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  1. I have a copy that I would be happy to sell- at a sensible price, and post to you at whatever the postage rate is Kerry
  2. Wanted - Nagler 3-6 Zoom

    Well, this has been interesting! Just thought I'd test the water this morning and now I've got the eyepiece that I wanted, and so have two other SGL members, and TH have sold two that they've apparently had for a while. As Stargazer McCabe said - all's well that ends well
  3. Wanted - Nagler 3-6 Zoom

    Too late! This forum is too darned popular 😀 Come on own up! Who was it? Andrew - you are due commission from TH😀
  4. Wanted - Nagler 3-6 Zoom

    Thank you Andrew. I hadn't see those. Tempted!
  5. Wanted - Nagler 3-6 Zoom

    Anyone got one they would like to sell?
  6. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    Just stick it in the lawn. Kinder when you drop things - as I always do 😀
  7. The text describing a few filters towards the bottom of the page states ‘increased enormous’ instead of ‘enormously ‘ . Well you did ask! 😀 Great range of filters btw
  8. The night garden guest.

    Great report (and follow up by your guest). I’ve started a section in my targets book headed Nick’s Posts
  9. According to Astronomy Now a possible grazing occultation was due at 17.04 and from the map it looked as if I might be just on the line. The star was only mag 7 or so and picking it up at that time in the bright sky with the scope (Tak) was not easy. However I did manage to see it with about two minutes to spare. In the end it didn't quite graze the moon so I wasn't fortunate enough to see it winking out behind mountains. It was very close though and a few miles from here it might have been good. What I did see was fascinating though: there were a couple of mountains on the limb which were just catching the light and they themselves looked like bright stars. The real star sailed by them with the movement being very obvious. An interesting start to the evening - I hope it stays clear Kerry
  10. I bought the Lunt 1.25 from FLO last year and have been delighted with the quality of the views.
  11. Another nice planetary dawn

    Up at 4.30 for a Jupiter and Mars session. These two play peekaboo with nearby roofs at the moment but managed to get reasonable views with a couple of cuppas in between as I waited for them to reappear. Jupiter occasionally quite sharp - probably the best I’ve seen it this time around. When the seeing settled the main equatorial belts looked good with some detail and the darker areas towards the poles were visible.. Watched Io dim as it went into eclipse. I was recalling to myself some of the stunning views of the planet that I’ve seen over the last couple of years compared with the scraps at the moment. But - the good times will return! Mars was a reasonably sharp,disc but still could not make out any detail. However, on checking Sky Safari there actually wasn’t much detail on show this morning .
  12. Tak FC100DL F9

    Following this thread with interest. I did have my DL and the SW ‘old gold’ at the same time for while but I didn’t do a side by side comparison. The SW was a great scope and it’s now gone to a new home with a friend of mine. I did notice an uplift in image quality with the Tak mainly on the sun and moon in fact. With a Herschel wedge the sunspot groups that we had in the summer were outstanding in the amount of detail and in the overall sharpness. I was very impressed. On the moon, contrast is amazing with really black shadows and, when seeing allows, the high magnification views are outstanding. I have wanted a Tak for years and I really fancied the DL version for planetary observing and, to be honest, because it was a bit unusual. I had my name down for one of the second batch but then a s/h one cropped up here and I was sorted thanks to Gavstar. I have not regretted my purchase and I’m really looking forward to some good sessions with the planets and seeing how the Tak copes with their less than perfect altitude in the next few months.
  13. Hello Craig I agree with David. The conditions for these two planets have been poor lately with them so low in the sky and this will make them look ‘blurry’. You are not the first observer to assume that there might be something wrong with their equipment. I’ve been checking the dawn planets for a few weeks now and only caught one good morning with anything like clear detail. Try a target higher in the sky. Find a medium bright star and defocus. You should see a ‘doughnut ‘ which is symmetrical. If the ‘hole’ is off centre your scope needs collimating- plenty of advice here on SGL on how to do that. I also agree with David re your eyepieces. You have a good range there to be going on with and I would concentrate on getting used to those. With more experience you will then know if you need some different focal lengths and/or quality. good luck Kerry
  14. Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    Got up at 4.30 and waited patiently for the planets to clear the neighbour’s roof. What a great sight naked eye! Like having a nearby double with two stars contrasted in colour and brightness. Set up the big Vixen last night. Lovely views at varying magnification. As others have noted, seeing was no great shakes although it gradually improved a little, but great to see the small orange disc of Mars contrasted with big bright Jupiter. ‘Interesting to imagine the view in 3D as we look beyond Mars to Jupiter way beyond.
  15. Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    Note that Vesta is not far from Mars and Jupiter at the moment if you want to bag a minor planet at the same time