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  1. Thanks. Yes, It was a lucky break in the clouds. I've had the reverse like many, dragged the scope and gear out on to the patio when its been clear to look up and see the clouds have rolled in.
  2. Lovely view to the South West tonight. Mix of different exposures to get some detail on the moon and not underexpose the planets. Quite like doing these wide field shots
  3. Usual story of having a re-tweak of the data. This was taken last Thursday through a SW ED150. I think better processing has brought out clouds on the limb and the Polar Cap. Seeing was very poor but pleased to get this. Roll on steadier nights before the Red planet fades !!
  4. Thanks for the comments. I had high hopes last night but the seeing was poor. I notice it most when trying to find a good reference frame for registax. Never mind. Better luck hopefully for all of us in the east next time !
  5. The seeing was not good here last night so pleased with the detail. Taken through a Skywatcher 150ED using an imaging source camera. I used a 5x powermate and manual RGB wheel. Nice to see a planet higher up in the sky from the UK !
  6. Good detail for a single frame. I would be pleased with that
  7. Thanks Mick. I usually do the same but thought it would make a change from Nebula. Plenty of others for me to try ! Trevor
  8. Every year I re-visit this one. A bit of an experiment this year with a relatively new Altair 183C on an ED72 unguided. 24 x 3 minute subs. I was pleased with the detail
  9. Just 10 Subs at 60 seconds unguided through an ED72 on an HEQ5. Camera was an Altair 183C.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I always like the Cygnus part of the Milky Way. It seems the most photographic bit for me anyway in the Northern Hemisphere. Its amazing how the technology has changed in my lifetime. This will probably be done with a hand held hyper sensitive camera in the future !
  11. A chance to try a new standard Canon 50mm lens. Set at f2.8 and a about 15 x 90 sec shots for each frame. I used photoshop to blend the three images together. Never sure whether to post these here or on deep sky but wide field has it I think !
  12. First light with a 50mm Canon lens on a 1000D last night . Blend of three shots. 15 x 90 sec exposures each. The original is very detailed. Unfortunately it looses a lot when scaled down for the web. Taken using a star adventurer from the back garden.
  13. Thanks Simon. Looking back it’s amazing the quality difference the low altitude has made. This was taken with the same scope a few years back
  14. Thanks Pete. I think we are all battling with the conditions this time around. Trevor
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