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    Visual, am a newbie, so it's all still amazing, and yes i did punch the air and do the "happy dance" when I found M13 unaided for the first time. The joys of a 6 year old bio! Now on 103 out of the 110 Messiers and use a Tak 76 DC. Volunteer with Norwich Astro.
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    Norfolk, UK
  1. Reject the goods under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act#30-day-right-to-reject As which states, the law is clear that the goods must be "must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described." You've given the retailer a fair opportunity to correct the problem, they've not remedied the problem. Good luck, Chris
  2. Everything is awesome!

    Congrats on a great night, yet to see 7009, was out on Tuesday night, but it got very damp and milky by midnight. M11 is beautiful, a favourite of mine. Fingers crossed for the weekend. Chris
  3. If there is a Cartes Du Ciel whizz available to do a short "How to get the best out of it" type presentation, that would be incredibly useful...think I barely scratch the surface of that package? Thanks Chris
  4. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Thanks @reddoss for the recommendation on FB, I've just booked. Looking forward to meeting fellow SGL'ers in October. Fingers crossed for clear skies! Chris
  5. Vamo Traveller by Ayo Swiss

    Possibly, but no gizmo for undoing the bits included, about the same as my Porta head, but without the lump of iron to convert to fit to a photo tripod. Much better / smoother build quality, and no counterweight needed. Will be at Frac Alley, Cwmdu in September, so you are welcome to have a close look. 😀 Chris
  6. Just arrived so only a quick look / play....I have tons of work to do today and tonight will be cloudy! It's been a long journey, but the beautifully made travel mount for my Tak has arrived...more details when I've had chance to use and play, but initial thoughts are that it's heavier than I imagined, but incredibly well made and so smooth in both Alt and Az. Chris
  7. Congrats Piero, super looking scope! Clear here tonight, but of course the moon is bright for another two weeks, you might still get some good views of the interesting objects in Sagittarius. Will look out for your first light report. Chris
  8. First Light Optics

    Trashed my red-light torch "battling" the voracious Norfolk Mosquitoes....replacement ordered on Monday, shipped the same day and delivered today! Slick, service, thank you! Chris
  9. 30 minutes with a 4" frac

    Had a very frustrating hour or so on Sunday evening at Seething. Once the moon had gone behind a tree, observed some of the Southern Objects, but struggled to see M28. Did manage a first find and look at the Blue Snowball 7662, but had all the mosquitoes in Norfolk buzzing about; my 2 year old bottle of repellant little use. Chris
  10. Thanks for the info and replies, good to see plenty of options available for storage and travel... Chris
  11. Those of you with a Tak 100, what do you use to store / take it to where you observe from? My Tak 76 fits in a Tamarac photographers backpack that I use to store and protect the ota in when it goes in the car to and from Seething. The 100 looks a bit too long for a backpack, so what are you using? Thanks, Chris
  12. Small but significant LP victory

    This is a great result, especially as one local councillor gave the response "Move the camp", and posted derogatory comments about tourists. (We found that his business was helping people overcome S106 planning regulations). Many people helped by writing to the Assembly Member, highlighting the story to the local BBC news and involving the http://www.darksky.org/. Last May's camp had the best skies I've enjoyed in the Brecons; am looking forward to September. Persistence paid off this time. Clear skies! Chris
  13. Sky Safari 5 Pro on offer.

    Depends upon the size of your scope I believe. If you have a large aperture scope, then the Pro with the biggest database of the fainter objects probably the one to go for. Very happy with my Plus, think that there is just one or two of the "Hidden Treasures" not in the database. Chris
  14. Dark frame Hypertuning

    With anything like this, it pays to buy the seller....and as @StuartJPP has hinted, the owner of this business used to be a retailer call I/O Astronomy, if I am not mistaken. A well known importer of Ioptron kit used to have a dedicated section on their website for repairs to Hypertuned mounts. A member of a Norfolk Astro Society has sent their Mount to this tuning service; it is already overdue to be returned. As Sara @swag72 has suggested, give them the opportunity to fix their workmanship, but watch them like a hawk. Good luck, Chris
  15. Congrats Piero, Of course your incoming beauty explains all the cloud we are experiencing here in the East 😂 Look forward to reading your first light report. Chris