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  1. You're right Ben, I'm not greedy, a few hundred thousand would be enough
  2. That is really very kind of you Piero, and much appreciated, what a nice thing to do. Thank you.
  3. Many thanks for that. Do you know, I was thinking the same thing, it seems exceptionally good - even for a Tak! It's a shame, as I'll probably never have a telescope which is as good. I've used a friends FC100 DC frequently, but never had the opportunity to use another DL. Thanks again.
  4. Many thanks Chris, and you're quite right of course. I've really enjoyed my time with the Tak and wouldn't have missed the experience and pleasure for anything.
  5. No problem Stu, I wish you all the best in your own situation. Happily I'm always optimistic, and I'm sure I'll be enjoying the night sky whatever scope I'm using in the future. I still have my Equinox 80 and a 6 inch f8 SW tube assembly, both of which are lovely scopes. When I think what I had for some years when I started off in astronomy I'm extremely well geared up even without the Tak, much as I love it. Many thanks.
  6. Many thanks Stu - though I hope this doesn't mean you have financial issues too.
  7. Many thanks Mike. It's good of you to post up those images. I don't think the one with me on it will do much for a potential sale, but it will mean I'm likely to use the scope for a while longer . Fingers crossed I have it until at least Thursday so I'll have the pleasure of using it under the good skies at Kelling .
  8. Many thanks Mark. Thank you for your kind thoughts. And yes, you're quite right, about 14 miles .
  9. I love the 8.5 inch f12.5 (I think) achromat that Peter Drew has up at TAC. Peter built the tube, mount and housing and it's excellent. Mind you, it would never fit in my garden! .
  10. which planet killer?

    Brilliant shot Tony, but I bet it didn't look like that through the telescope on the same night
  11. What a mess!

    Yep, that's exactly happened to me a few years ago, with a phone I'd only picked up the previous week!
  12. How silly I am, yes, it is the scope on the GP used in my profile .
  13. Simply the best optical performance of any telescope I've ever used - and that's a lot in over 45 years owning and using telescopes. Only for sale due to current financial position. If I win the lottery this weekend the ad will be removed! This was bought from Ian King at Astrofest in February 2015 as an ex-demo telescope. Instead of a serial number engraved on it, it actually has DEMO engraved on it. It also came with the wrong designation around the lens - referring to it as being the f7.4 version, when of course it is one of the f9 limited edition first run. This has never bothered me, in fact I've been proud of its uniqueness, though you may be able to replace it if you really wanted to - personally I wouldn't bother. The focuser is super smooth and optically it is stunning in every respect. For sale is the optical tube, 2 inch and 1.25 inch fitting, Tak bespoke longer version tube clamp (FAR superior and easier to use than any rings I've ever used), Take 6x30 finder and GEOPTIK high quality soft case. To buy this new in the UK will cost you £2858 (for as long as dealers have it available) - this is the cheapest I can see it offered at least. And, this does NOT include a case of course. The price of this well proven telescope is £2150 INCLUDING the case. PLEASE NOTE - I'm afraid I will not post this scope to any destination, the scope must be collected in person from Oakworth, West Yorkshire or it can be collected from Kelling next week. I may accept a SW Equinox 100ED, or SW 100ED pro in part-ex, but this would be subject to them being in excellent optical and mechanical condition and complete. (possibly a 120ED) I will add some pictures here as soon as I can (I'm out for most of today and evening), but there are quite a few pics of this scope on SGL already posted by myself and mikeDnight if you are impatient for a preview! For anyone who wants to try the scope out, it will be available at Kelling from Thursday 21st until Monday 21st September. Please pm me for pitch details. Also please pm if you want any more information. Of course, if sold before Thursday the scope will not be available at Kelling. I am only advertising the scope initially on these pages, it would be nice if it went to a SGL member, it would be good to read in the observing forums that it is being put to good use. Thanks for your interest and sticking with my rather long-winded ad !! ** SPECIAL KELLING PRICE - £1990 if sale agreed by Sunday 24th September - lower price not guaranteed after this date **
  14. Mike, I don't think it's so much has anyone received one of the new batch in the UK yet , more a case of did anyone reading this actually order one. Come on, own up, don't be shy !!