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  1. MARS at 6.3 arc seconds

    Excellent sketch Mike.
  2. Comet hunting instruments.

    Now come on Mike, don't be bashful, just say it exactly as you see it
  3. Show us your Frac

    I think I'll be coming up to TAC a little more often than usual during next July Peter
  4. The Sun - February 11th 2018

    Fabulous images David, especially considering the troublesome conditions you had.
  5. Sol WL,HA Prom 11-2-18 added pic.

    Wonderful images Charl, both WL and HA. I was hoping someone would post a good WL image - I was observing it in this morning myself between snow showers.
  6. Datalord. As per other folks' comments, I think you'd be taking a risk if you're intending to use your current mount. You wouldn't want to be in the position that you buy the scope only to find your mount is inadequate. Sorry to be a killjoy.
  7. First light, ASI178MM/Lunt 50

    Yes Matt, solar is certainly more laid back than night time observing. Mind you, it wasn't very civilised up in deepest Yorkshire half an hour ago when I was trying to do some WL observing with my 102ED. Dodging snow showers and bitingly cold winds. Now indoors with a coffee and looking at your splendid first solar image. Looking out of the window it's now snowing heavily, almost getting on for blizzard like conditions. I'm hoping someone will post an image in WL from about this time so I can compare it with my very rough sketch - my excuse is that the conditions were very difficult. Laudropb, I'm delighted you're entering the world of HA and am looking forward to seeing your observations.
  8. Just joined the H alpha club.

    Welcome home Peter. The mod looks fabulous, how did it perform?
  9. Sol WL, HA Proms And plane 9-2-18 pic added

    Excellent Charl, you were my first port of call after I observed the sunspot group around 2pm - I knew you'd have posted a pic or two if you had clear skies. Only WL now as you know, but still a nice view with a four inch refractor. Not great seeing, but nice views up to about x100. Thanks for the pictures.
  10. Mike is right. You'll have great views whizzing round the sky with a refractor on an AZ4, and will be back indoors drinking a mug of coffee before you would have managed to set up a motorized mount. Great as a grab and go telescope for those rather teasing brief periods of clear sky .
  11. Show us your Frac

    Many thanks, 25585 - sorry don't know your name. The DL is a fine scope, I can't imagine a better four inch refractor for planetary and the Moon. I'm sure you'll be thrilled with it if you go ahead with the purchase.
  12. Show us your Frac

    Having to sell, part-ex my Tak 100 DL for financial reasons starting some months ago started a chain of events ending in my acquiring an Astro Tech 102ED 102mm f6.95 (709mm) from a fellow SGL member which I took in part exchange for a 120mm Equinox. I took it really to sell on, but it's so good I have decided to keep it. I even sold my 80mm Equinox to make way for it - and I'd had this scope for over five years. It was new in 2007 and I am the third owner, all of us SGL members. Astro Tech is the brand name for scopes made by Astronomics in the USA, and this one is fitted with a Feathertouch micro focuser fitted from new at the factory and made especially for this scope. The scope has excellent sharpness (not stretched at all at x200 in appropriate seeing, and used at x360 on one occasion - though this was pushing it in poor seeing) and though having a little more colour than the Equinox 80 it's not at all bothersome to me. You have to look for the colour, great in day and night time and a joy to use. The FT is fabulous, necessary in such a short focal length. It's also only 24 inch with the dew shield in the closed position, about 22 inches without the diagonal. My thanks to the two SGL members who were the custodians of this fine scope before me and who looked after it so well. The pics show it in my observatory, the last one with the scope with the dew shield folded in. The mount is a Vixen GP converted to Altaz by Peter Drew.
  13. Promfest 26-1-18

    Fabulous as always charl. Lovely detail in those proms. I look forward to keep up to date solar wise with your images now that I'm HAlpha-less. Best regards, Paul
  14. 90mm aperture , what you can see.

    Mike, I won't tell the gentleman in question that you called him elderly if you don't . I can confirm that the pillar does a good job - and no mount to carry our either as you say .