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  1. Great summary Nick I love observing comets so for me the absolute stand out event has to be Comet Neowise. During the last few years it’s been great to track quite a few comets as they made their way through the solar system but I have been guilty of bemoaning that they have mostly been ‘fuzzy blobs’ with detail only visible in images or with large scopes. I longed for a ‘comety’ comet. After many false starts - ‘this could be naked eye next month’ etc etc - we finally got one. And a good spell of fine weather meant being able to observe it frequently. I will never forget my fir
  2. It's a star - HD 191250 according to my Jupiter app. Just adds to the fun!
  3. Quick Iphone shot before they hit the trees - including Christmas lights! Even if tomorrow is clouded out I'm glad to have seen it. I can't recall such a close conjunction before
  4. Lovely view naked eye and through the scope. Jupiter has even gained a fifth moon for the occasion with a star in just the right place!
  5. I am really fortunate in having a clear view from my garden in the right direction. Lovely clear skies after sunset as the planets emerged as the sky dimmed. Great view through the Tak 100 as Io disappeared behind Jupiter and Saturn was hanging in the 10mm eyepiece view - even another star getting in in the act as a fifth Jupiter moon. Even the seeming was not bad given the low position. But in some ways the naked eye view is the best and really shows the small gap between the planets. This had been a vintage year with the summer comet and now this conjunction Weather tomorrow looks
  6. Lovely view from home as the clouds parted just in time. Both planets in the 10mm eyepiece with the 100 DL I like to think of what it means in 3D as I look at them. Saturn smaller and out there beyond Jupiter lining up for us for our delight on little ole Earth
  7. Following your heads up John, I think I may have got it tonight. In the right position according to Sky Safari. Obviously faint and further from the planet than I expected but no stars indicated in the vicinity I will need to check another couple of times before I'm convinced I think - but great to try. A diversion from THE pair anyway
  8. I am fortuntate in that my garden is surrounded by foliage and other obstacles to low views, but I have a clear aperture in just the right place for Saturn and Jupiter. Hoping for clear skies on Monday for a good telescope view.
  9. Thanks John - I’ve never attempted Triton. Sky Safari shows its position too. Although I’ll have to switch of the Christmas lights methinks
  10. Like many I was grateful for the few hours of clear sky last night. Jupiter and Saturn are obviously stealing the show at the moment as they edge closer together (from our viewpoint at least) but the highlight for me was seeing Uranus and Neptune. The Mewlon seems to emphasise colour and their tiny discs were a treat: Uranus green/blue and Neptune azure blue, with the discs taking quite a bit of magnification. Good to see all the outer planets on show and I find these two most distant worlds very evocative.
  11. OK Dave. You don't need any other equipment (or wifi for that matter). You attach a DSLR, point it at the target and then the SA drive follows the target. I also have an inexpensive finder that fits a camera hotshoe if anyone is interested. This helps to find things. It is meant to be a simple way of getting into astrophotography. All you need is a tripod and some AA batteries Btw the manual is available on the Skywatcher website and there is a link on FLO's site Kerry
  12. Dave This is the same as what is now called Pro - see FLO website. Everything shown is included to enable photos to be taken. NB it does not include the latest addition of wifi Kerry
  13. Star Adventurer Photo Pack . Complete with original box. Very little used - just some minor usage marks eg on dovetail £200 (plus £16 shipping + insurance if not collected) Bank transfer please
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