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An unexpected visitor to AstroCamp last night

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Despite rain (and some hail) during the day, forecasts promised clear skies from around 8pm and notwithstanding short periods of cloud cover, we had clear skies from darkness to gone 2:30am when I called it a day. However, we had an unexpected visitor which distracted everyone from those cloudy moments overhead.


Why is the sky so bright to the north (which stayed mostly cloud free)? Wait did that light move? Quite the auroral display in South Wales last night.


images taken handheld with an iPhone 13.

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Added details of image equipment
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4 hours ago, Cjg said:

Super images, Matthew.

That was quite a night at AstroCamp.

How did you get on with the Cwmdu Spring Marathon?

Manage to complete it finishing at around 2:30am. I was on borrowed time for the last 15 mins or so as my eyepieces started dewing up and I had nothing with me to combat it. Going to write it up as was a a fun project. Looking forward to Part 2 in September.

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Congratulations, there were some challenging smaller / faint objects on that list!

See you in September - think weekend of the 16th.

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