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Found 22 results

  1. idigitize

    New toys

    From the album: My Kit

  2. So this month I'm hoping to complete my imaging setup. I currently have a SW 150pds on a HEQ5 pro with a coma corrector and a nikon d5100 as my imaging camera. Im going to be ordering an ST80, SW guidescope mount and QHY5L-II Colour cam to guide. What else will i also need? (as in cables for guiding, adapters, dovetails, screws, nuts, bolts (to attach guide-scope mount), etc.) Whats included with purchasing the ST80? Guide-scope mount? I kinda just want to order it all at once so i can try it all out right away (my birthday is at the end of the month) Any help/pics will be much appreciated, Thanks
  3. Hi to all you members on SGL. I am a novice with 3 months experience with a SW200P dob, having started initially with a pair of Oregon 15 x 70 Bins on a tripod mount. I have referenced some good books and spent some time with Stellarium and I am encouraged by my new learnt ability to navigate the night sky with the 200p. I have connected my Nikon D600 (24mp full frame) DSLR to the scope and produced some satisfying photos of the moon, however I am interested in imaging some DSO's. ( I have caught the bug with no cure in sight!) I intend to get a tracking mount such as a SW HEQ5 Pro Synscan, but for now would like to purchase a wide field refractor and produce some wide field imaging with a basic mount, I understand that subs of around 30 sec can be produced with mediocre results initially until I get a better mount. Also it would be nice to have a grab and go scope which is more convenient than the big DOB. Also this would give me some images to experiment with the software such as DSS and Registax 6. So, I have been researching three achromatic telescopes, The Skywatcher ST80 and ST102 (both come with kit mounts ranging from AZ3 to EQ1 and the Bresser Messier AR-102/600 (which looks stylish and has the Hex focus) However, despite spending somewhere in the region of 4-5 hours so far researching for reviews on the BM102, nothing has been forthcoming>? I am aware of the issues of CA with these small tube Achromats, however the plan is to Purchase one of the three now, save for the HEQ5 mount, then at a later stage use the scope purchased now as a guide scope and but a better APO doublet or triplet scope for the main tube. So, having laid the table so to speak, which of the three would you advice and why please, I have been told by two companies stocking the BM102/600 that mechanically it is far superior to the two Skywatchers, but I am concerned that I cannot find ANY reviews on this OTA for its optical quality ?. I am aware that Synta make a few of these 80 and 100mm scopes for different suppliers but I am let to believe that the BM is a separate manufacturer. Any advice or better still hearing from someone who owns the Bresser Messier AR-102/600 would be amazing, so thank you for reading this long post and thank you in advance of your reply. Regards Graham Side note:- I have a VERY heavy duty pan tilt Manfrotto tripod which I previously used to support my Sinar 5x4 Large format bellows camera so its very steady and has a pan tilt head already fitted, I intend to mount the new scope on this as an AZ to begin with.
  4. Hi, As in the photo, I have a SW150P and I am trying to attach an ST80 as a guide scope. My understanding is that I need to connect the ST80 to a dovetail and then the dovetail onto the top of the 150p? If that's the case In the box of my 150p I found a dovetail that looks identical to the one already on it (See photo). Do they come with 2? So, can I use this dovetail to connect the ST80 to the 150p? Hope this makes sense, Thanks
  5. Hi All so I have another eyepiece question for the st80 again... has anyone used the above mentioned combo? I bought a great 15mm BST and need something with a little more mag. I have borrowed a 6.3mm plossl but even under good skies it's really not up to it as though I just cant quite get anything in focus..I'm not sure if its because of too much mag or just because its a plossl? so do you think this would work well? any comments would be great. Many thanks, Mark
  6. Remembered I had this when perusing the wanted pages. Not needed in there, but I guess I still don't need it as I mounted my ST80 in a slightly "unorthodox" way that didn't need the dovetail in the end. Its a nice solid dovetail, designed specifically for the ST80, but I'm sure it can be used for a variety of purpose. It is marked and scratched as would be expected with a dovetail. Comes with two M6 bolts. £25 inc postage on FLO So offering for £17 inc. delivery (paypal preferred) OBO
  7. Aside from Mizar and Alcor are there and good and bright doubles near the Plough? I'm using an ST80 and I have city skies...
  8. On my camera lens units they give me a minimal focus distance the lens will focus at. Now my skywatcher Star travel 80mm ( ST80 ) i use for both astro and terrestial viewing photography. my problem is the telescopes infomation does not give the minimal focal distance of the given optics, unlike my camera lenses that do. this problem really happens in wildlife photography, focus on wildlife far away is no problem, but anything less than 50ft away there is no chance. if i add an extender (100mm extender ) i am able to focus on closer objects BUT i loose infinity focus totaly , the scope just does not focus anything at distance IE: not enough inward travel with extender , and not enough outward travel without extender. is there any way or info on the minimal focal distance for the skywatcher optics, i have looked on the website to no avail and am left missing out on some lovely terrestial shots without this minimal distance of focal range. IE how close the lens can be to an object to gain focus of said object. scope details are 80mm objective @ 400mm focal length my lens detail are 90-300 focal length and a 4.5ft to infinity focal range i hope all this does not sound like i am barking up a tree at nothing, but i can see the problem in my head and know what it is but cant explain it in wording very well my lens gives a minimal but the ST80 does not how do you work out this minimal focal distance
  9. 8 inch Newtonian for visual or astrophotography use. Mount is a good solid unit. Comes with mains and cigar lighter power leads. 28mm 2 inch eyepiece. 25 and 10mm I.25 inch eyepieces and 2x Barlow. Skywatcher coma corrector. Red light torch (needs new batteries). Padded carry case for scope. Skywatcher ST80 guide scope with Skywatcher guidescope mount. Extra counterweight. Azimuth bolts are metal upgrades from Bob’s Knobs. Carry case for eyepieces etc. Looking for offers around £750 for the whole setup. (Preferred option). But, I would consider splitting the scope, mount, coma corrector, case, ST80 and guidescope mount. Make me a sensible offer. I would also consider a swap for a one shot Colour ccd or cmos camera for deep sky use. Must be cooled and small bodied for Hyperstar use such as Atik Horizon os asi 533 pro. Tell me what you’ve got and we can work something out if the camera is suitable. i live in France in the Haute Vienne but am back in the UK at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire from Dec.20 to 28th. I could leave kit for collection in the New Year if that helps. Collection only please. Payment by PayPal only. Many thanks.
  10. idigitize


    From the album: Getting Started

  11. Celestron C8 XLT + extras and SkyWatcher Star Travel 80 (ST80) I have a Celestron C8 with XLT Starbrite coatings. Will include the full length base plate, both visual and imaging backs, scope rings, front 8" end cap and the finder scope with it. No box I'm afraid. Optics are good and clean, focal length is huge - 2300mm from memory. This lot would cost close to £1300 new and one with less spec went for £750 on fleabay recently. Might be interested in a part exchange or will let it go for £450 collection only. Also, I have a SkyWatcher Star Traveler 80 - good optics, used as a guide scope - just the scope itself (does not include the barlow in the photo) - now including dovetail bar and scope rings looking at around £50 for it. I have decided to save up for another refractor, WO, Equinox or even toward an Esprit. However, I would also consider p/ex for an Intel NUC and/or Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox. Please excuse some of the colours - I used my astro modded 6D which was in the observatory so the "nice" purple is actually black !! Both these are collection only.
  12. Here we have a clone of an ST80 branded as Helios, 80mm Achromatic F5 objective. (OTA only) Its not in the best condition. Numerous shallow scratches to the outer surface of the primary being the main issue. However, my assessment is that its not quite ready for the great telescope graveyard in the sky yet. The scratches of course will not be resolved when in focus and so it will still work as a guide scope or perhaps something to let younger children loose on without fear of what they might do to your ED triplet. Its mechanically sound in terms of the body / focuser / tube rings, so perhaps someone can make me an offer on those components for spare parts? For the whole thing I would be looking for 30 pounds to make it worth posting it realistically, I think that the tube rings / focuser together are worth that as spares parts to someone regardless of the objective. If you are willing to pick it up from Lincoln then a token amount would be accepted so make me an offer. Adam
  13. As I’ve started the murky fall into AP I decided to mod my ST80 (originally fitted for the SW desktop mount) to be able to fit my HEQ5. So... 1 x used short Vixen dovetail from RVO - £8 1 x 1/4-20 UNC Countersunk screw (5/16 long with Allen head) - eBay £1.65 (for 2) inc postage With a bit of a mod to the Vixen dovetail, she now can fly with the big boys... even the SW supplied Allen key fits... its destiny... Now all I need is a clear night...????????
  14. I had a bash at imaging a couple of years ago, but found that an 8inch reflector with ST80 was too big for my Celestron CG5-GT mount. The trials and tribulations of that are here : I thought I would tell you what has happened now that I have swapped the reflector for a Skywatcher Evostar ED80. Basically, it now tracks! I am using a QHY5II- C camera in a ST80 as the autoguider. I have a Nikon 5300 attached to the ED80 and the ST80 is piggy backed. My routine is: 1. Polar align the Celestron CG5-GT mount 2. Align it using 3 stars (e.g. at the moment, Arcturus, Mizar and Deneb) 3. Using a bahtinov mask to focus. 4. On the laptop, use ASCOM to link the scopes/cameras to Cartes du Ciel and PHD (the autoguiding software) 5. Choose a guding star, spend around 60 seconds calibrating PHD. 6. Start imaging! 7. Take darks, flats (i use a white screen app on a tablet) and bias. I know the quality is no where near what people get with cooled CCD's and filters, but I do feel I am finally making progress. This is last nights effort, before the clouds rolled in (so, 9 x 180 seconds, with UHC filter):
  15. Hello, A lot of people use the ST80 as their guide scope, or a wide field grab-and-go. I recently purchased one, and after doing star tests at extremely high magnifications, trying to determine, if I'm super picky, or my scope has a flaw in it. With 20mm/9mm (20 - 44x), the bright stars look pretty good, although I wouldn't say they are 100% pinpoint (maybe that's just chromatic abbr). With 2.3mm (176x), bright stars initially had a comet diffraction pattern like this: I corrected that by unscrewing the lens cap, and tapping on the sides of the tube while slowly tightening the cap back. This fixed the comet issue, but now, the stars look like this: If I tighten the cap a bit, I get the comet pattern back. How does this compare with your scopes? I can't get a pin point star at high mag. Am I really picky, since this is a chromatic $100 scope (although people praise it for its high quality) Should this type of scope display perfect pin point stars when using high mag eyepieces? I really don't want to waste time sending this back, if it ends up me being picky, and I get back the same or worse optics. Thanks!
  16. [ITEM NOW SOLD] A Skywatcher StarTravel 80 Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) only. Commonly known as the Skywatcher ST80 and much used by imagers as a Guidescope. It comes with a diagonal for visual use and a T-thread extension & C mount adapter so that you can simply screw in a guidecam (e.g. QHY5L-II etc) and achieve focus. Aperture: 80mm Focal Length: 400mm Focal Ratio: F5 Included with the sale: * Skywatcher ST80 OTA * Original box * 2x Tube rings (black) * 1x short dovetail (black) * 1.25" diagonal * 60mm T-thread extension * T-thread to C mount adapter £70 + £10 P&P Payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash if collecting. Item is currently located in Leeds/Wakefield area, but it could be made available in Manchester or Chesterfield areas if given enough notice.
  17. Hello I have recently upgraded so have my beloved Orion ST80 for sale. It is OTA only with tube rings and Vixen style dovetail bar in the original padded case. It has been very well looked after. Collection from Chesterfield. £60. Thanks.
  18. I recently decided to get a scope for general sun and moon AP or casual observing during the weekdays. I did some searching and landed my eyes on the Orion ST80 EQ with a mount and two eyepieces and a case. Has anyone else bought the package before? Is this scope good for AP? (can you include some pictures, if possible?) I have a T-adapter for both my Nikon and Canon. Will I even be able to reach focus? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated! Here's the link: http://www.optcorp.com/product.aspx?pid=11874
  19. MattGoo

    ST80 Widefield Setup

    From the album: Telescopes

    A Skywatcher ST80 telescope with another Skywatcher short dovetail on top, which has a quick release ball head to accept a DLSR. Good setup for guided widefield astrophotography when on a suitable equatorial mount. Note: dovetail was drilled in the centre to 3/8" hole, and a 3/8" bolt was used to secure the ball head to the dovetail.
  20. after a long hard week, with aching bones and wanting sleep, at 11 last night I thought, for some reason, it would be advisable to take a small telescope out into the cold and try and spot some galaxies. A thin slither of moon shone away near Leo and the not quite dark blue of the sky didn't fill me with much hope. I started finding leo52 which I couldn't see with the naked eye and only have a red dot finder but was lucky with my guess. Nudging down slightly and to my joy, there was m105, m95 and m96. I say joy, not because they were glorious galaxies or even faint fuzzies but just three brightish stars - there was no fist pumping. I then moved to Denebola and the tiredness came to the surface when trying to find comma6 through the diagonal but as with a diagonal left was right and front was back which threw me off course a bit but eventually saw m98 and 99- this time as small grey pixels. I continued on across to Vindemiatrix seeing hundreds of the faintest of faint grey pixels and rather than try to identify any I thought I would just enjoy the amazing notion that they were all distant galaxies. Amazing. I realise this is not the most exciting report ever, but I have a bad back and my neck hurts so someone else has to suffer just a little bit...
  21. This question has probably been answered a dozen times, but I haven't found the answer either here or on the manufacturers website. Does anybody know the physical dimensions of a Skywatcher ST80 telescope? I'm thinking of getting one to use as a guidescope for my C9.25, and don't really want a guidescope thats going to be longer than the main scope. Also, can you tell me what size tube rings this scope will need for attaching it? I've seen the ADM mini dovetail system for attaching the scope on the FLO webiste. Are there any better ways of attaching a guidescope to an C9.25 telescope? Many thanks for your assistance.
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