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  1. Check out Whiteadder Reservoir, further inland than Grantshouse. Great all round dark skies, There's a car park off the main road at the boathouse towards the east end of the reservoir.
  2. The issue with remembering in "the next session" is that due to our weather and lack of clear sky opportunities, the next session could be a month away... what was in the south tonight has been replaced by a completely different constellation..... all part of the fun! Good luck!
  3. Paul, Im sure Ian (Iam4208)in the CSOG group has that book. If its the same one, from what I remember its pretty detailed and should keep you going in the quest for more targets to search for!
  4. Well done John, glad it all came together as planned
  5. Yes Davy, there's a few of us use that car park - although the weather hasn't been the best this season - check out the Central Scotland Observers Group forum, google CSOG, and you will see if any meets have been arranged. It's getting a bit light now at nights so there may not be many more nights up there until August when the darker nights come back. L.
  6. Welcome to SGL Richard, from the not so dark side of the Pentland Hills!!! L.
  7. Jupiter is one of the most dynamic objects to look at, always changing from nigh to night (unlikely assumption that we get 2 clear nights in a row!!!)
  8. My inlaws are just outside Wick on the road to Castletown, darkest skies I've observed under, I reckon your best bet is to head for John o Groats, there's a few camping/caravan sites there, it will be easy enough to drive out into the darkness from there, there's a few lighthouses around mind you, Duncansby Head, Dunnet Head to name a couple.
  9. Would dropping them in a cup of boiling water soften them a bit to stretch them over the thread? PS.... use long nose pliers to get them out the cup!
  10. Interesting write up. Will look forward to seeing the completed project up and running.
  11. You will enjoy this scope, no doubts... had one until earlier this year - best scope I ever owned
  12. Ah... so you're the reason I had snow flurries earlier....
  13. Skywatcher 300 flex tube, goto or manual.... both versions come up used regularly, portable enough to stick in a car to take to a dark site AND will fit through a door (fit wheels to the base) if you keep it built up in a garage / shed etc. Will leave you with the cash to get a couple of decent eyepieces / telrad finder etc, to bring out the best of the scope.
  14. Well, he meets the criteria of 50 mile radius of me but the OTA has to go too!!!
  15. It crossed my mind last night to try for an early session with Jupiter but waking up this morning to hailstones and sleet put those thoughts - and me - back to bed!
  16. Can second Harperrig Reservoir, it's not perfect being so close to Edinburgh but its as good as you will get within 30 minutes drive of you, visible Milky way and naked eye (faint) Andromeda galaxy a couple of examples. The car park is used by our CSOG group for a lot of our observing/ imaging meets.
  17. Cracking image, Perseus to Cassiopeia is a great area, especially for binoculars, lots of lovely multicoloured objects there that pop out.
  18. Hiya, welcome to SGL
  19. Cool Capture. Was working nightshift last night and spotted this. A bit more separation where I was viewing from mind you. A distant train..... lonely whistle... was expecting a Hank Williams soundtrack
  20. Thanks for your replies... Good to know the focuser shouldn't cause too much of an issue. The ED, even used, by the time I add a mount will probably take it beyond what I want to spend.
  21. I'm thinking about getting the Evostar 120 on a yet undecided mount (visual only) but heard conflicting reports about the supplied focuser. Is it up to the job of supporting heavy eyepieces (1kg ish) without slop? Any owners out there able to help?
  22. Good to hear the Perseids are putting on a decent show so far, Was hoping to get out after my late shift (10.30pm) last night but as the evening wore on the clouds rolled in. Hopefully I'll get out sometime this week.
  23. Good review, I owned one (In it's SW Nirvana disguise) before I went down the 100* eyepiece route and it gave me some of my best views EVER from an eyepiece.
  24. Go from Andromeda M31 in a line through Mirach you will see a faint M33 Triangulum galaxy.... DOUBLE bonus
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