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  1. Great thread to skim through if you're getting a star adventurer
  2. knobby

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    @Ken Mitchell Wow ! stunning ...
  3. knobby

    Zoom lens choice

    Make sure if you choose a lens with built in motor (AF-S or HSM etc) as the 3300 has no motor for focus in body, also look for one that has the tripod collar on lens as it will make balance on the Star adventurer better. Sigma's 70-200 2.8 HSM is a nice alternative to Nikon's own model at a fraction of the price. DP review have good lens reviews. Good luck choosing.
  4. knobby

    Star Adventurer Equipment Question

    Interesting question with many possible answers, you could look at a budget guiding option to allow longer exposure or maybe a modded DSLR to capture Ha faster (red stuff) Can you go longer than 30 seconds ? Are you using a programmable shutter release ?
  5. knobby

    Another dslr cooling approach ?

    I've often thought of drilling holes behind the flip out screen on a D5300 and attaching a fan there, with an intake hole somewhere (filtered) but not sure how much benefit it would really be .
  6. knobby

    Best (preferably nikon) astro camera?

    Old thread revival ... Did anyone find a UK Nikon astro modder ?
  7. knobby

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Done ... Where have you been Craig ?
  8. knobby

    Messier33 The Triangulum Galaxy in HaLRGB

    That's really beautiful.
  9. knobby

    A wide-ish view of M31

    I think it's nice ! usual answer is more data ...
  10. knobby

    Nikon D7200 Vs D7500

    I used the D7100 for normal photography and had a beaten up D5300 for astro, flogged them both with the intention of buying a D7500 for both ... but now i'm not so sure !
  11. knobby

    Nikon D7200 Vs D7500

    I'm now considering getting a D5600 for normal and a ZWO ASI 183MC for astro ... just to confuse things
  12. knobby

    First satisfying shot of the Orion nebula

    Really nice , love an Orion shot.
  13. Cheers Shinny, great app ! The darkness is a nice add on, thank you ... On my old banger (HTC M8) second number on time doesn't fit but still useful.
  14. An essential read if you're into 'Dob modding'
  15. knobby

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    but it did with the other lens ? strange, where you definitely on the manual focus mode (by the lens release switch)

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