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    Visual, am a newbie, so it's all still amazing, and yes i did punch the air and do the "happy dance" when I found M13 unaided for the first time. The joys of a 6 year old bio! Now on 103 out of the 110 Messiers and use a Tak 76 DC. Volunteer with Norwich Astro.
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    Norfolk, UK
  1. A good session after all

    Great to read you managed some time tonight Piero. What do you think your chances are of seeing B33 with your Tak? Chris
  2. The Sky at Night

    Wasn't impressed, this episode was a mish-mash. Felt disjointed, and not current anymore.. Chris
  3. Light Pollution - can you help??

    Worth talking to the organisers of the Astro Camp in Cwmdu. We turned up last Spring to find that the Highways Agency for Wales had installed very bright LED lights throughout Cwmdu. The organisers and their supporters managed to garner support from the locals ( some of whom had to fit blackout blinds in their bedrooms), have a BBC Reporter visit to report on the site. Working with the Dark Skies Association, we wrote to the First Minister for Wales and in September, we found the lights had been dimmed to 30% and switched off completely from about 8pm until 6am. Even though I live in Norfolk, the First Minister replied to my emails...what I suspect played a huge part in getting the lights sorted was the "threat" (that's not the best description) of the camp to not return...120 stargazers spending a long weekend, twice a year has to have a positive financial benefit to the local community. That said, in South Norfolk, South Norfolk Council allowed in a small village, a private tennis club to install 8 metre high floodlights- even though there are houses to the side and numerous objections from locals and more...how a private club could be allowed to radically transform what is a residential area is beyond my comprehension..So we have more skyglow from that area at our Observatory! Chris
  4. Fun with clusters

    NGC2301, Hagrid's Dragon, yet to see it this year, but a great sight. One to show with the Owl on the Public Nights. I don't think anyone set up last night Neil, combination of a great talk, a rising moon and the wind was icy cold. Hopefully a week of cold weather in the run up to the weekend. Chris
  5. Those of you who have the new Skywatcher wireless GoTo mount, have they sorted out using it with Sky Safari on an Apple device now, or is it still a case of using two devices if using iOS? Thanks, Chris
  6. I understand that it won't happen this year. Yet to be confirmed, but a tweet from Dara https://mobile.twitter.com/daraobriain/status/936287751695224832 Chris
  7. Vamo Traveller by Ayo Swiss

    Good luck, will easily hold your Borg, that's a nice portable setup you will have. Chris
  8. Vamo Traveller by Ayo Swiss

    I've avoided doing a review, because of two 'things'. The mount is great, a compromise in a way as it's so lightweight, but very well built. The two niggles, were after having made my final payment, it took far longer than I expected it to be shipped and a blemish. Beat told me that he would 'shortly ship', two weeks later I asked for the tracking number, to be told 'I will ship it early next week' only for him to ship it on the Friday evening of that week...bearing in mind he had three months notice, I thought he was taking a liberty. Secondly, it shipped with a noticable 'ding' or small blemish, not in a critical area, nevertheless, it wasn't perfect, if I'd seen it on display, in a shop, I'd have asked for another one. It could have happened in transit, but I don't think so, as the packaging was perfect, and no stress / dents to the cardboard box. So whilst I like the product a lot, the purchasing experience was not great, from having to chase a precise delivery date, to receiving a slightly less than perfect example. That said, it's a delight to use, handles my Tak 76 plus Nagler and Panoptics with ease and weighs much less than my Porta Mount. Chris
  9. The Vamo mount is excellent, holds my Tak 75 with ease; am learning to not need the Slo-Mo controls, is a quality bit of kit.
  10. anyone setting their alarm of 02:30hrs in the morning, in the UK Winter, deserves a heck of a lot of respect; delighted for you that it was so worthwhile!
  11. Had a quick look, so apologies if I've missed a previous post, but the Open University are having an "open night" event tomorrow at the campus at Milton Keynes. It's all about the moon and there are just 9 of the free tickets remaining - deets at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/moon-night-tickets-39459584680 Would be good to meet up with fellow SGL'ers if anyone else is attending? Chris
  12. Ice on your telescope

    Great report Neil. Just wait until Feb, a run of about 5 cold days with still air and a temperature of about minus 7; the air will be stiller, the damp ground frozen after a week of low temperatures...that and very clear skies...I still remember seeing a tint of green to the Nebulosity around Orion (was with a 10" dob). You'll split them, last night was damp and a little hazy... Chris
  13. Orion Build-A-Scope 8" IntelliScope Dobsonian

    I've owned a 10 inch intelliscope. Purchased it used and enjoyed the views. It's a doddle to set up and use. The 'warp' factor on the handset always put a smile on my face in use too. Sold it simply because I couldn't fit the scope, mount and my family in our small hatchback car at the same time. Superb visually, but I'd suggest completely unsuitable for serious astrophotography - it does not track, so at high magnification, you will become frustrated at seeing the objects you are viewing whizz through the eyepiece, or you will become adept at 'nudging' the scope to keep in view. The person I purchased it from told me it took him a while with a spirit level to build it so that the encoding gizmos in the mount were accurate. If you have good DIY skills, then it shouldn't be a problem. Good luck! Chris
  14. The session that almost wasn't

    Hey Neil, great report; so pleased (and relieved) that the journey out to see us was worthwhile. The "far end" of Seething is one of my favourite places in all of Norfolk! Congrats on getting NGC 604, that's a tougher one, even with dark skies. Most of us "only" lasted until around midnight last night; but I saw Hubble's Variable Nebula in Paul's 12 inch dob....that's well worth tracking down, and NGC 891 in Andromeda; both too faint for my 3 inch frac, 3 nights running, am trashed today! Fingers crossed for the weather next weekend. Chris
  15. Sad to hear that Neil at Green Witch is closing the business due to retirement. He was kind enough to come to Norwich Astro Society's Yuris Day when we were let down by a Norwich based supplier just 4 days before our event. I purchased all my Televue eyepieces from them and they were great to deal with. Those of you who do not receive their email newsletter, the web version is here https://www.green-witch.com/admin/preview.php?action=email&object=8 Chris