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  1. Thanks yet again Stu. I've actually ordered one from Rother Valley (in fact I composed a post to this affect an hour ago, got called away and forgot to actually post it!) who had one in stock, they were very helpful and it should be with me tomorrow! I did search on line for potential suppliers and came across MicroGlobe, it was about £20 less than I paid and it did say it was in stock on the web listing. Rother Valley were first on my list to phone, and though tempted to phone MicroGlobe first because of the lower price I didn't. Mainly because I didn't know anyone who had ever dealt with them. Also, I know they supply camera equipment amongst other things and would prefer to support purely astronomical suppliers. Mind you, I may not be saying this if it had been £50 less . So, really looking forward to trying it out, though the weather forecast for the next few days up here seems to indicate otherwise. Many thanks for all your help Stu, and all the other kind and helpful people who have contributed to this thread of course .
  2. Very many thanks Stu, I'm really pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel . I just need to find a supplier who has one, there is always TS if I can't find someone more 'local', thanks again.
  3. Stu, I managed to find the instructions online for my binoviewer (Baader Maxbright) which certainly made things clearer for me. it's embarrassing to admit it, but I've had it a long time and didn't realise it was compatible with the T2 system, how sad is that! As you say the T2 version of the BBHS diagonal is much cheaper, around £226 compared with around £399 for the 'full' version. So if I'm understanding it correctly, my binoviewer will fit directly to one end of the diagonal (after unscrewing the 1.25 nosepiece I bought with it) and the nosepiece will then fit to the other end of the binoviewer to go into the telescope? So, initially I'd have no extra expense to get it all working together using the binoviewer. I realise that at some time I'd need to buy an eyepiece adapter for the diagonal so I can use it with a single eyepiece rather than the binoviewer. Also, I'd want a 2 inch fitting for the other end (instead of the 1.25 fitting I have) eventually to have a firmer fit to the telescope. It felt like one of those eureka moments when I read the instructions for my binoviewer Many thanks for all your help.
  4. Thanks John. I think you're quite right in your comments. In fact I haven't got a two inch diagonal of any type at the moment, I'm using an old 1.25 TVue dielectric I've had for years. It's performance seems to be similar to Mikes 1.25 Tak prism, but I'm after a 2" diagonal because it is a more secure fit than a 1.25 fitting and won't be so prone to slipping when extended out at an angle from the tube. I just want to make sure that I end up getting a good 2 inch diagonal that will do justice to the Tak FC 100 DL. I want to make sure I don't have a weak link in the system. I'd also been thinking about the WO 2 inch Dura-Bright which comes in at around £135, but if there's anything better at around the same price I'd be happy to know what other options people think I should consider - I'm quite happy if I don't have to spend £399 which I haven't got anyway at the moment!
  5. Yes John, I've been agonising on how best to optimise the image with the 100DL, it's knowing which factors are most important to the final image and what makes a real difference. Many thanks.
  6. Many thanks Stu, that's really helpful, you've provided some invaluable information - many thanks.
  7. Many thanks Stu. Relieved I don't NEED one . Is the difference when observing Jupiter so much better than when using a good dielectric as it sounds in the review? If it were even half true, I might be in the WOULD LIKE ONE VERY MUCH category . Also, is the T2 version for photography, and if not, how does it work visually - please excuse my ignorance.
  8. I recently came across this item, did a search and came up with this review: To be frank, I was quite amazed about how good it sounded, perhaps a game-changer to a visual planetary observer like myself. I won't quote anything from the review ( I'm not sure this is allowed) but read how the view through the BBHS compares to the view through a well respected dielectric diagonal and you'll understand why I felt a bit excited. If it's so good I'm wandering why I'd never even heard of it until recently, never read about it before or heard it mentioned, and certainly never seen one or known anyone who has used one. It's not cheap, more than I would usually think of paying for a diagonal So come on, someone put me out of my misery and tell me I'm getting things out of proportion and I really don't need one
  9. Many thanks. Yes, I could put my barlow (it's x2) in front of the barlow, but I'm looking to reduce the magnification, hence I'm looking for something like a pair of 19mm to 21mm Orithos - which of course no-one makes any of this focal length as far as I know . Of course I'm aware of the many 18mm Orthos but they are too close to the 16.8s I already have. This is probably a daft question, but are there any GPCs available for my Baader Maxbright Binoviewer? It would be great to have the flexibility you have with the setup you use, but I can't afford to buy another binoviewer.
  10. Many thanks for the update. Alas I haven't the luxury of GPCs and have to make do with a single barlow . The good news is that it still works very well, even if it's not so flexible .
  11. Many thanks to everyone for all your replies. They have all been very informative, and most helpful, and amongst all your replies there is certainly all the information I need to make some decisions. Many thanks to all of you.
  12. Many thanks David, that really does help. I have a pair of 19mm Wide Eye Relief eyepieces which I currently use as a lower power option to my 16.8s, but they don't really cut the mustard as they are not as sharp as my Orthos. I certainly have some thinking to do, thanks again.
  13. Many thanks Gerry. That's really useful. As I'm looking for a lower power than my 16.8s give the comfort factor is ok for me. I have to keep my specs on during observing (astigmatism in both eyes) and even with my 16.8s I don't have a problem in this respect. Thanks again.
  14. Many thanks, that's really useful information.
  15. Many thanks John, though I don't think I can push the boat out that far