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  1. knobby

    Saturn & Jupiter - 15-07-2018

    Looks good especially Saturn ! I can see this thread derailing into a Dave Gilmour love in
  2. Just remember to keep it topped up monthly, set a reminder on your phone and try not to run it down too low as it will shorten its life.
  3. knobby

    2017 scout evening

    Hi Kane, there is a place in Margaret roding just off the A1060 (it's detailed in the venturing out thread ) pretty good and away from casual passers by. I've never been there alone but always felt safe.
  4. knobby

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    Personally I would feel quite sad if this group were to be 'archived' but I can see the logic from the forums admin. This was once a fairly active group but due to life I guess it has become gradually less active. Also ... I'd have to edit my signature
  5. I live mine (edge version) small enough to be manageable yet big enough to show great detail, I have diddy fans on the vents which gets rid of the thermals fairly well in about 30 mins.
  6. knobby

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    The tee shirt should be way out of focus ... strange
  7. knobby


    That's beautiful !
  8. knobby

    Saturn 13 June 2018

    I've already commented on this but saw it again today, it is really a cracking image from the UK. I've got nowhere near this with similar equipment ! Well done.
  9. Comets move at different rate to stars so you'll be limited to short exposures unless you guide on the comet itself.(more money) probably stack several shorter exposures (DSS free) depending on the comet size, a shorter focal length may be better (camera lens Free but short dovetail to attach camera to mount more money) Oh, and take scope outside Not the greatest advice but the best you've had so far.
  10. knobby

    Jupiter - lucky seeing at 16 degrees!

    Very nice, your persistence certainly paid off !
  11. knobby

    Disconnecting problem

    Long shot but are the USB ports going into power save mode ?
  12. That's excellent, through a window !
  13. Top stuff there, very nice !
  14. Same here, just an orange ball !

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