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Trevor N

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  1. Trevor N

    The Moon 18-02-19

    Nice detailed image
  2. Trevor N

    Waxing 99% Moon 48MP Mosaic

    Very nice. Good contrast and detail
  3. Trevor N

    first images of 2019, finally...

    Excellent shots
  4. Trevor N

    Plato and the Alpine Valley

    Thanks for the comments. This area always seems to pull me in for another go
  5. Trevor N

    Plato and the Alpine Valley

    I've returned to this area again and again over the years but looking back I think this is the most detail I've ever managed. Taken last Thursday through a C9.25 sct with x2 barlow. Processed in registax and tweaked in photoshop. We've had a good run of clear nights this lunation !
  6. Trevor N

    Tonights moon

    Quick and simple this one but pleased with the detail. Reduction for the web has lost a lot. Prime focus of a C6 with a Canon 1000D. Two parts to the image 10 images stacked for each part. I used mirror lock up which seems to have helped with shutter shake.
  7. Trevor N

    A pair of forgotten images.

    Nice images John.
  8. Trevor N

    Tycho Clavius C9.25 tonight

    Thanks for the comments. I seem to come back to this area again and again.
  9. Trevor N

    St Valentines Moon

    Nice shot. Good contrast and detail
  10. Trevor N

    First proper attempts

    Nice images. Lots of detail.
  11. Trevor N

    Luna 14-2-2019

    Lots of detail. Like the sunrise on the Bay of Rainbows
  12. Trevor N

    February 14, 2019: Valentine Moon Mosaic

    That's a very good result. You have spent a lot of time and effort to pull all those images together. You've even picked up Hadley Rille. Nice.
  13. Trevor N

    Tycho Clavius C9.25 tonight

    Loads of data tonight. I'm sure it will keep me amused for a long while ! First effort with Tycho and Clavius. 500 frames of 2000 stacked. Taken with an imaging source dmk 21
  14. Trevor N

    Sundays moon

    Thanks for the comments. Hopefully get another clear night tomorrow to have another go !
  15. Trevor N

    Sundays moon

    Thanks Craney. I agree with your comment on the C6. Only owned the scope a couple of weeks but looks hopeful. Nice to use

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