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  1. Nice report John, the 12” seems perfect for those faint fuzzies this time of year. Just been out myself and the seeing was really remarkable. I’ll post a brief report tomorrow.
  2. Scopes ready to go for tonight. Fingers crossed.
  3. Definitely counts Chris! Though I feel a Monty Python sketch coming on ..... “...camera, well I call it a camera, it was more like a shoe box with a pinhole in the side....”. Anyway don’t want to divert from your super vid.
  4. Great result Chris, informative and entertaining as always. Sounds like the the 462 is a great cam, although the sensor makes even my Lodestar look large! Nothing wrong with doing things the hard way by the way. Your next challenge is to image without electricity.
  5. A worthy instrument if it got you hooked on this wonderful hobby. As part of my ‘O’ level in astronomy way back in 1982, I built a refractor made from a Woolworth magnifying glass lens and cardboard tube which used to contain a bottle of Glenffidich Whisky. It was awful! Fortunately I was lucky enough to already have a Charles Frank reflector, so the Frankenscope didn’t last long.
  6. Very nice, I like the design too. You can can develop the rest of the garden around your observing site!
  7. Nice report. It’s not much fun trying to observe with an unsatisfactory setup, but you observed plenty in the end.
  8. Peashooters can be deadly in the hands of an expert. Some nice catches there.
  9. Great haul Mark. I was also lucky enough to get a wonderfully clear night last night and the neighbours played ball and a couple of street lights are out - heavenly! The H130P is a great little scope - it must easily have the best aperture to portability ratio around. Mine is a perfect match for my SkyProdigy mount - I may venture forth tonight if I can stand the arctic weather! I actually did a comparison of my H130P with my Tal 100RS (not an apo though) and I posted the results here: Although the Tal did well, I think if I had done more comparisons on faint fuzzies the 130P
  10. Great report and image of an object I’ve never seen. Thanks!
  11. Popping my head outside at 10:30pm revealed a beautifully transparent sky. Having work the next day meant a quick session was in order. Unable to find my binocular I quickly set up the 102ED-R atop the Skytee 2 for a quick squint. Completely unprepared, I had nothing listed, so went to a couple some well known favourites. Izar was beautiful and easily split at 160x. Seeing was really excellent (not a breath of wind either) so I upped the magnification to 200x and the stars remained tight with lovely unbroken diffraction ring. The pair looked wonderful with the tiny white 'cub' sticking cl
  12. Some interesting challenges there Nick, well caught.
  13. Hey Chris, great video and interesting comparison of the eyepieces. Very entertaining as always. I know what you mean about the arm - just had my jab too! My only comment on the vid would be that it would be nice to see how the eyepeices would deal with other types of objects, such as large clusters (to see how the distortion affects the views) and faint or close doubles. Also choose a star that’s easier to pronounce! . Do you think the reflection was was from the light on your face or some other source?
  14. An alternative (and possibly cheaper) approach might be to consider bino-viewers with your existing Mak 127. Many folk (including me) find the ability to use two eyes makes a massive difference to what you can see when observing planets, moon and sun. I am constantly amazed by what my 102ED frac with binoviewers can achieve.
  15. Could you put the C8 on an altaz mount for visual?
  16. Great to know I'll be able to use my Lodestar with Jocular without need for SLL (which is still a great tool in its own right!) You've done so much work on this Martin, lots of amazing features by the look of it, very exciting, I'll have a read through the comprehensive manual to acquaint myself with its feature set.
  17. I'm treating myself top a new laptop soon, so I'll try to install Jocular again - it does look very nice to use.
  18. A fascinating mosaic, really interesting to identify the different nebulae and appreciate their relative sizes. Also interesting to see the how tiny some of the well known favourites are, such as the Dumbell, Crescent and Bubble. Thanks for posting!
  19. I only have experience of the Geoptik, but I can confirm that it’s excellent - beautifully made, very solid with easy adjustment. I use it all the time and really can’t fault it. The Berlebach does have a padded seat which might be useful for really long sessions, but not sure it’s worth another £70! You can also use the Geoptik as a reclining binocular chair, though it’s a bit of a faff to adjust the strap to convert it. Also has a handy magnetic seat storage clip on the back. I think it’s really good value for money. Edit: Just another thought, the Nadira is a three legged configu
  20. Agreed, it’s brilliant, and the standard against which I judge other discussion sites (in fact I haven’t found another that comes close, astronomy or otherwise). Well done and thanks to all. Long may it continue.
  21. I’m not sure direct customer service is AA’s strong point! They seem to be very focused on new product development and such like. When I bought my AA 102EDR I ordered through HarrisonTelescopes as I thought I would get better customer service and I was not disappointed.
  22. Lovely article, it’s nice to be reminded of the joy of small scopes. My 66mm frac on a photo tripod still gets used when I am short of time and need a quick ‘astro fix’.
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