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  1. kerrylewis

    Gazing Doubles - Live Report

    Lovely reports Mike. I love observing doubles. They can be enjoyed even when the moon is bright, as now, and in less than ideal conditions. I tend to divide my time between those that are just beautiful to look at; Iota Cancri and Beta Monocerotis from your list for example, and those that present a challenge either because of magnitude or a small separation. Unlike you though, I ‘cheat’ and use Sky Safari and goto. I can’t really explain it, but a get a real thrill from seeing, for example, a close matched pair with similar magnitudes. Takes all sorts I’ll revisIt some of your targets next time - thanks. Kerry
  2. Sale pending - NOW SOLD Thanks Tony
  3. Parallax 95mm good quality tube rings and dovetail bar for sale. Excellent condition I acquired these when I bought my Tak FC-100DL from an SGL member but I prefer to use the Takahashi clamshell £60 plus shipping. Can be collected or I will be at the Practical Astronomy Show in Kettering next month. Kerry
  4. kerrylewis

    Iwamoto comet

    After the moon has set and Leo is a bit higher. Ideally after midnight therefore - see my report under Observing Good luck Anthony
  5. kerrylewis

    Comet C/2018 Y1

    Observed this last night. In the evening with the Tak 100mm it was faint but discernible. Conditions were not ideal with Leo being low, moon still around and some local light pollution. Got up around 1.00 am when all those factors were improved: Leo higher, the moon set and my neighbour’s porch light off Easier to see but still not bright by any means. Just a misty patch but it had visibly moved quite a bit since the evening observation- at least I knew it was a comet! Good to bag another comet (I love ‘em!) and I must tot up my tally one day. btw Sky Safari ‘s positioning is spot on. Using the app to control the mount, the comet was dead centre in the eyepiece both times.
  6. kerrylewis

    Lost star maps forever?!

    Your report made me smile! Maybe after 20 years it’s time to treat yourself to a new star atlas? Books are slightly less prone to blowing away
  7. Do you have a Takahashi FS-60 series, or possibly a FC-76, that you would like to sell? If so, send me a PM with the details Thanks Kerry
  8. kerrylewis

    Cone Nebula Anyone Observed?

    Hello Paul In my newly acquired Interstellarum Deep Sky Guide it is under Challenges for big telescopes and is noted as ‘extremely faint - use H beta filter’ Their definition of challenges is that they are not visible in 12” scopes under a reasonably dark rural sky (SQM 21.3). I’ve never seen it with my 14” Dob at home. I have also recently acquired a H beta filter but I think the Cone may still be beyond me from home at least So it seems you need aperture, an excellent sky and perhaps a H beta. Good luck Kerry
  9. kerrylewis

    Landed...at last.

    I have one as well Emad as part of my collection of massive ES eyepieces. I love 'em - especially in the Dob Kerry
  10. view from the front door
  11. Lovely view this morning. The pairing of Venus and Jupiter in the dawn sky has been a real treat recently and even better now that the moon has joined in. All visible from the warmth of my living room too! Hope it’s clear tomorrow
  12. kerrylewis

    Practical Astro show.

    I’m planning to go- it’s just down the road from me. Good to have such an event on my doorstep so I hope it’s a success. It would good to meet a few SGLers
  13. kerrylewis

    Hubble's Variable Nebula

    What an interesting object Hubble's Variable Nebula is. I was drawn to it last night partly because it is named on Sky Safari (rather than just a NGC number), and also because it has been mentioned here a couple of times lately. Strangely enough both Mark ( @Mark at Beaufort) and Nick ( @cotterless45) said that they hadn't seen it before - and neither had I! It was easy to identify from the description of @Littleguy80 who said 'it's like a a cartoon version of a comet' - and it is I've not been able to find any data on a period of variation; in fact it seems to be fairly random. Could it be unusually bright at the moment given that a couple of experienced observers say that they haven't seen it before? I thought Nick had seen everything There are some interesting time lapse videos on Youtube which show it apparently changing shape sometimes over a fairly short timespan. Have any SGL members imaged or observed it over a an extended period? A fascinating object, new to me, and one I'll certainly be returning to when we get some more clear skies. Kerry
  14. kerrylewis

    issues with star adventurer clutch mount

    This is quite common apparently and happened to me just last week. I couldn’t release it using the method in the YouTube video but did succeed by gripping one of the raised ‘fins’ on the clutch knob with a pair of pliers having first protected the plastic with a piece of, cloth. A slightly risky procedure perhaps but it did move without too much force. good luck Abdul Kerry
  15. kerrylewis

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Thanks for your advice Kev and Dave. I will be looking to get a right angle viewer and a red dot finder. Both seem relatively inexpensive ways of improving things. Kerry

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