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Hi guys. Here is a time lapse from which I have posted single frames few days ago. I have finished time lapse edit at last.

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Hi Daniel. I have shot this with two Canon DSLR cameras, 7D and 1000D and three lenses, 18-55mm Canon kit lens, 70-300mm Sigma lens and 10mm Sigma diagonal fisheye lens. For editing I have used Lightroom 4.4, LRTimelapse Pro 3.1 and Premiere Pro CS6.

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Wow! Amazing footage of a beautiful display. Expertly captured and put together into a clip I could watch again, and again, and...........

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Hi guys. I am pleased to say that this short movie became APOD for today http://apod.nasa.gov...d/ap130819.html

Well deserved recognition Maciej. Congratulations!

Hopefully knowing two people who have had images published on APOD (your good self and Stewart) will mean some of your prowess with the camera will rub off on me :-)

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Thanks Gordon and don't be so modest, your picture made "Picture of the month" on Sky At Night few month ago, any of mine never even get published there, so your APOD is only matter of time I think :).

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This video had me stunned when I saw it this morning. Well done Maciek!

You were out there capturing this awesome display while my third daughter was being born!! I will keep this video as a little memento of that special night

I showed it to my family today and we were all mesmerised.

Thank you!!

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Thank you Andrew. It looks like more miracles happened that night :).

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    • By x6gas
      Been a while since I've done any astronomy but was in Iceland this week and even though the weather was generally not that great did get a couple of nights when the Aurora was pretty good for short spells.  Have a bunch of photos to process but my focus was off for some of them, unfortunately, and I'm thinking I probably should have had the lens stopped down a step or two rather than wide open...
      I was concentrating on watching and enjoying the show rather than photographing it and the battery in my remote failed so some of them have some camera shake but good to get some images.
      This one:  Nikon D40x, 50mm lens, f/1.8, 13s, ISO-100.  Just a bit of curves in PS.
      Like I say, it's been a while and this is the first time I've imaged the aurora, so comments very welcome.

    • By mapstar
      A short timelapse of the Aurora the mob had on the Isle of Skye before getting into viewing the heavens with the dobs.
      Skye Aurora Timelapse
      Sorry there's no sound media isn't my speciality
    • By Maxrayne
      So I was out the other night collecting images for a star trails of Ursa Major over the top of my daughter's tree in the front garden. Out of curiosity more than anything, I thought I'd give time lapse a shot. The attached is low res as I'm still messing around with what codec etc works best. The original avi file was pushing 8gb for 7 seconds!! Managed to get it down to 22mb but can't find anything inbetween. I'll keep playing though.
      Original raw files cleaned up in Lightroom, then exported out as Jpg's into After Effects. The trails image used the same Jpg set but was put together in Star Stax. As pretty much first attempts at both, I'm happy.
      Nikon D5300, 18mm @ f / 3.5, ISO 800, 162 x 25 seconds
      Millie's Tree & Ursa Major Timelapse Test.avi
    • By moe mountain mike
      i have an ancient watec 120n (more about that later) but recently i purchased a ZWO AI120MC. i use a Computar 5 mm f/1.4 lens, sky studio pro software( interfaces with ZWO windows driver, cool!), xvid codec, 4 second integration. no guiding (of course). pointing at a circumpolar point north by north east approximately 45 degrees declination. 
      i have been influenced by security and dash cams capturing, inadvertently, fire balls. why not do it on purpose? i have been for a few years now. sure, i capture meteors but mostly i get jet aircraft, satellites and...
      i upload videos to my youtube channel. everyone is invited to check them out.
      i also have orion all in one and an astroscope image intensifier on  canon t1i and t3i. 
      it is my opinion that there are more short dim meteors than long bright ones. there are more satellites than meteors and more jet aircraft than satellites. something else...you foe? cloudy nights? check out my star field time lapses.
      youtube, what can i say? full screen in darkened room, make sure the gear has HD in red, click and select if not. find an intriguing clip? get a youtube down loader for best quality on your local drive. try adjusting play back speeds. 
    • By Demonperformer
      Just seen on TV that aurorae are expected tonight at Scotland/N Ireland latitudes. Just caught the end of the report, so don't have any further details. 
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