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  1. Hi Carl, Do you have any plans for a medium format lens and astrophoto ? You answered in Swedish, how it come, from Sweden or ? Lars
  2. First light with the Pentax 645 300 mm ED f/4 lens. http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/astronomy-photo/galaxies/m101/m101-galaxy.html Click on the image to bring up the full resolution image and inspect the corners. Look very good to me except one of the corner. This old medium format lens is impressive. There are not many old cheap medium format lenses with ED glass elements, they are too old for that. The never APO medium format lenses are very expensive and have electronic aperature and focus which can be complicated to use in an astrosetup. /Lars
  3. Another little small helping device, a viewfinder cover for the DSLR camera, still a prototype but can be used. This is how I did it: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/viewfinder-cover/01-viewfinder-cover.html My smallest 3D-printed device yet. /Lars
  4. My Canon 300 mm lens setup is ready for some test in the night, I have already done some test in the opening of the clouds and could see that it works very good. Now I planning for my next 300 mm lens, the Pentax 645 medium format f/4 ED lens. The last days I have 3D-printed two tube rings. It feels very stable and I hope it will not fall apart during the night. This is how they look: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/pentax645-300mm-bracket/01-pentax645-300mm-bracket.html Only the 180 teeth pulley missing for the motor focus. /Lars
  5. Ikea tape doesn't solve all problem. I had developed a new version, 4.1. This construction is much more stifer. Now the backlash should be much less compare to earlier version. The last changes, page 8: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/focus-motor-bracket/08-focus-motor-bracket.html It needs some practice to work with 3Dprinted plastic, later all this supports to get it strong enough will be there from the start. /Lars
  6. I bought two new dew heaters. They are sold to be used on camera lenses and powered from USB. I have modified them to reduce the power from 8 Watt to 2 Watt which will be enough for my demand. Some photos and documentation from this project: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-heating-band/05-project-heating-band.html This will be battery operated and I try to reduce the power consumtion of the equipment. /Lars
  7. After a copule of year my Star Adventurer got broke, the mini USB contact disappear and I got a hole in the chassi. I didn't do anything about it first because I can use the mount without this USB contact. But today was a good day to try to repair it. My documentation of the reapir: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-repair/11-project-star-adventurer-repair.html The small connectors of the mini USB get it very difficult to solder. Anyone else that got this problem ? /Lars
  8. Do you booth use the latest version, 0.19 ? I found it work much better than the 0.18 I had earlier. /Lars
  9. That's the small thing that makes it. Today I made a holder to the temperature probe I use to my motor focuser. I didn't attach it direct to the lens but to the dovetail. Normally I stripe small devices in place, but why not make a 3D-printed holder ? Find here how it looks: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/temperature-sensor-holder/01-temperature-sensor-holder.html I have uploaded the STL file if someone find it interesting to 3D-print it. All my STL files on the 3D-prining main menu: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/3dprinting.html Note: my STL files can maybe h
  10. My old prototype board I have my mini PC installed at with its fuse terminal, volt & ampere meters and the main switch looks a bit ugly but practical when I have to change something. Now I decided to 3D print some encluosure to it. First I thought it would be good to include the mini PC in this box. But after some thoughts I change my mind and only have the periphals in the box and attache it to the PC with a bracket. Then I can change my PC with out doing an new enclosure, only the bracket. The drawing goes better and better, less mistakes and easier to do it with some smart tools.
  11. Is there something so exiting as when you can test something new that you have built ? I could do my first indoor test of the focus motor with it's 3D printed parts today. It's the USB-Focus and I control it through APT and ASCOM driver. Have a look at page 7: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-300mm-setup/01-300mm-setup.html The gear ratio I could achive let me use 30'000 steps of the 65'500 availably. There is also an instruction how I calibrate the focuser. /Lars
  12. What could a man do without the IKEA tape. You could get them all over the world. Now I'm almost finished with the two pulleys, I have got the timing belt, the focus motor bracket is ready for a test drive, I'm printing the last part of the brackets to the guide camera and lens now. Tomorrow some test and after that a test outdoors. /Lars
  13. I solve so much problem nowadays with the 3D printer. Now I'm making drawings for a bracket to the QHY5 camera and the Tokina 200 mm f 1/3.5 lens that I have attached to it. That is my auto guider equipment. The latest, I have learned how to make pockets for the nuts, no more threading of holes. Easy of course for they who know how to do it: My documentation about it: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/qhy5-bracket/01-qhy5-bracket.html /Lars
  14. Here comes more pictures, it's now the version 3 I'm working on. It took much longer time, 6 days with work until late night, but now the printer is working on it. It's all the small details that take so much time and the lack of experience of CAD drawing. Very often it complain of broken lines and it's hard to find when the structure is complex. Look at page 4 to 6 for the last details: http://www.astrofriend.eu/3d-printing/focus-motor-bracket/01-focus-motor-bracket.html When this bracket is finished I start drawing tube rings to the guider camera and lens. /Lars
  15. @ Adam: Many years ago I posted my photos on different forums, not only astronomy. But photos without text is not very interesting, and make a copy of my homepage to a forum will not work. It's not possible to edit the text after a couples of days if I find something wrong with it or have to updated it. That was the main reason to spend all this time on my homepage. But I will not live forever, but then maybe the information is too old to have any value. Yes there are so many things to think about and take care about in the construction. Gyroid is the fill I use most and maybe
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