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  1. kerrylewis

    2019 Stargazing Guide to the Night Sky

    It's 3 quid on Amazon too
  2. Not a bad evening but Mars is still so disappointing. When I remember views I’ve had in the past..... Difficult to tell now how much is due to atmospherics on Mars and how much atmospherics here on Earth. Either way it’s a struggle. Need to look forward to the next opposition now methinks. Got up around 3.00 for the morning targets including Comer 21P G/Z. All clear out of the window - quick bathroom visit - all gone! Another one of those wind-driven cloud blankets had obliterated everything. Back to bed
  3. Some good views tonight with the Tak. Widefield as suggested by John with Saturn and the moon. The moon was interesting with one crater (sorry not familiar with the names) just beyond the terminator with the peaks in one wall brilliantly lit and surrounded by darkness. Saturn was not bad with sharp views at times with the Cassini division, the planet shadow on the rings and some shading. Mars eventually appeared between the various obstacles. Polar cap fairly clear and a band of dark shading. Distinctly smaller now and showing a gibbous phase. Seeing deteriorated as it approached the roof of the house opposite. Now waiting with a glass of wine for it to reappear
  4. kerrylewis

    SkyFi III Wifi Controller

    SkyFI 3 unit for sale as I no longer have the mount that I used it with. https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/skyfi-iii-wireless-telescope-control-system.html USB charging lead included - you then need the correct lead to connect to your mount. £150 including UK shipping. Bank Transfer preferred
  5. She’s gone to a good home . It’s amazing how much affection the old girl generates I think the counterweights are fine as they are - rustic!
  6. Lovely image Alex I just missed seeing this. I got up for a bathroom visit that night and saw that the sky was unexpectedly beautifully dark and clear. Got dressed and set things up, found the comet on sky Safari, just about to slew to it and a blanket of cloud swept rapidly across the whole sky! Couldn’t believe it. I waited to see if it would go as quickly as it came but no luck. Ah well........
  7. kerrylewis

    Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Agreed. I have a set of the big ES eyepieces from 14mm to 40mm and love the views they give especially in the Dob. I then have various TVs for the shorter focal lengths. I feel no need for any more eyepieces . Ha!
  8. kerrylewis

    Going hyper-wide with the Tak

    Interesting report John. I have been thinking that I’ve perhaps had my share of the planets now and must spread my wings a bit. Looking promising tonight after some rain so will give the 14mm ES eyepiece a shot I think.
  9. kerrylewis

    All the Planets (+ a comet)

    Thanks for all the comments. I really enjoyed it. I've been sort of banned from my flat roof observing perch because my clumping about keeps my wife awake So I have to plan my planetary observing around the various obstacles.
  10. Went for the ‘all the planets in one night’ challenge - although I did cheat a bit on the first two Venus and Jupiter are now too far west to see from my usual observing position so I got them in daylight with the aid of goto. Venus bright and easy to see in the finder and approx half illuminated in the scope. I had to wait a bit longer for Jupiter but eventually got it as a pale ghostly disc with the bands barely visible. I still get a bit of a kick from seeing the planets while the sun is still above the horizon. Saturn was clear of the house opposite not long after sunset. A good sharp view; not quite as good as the other night but the Cassini division visible most of the time and three moons - Titan and the Rhea and Dione as it got darker and with the aid of averted vision. A quick nap before Mars appeared. Probably my best view this year (which is not saying much). A bright polar cap and some dark areas with more contrast than of late. This opposition has been disappointing and I certainly expected better views but I’ll settle for what is available! So that left Mercury. Up before dawn with the winter constellations. The moon very near Aldebaran and Orion striding up. I had to wait for Mercury to clear all the various tree obstacles (some self-inflicted!) and I dodged around the garden checking all the available patches of sky. Finally, by standing on our wooden bench and peering over the fence towards the neighbour’s garden (hope they are not up to see this nutter with the binoculars!), there it was low in the east. A full set! I also managed the comet 21P G/Z although conditions were less than ideal. Thin cloud in the evening but the comet was visible and now near to Capella. In the morning the moon was bright but the comet still visible through the Tak. So- a very satisfying tour of our solar system. Edit- forgot to mention Uranus and Neptune!! Easy to find with goto between Saturn and Mars and always good to see their tiny coloured discs
  11. kerrylewis

    The beauty of Saturn

    Hello Dave I was using my Takahashi FC -100DL. 4” refractor- really good on the planets Kerry
  12. kerrylewis

    The beauty of Saturn

    I think that you’re right. Position matches anyway. It was coming and going and averted vision helped, but definitely there.
  13. kerrylewis

    The beauty of Saturn

    There is little that beats the imperial beauty of Saturn at its best. As it emerged from the twilight last night and dodged the TV aerials of the house opposite it was looking promising. I always start with the 10mm in the Tak (90x) which gives a lovely wide view of the planet; jewel-like in its setting. It is very low at present and there was a distinct orange cast to its colour but it did look as it it could take a little more magnification. Here’s where the Nagler 3-6mm zoom comes into its own - at 6mm the view was good, at 4mm a bit fuzzy but 5mm (225x) the view was perfect. Seeing was good but then occasionally it was excellent; everything sharp-edged with the Cassini division clear all round. Being at quadrature the shadows enhanced the 3D effect and subtle banding came and went on the planet itself. Two moons were visible (Titan obviously but I need to check the other one) and the whole scene was just glorious - this is why I love the planets. I just stayed with it, enjoying the view. We are blessed to have such a lovely object in our solar system. Unfortunately clouds spoilt the party before lowly Mars showed itself but Saturn was enough.
  14. kerrylewis

    COMPLETED - Binoviewer + Eyepieces **SOLD**

    As I said in the ad, I really would prefer ro sell them all together unless someone just wants the binoviewer Kerry
  15. I have concluded that binoviewing is not for me so am offering my binoviewer and a pair of eyepieces. The binoviewer has no branding but I believe it to be Skywatcher/OVL as this: https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/ovl-binoviewer-with-x2-barlow-lens.html It has the matching barlow and comes in a neat case. In very good condition with just slight marks on the 1.25" barrel. £95 I also acquired two eyepieces from different sources in order to try it. They are ES Maxvison 68 degree 20mm. They are not in pristine condition and have some marks externally but the optics are fine. I don't have the boxes or the correct cap for one so I offer these at the bargain price of £50 for the pair (they are around £100 each new!). I would prefer to sell them all together so, with £5 for shipping, you can have a complete binoviewing set up for £150 (Bank transfer preferred)

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