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  1. Barlow's for Imaging

    I started with a Revelation astro 2.5 X before saving for a televue 2 X , not sure how much better the TV is really. I was very happy with the Revelation. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/revelation-astro-2.5x-barlow-lens-1.25.html
  2. Stargazing live 2018 - is it happening

    Strange, look at the first aired date ...
  3. Stargazing live 2018 - is it happening

    But ... And that's using a vpn mimicking Sydney 😢
  4. Stargazing live 2018 - is it happening

    So, the next question ... Can we get this on UK TV somehow ?
  5. I used sharpcap to veiw the guidecam while focusing.
  6. Maybe try having a dabble focusing on the Moon tonight ? Looks generally blurry doesn't it. Is the diddy prism mirror dirty ?
  7. Seem to remember baud rate can make a difference, have you tried different speeds , also watch your sleep settings in pc ... Or keep moving mouse about , I find moving the cursor around in circles helps 😂 well, in my head anyway.
  8. I'm in Essex and a Celestron user so no help ! But ... Had the same problems on my AVX mount. Have you checked that the serial - USB adapter has the correct driver, check manufacturers web site as the windows auto install one is usually useless ! Also try re downloading the sysnscan firmware into a different location then have another try. All the best and good luck .
  9. PHD2 logs eq3 pro

    Some interesting info here, and yes, I think pec training would be helpful.
  10. Wanted dustcap for polar scope

  11. How to chose a darker site.

    So sad, have you seen how much the pollution grows each year on that map
  12. star adventurer

    Align the numbers like a clock but with 0 at the top, then use the sam app and align Polaris with the little grey dot. Polaris is not quite the celestial pole, it rotates and the app will show you where it should be at any given time. The more accurately you align, the longer you can track without trailing.
  13. Wanted dustcap for polar scope

    The plastic push fit covers on the inside of kitchen doors fit quite well on an EQ5, worth a bash https://www.diy.com/departments/bq-bqe0448-hole-plug-l25mm-pack-of-10/178090_BQ.prd?dclid=CPaxofXDudoCFeQi0wod5PYE7A&ds_kids=92700024889566098&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzcbWBRDmARIsAM6uChW2XxkI3txhEnba7r1AJv0m8A0nSmBIKhdK_5ydXBc2cXe5wosSVBAaAsO_EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&ppc_type=shopping&utm_campaign=PX_GSC_Catch_All&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google_cpc
  14. End of feb viewing

    I check in with the land owner every year to make sure it's still ok to use, they say as long as it's kept tidy (ie no cans or wrappers) and no fires or noise we're still ok. So yes, but be courteous.
  15. That's a beautiful scope, someone is going to be very happy !