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  1. Cheers, also out of stock everywhere ... edit - should add, its to add to existing set up so only need the weight really as one isnt quite enough on current set up
  2. HI, can't seem to find these in stock anywhere, if anyone has one they don't need anymore or knows of an alternative that's in stock i'd be grateful.
  3. Old thread I know but the skywatcher finder guider platesolves to 181 mm Which backs up the above.
  4. My Dad used to use mild fairy liquid to soften / loosen then carefully wipe while running under hot water, finish off with white vinegar. That was on camera lens though, but possibly similar ?
  5. I know you said no to stacking but as you have 2 now is it not worth having a crack ?
  6. Top stuff as usual Brian, you know you're doing well when the constructive criticism is minor
  7. Old post I know ... do you know if the custom setting in EQ mod still needs to be used or is that old school ? Just bought the cable from @FLO top speedy service as usual Edit ... Found info http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/prerequisites.html
  8. Hi Adrian, as banjaxed said, FLO will sort you out ! Things to check ... normal complaints are backlash (wobble in gearing) - wifi unstable (take outside away from your or neighbours wifi) - power problems (the connector on the internal battery holder is loose / spins) Are you visual or imaging ? either way I'd update the firmware when you get it. Good luck with it from a fellow Essex boy.
  9. Early days in the journey for me Vlad, gradient removal is another thing to learn / get right
  10. Thanks Mars, I'm beginning to realize that the processing of narrowband images is more like art than processing Had a go just using Ha as R and Oiii as G and B no blending.
  11. Absolutely agree but dabbled as I thought that using the same data for G and B would be very Bi coloured so tried mixing.
  12. Hi all, first attempt at Ha Oiii processing, have to admit I got in a real mess ! I used Ha as R Oiii as G and a mix of both as B. Any tips on making the synthetic 3rd colour ? I have Photoshop CS6 and a trial version of Pixinsight (so complicated) Thanks
  13. Get your dew heaters on ! Getting chilly pretty quickly ...
  14. Trying 300s subs in Oiii on the Soul Nebula, first time I've used Oiii so should be interesting
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