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  1. Extract the zip to a folder - then right click the jar and run as administrator... I'll check on my laptop in a min
  2. Thanks for all the help / comments, I'll make a list and try these next clear night ... probably some time in August
  3. This ones from the 5th, bad night - windy etc, i'll dig out last nights when I finish work ... it was very short though as clouded over. edit - added 6th PHD2_GuideLog_2020-07-05_230017.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2020-07-06_175601.txt
  4. Sorry, was multitasking should have read 'belt' i'll edit post
  5. Thanks Louise, target points very random, using oag so guide star fairly iffy but was round and value in PhD was 5.8 (best I could get it). Mount is nice and free so I'm fairly sure balance was good. Noticed another thread where @vlaiv suggests that a heavy scope needs the belt tighter than the 2mm flex with light finger pressure? I've emailed Rowan to see what they suggest. Really appreciate your time helping
  6. Starting to feel pretty despondent tried again last night, got nowhere fast, PA spot on in 20 mins (Sharpcap) quick align, calibrated PHD2 (With correct cam) usual dec backlash messages ... ran guide assistant, accepted suggestions and guiding up and down + and minus 2 or 3 ... well balanced, no cables flapping. Guess I'm really asking too much of the mount although others do use the combo successfully. I'm starting to wonder if it's just my seeing is too poor here. Good news is that this mount is better / more consistent than the one it replaced
  7. Saga continues, since the replacement mount arrived had nothing but clouds! In desperation I set up last night but was pretty hazy and the gusts of wind got progressively worse all night. To compound the problems PHD2 chose my 1600mm instead of the 290mm to guide with ( not the mount or PHD2 fault but operator error) very frustrated. Thinking of taking up cross stitching
  8. Hi all, did anyone out last night have problems with the wind ? I've never really tried guiding in windy conditions and really struggled. C8 on Heq5 ? Rowan mod
  9. I use the Star adventurer bar and weight with an M12 to M8 adaptor, works well.
  10. Agreed, I couldn't get a decent image from my bottle 6 (nearly 7) garden, bit the bullet and got the 1600 mm and Ha, Oiii and Sii filters. I won't be going back to OSC.
  11. Or better still a used C9.25 ... As for getting a planet on a small chip, make sure finder is aligned as well as possible to camera, defocus the scope a bit and ramp up the gain, it's much easier finding a big bright donut than a tiny planet.
  12. I think they're old fashioned camera tripod top screws, but someone will know for sure. 1/4-20 UNC
  13. The filter wheel is as close as possible to the camera and I get very slight vignette but could be the scope or the filters so not sure.
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