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  1. That is Beautiful, superb Job
  2. That is wonderful, amazing detail
  3. There's a pic of it on Flickr from Itteringham in Norfolk and Foxly, also in Norfolk
  4. Unbelievably stunning set of shots Sara, some of the best i've seen
  5. Very nice shot there, amazing detail
  6. They are superb, the colour on the first one is great
  7. Breathtaking, absolutely stunning image, i don't think i've seen one look so beautiful
  8. I've got a 60D and it takes lovely pic's though my new 6D blows it out of the water for noise at night, but the only astrophotography i've used them for is fixed tripod work of widefield shots and telephoto moon shots (at the moment). I've still got a Canon EOS 350D 8 years old and over 310,000 shutter count still going strong.........saying that it'll probably blow-up next time i use it
  9. Thats beautiful, nice bit of colour in there as well, perfect focus
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