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  1. Good news is a 17ah battery is only about £30 so no need to pay out £105 again. Just check what type it has inside and make sure charger is compatible.
  2. Looking good, Altinak showing a bit of microlensing but lovely and smooth.
  3. Mind they don't go out of collimation
  4. Cheers Ahmed, I have one for the mount / camera and another (slightly less impressive looking) one for the dew heaters. Could have probably got a bigger battery but I like the idea of light weight kit since I damaged my shoulder , also prefer having separate supply for the draining dew heaters.
  5. Knocked this up last year but wasn't happy with it as I wanted to know what was being used and how far I could let the 12 Ah SLA go before stopping. It only powers an AZ- GTi and a ZWO 1600 Pro which pulls about 0.6 amps up to about 1.5 amps during slew and initial cooling. The thick, non flexible Skywatcher power leads were effecting guiding when cold so I got creative ... Bought some nice 4 amp flexible silicon cable / plugs and a volt / ammeter a bit of soldering later ... Looks a bit 'Mission impossible' I think Tom Cruise would be impressed
  6. Hi Mark, I'm an Android user so probably not the best person to help , maybe try using a laptop instead to see if it's the phone ? Are there any settings on the iPhone to make it stay connected even though there's no internet. Also try moving away from other WiFi . Are you at home ?
  7. keep an eye open here https://www.astroboot.co.uk/ab.php Occasionally have bits available.
  8. You can tell when the clouds start to clear ... It's approaching full moon
  9. I like those James, I have one on my C8, 72ED and finder guider. Really nicely made and can be used without a controller.
  10. Sometimes, I do my best work when I'm not with it, hopefully you'll have a good night Gina
  11. In case anyone missed the Lunar / Venus earlier, just as getting dark.
  12. Not used a DSLR with APT but I'd check the Canon drivers and the USB port power save settings as a start.
  13. I went back to the windows synscan app, found it more stable ... Still use the cable though as it means I can remote in to the laptops WiFi and watch what's happening from the front room
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