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    Visual, am a newbie, so it's all still amazing, and yes i did punch the air and do the "happy dance" when I found M13 unaided for the first time. The joys of a 6 year old bio! Now on 103 out of the 110 Messiers and use a Tak 76 DC. Volunteer with Norwich Astro.
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    Norfolk, UK
  1. Thanks everyone for your interesting comments. I think that this is the way that astronomy will progress technically. I can quite easily envisage a group of cubs / guides / group gathered around an iPad as the scope points to a deep space object. It's true that it's a lot of money for an 80mm frac, but it's more than just an 80mm frac...an 80mm on an eq mount is better value for money, but I don't think that this is aimed at astronomers like those found here. I'm betting that it won't be too long before SkyWatcher or Celestron have a similar version, and at a lower price point. Cheers, Chris
  2. Am wondering which UK Astro retailers will be stocking the Stellina Telescope, and how many on here would consider purchasing it? I think it will be a great outreach tool for many Astro Societies / Clubs, and could draw new people into astronomy, despite the high price. https://vaonis.com/telescopes Thoughts anyone? Chris
  3. Which Tak

    Tak FC76DS for me.
  4. Which Tak

    If you manage to accomplish that, I think it's your duty to make a "how to" video for the rest of us, please! Congrats on your new Tak, fingers crossed we get clear skies soon. Chris
  5. For those in South Norfolk and North Suffolk, Norwich Astronomical Society has an open weekend with talks by the well know local astrophotographer Shaun Reynolds on January 26/27th. Full details on the website at; http://www.norwichastro.org.uk/events/revealing-jewels-of-the-winter-skies Shaun is an excellent speaker, his images have in the past been shortlisted for the Astrophotographer of the Year at Greenwitch. If the skies are clear, we'll have both domes open and scopes on the pads for visitors to look through. Thanks, Chris
  6. Good luck all, monsooned it down in South Norfolk and still sheeting down.
  7. Congrats, the 5SE is a super scope, had one for 3 years and great views. I found the Celestron GoTo system better than the Skywatcher in that you can tour just a constellation if you wish. More than once at outreach events, I've been able to align on the moon in the early evening and then GoTo a planet that was barely visible. Hope you'll have great views. Recommend a dew shied from the get go, as they are "dew-magnets." Chris
  8. As above, and asking for a friend who lives in Essex, does anyone have a Morovian (KAF8300) CCD and filter wheel ideally with filters that they wish to sell? If so please message me with your details. Thank you. Chris
  9. Hi Piero, I think he has one, but a little too soon for me yet. I'm hopeful that as the second batch of 100 has sold, Tak might see a business case to make a third or fourth even. Best, Chris
  10. At over €8K, I think not! As nice a scope as it looks, too expensive for me. 😂 You're almost correct with the name though, having thought long and hard about it, I shall probably go with another Tak. Just wondering whether the weather we have here would justify going with the 120 or if the 100 would be enough. https://www.skypoint.it/en/apochromatic-refractors/takahashi/8620-takahashi-fc-100dl-doublet-fluorite-apochromatic-telescope-complete.html Chris
  11. @DaveS Thank you, I hadn't come across this brand before; looks similar to the Altair Astro telescopes too. I'll check them out. @Bukko Good idea, I might make my first trip to the London AstroFest, good call. Chris
  12. Recording Observations

    @Littleguy80 Here's one I found http://www.perezmedia.net/beltofvenus/templates.html Never used. And at Seething, it gets so freezing cold that I can barely change eyepieces let alone write anything that might make sense a few hrs later! Be interested to see what you settle on!
  13. Recording Observations

    Good question. i just use Sky Safari 5 and if i get a challenging target or two after a nights observing, make a quick post on a forum. Have nowhere near the talent to sketch, and think after some cloudy months, looking at a non existent observing log could be depressing. i tend to add targets to see into Sky Safari, plan the session and then tick them off....think that the British Astronomical Association has a template for a recording log? Chris
  14. Oh no, thank you Piero, I had a 10 inch Orion Intelliscope for a couple of years, the tube took up all of the back seat and the mount all of the boot; and that was in a bigger car than my Mini...Collimating, two trips to load and unload. Perfect if I could observe from my home, but too much of a hassle compared to a 'frac on an Alt Az when you drive to the Obsy....Cannot say too much more in case the "Dob Mob" see this and get all cross, but mirrors are best for shaving or putting on make up!! Chris
  15. I think that's exactly it, thank you ;-)