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  1. Hi all, I'm sure I've read this before somewhere but still unsure of the theory ... Am I correct in thinking that when stacking, 1 to 2 Half's the noise, then 2 to 4 Half's again, then 4 to 8 ... 8 to 16 etc. So going past 16 really needs a massive investment in time ? Also where does sub length come into this ? I use a ZWO 1600 pro and seem to get good results in my bortle 7 / 8 zone with 300 seconds at unity gain. Also, now sure that (as I've been told but wanted to see for myself ) that only Ha cuts through the Moon glow. Due to t
  2. Should be ok ... Try mid gain and about 1.5 seconds, works on mine
  3. Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zwoasi.smartcontroller Not ideal though ... What are you imaging ?
  4. You can make a Canon DSLR work with ascom / Sharpcap ... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/657429-how-to-use-sharpcap-with-a-dslr/
  5. Definitely the thought that counts We did this last year for a friend we lost to Covids partner. We did carefully research it and chose a random star near Cassiopeia ... that way they can look up most of the year and see roughly where it is. They were happy so money well spent.
  6. I still don't get it ... We can't buy any astro gear because it's out of stock everywhere ... Yet it's still cloudy
  7. You can also pretty much guarantee that Rother will be out of stock at that price.
  8. Indeed, very mixed feedback
  9. Astro biscuit @rorymultistoreydid a you tube video about them I guess they're really busy but keep trying
  10. Cheers John, the moon doesn't hinder the H but plays havoc with the S and O. For me anyway.
  11. Looks like the Dec wasn't actually responding to guide commands ? Too low aggression setting ?
  12. Nice image the moon is very bright so it's hard to capture colour ... I believe people just boost the saturation in an editor to bring out what little colour there is.
  13. What camera ? I'm guessing a DSLR as you say ISO 800. Maybe try dithering or look at which ISO is optimum for your camera.
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