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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the comments! It was really a great place for us who lives close to a big city. We have thoughts to rent a small house down there for a week. Then we could bring heaver equipment with us and doing astrophotographing. An 5" APO refractor with EQ6 mount and a fullframe camera will make difference. /Lars
  2. Astrofriend

    Star Adventurer mount repair, part two

    I continue to adapt my Star Adventurer to fit my needs better, compact and low weight. This time I modofied the L-bracket to let the camera be oriented more flexible: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-modify-lbracket/project-star-adventurer-modify-lbracket.html With this modification with the ball head I now don't need the counter balance weight anymore. /Lars
  3. Astrofriend

    Remote control of Canon 6D from app

    Hi, If the camera has not built in Wifi there are maybe external wifi controllers from Canon or others. I have briefly read about them but don't have any details. This night I did some astrophotographing and tested the app control over wifi. It worked much better then I thoght it should do. The pros: It didn't drain the camera battery. Then maybe it doesn't increase the camera temperature much either. I check the exif data for the temperature later. As you maybe new most Canon EOS cameras with liveview has a built in temperature sensor. The focus was easy to do, but it could had been even better. To my surprise I could look at the photos that had been done even when camera is in action with new exposures. Perfect now I can check that the mount track as it should and focus doesn't change. Earlier I had to interrupt the exposure to see anything on taken photos. The cons: I need more zoom in the app when focusing to see the details. Maybe better with a pad, but then I need to bring that one with me too. /Lars
  4. Astrofriend

    Star Adventurer wedge modification

    Hi, Have just done an astrophotography night. Great clear sky and not too cold. The altitude lock was better now but not perfect, until next time I shall have changed the other washer too, maybe test other material then plastic as well. I have also test a new mechanical setup, earlier there wasn't enough space around the camera to have it aligned along the RA axis. With the new setup with the a big ball head I could do it, but added more weight, on the other hand I do not need the counter balance weight anymore. I also did a very simple but big improvment of the polar scope. I don't have the specialmade red light, I just hold a red led lamp to the front of it. What I did now was just a white paper tube that I inserted at the front end of the polar scope, what a difference! I do a new project page about that two modifications later. /Lars
  5. Hi Paz, Thanks! Since then I visited the MAK star party too at Mariestad. Have you ever visit Sweden? /Lars
  6. Astrofriend

    Remote control of Canon 6D from app

    Hi John, I tried to find a list of which Canon cameras that have WiFi built in, not so easy but here are some: https://global.canon/cca/ https://www.canon-europe.com/cameras/wifi-cameras/ https://cameradecision.com/features/Cheapest-Canon-DSLR-cameras-with-Wifi I can not see that your camera is in any of the lists, on the other hand my Canon 6D is not there in the list from Canon either, still it have WiFi. /Lars
  7. Hi, I continue to get my Star Adventure to perform better. One very big problem if you have a camera that you can not tilt the display at, no tiltable display. I have the Canon 6D. It's almost impossible to see the display and do settings when the camera aim upwards to the zenith. I have until now used a very tall tripod, but that is something very big and not so friendly when travel. Instead of buying a new camera I now test to use an app in my smart phone and used that to see the display in live view from the camera. I have written a tutorial in an early stage of how I do that: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/tutorials/tutorial-canon-remote-control/page01-tutorial-canon-remote-control.html I will correct and add more information when I get more experience from this. I'm sure most of you alreday have done this, my concern is, how hot will the camera be. I have bad experience from this from earlier test with live view. /Lars
  8. Hi, I got the feeling that readers at astronomy forums like to read about observatories. Every time I and my girlfriend travel around in different countries we try to do some astronomy related. Two years ago we visited Tenerife and there you also find the Teide observatory. There are guided tours but couldn't make contact with them, maybe because of the bad weather. Anyway we rent a car and drive up to the mountain Teide to at least have a look from outside of the observatory. I havn't write about this because we didn't get very close, anyway I think it could be interesting for you that could not go to Tenerife, and the nature is awesome. Here is my report from Teide observatory: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/observatory-sites/teide-observatory-tenerife/teide-tenerife-observatory.html For you who find it interesting to read about observatories I have visited all of them are here: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/observatory-sites/observatory-sites.html Our last travel was to the island of Crete. Also Crete has an observatory that we tried to visit but have to cancel because of bad weather. I have a lot of photos from the roads at the mountain up to the observatory and links. Later I set up a story about this too even if we didn't get all the way up to the observatory. It was an exiting day anyway! /Lars
  9. Now the dark season has started for us who live in Sweden. Then we must have all our equipment in top condition. I have one mini mount, the Star Adventurer, I'm very satisfaid with it. But you can always get it a little bit better. One small problem I have is that the altitude lock of the wedge slips. Maybe others of you also have this problem? Here I have some photos and my attempt to get it better: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-modify-wedge/project-star-adventurer-modify-wedge.html I will test if my modifications work in reality next clear sky. /Lars
  10. Hi, Last night when we was out in the night to do astro photographing I got problem with my Star Adventurer mount. The friction coupling in RA axis got stuck and I have difficulties to aim the camera to the object. Today I have dismantled the mount to find what the problem is with it. I got to repair it, I took photos from my disassembling and repair that I think can be interesting for others to look at and read. Here is the link to my homepage: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-part2-repair/project-star-adventurer-part2-repair.html Have any other of you had a simular problem with the Star Adventurer mount? BR Lars
  11. Hi all, I wrote earlier about a Star Party here in Sweden, now I have been on a second one this year, the MAK or Mariestad Star Party. I took some photos from the party and wrote some text to it for all people that couldn't visit the party, you can see them here: http://www.astrofriend.eu/travel/sweden/mariestad-star-party-2018/mariestad-star-party-2018.html There is also some photos from the travel to the party and back home. I hope some of you can visit Sweden in the future. BR Lars
  12. Astrofriend

    Astroserver CPU load

    Hi, I have it setup with all the software running on the Raspberry to have it independent of the communicating line. It will run even if the line goes down. My Windows server is setup like that too and working very well even if the computer is slow with todays standard. Here is the load on the Windows computer during different works: http://astrofriend.eu/astronomy/tutorials/tutorial-cpu-load/tutorial-cpu-load.html With the Linux and Raspberry I can of course divide the work among many Raspberries, but then it begins to be a bit complicated. Lars
  13. Astrofriend

    Astroserver CPU load

    Hi Gina, You wrote that you use a Raspberry as astro computer. Is it Windows or Linux configured? I was very curious about the Raspberry and what they can do. Did a test with a Linux setup, it worked as I want but with one problem. It was a bit slow, I think more RAM had solved the problem. Here is a description of how I set it up: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-kstars-indi-linux/project-kstars-indi-linux.html Later when there are faster and more powerfull Raspberrys I will start that project once again. I like it! With a simpler setup it should have worked without problem. Lars
  14. Hi, Last weekend I and my girlfriend visiting the Sagittarius star meeting, at the same time the Perseids was in full action. Sagittarius meeting is on the island Öland of Sweden, one of the darkest places we have in Sweden. I wrote a small report of this meeting and maybe it could be of interest for someone else outside Sweden to read. http://www.astrofriend.eu/travel/sweden/oland-sagittarius-2018/sagittarius-starparty-2018.html We have visited Öland many times, but this was the first time to visit Sagittarius meeting. We didn't brought with us very much equipment, just wide angle lenses and tripods. The aim was to shot Perseids. /Lars
  15. Hi, Earlier I have made a calculator to find the telescopes depth of focus: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/astronomy-calculations/depth-of-focus/depth-of-focus.html Now I have continued with a gear ratio calculator for the motor focuser: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/astronomy-calculations/focus-gearbox-ratio/focus-gearbox-ratio.html Sometimes it could be tricky to find the correct gear ratio and maybe this could be of some help. It's important to have the stepsize about 5 times smaller then the depth of focus. Note: This is all new, I may have done some mistakes, check carefully before ordering any parts! /Lars

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