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    Visual, am a newbie, so it's all still amazing, and yes i did punch the air and do the "happy dance" when I found M13 unaided for the first time. The joys of a 6 year old bio! Now on 103 out of the 110 Messiers and use a Tak 76 DC. Volunteer with Norwich Astro.
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  1. 9mm Nagler, will never forget the joy in finding M74 with that in my Tak at the start of a Messier Marathon, worth every penny. Chris
  2. If you cannot find one, Dave C on the NAS board is selling a 9x50 RACI...He might be worth chatting to re a price? https://www.norwichastro.org.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1448.0 Chris
  3. @Trikeflyer What case will you be using to take the frac on as hand luggage? Chris
  4. @Special K No, Neil at Tring and Ian from Altair found me the case was (slightly) used, and kindly given to me at no charge! Is the case from an Altair 130 I think, so need to source some foam to fit. Chris
  5. Cjg

    Altair Astro 125 EDF

    Thank you. The ED125 should weigh less than your TMB/LZOS 130, but the Sabre mount is really very good. Thought long and hard, was close to placing an order for another Tak, but pleased with this so far. Let’s hope we get decent skies this Autumn and Winter. Am on the wait list for the next Astro Physics 90mm, but I don’t see that happening for me. With the hassles getting optics from LZOS, you’ve made a shrewd ‘investment’ with your 130. Chris
  6. Cjg

    Altair Astro 125 EDF

    Thank you, I’ve been told that the scope “needs” 2 inch eyepieces to do it justice....I feel another universe of expense has suddenly opened up. Not going to happen though as my Astro budget has long been spent this decade!
  7. Cjg

    Altair Astro 125 EDF

    @Stu not seen an ercole, but if similar spec to a Sabre, then yes. Like the simplicity of just push / pulling the scope around...not so great at high mag when the planets whizz through the eyepiece though. But very pleased with the views. If ever you find yourself in Norfolk ....and if I can fit in my tent and the rest of the camping kit, it will be in Cwmdu in September.
  8. Cjg

    Altair Astro 125 EDF

    That's a lot of kit for your money...the finder is approx £50? An eyepiece too, will be better than the Skywatcher 20mm job!
  9. Cjg

    Altair Astro 125 EDF

    @Knighty2112 It is a beast in size and weight..
  10. Had two nights with this scope now; defeated by clouds on night 1 and dew on night 2, but in short, it’s a keeper and I’m well pleased. I didn’t have a lot of time between returning home amidst the carnage on the M11 and dashing to Seething, so no unboxing photos, but the scope came well padded and double boxed. No foam / aluminium case is included. The first night I was joined by an experienced astronomer whose GOTO Mount we used to test. Initial views were of Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter gave delightful views, despite being lower on the Southern horizon. Probably my best view of Epsilon Lyrae that I can remember in a frac. We then moved to Delta Cygni: this proved a tougher test for my eyes, but could just discern the binary at about 9 o’clock. By then, 11:30pm ‘ish we were joined by some new members who asked to see Saturn, so duly obliged. By now, it was hazy and I could not see the Cassini division. Night 2 A much clearer night, despite the brighter skies to the North, I easily found and saw M81/M82, NGC 1502 and NGC 7789. Tried to find C/2017 Panstarrs, but failed. Southwards, the Lagoon with an 0111 filter looked breautiful, as did the Swan, Eagle and Triffid. The usual suspects in Cygnus were great, (M27, M57) but blown away by @Littleguy80 ‘s view in his 10” of the Veil Nebula through a 100 degree eyepiece. After midnight, the scope was quite damp to touch, but the front lens was only slightly misty: the dew shield is excellent. Reasonably sure that I could see many individual stars in M13, though was quite damp and using a tall ‘frac straight up requires some contortions at eyepiece height which was just a few inches off the deck. The scope and Sabre Mount require more set up and take down time; it’s size is probably as big as I’d want to carry to and from the observing pads in the dark. The rotatable focusser is massive and has a funky adaptor to hold the diagonal, which I’ve not quite got used to. The stars are so far as I can tell as ‘pinpoint’ as they are in my Tak, but given the massive increase in light grasp, I should now be starting to look for fainter objects this Autumn, skies permitting. (Btw, any edits will be to correct typos, the new iOS on my iPad is a mare for autocorrect!) Chris
  11. Thanks for the heads up, tried last night at about 1am, but couldn’t see it. Sky was bright to the North. Started at NGC 1502 and tried working my way across to where it’s meant to be. A tough part of the sky to star hop in. Chris
  12. Cjg

    Tring Astronomy

    Tucked away on a business park in Tring, you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of Astronomy! I’d met Neil and Jane the owners at the Star Party’s in Cwmdu, and had chatted over their display of Altair Astro Scopes last year. Emailed over last week an enquiry for a quote for the Altair ED 125 and a Sabre mount ( the mount is made here in Norfolk, so an extra incentive ) and finder. The quote came back the following morning, a discount off the scope price and I think the other prices were rounded down in my favour. Phoned, paid and agreed to collect the followwing week (yesterday), as I wanted to see how the Sabre mount was put together. Neil had put my purchased ready to go, but had set aside a Sabre mount to show me how they fitted together and set mine up for me. I’d also asked about a case for thre Scope; Neil and Ian at Altair sourced a slightly used aluminium / wooden one for me, that was ‘no charge’....superb customer service. Great sevice, great pricing, Jane makes a fab cuppa, and Buster their dog is friendly too. Well worth the trip from Norfolk. Chris
  13. I resized the image to make it fit the forum... its the 125 ED Doublet; very pleased with it too.
  14. It sure is, and the colour of Sport Mode on my Mini, but the scope is an ice cool white one. Chris
  15. Good guess, but not quite that large. It’s the Altair Astro 125 ED Doublet.

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