.j.s. observatory, the premiere of the Galaxy Central Night Sky Web Series. Enjoy!
  5. Beautiful images, David. The Lord of the Rings looks like a dream Reggie
  6. Beautiful Luna, charl. Lots of detail there, mate Reggie
  7. A truly rare event on video! Cheers! Reggie
  8. Good ones, Paul. A full moon on Friday the 13th! Woohoo! Reggie
  9. I do this often, listening to the radio program Hearts of Space in my headphones. The show plays all kinds of atmospheric music, symphonic, electronic, world, Native American. It makes for a truly celestial experience for me, providing a soundtrack of sorts for my observing/imaging sessions Jean-Michel Jarre, Amin Bhatia, Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Dead Can Dance, and R.Carlos Nakai are some favorites. Reggie
  10. Welcome! I'm from the middle georgia area in the U.S.!
  11. Wow! Just look at those moons (and Jupiter, too, of course)!
  12. Nice ones, Steve. A nice way to be greeted in the morning Reggie
  13. There needs to be regulation about this!
  14. Absolutely cracking image! Very crisp and detailed. Excellent work Reggie
  15. Blue Moon in Scorpius! The third of four full moons in a given season is called a "blue moon", and this one is passing through the constellation of Scorpius, the scorpion, or Nanaboujou, the warrior in Ojibwe skylore. The blue moon is illuminating the scorpion's stinger! Watch out! Reggie
  16. Thanks, Richard, and you're right. The glow of the moon, even a crescent, is commanding
  17. I caught the waxing crescent partially occulting the Beehive (M44) on Friday night! This is a single exposure, f4.5, 1 second: It was a challenge imaging the beehive through the powerful glow of the moon! Cheers, Reggie
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