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  1. Agreed, it's so difficult to know when to stop it looks so different on the pc screen to my phone
  2. last one , I promise possibly now over processed but increased local contrast on planet surface. Looks better on my phone, not sure on web ?
  3. And last post ... First attempt at a gif
  4. Processed one from slightly earlier in the session, maybe a teeny bit more detail ...
  5. Hi, I've been getting really wound up with the weather spoiling my Mars fun. Last night looked promising but as soon as I set up it clouded over again I sat outside patiently waiting and managed 5 runs in the cloud gaps. So glad I stuck it out. This is a quick process - autostakkert / registax / PS6 of 1 of those runs. 3 mins approx 18000 frames stacked best 5% My best ever Mars (so far) C8/2x barlow/zwo adc/zwo 224mc
  6. Hi Tim, it's a bit slow on here lately the weather is very depressing and we seem to have lost our mojo. Anywhere on the Dengie peninsular is pretty dark but hard to get away from local LP ... A lot of private roads too as you get further east. There is a church car park at the North East of Dengie that's good but trees block views below about 25° alt. https://maps.app.goo.gl/PbxkSgPX1MRH6SqcA Also Margaret Roding is pretty good ... All the best and if you find anywhere else let us know.
  7. Looking good, use a region of interest to cut the file size down hence increase the frame rate. Also, capture non debayered and let Autostakkert debayer the capture.
  8. If you're trying to print larger, you could try step interpolation in photoshop, it's not magic but if you increase the image size by about 5% in steps it can work quite well. Don't forget that if it's big, people will usually stand further away so it needn't be perfect ?
  9. If you are lucky and get a good sample of the AZ-GTI then it's a great mount, but the star adventurer is more consistent and works out if the box. I love my AZ-GTI
  10. Many people use finder guiders successfully so I'd buy the finder guider adaptor and use the 120mm with it.
  11. £900 he said £500. The 183 is a nice camera but suffers from amp glow, the cooling is only fan so not consistent . Might have to up the budget, go second hand route or try a modded DSLR ?
  12. The ZWO should give better results (but mono) and you'll be able to use Firecapture or Sharpcap to control them. I have seen great planetary images taken with a DSLR though ...
  13. That's thermal noise on the sensor and probably out of focus. Practice focus in the day time.
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