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  1. Weather looking pretty hopeless better lash the tents down well too Keep an eye out for a cloud gap maybe when the ISS passes
  2. knobby

    16” Custom Made Dobsoion For Sale

    Now the nights are getting longer Garry ... someone will succumb ... resistance is futile
  3. knobby


    No edit on drop down, just invite members, topic, blog etc. No worries. it can wait, hope you have a good time wherever you've gone to escape the wifi
  4. knobby


    @Mark at Beaufort, Hi Mark, how do we edit the club description ?
  5. You should be proud of him, that's a beauty , whatever age !
  6. knobby

    Owner of Site

    Thanks Mark, I'll do my best !
  7. The boss has passed judgement ... it's a no unfortunately, keeping my fingers crossed re the weather for you all though !
  8. Try celestrons own Sky Portal first, it's free and very similar to Sky Safari
  9. Probably ideal for a bit of outreach then a recoat afterwards ... You'll still get great views of the moon through it even if it's really bad.
  10. knobby

    Owner of Site

    Go on then, I'll be up for it ... It was @Skywatcher250 that started the group originally.
  11. Just checking with the Mrs, I've only just got my shoulder in a semi useable state so carrying scopes about is a bit sensitive.
  12. knobby

    Owner of Site

    What does it involve Mark ?
  13. Obviously a heck of work went into that ! And it was truly worth it , thanks for sharing with us. Really beautifully done . My favourite bit was the whole thing
  14. Cheers Kat, I'll have a Google. I think the stacking was struggling as if you look closer it's out of focus

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