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  1. its not just in the astronomy market, canon have been upping their prices too
  2. The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    wicked project matey
  3. Mercury in the evenings

    saw it the other night when down at the local lighthouse for sunset, i love spotting mercury
  4. Back from Glencoe images coming up later tonight.

  5. NGC4565

    ooo thats tasty!
  6. Cygnus test

    yes its the skywatcher star adventurer. Great bit of kit when i can get out and use it. im going to make more of an effort this year to get out and use it. im pretty happy with the exposure lengths from the sticking polaris in the x cross hairs of the polar scope. im also going to try some work from home this year once i get LP filter sorted for the 70-200mm F2.8 lens, i may even buy a little APO to stick on it kids are getting older now so im able to get back out more for long nights.
  7. Cygnus test

    It was the SA it’s a great bit of kit. Duno why I had a moment of madness a few weeks ago and thought about selling it
  8. Cygnus test

    Not long now now though
  9. so while i was out the other night i thought id try some testing ready for the MW season. bare with me i know its noisy but its just one image DSS doesnt seem to like stacking my subs for some reason. im hoping to create a huge milky way image this year with lots of detail. Shot at 35mm cropped in a little bit as there was a bit of glow from the rising sun. X1 360 sec ISO 1000
  10. Off centre M42 in HaRGB. 100D and Star 71

    i prefer the 1x1 crop, looks excellent on my screen
  11. Jesus that’s cheap. These are great EPs I really enjoyed mine when I had them.