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  1. and still my most favorite galaxy. that looks really nice well done
  2. oh dear
  3. there's some nice sites in aberdaron have a google. It's my favorite place to go. Also there's a lovely walk around morfa golf course which leads to a pub on a beach in a cove
  4. still into Astro Paul just doing it when possible. Daytime photography is ideal for me at the moment but don't worry I'll have a dob again or some sort of AP rig.
  5. I would have but unfortunately the event starts on my first day back on shifts. If it was two days either side I would have. at least the weather looks nice for the next few days hope it goes well. are you sleeping in the car then?
  6. in his fairy flower tent?
  7. you wanna get them pixels looked at on that camera at the top. They look rather large
  8. Doubt it bud, i use my setup for landscape photography so its top class
  9. i ran it through HLGV, deffo there. not much. if you cant see it i wouldnt worry
  10. ah its in the lower left corner
  11. i was tempted by the 6D. but i opted for another 5DMIII where they shot in AV?
  12. have you tried HLGV? theres a fair bit of green in the bottom. i think that could balance it out a little more then just try aligning the RGB in PS.
  13. i really like, a little bit of a gradient across the image. i like the way the star is illuminating the nebula.
  14. nicely done. lots of HA around there.