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  1. I've hung on to these far too long. They may be of use to others: 20cm SW (vixen ) dovetail and two rings for 80mm or 100mm refractor £30 plus postage 20cm SW (vixen) dovetail and two rings for 120mm refractor £30 plus potage White SW 5Kg counterweight £20 plus postage SW OVL field flattener for refractors £60 including postage
  2. Thanks for the interest everyone. As expected, this sold very quickly. Trevor
  3. Skywatcher ED80 with red dot finder, 2" diagonal, tube rings and dovetail. The scope is housed in a bespoke wooden box for transport and storage. This scope has been very little used since it was purchased new. £190 plus postage / packing costs if required
  4. Skywatcher star adventurer with tripod, counterweight and bar. Very little used and as new £275 plus post and packing Now sold. Thanks Tom
  5. Brought new by me. Excellent condition. Complete with Aluminium case, finder, 2" diagonal, tube rings and dovetail. £790 plus any arrangements for postage if required Update 22/02/21. Sold. Thanks Ade
  6. Nice and clear images. Like the banding in Aristarchus
  7. More time to process and hopefully stitch together the better shots. Taken two nights back through an ED120 with x3 barlow. I think the Rille in the Alpine Valley is a bit more obvious and I always like imaging Hadley Rille in the mountains. Seeing wasn't the best I've known so pleased wit the detail
  8. You’ll find enough with the moon to keep you going a lifetime. The lighting never seems the same and when you do drop onto good seeing it’s quite something. Always think it’s a bit like fishing. You never know what you’ll get and sometimes it’s nothing. Always worth another go though
  9. Nice when the seeing is not bad. You take as much as you can !!!!!
  10. Thanks. Nice to get the opportunity with the recent weather !
  11. Taken earlier this evening through an ED120. Maybe a hint of the Rille down the middle of the valley. Nice area to image. Trevor
  12. Cloudy now but clear earlier this evening. The seeing wasn't too bad. Taken with an ED120 with x3 barlow and imaging source camera. I've imaged this area many times before but always go back for another go.
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