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  1. Yes she does Mike, but you're on dodgy ground here as your wife doesn't realise (yet!) that your DC miraculously turned into a DZ .
  2. Nice sketches Mike. Regarding the comparison, it's no surprise that the image in the Tak was both sharper and dimmer, it would have been more surprising if it hadn't been. Its exactly the same when comparing my SW 120ED and Bresser 203mm f6 Newtonian of course. In terms of what detail can actually be seen, a more useful comparison would be with the two scopes set up side by side - and in seeing conditions that permit your 200mm to perform to it's full potential. This is the comparison I'd like to make between my 120ED and 203 mm Newt - though I might not live long enough to do it under the seeing conditions I generally have at home . The best view I have ever had of Mars was some years ago when we took a 16 inch SC from The Astronomy Centre to Kelling when the seeing was extremely good. For Saturn, my best view was over 15 year ago with a Fullerscopes 8 1/2 inch f6.3 Newtonian. It still gives me goose bumps when I think of how stunning that view was.
  3. Lovely sketches Mike. The first one was about the limit of what I could see in very poor seeing.
  4. I actually compared the Contrast Booster and the Neodymium last night for the first time on Mars. Unfortunately the seeing was poor most of the time and this made the comparison more difficult. I did tentatively come to some initial thoughts, but I wont say anything yet until I've some more time with them under my belt - I'll then post a full report. The weather doesn't look good up here for next week, but I expect the week I'm spending at Kelling will enable me to post something meaningful when I'm back home.
  5. That really is an outstanding image Rus. Thanks for posting it
  6. Well, it's over two years since I started this thread, and I've still not taken the plunge on a Neodymium to compare with my Baader Contrast Booster !! (Which I'm still using on Mars for the current apparition) Thanks to those who have revived the thread. I'm ordering a Neodymium filter tomorrow, otherwise I might go to my grave still not knowing how the two filters work for me . I will let you know how I get on when I've had some time to put it through its paces.
  7. Next years edition of this guide was in stock this morning at my local branch - it may also be available on line if it isnt in your own local branch. Well worth the full price, so it's a real bargain at £3.
  8. As above, unless the government comes up with some new restrictions, I cant see why it shouldn't go ahead. If camping sites havent been closed down, then I cant see why the organisers should cancel it. And if they did, all of us who have already booked our pitches could just turn up anyway . If you see me, please say hello, I'll be the one with a mask on .
  9. I'm trying to source one of these for a friends 80 birthday. If you have one available, please contact me with condition. price and where you are located. Many thanks, Paul
  10. I'm hoping so too Pete, though in my case visually observing Mars. Clear skies.
  11. Eddy said: I use https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Dokon-Hanging-Waterproof-Breathable-200x105cm/dp/B07MNJVPJK/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Dokon+Patio+Hanging+Chair+Cover%2C+Waterproof%2C+Windproof%2C+Anti-UV%2C+Heavy+Duty+Rip+Proof+600D+Oxford+Fabric+Ga&qid=1599758535&sr=8-4 and have not run in to any issues at all. I haven't left anything out in a storm yet, but we have a similar cover that's actually on a hanging chair, and that's survived outside for the entire summer without getting at all damp. Thanks again Eddy. Mine arrived yesterday along with the larger one I ordered. The one you suggested works fine for me, plenty large enough and the material certainly seems it's not going to fall apart in a hurry. Just what I wanted and at a great price. The larger one is on its way back to Amazon. Below is a snap of it I took in situ in my observatory. Underneath it is my 8 inch f6 on a Vixen SP mount (in altaz mode) on top of a 16inch pillar which is on the now unavailable Orion (UK) Field Tripod.
  12. Tomorrow, Monday 14th September, at 5am there is a conjunction of the 14% crescent Moon, Praesepe (Beehive Custer) and Venus. Use binoculars or a wide field telescope and look between the Moon and Venus to find Praesepe. Look as early as you can before it gets too light to see Praesepe at its best when more stars will be visible. Below is the conjuction using the StarSafari App.
  13. No need to be rude Mike. However big your retinars are, the reason you get a better image using binovision is for the reason I gave.
  14. Mmm, I'm no imager but to me it's just a gimmick, just an out of focus image of M31. I bet most imagers have rejected many of their own images of M31 which are a lot better than this one.
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