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    Lunar & planetary , binary stars & comets.
    Visual astronomy in general and an advocate of sketching as an aid to observing.
    I also have a passion for refractors and optics in general, and have a deep interest in the history of amateur astronomy, the astronomers and their scopes and observatories.
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  1. Ive no experience of the Bresser but generally would go for the refractor, as its much more user friendly and very capable as a dso scope. Also, if it really is a true ED it will give much more pleasing views of rich star fields and clusters than the Newtonian, essentially free of any CA and will offer a wider true field. Ideal for relaxed sweeping of dso's and comets! It's also more rugged and should never need collimating, and if its optical figure is good it should reach mag 13 and power up to X200 or more. With a quality eyepiece such as a 20mm Nagler or similar, the 102 refractor will leave the 130mm Newt standing on objects like M42, M45, NGC 884 & 869 and M31, 32 & 110 and many more.
  2. Ingenious, and a little kinky too. What's not to like!
  3. mikeDnight

    2nd Astro Book Clear-out!

    Rummaging through my library of astronomical literature, I've found a number of books I either don't use or won't read again. These are not rubbish and deserve a good home. There are three that are not about astro topics but never the less are still interesting. The two in the image that have no title on the front cover are Webb's Celestial objects for common telescopes and Handbook for Planet Observers by Gunter D Roth. I need these to go rapidly to make room, and with the utterly abysmal service I've had from Royal Mail recently, I'm unwilling to post any. The books must be collected in person from Burnley Lancashire, but they are FREE to the collector. Sorry but splitting them would be unfair, so all must go together! (NOW CLAIMED BY ROCKYSTAR)!
  4. Could it be the paint along the edge of the draw tube that's flaking a little?
  5. mikeDnight

    Astro blooper

    My wife has just come in from the garden full of excitement, exclaiming " I've just seen the International PlayStation"! I laughed but then thought it could be true, given that a car recently missed Mars and many other similar mindless ventures now litter the starry heavens.
  6. mikeDnight

    Show us your Frac

    Very, very....Very Nice!!!
  7. mikeDnight

    Messier 33

    Hi Ron, Sorry to disappoint you. It's a smear! I unwittingly slid my hand over the felt tip star before it had dried. I tried to remove as much as I could using a putty rubber but couldn't remove it all. ☺
  8. mikeDnight

    Which eyepiece have you had the longest

    A pair of 16.8mm Super Abbe Orthoscopics. Cheap as chips and I'll never part with them, as when they are in my barlowed binoviewer, they will best some of the finest mono eyepieces going. They never disappoint!
  9. mikeDnight

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

    As every married man is very well aware!
  10. mikeDnight

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

    From any sea level point on earth a 5'9" person can see 2.9 miles to the horizon, or there abouts. Seems obviously spherical to me.
  11. mikeDnight

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

  12. mikeDnight

    Esprit 100 - Storing your scope

    Buy an AZ4 and leave the scope set up on it in the corner of a room. No need to box it away!
  13. mikeDnight

    Vixen LV's (some pairs)

    2x15mm and 2x12mm also a 7mm. £80 per pair £45 singly Inc postage. (20mm & 2.5mm , 12mm & 15mm pairs now sold)
  14. Perhaps there's a user manual for the Baader that comes with the scope in which details are listed? I'm not sure Takahashi have ever name dropped about Cannon Optron or advertised the optical specs for lenses. If they have I've missed it so it couldn't have been very loud!
  15. mikeDnight

    Messier 33

    May be next year Paul! ☺ You're cooking!! On second thoughts, I'm cooking!!! ☺

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