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  1. Good luck with the mosaic, hope you get clear skies. I haven't done Lunar for years, as within seconds the image inverts. It's very frustrating, it even happens when looking at images on the computer or in books. Angie
  2. Thanks Neil! I remember the first time I saw one through my first scope, Tal-1. I couldn't work out what had happened, thought that I must have imagined it, until I looked at Skymap Pro. After that I always checked to see what was going on. Nowadays I rarely check anything! Thank you Craig. I should have just had an early night instead of trying to sort it out. Thanks Simon. Yes, it was good to catch it, but if I hadn't seen Stu's heads-up I wouldn't have known about it. Thanks Martyn. It was a real rushed job but it came out fairly well! Angie
  3. Very nicely done, great detail! Angie
  4. You keep on getting out there Neil! Nice shots, but great detail on the moons. Well done. Cloudy here on Wednesday and rain yesterday and today. Angie
  5. Great shot, nice detail in the GRS. Angie
  6. Nice first planetary image. Hopefully the first of many! Angie
  7. Thanks Stu. In fact it was your heads-up that sent me out to image it, and with only a minute or so to spare! I also caught the Io one a few days earlier, but seeing was so bad that I'm not sure that I can do anything with the data. Angie
  8. A short gif of Europa reappearing from eclipse. Images captured from 20:41ut to 20:46ut, but I think Europa had reached maximum brightness before the last capture. After these captures Firecapture decided that it didn't recognise my camera, nor my ASI120mm and ASI120mc. So after a few reboots and still no luck I called it a night. I tried again yesterday during daylight and all seems to be fine, but it was cloudy last night & rain most of the day today & this evening, so it is back to the waiting game again! Celestron 8se, basic EQ5 mount with dual axis drives, ASI 224, ADC, IR742 & 2x barlow. Firecapture, AutoStakkert!3, Registax 6, Photoshop Angie
  9. Nice images Trevor, and as Neil says the mono Jupiter is showing some good detail. Angie
  10. Great images Simon, lovely fine detail. Angie
  11. A great set of images Neil, especially considering the low altitude and horrible conditions we have suffered this year. Angie
  12. Nice detailed animation Neil. Angie
  13. Good detail showing Martyn, pity about the cloud. It was quite misty here. Angie
  14. Excellent image Martyn. Angie
  15. Lovely sharp image! Angie
  16. Great captures Simon, lots of detail in both Jupiter & Saturn. Angie
  17. Nice detailed image. Many years ago I had an owl land on the balcony rail as I was down below observing through my dob. Quite an unnerving experience! Angie
  18. Nicely done Neil, lots of detail in the Jupiter images, and I'm really liking the second Saturn image. Angie
  19. Thank you Trevor. Yes, I used the Astronomik IR742. Angie
  20. Nice image Reggie. That is something I have never tried to capture, but I have/did have some conjunction images some time ago. Angie
  21. Just one image last night before being clouded out after 10 minutes. Celestron 8se, basic EQ5 mount with dual axis drives, ASI 224, IR742, ADC, & 2x barlow. Firecapture, AutoStakkert!3, Registax 6, Photoshop Angie
  22. Nice images Neil despite the cloud. I set up too but was clouded out ten minutes later after one capture! I find it difficult staying awake to image late evening/early morning, much prefer going to bed then getting up at silly o'clock! Angie
  23. Great images Reggie, nice banding on Saturn. I actually spotted Jupiter last night but I blinked and it was gone! Angie
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