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  1. Thanks Neil. I'm looking forward to the planets getting higher in the sky. Thanks again for your help and advice so far. Trevor
  2. Still wading through unprocessed files and I think this is probably it for this year. I'll be surprised if I get another chance before they are lost in the twilight but you never know ! All images taken through a C9.25 with colour and mono ASI 120's .
  3. Taken yesterday evening. Canon G1 with 6 sec exposure. Saturn is just in frame top right.
  4. Thanks Neil. Appreciate the comment. Lots to learn yet but it seems to be going in the right direction.
  5. Taken recently probably during a last chance this year before Jupiter gets low and lost in twilight. About 20 minutes in total during very variable seeing. C9.25 and 120MC
  6. That really is a great image. Very fine detail.
  7. Thanks for the help and advice Neil
  8. Thanks Pete. The gas giants are getting more difficult now but the moon beckons ! Always something to do.
  9. You always seem to get a nice natural look with your images Neil. Very good.
  10. Thanks Reggie. I'm having an interesting time comparing it to a C9.25. Still not sure which will be best in the long run !
  11. Thanks Neil. Should keep me amused for a long while !
  12. Thanks Pete. I have been surprised what others (including you) have achieved with the planets so low. You’ve proved it’s certainly worth having a go. Trevor
  13. Seeing not the best last night but a chance at last to try out the new scope. A mix of 685 mono and colour shots with ASI 120 cameras. A lot for me to learn and experiment with in the future. Pleased with the first captures though
  14. Thanks Neil. Must try completing longer AVI runs and one day I’ll get my head around Winjupos !!
  15. Very nice images Pete. I like how you have caught Europa on the limb
  16. Nice image. Good detail
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