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  1. +1 the Baader at this price. You get a lovely click-lock and a potentially useful finder on the back of the wedge, and the views are superb. I haven't done side-by-side tests but the general impression I get from the Baader 2 inch versus Lunt 1.25 is that the Baader is that little bit better visually.
  2. Nicely done. Deleting your own captures by mistake, been there, done that! Glad to hear your ASI120 lives!
  3. The SCT's do seem to make their aperture count with the solar film. If I get back to capture I might have a think about film on my 8 inch. I do like the 8-inch SCTs, little light buckets that are pretty portable still.
  4. Great detail, Dazzaa, I like the depth to it as well. Nice of Sol to be putting on a bit of a show of late. I might have to have a peek if it's still there tomorrow!
  5. Nice one, Mark, I like the colour and sense of depth of the disc. You can get really nice detail with a 120mm and Baader wedge. The only image I have to hand from my 120mm is a single frame shot, stacking would bring out more detail but hopefully it gives an idea:
  6. Here's a second shot at processing AIA171, I was going around in circles with the first effort! I think I am happier with this one for my taste. EDIT: Another stab at the big AR in AIA171 - I think it has more depth to it than #1: Thanks Dave and Stu, it's good to be back! I fancied a break from the solar, I felt like I wanted to get the frustration over a certain brand of solar filter out of my system! And I really likes me other hobby too, boardgames. No stoopid weather issues! We've had a year off more or less from the night time astro as well, which wasn't really planned! Really looking forward to hopefully doing a proper season this year. I sorta miss the solar capture a little bit, that buzz when you get some captures in the bag! I think I might have a ponder when we're getting closer to the next solar maximum if funds allow. Dave, hope your Quark is similar to the one you sent back. That's sorta my concern with those amazing devices. Fingers crossed for you. I'm looking forward to catching up with the amazing images. I don't recall Charl was doing h-alpha last time I was here. They look sweet! ---8th July, 2017AR2665AIA171 level 1 data courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.
  7. Wow, love that celluar detail!
  8. Hi Folks, Not my captures, AIA level 1 data from SDO that I have processed. It's been a while since I processed any solar images. Nice to see the sun has been picking up! --- 8th July, 2017 AR2665 AIA171/1700 level 1 data courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.
  9. Hope you get it fixed soon. I haven't seen anything like that with the several Quarks I have had. I've no idea what the cause is but just to mention here, make sure you don't let Quarks freeze - Teleskop Service had a warning about this which I posted in the thread below. "A Fabry-Pérot filter ... should not be exposed to temperatures below 5 °C (40 °F). The immersion oil which connects the optical elements can solidify. Then, it presses them apart and the coatings of the to 1/200 lambda plane-parallel polished etalon plate suffer damage."
  10. Sorry to hear about your troubles. A ghost image certainly can throw you. It has me a few times. A towel is to be recommended! I swear by a solar finder, some folks get on fine with the shadow method but I don't. I've not tried a Manfrotto ball head, I guess that sounds like it could be clunky? I found a Manfrotto tripod and mini giro to be very quick to use once used to it. I used to image with that setup and let the sun drift over the large-ish chip. I could be up an imaging from scratch literally in a couple of minutes once familiar with the setup. Though I think a tracking mount is better for imaging if convenient and you want to do mosaics. 18mm does sound a bit low power for a Lunt 60. I liked an 8mm Radian with the SolarMax 60 generally and that is a shorter focal length scope I think. I have really enjoyed views through a few different Lunt 60's. When it's up and running and there is something decent to see on the sun, I would be surprised if you don't both have a blast! My neighbour said it was even better than when he saw Saturn, though not everyone seems to like solar. I just think, well it's the only star we can see close up, and there are billions of them, and we can see impressive detail even with 35mm scopes. And the sun is rather important to us, of course! Good luck and hopefully have fun! :-)
  11. Nice! Tempting at half price. I am thinking Lunt 50 at some point but mustn't forget Solarscope! I've rarely regretted buying quality products (not that Lunt isn't).
  12. Two frames? Impressive stuff, Sir! I would not have guessed two frames.
  13. Lovely shots, Ewan. It's also made some spots turn the bend?
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