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  1. Me too unfortunately . If forecasts are correct Saturday morning is the next opportunity
  2. Welcome back Shane - I did wonder where you were. I hope you are well now. Neowise is certainly worth returning for . I took an enforced break too (don’t ask!) but it’s good to get back refreshed, although I did notice that A few erstwhile regulars were missing.
  3. I love my Televue Nagler zoom 3-6mm. Yes it has got a narrow field of view but I don’t mind that as I usually use it for viewing the planets . It’s very convenient for trying different magnifications, depending on the conditions, without swapping eyepieces. It’s also very good quality if a bit pricey (best found secondhand)
  4. Slightly later (say 3.30) and it's at about 8 deg. Still low though - you need a clear view of the NE horizon. Got up again but all cloudy Interesting that a couple of posts mention naked eye - is it brighter than yesterday when most said it was not, or more transparent skies perhaps?
  5. While I was out Neowise spotting this morning I also looked at Mars. It really is looking promising now as it gets larger and higher in the sky. Through the Tak at about 250x magnification the southern polar cap was very bright with an adjacent roughly rectangular dark area which correlates to the Mare Acidalium region according to Sky Safari. Really looking forward to the time around opposition - and please no sandstorms this time
  6. It’s Jupiter. Saturn is also nearby but not so bright
  7. Not much to add to the above reports but extremely chuffed to have seen this comet after my preparation yesterday. At first I thought clouds in just the wrong place would be a problem but they began to break up and there it was. Clear through the binoculars- almost stellar but the tail was immediately obvious. Brighter than I expected and managed to get it in the scope too. Bright core with fan shaped tail but any longer portions now being swallowed up by the dawn. What a treat to see a ‘real’ comet hanging in the sky just as it should.
  8. To be serious for a moment; I really want to see this comet and above all I want to see a tail! I haven't seen a comet with a tail for years. All the recent ones seem to have been just fuzzy patches. Here's hoping....
  9. You are all correct of course! I have submitted my risk assessment to the Elf and Safety Hexeckutiff and it has been rejected. Gonna have to ditch the stepladder
  10. 1. Forecast clear tomorrow morning - check 2. Find position of comet one hour before sunrise on Sky Safari - check 3. Check visibility of that position from garden with iPhone compass app- check 4. Position stepladder for added height advantage - check 5. Binoculars at the ready - check What can possibly go wrong?
  11. Just a quick heads up Steve - I think in your editing of the newsletter you've left in the note about the Venus lunar occultation from last month Cheers Kerry
  12. Ok. I was up on Wednesday morning viewing the planets and there were some wispy tendrils quite high in elevation which looked much like your photo. No bright ones nearer the horizon but still an attractive sight
  13. Damian Did you take any photos the following morning Wednesday? I saw something similar then Kerry
  14. I have used that method before! Usually for a one off event I really don't to miss like a lunar eclipse for example. My in-built clock is not bad and has one advantage - it's silent so I don't disturb the members of the household - but it's not accurate to the minute!
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