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  1. Hello Shane I never found you again to try those binoviewers! Maybe next time
  2. Forgot to mention the Dob Mob! Always great to meet and talk to you chaps with your major cannons still still searching for those distant galaxies. Enjoy your next Skye trip. Sorry for the Oscars acceptance speech - if I've missed anyone else out blame it on the deteriorating grey matter
  3. Hello everyone Back by lunch after an uneventful journey, the only hold up was in Ashbourne- not the easiest place to drive through. Goodness knows what it's like when the tourists descend. Firstly, a big thanks to Nick for instigating the party and arranging such good weather. Sunday was very quiet but the 'remnants' had a good chat and a relaxing day. The night was iffy, although we did get Mercury, and there was enough cloud around to put us off and we adjourned for an early night. Derek - I enjoyed our chats and the whisky. Perhaps instead of a Tak I'll buy a full bottle of Port Ellen! Shaun- good to see you again, and I hope that you are back to full health soon. Wookie - good to meet you and your wife for the first time. I hope you get your mount sorted soon but as I said, I think it's time for an early letter to Santa requesting a nice AZ mount. Not sure what I'm doing in your picture ! Trying to find north? Maybe make a good forum pic? Dave and Sheri - really good to see a couple sharing the hobby and I was glad to be able to help. What was that stuff that we used to pour into noisy gearboxes? You need some in that mount of yours but as long as it works I suppose! JemC - nice to meet you too, and glad we found the comet Joe - great to meet you and your family on Sunday and to see an enthusiastic young astronomer. If you get half the pleasure out of it that I have, you will have a lot of fun by the time you get to my age! But you'll still be learning! Finally (I think) - special thanks to Paul73 - I owe you a meal. And good to see the flowery tent still making us smile Cheers Kerry
  4. All the remnants are gathered on my plot now. The inaugural KL star party šŸ˜€
  5. Very quiet today now that most of the rowdy astronomers have left . Nick - you left your hat on the lamp but I have it safe until I see you again or I could post it to you
  6. Car packed - and I mean packed! I have the Dob as my front seat passenger! see y'all later
  7. Cheers John. I've always assumed that frac would be best with the better star images.
  8. Wrong forecast here so didn't get the Dob out! I'm assuming a 100mm frac won't do it? Still hope to get the comet at the weekend even though it would have moved on
  9. John - I'm amazed that you got the pup so apparently easily and quickly! I've never managed it but I think I've been partly put off by it's alleged difficulty. One for the star party this weekend I think. Do you think the Dob is the best kit for it?
  10. My details for the pod say 3pm too but I'll be setting off when I'm ready to go. Don't mind hanging around if necessary
  11. I'm hoping so but I only know what is on the site's website. Anyone have first hand experience?
  12. Packing the car tomorrow. Won't have room for everything so excluding non-essentials like food. Well - there's a caff!
  13. Derek: I have a full bottle of Port Ellen 1980 - the bad news is that it's a miniature! I'll bring it with selection of others That's bad news Shaun - no Italian plonk this time then? Kerry
  14. Heads up - if clear where you are this evening, Mercury will again be east of the brighter Venus but slightly higher
  15. Glad to help! Mercury can be very elusive but if something like Venus or the Moon is pointing the way it can be very much easier to spot.