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    Beginner, mainly visual, sliding toward DSLR /iPhone Prime Focus/Afocal imaging, cluster-fan, dabbling with doubles, light-polluted DSOs, tooled-up for planetary & lunar, grab & go a must.
    Telescopes & Mount : Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak, Skywatcher StarTravel 80 with 2 inch TS Monorail focuser, Hilkin 60mm f13.3, Prinz 60mm f11.8, AZ GTi goto, Berlebach Report 312.
    Eyepieces: Baader Hyperion 24mm fixed, Hyperion Aspheric 31mm, Baader Hyperion 8-24mm & 2.25 Barlow, Baader Classic Ortho 6mm, 10mm & 18mm. SW Super 10mm & 25mm. 
    Other stuff:  SW 9x50 & Telrad finder,  Celestron Nature 10x50 ED Bins, Helios Fieldmaster 7x50 Bins.  Nikon D80, D90.  
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    Winchester, Hampshire. UK 51 3' 56" 1 18'51"

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  1. True, if you wanted to save money you could just put four batteries in a sock...
  2. Its a Sunspot yes - these are numbered as Active Regions (AR). This one is number AR2833 - there's a thread running in the Solar Observing section on this one, link below. As @Knighty2112 points out most of the apparent movement is due to the earth's rotation, the sun does also rotate every 25 days or thereabouts so if you look again tomorrow its position will have changed in real terms too. I only recently started looking at the sun with like you a cheap white-light filter holder and I'm fascinated + can do it on a coffee break out of my office window
  3. It’s new - I’d had one previously for years but allowed some poor battery discipline…
  4. I once had an alarming encounter with a Badger but otherwise can’t report any UK wildlife to cause much trouble. For peace of mind I take a big Maglite - the nightwatchman’s truncheon and bright enough to disorientate anyone with ill intent I’d imagine. If it really came down to it I wouldn’t want to get hit with a Manfrotto 90 either but my preferred option is to avoid conflict - not that it’s been an issue to date. (The whole thing puts me in mind of a Keith Richards story in which he says one of the reasons he prefers Telecasters to Stratocasters is that they’re
  5. Nice report & nice setup! I had a similar experience in the wee hours of Sunday morning - convinced I could see a fifth moon trailing Jupiter close in. Did an action replay in Stellarium and realised that what I'd done is mistake a nearby star (HD211360, 7.4 Mag) for one of the 4 Gallilean moons then when I saw a fifth object trailing the planet, convinced myself I was seeing Althea - which is slightly beyond the limiting magnitude of my Mak 127. In fact I was watching Io rise in real time - which was actually pretty cool! Am really enjoying how dynamic planetary observing c
  6. Really nice split at 150x with a Mak 127 on Saturday night using a Baader Mark IV Zoom (set at 10mm). The southerly pair was splitting from 63x on up, the closer pair only clearly split from around 100x (15mm on the Zoom) - nicest view was up a bit higher than that in mag.
  7. Tried this last night with a Mak 127 and a Baader Zoom &… nope. I was on the South Downs & there was quite a bit of sea haze to the South over the Isle of White. Another time…
  8. Challenge accepted, planning to head out tonight so will see if this is possible with a 127 Mak
  9. +1 on both types, no matter how little room on the scope.
  10. This is stunning with some super solar detail and lunar topography, well done & thank you for posting!
  11. Glimpses from Winchester 51.06N @ 10:37 & 11.43 BST.
  12. Our photos must be around the same time & really show well the difference in coverage between Inverness & Winchester - 57.5 N vs. 51 degrees.
  13. Got the very slightest glimpse through thick cloud in Winchester at 10:37 BST still a thrill to see!
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