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  1. Lovely capture! Glad your shoulder is feeling better. I struggle every time trying to get my 8SE ota on the eq5 mount - because I am a sub five footer and I have to stand on tippy toes. Angie
  2. Some good detail showing on the Saturn image! Angie
  3. Amazing detail in these images - as usual! Love the super-smooth animation. Angie
  4. I was about to suggest using a red filter -glad I googled wratten 29 before I posted or I would have felt silly! You are picking up some nice detail with a small scope, keep at it! Angie
  5. Thanks Stu, yes, Oval BA is the one circled in red. I did notice the other area when processing the images but I couldn't see it on any other images either here or on Cloudy Nights, so just forgot about it. Actually there is an image of the same area on Cloudy Nights today by Mauricev. Anyway, glad the pics helped you to pinpoint the area you were talking about, and I think Stu's Spot is a great name for it! I wish my eyes could pick out details like this but with floaters and cataracts it isn't so easy any more. Clear skies for you for tomorrow night. Angie
  6. I think that you are probably seeing Oval BA, I imaged it a couple of weeks ago (14th July) and posted in the Planetary Imaging section. Angie
  7. Actually, years ago I painted a line on the balcony from the shadow of the Sun at midday, placed the tripod over it, then drift aligned the mount. I also made marks where the tripod feet sit. Nowadays I don't bother to drift align any more as I can keep the planets in the roi with a bit of adjustment.
  8. Nice images Peter. I missed this one as a stubborn bank of cloud just never moved far enough away! Angie
  9. Nice images considering the seeing conditions. Jupiter was very bad here but strangely the seeing for Saturn was much calmer. Angie
  10. I like this, always nice to see the moons. Angie
  11. Peter & Tom, thank you for the comments. Tom, I use a Celestron 8se OTA mounted on a basic EQ5 with dual axis motors, ASI224, ZWO ADC & the lens from a cheapo 2x barlow. I image from a small balcony, so this year is not so good as the lower edge of the scope is obscured by the balcony rail! Angie
  12. Thanks Knobby, I wasn't going to bother this year but I just can't resist Jupiter! Angie
  13. Images from 14-07-2019. Jupiter with oval BA and Callisto at 2112UT. Jupiter with GRS rotating onto the disc & Callisto 2154UT Jupiter with GRS, Callisto & Io just reappearing after eclipse 2222UT. Saturn 14-07-2019 2304UT. Angie
  14. As we all know the planets are difficult this year with the low altitude, but we still keep getting out there and doing our best! This was my best image from the 2nd July. The first image was processed in Registax 6, and the second one in Fitswork4. 8" SCT, ASI224, ADC, 2x Barlow. Capture size was around f24, and the images reduced to 80%. Saturn is shown at capture size. Angie
  15. Thanks for the comments: Rob, Simon, Reggie, Martyn, Peter & Pete. Also thanks to those who pressed the like/thanks buttons. ? Reggie, there were slight differences in capture & processing, but not enough to show such differences. Martyn, busy and foolish as I was unwell with a virus for 10 days. I was sleeping all day, then getting up to image Mars! Eventually the virus proved that it was stronger than me by knocking me out for 48 hours! I think our images show the Syrtis Major region along with Hellas (the light area), no volcanoes as far as I am aware. Olympus Mon
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