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  1. i really like, a little bit of a gradient across the image. i like the way the star is illuminating the nebula.
  2. nicely done. lots of HA around there.
  3. great shots. they are all really clean considering the low light. what camera was you using?
  4. oh now thats swish!
  5. really like this. did you know about the star cluster when getting the image?
  6. id imagine a scope that size on a small dob would create some balance woes.
  7. frozen mirror never had one of them even when ive been in -15 temps did it dew over first?
  8. lol sorry for laughing but i bet he was left red faced after that. i can normally spot your images a mile off sara they are so good.
  9. looking through simos 22"
  10. A set of ND filters for DSLR lenses 2stop,4stop and an 8 stop. 82MM thread but can be used with a 77mm lens i have a stepup ring which will be supplied and a screw in Grad filter. can be used on the moon for live viewing to bring the brightness down and they are stackable not looking for much £40 posted all in excellent condition Dan
  11. Good job I'm ultra portable now imaging wise and can leave the laptop inside
  12. SOLD
  13. Neewer ball head that came with my tripod. its seen some use but is in excellent condition. the friction knobs have a really good feel to them with knurled handles for a positive touch. in fact if anyone has ever used a feather touch the knobs feel the same has them the ball head is really smooth no grinding. this would be ideal for astrotrac vixen polarie etc or if your just looking for a cheap head. It's held my canon 5D MIII 16-35mm F4 IS USM lens with no bother and they weigh nearly 4kg put together £20 posted**SALE PENDING** Danny boy
  14. try loading the 3 files in the photoshop and go to file, automate, photomerge and then load the files and auto