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Who's had enough of the transit of Mercury?


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It was cloudy in Selsey (where I live) so I had to travel north. Ended up in Leicester on the dividing line between cloud and Sun. Fortunately the cloud dispersed a little giving me clear skies. I've a lot of stuff to wade through, but here are some of the initial results...







Pete Lawrence 

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Fantastic stuff Pete. I love the first contact sequence, amazing detail.

Interesting to compare the first contact time (which I think was achieved visually) by Alexandra a little later, but still ahead of the Calsky prediction presumably due to the prom? Not sure about differences due to location so how comparable the two times are?



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That's a real fine set of pictures Pete.  I particularly like the close-up of Mercury overlapping the prominence and the sequences that follow it.  I'm delighted you headed North for clear skies or we would have been deprived of these wonderful pictures.

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Thank you for your lovely comments. It was a great event. I saw my first Mercury transit in 2003 along with my youngest lad who was 10 at the time. Was rather fitting that I was in Leicester for this one as he's at the University up to his neck in finals.


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