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  1. knobby

    William Optics ZS66 Petzval

    Just to clarify, still for sale , I think I've frightened @LightBucket off with my talk of elongated stars at edge of field
  2. knobby

    William Optics ZS66 Petzval

    Not your fault at all Bryan, just another step in the pursuit of the perfect scope ... And we all know how that ends don't we !
  3. knobby

    William Optics ZS66 Petzval

    Yes, its a lovely little scope, just wanted better stars at edge of field so I've bought a SW72ED
  4. knobby

    William Optics ZS66 Petzval

    replied ...
  5. Recently purchased from assouptro but couldn't get on with the stars at edge of feild. Beautiful looking scope in lovely condition. No case hence £130 delivered PF48 or pick up from M25/A127 area Essex
  6. One thing with this set up ... It's impossible to get the reducer /flattener to stay Square in the holder when tightening, I'm trying the lynx astro upgrade with compression ring to see if it's any better.
  7. They're cracking images , I'd just carry on as you are Maybe just get an HEQ5 and look at guiding for longer exposures on dimmer subjects ?
  8. Skeye is a good free app for this but th OTA will affect the compass ...
  9. Hopefully I'll be able to check star shapes tonight ...
  10. Okey dokey, just got in from social duties, scope arrived safely from @FLO swiftly stuck the William Optics ZS71 flattener in the scope to see if I had enough focus range ... Well a picture paints a thousand words so here's one showing the flattener in position and the same again but exposed to show the 'very rough handheld Moon shot ' on the monitor. No time or chance to check star shapes but hopefully tomorrow if clear.
  11. I have 2 Nikon T adaptors and they are 0.5mm different in thickness ... not much but there are differences. Not sure when or where I got them though, had them years. I'll be playing the spacing game tonight if scope arrives today !
  12. Well, I'm joining club, just ordered a 72ED from FLO ... I have a William Optics flat 6a, I'll give it a whirl.
  13. Seriously thinking of joining this club ! Going to try one on my SAM, WO ZS71 too heavy, WO ZS66 Petzval poor star shapes ... 72ED looks very interesting

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