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  1. Thanks for the comments: Rob, Simon, Reggie, Martyn, Peter & Pete. Also thanks to those who pressed the like/thanks buttons. ? Reggie, there were slight differences in capture & processing, but not enough to show such differences. Martyn, busy and foolish as I was unwell with a virus for 10 days. I was sleeping all day, then getting up to image Mars! Eventually the virus proved that it was stronger than me by knocking me out for 48 hours! I think our images show the Syrtis Major region along with Hellas (the light area), no volcanoes as far as I am aware. Olympus Mons is on the side facing us at the moment. I think I may have caught it on this image from the 17th, the smudge between 1 and 2 o clock. Maybe someone who knows can confirm - or not! The image is badly processed as I just wanted to see if it was there. I had hoped to have another go last night, but it was cloudy. Angie
  2. Great images Reggie, nicely showing Mars growing in size. Well done. ? Angie
  3. Two very nice images. I like the wider field Jupiter with the two moons and shadow transit. Angie
  4. Nice images, especially Saturn. I think I see a hint of the storm in there. Angie
  5. Lovely smooth image Martyn, your best this year. ? Angie
  6. Great image Pete, I also think that it is your best so far. Angie
  7. Some nice images here. ? I believe the light area is Hellas. Angie
  8. There is some detail there, unfortunately the low altitude, dust and poor seeing aren't helping at all. Angie
  9. This is a follow-on from my last post on June 25th which showed images from 21-06-2018 to 25-06-2018. Two more images showing the dust storm from 26-06-2018 to 15-07-2018. I expected size differences in the images given the range of time - but NOT as they show up here! ? All were taken with the same kit - 8" SCT, 2x barlow, ADC & ASI224mc. Anyway, I have given up on them now, so here they are warts & all! ? Angie
  10. Another fine image. ? Angie
  11. Lovely shadow transit! Angie
  12. Great capture. Angie
  13. Lovely set, nice dusty Mars. Angie
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