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  1. Out about 9.50 to 11.15 pm with the Tecnosky 102ED. Poor seeing but good detail in better moments. Adjoining Clavius to the SW is Blancus, and a little S of Blancus Is Klaproth and Casatus adjacent to Klaproth's southern boarder. I thought they were quite striking, Kalproth being well illuminated and Casatus in total shadow, with ramparts separating them, looking a bit like a garden wall to me. To the E of Casatus is a triangular dark area, and a bit further E an oblong dark area which is Newton, named after Isaac Newton of course. How such a famous scientist should be relegated
  2. I really wish you hadn't said that, it's enough to put you off observing sunspots .
  3. Great images, particularly the colour one, love the fine detail, thanks for posting.
  4. Outside with PST from around 9.30 to 10.15am. For about 40 minutes I could see no detail at all, no surface detail or proms, not even AR2833 which I knew was on the disc. It was quite hazy, but even so there's usually something. I checked GONG and was relieved to see that apart from an indistinct filament patch in the NE quadrant and The sunspot I wasn't missing much! At 10.10 the haze thinned a little and I did manage to see AR2833 and the filament patch, plus an insignificant small prom in the SW quad. Still, very little activity, hopefully it's the calm before the storm .
  5. I was out from about 9.45 to 11.00 pm with the Tecnosky 102ED F7. The Theeophilus trio of craters were superbly placed. The lighting was really weird, with the Moon being a very strange brown colour. The full crescent pic below is a single frame taken with the Olympus E-M5 Mk11, and the colour is just what it looked like with the naked eye. Perhaps some dust in the atmosphere? The seeing was also atrocious most of the time, and very bad the rest of the time! I too some snaps with my Samsung A40 phone through a Morpheus 17.5 mm using the Celestron smart phone adapter. Below is the
  6. Many thanks Stu. I will go out any night the weather cooperates this week, but I've just had two warnings about thunder storms approaching this week .
  7. Many thanks, I only decided to take some pics at the last minute, so it was a mad rush to get the kit together, glad I did though.
  8. I had a nice view of the crescent moon last evening, using my 10x50 binoculars and my SW 72ED. Particularly nice to see it having observed it passing across the sun a couple of days earlier during the eclipse. The single frames below were taken with the 72ED and Olyympue E-M5 Mk11 between 10.19pm and 10.22 pm.
  9. I'm glad you had some views Chris, you were luckier than many folks.
  10. Thank you Stu. I agree with you, the profile of the lunar limb was certainly something I'll remember from this eclipse It would have been nice to know what features we were looking at.
  11. Thanks Chris, I'm glad you saw something of it.
  12. You were quick off the mark to capture it in so short a break, we'll done Peter.
  13. I was up at 6am to check the weather, and in order to get to a better site if necessary. Despite it being completely cloudy and very dull outside, the forecast indicated it should be fairly clear by about 9am and then intermittent sunshine until around 11am. At 9am it was indeed brighter with some blue patches! I decided to gamble and stay put. In summary, I had good views from the start of the eclipse until 11.18, just after max when it clouded completely and threatened rain. There were quick moving clouds, but the longest time the sun was out of view was for 12 mts. There were ofte
  14. Well done John, at least you got a look near max, I'm really pleased for you. As it turned out I had good views from 9.50 to 11.18, just after max when it clouded up completely and became quite dark. There was some cloud, but won't complain. I'll put a report on solar observing soon.
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