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    Visual, am a newbie, so it's all still amazing, and yes i did punch the air and do the "happy dance" when I found M13 unaided for the first time. The joys of a 6 year old bio! Now on 103 out of the 110 Messiers and use a Tak 76 DC. Volunteer with Norwich Astro.
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  1. Managed to get two images from about 514 images last night. Struggling to get the ball head level, judging by the wonky horizon, but quite pleased to capture this image. Used an intervalometer to take 20 second exposures at F2.8 and ISO 3200. The plan was to make a timelapse too, but I also manged to kick the tripod leg twice during the course of filming! Chris
  2. Has been cancelled as Kelling have announced that they are closing their site until April 30. Details at https://www.kellingheath.co.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-cid564.html Chris
  3. Awesome report, sorry I missed Monday evening, very pleased your evening turned out so well. Chris
  4. Firstly @Lyall, welcome to the Lounge. I don't know enough about your scope / mount to give you any advice. Hopefully someone familiar with your kit will be able to help. Am guessing that you have replaced any batteries, just to rule out the power? Might be enough to light up and make the handset beeb, but not enough for anything else? Failing that, an email / call to the retailer who you purchased it from, might get you on your way? Good luck, Chris
  5. One of the NAS crew has a Telementor, with a few of the .95 eyepieces and views are superb. Congrats on getting yourself another, looks a "keeper." Chris
  6. Thank you, I hope so, until our weather improves dramatically... Chris
  7. Not quite, I'll still have my #BFS Altair 125 ED Doublet, but for quick grab and go sessions and travel friendliness, the Baader is more portable than the Tak. I was too late for the Tak Sky 90, and never head back from the USA re the (new) Stowaway, so thrilled to be allowed on the wait list.
  8. I wish, but the forecasts / predictions I've seen show more unsettled weather, more humidity and clouds for the UK as a result of global warming...Love to be wrong, but I cannot remember when I last had a weekend of clear skies.
  9. Thank you, I' feel I've waited that long already for a weekend of clear, moonless skies though Chris
  10. I've received confirmation that Baader have kindly, (after a few emails) added my name to the list of people waiting to receive a Baader Travel Companion. 6-9 months was the time quoted, " the refractor is in high demand and gets produced only slowly, the optics is hand made here". Thanks to Clem, @NGC007 for the extra info! Not sure what to do with my 76mm Tak, the extra aperture (95) of the Baader with a similar focal length means I'll probably sell it. The skies have been so poor of late, that I think the way forward is with a portable scope that can be taken on trains / airline overhead lockers etc. Chris
  11. Hello, I've sent you a private message. Thanks, Chris
  12. Thank you, I rarely use the slow mo controls on the PortaMount, so no loss. Notice the AZ4 has setting circles. Do you use them, or are they more cosmetic than functional? Chris
  13. My Vixen Porta Mount (head) is knackered after 3/4 years of use and rattling around to and fro various star parties and Seething Obsy. It holds a Tak 76 and 11/4 eyepieces, so nothing too heavy. Any suggestions for a replacement please? Initially had problems with the screws for the brace section of the tripod too, so not intending to purchase another Vixen. Those of you using an AZ4 / 5 how do you rate your mount please? Thanks, Chris
  14. So sorry to see this. I have shared the details and the image onto the Norwich Astro Members Forum. Chris
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