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  1. I have used my Star Adventurer for a while now and is very satisfaid with it. But it could be improved and I have installed an angled viewfinder to the polar telescope, rebuilt the wedge, etc. But there is also the tripod, the one I have now is stable but very big, nothing that I could take with me when traveling. All photagraphy tripods I have looked at that is maximum 0.5 meter long folded look a bit weak or are very expensive. Now I have bought an used Manfrotto model 144, very stable but too long folded. This weekend I cut off the legs to make it shorter. I don't need very high tripod now when using the angled viewfinder. Here is my tripod project: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-tripod/01-project-star-adventurer-tripod.html /Lars
  2. Hi, Now I have ordered timing pulleys, I choosed a 60 teeth pulley with no flange and a 16 teeth pulley, it gives a non standard 3.75:1 ratio. Small pitch, wider belt and bigger pulleys should give a bit less elastic and smoother run compare to the normal kits, at least according to my ideas and help from forums. But I can not use the handterminal with this non standard gear ratio, but I never do that anyway. I bought them at https://www.active-robots.com/ in Great Britian because I live in Europe Union and then I don't have to pay custom fees and taxes. They was one of few that could offer the 60 teeth pulley with a 12 mm diameter bore. I have done some updates and put in more links with information: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding/01-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding.html At page three there is a link to a belt length calculator. /Lars
  3. Now when the mount is clean and I had some time think about the what I can do. Whatever rebuilt of the mount need some machines and tlls I don't have. That's life when living in a flat. I have listed four different ways how to proceed, I have it written down on the homepage: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding/02-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding.html First I will give the original spur gear a chance, if it fail I will continue with some other solution. /Lars
  4. Hi, My EQ6 mount is old now. Very stiff RA and DEC axis, it's time to dismantle it and see how bad the inside is. I followed the Astro Baby guide and it was not any big problem to dismantle it. It looks fine inside, I suspect some earlier owner already have done this cleaning and put new grease on. But that must be years ago. When I now have dismantled everything, shall I rebuilt it and install timing belt drives? I feel it's a little to much money to put on this old mount. I have to think about it and see what alternatives there are. Here is my EQ6 dismantling story: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding/01-eq6-dismantling-rebuilding.html Only first part, now I'm drawing plans. /Lars
  5. What a great nice looking setup. I will later too move the computer to the mount. Maybe I place it on the counter weight side to not increase the weight too much. /Lars
  6. Hi, Thanks for all comments. Without risks life is not worth living! Maybe we take a new trip down to Rhodes in September or October this year, only bring the light equipment with us, Star Adventurer and a short 150 mm tele lens. Then we rent a car and investagate the Southern of Rhodes too. I have started to write more about wath we did in Rhodes here: http://www.astrofriend.eu/travel/europe/travel-europe-greece-rhodes/01-greece-rhodes.html /Lars
  7. Hi, We have recently come back from our trip to Rhodes in Greece. Just before we leaved home I found that there was an observatory down there. An observatory where you can rent equipment and also stay. We had already book our room in Rhodes town, but maybe we could have time to do a daytime visit. And we did, just 10 km south of Rhodes town and we could take the local bus. If you find it interesting I have written a short report here with photos of the place: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/observatory-sites/rhodes-faliraki-astronomy-cafe/rhodes-faliraki-astronomy-cafe.html I hope Gunilla and I can come back later and stay here for astro photographing. /Lars
  8. Hi, I and my girlfriend have booked a trip to Rhodes, an island of Greece. Mostly because we want to see the ancient Greece. But maybe we can combine the trip with some astronomy. I did a search for astro tourism at that island and found this: http://astronomy-hotel-rhodes.com/english/indexENG.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iywjIp-BtaM We have already booked our room at other place, but there are also possiblie to rent mounts and telescopes. Maybe someone of you who read this has been there and can tell more? /Lars
  9. Thanks to both of you to the detailed obseration reports from Tenerife Teide. Very bad that the guided tour was ruined. We just bought flight tickets to Rhodos Greece. Our first visit to that island, it's more amied to the ancient cultur. But if there is some interesting there related to astronomy we will have a look. Lars & Gunilla
  10. Hi, Thanks for the information and link, very well information. Maybe I get the weak torque with fullstep because the driver only then work with one phase, not two. Lars
  11. I have done a lot of test of the focuser motor and the focuser. And I have also succeeded to lower the friction torque of the focuser shaft. From high 30 Ncm to 15 Ncm. I also found in my case, if the calculation give me that I need 40 Ncm the stepper motor and gearbox must deliver maybe 4 times more torque to be safe. The stepper motor has most difficult to handle when just doing a few steps, when moving hundred steps or more it works fine. I noticed most problem when it doing temperature adjustment, in that case it move just a few step each time it correct the focus, the stepper motor very often stall in this case. If it stall it get out of sync and then the autofocus mode doesn't work at all. The stepper motor also work better in halfstep mode than fullstep mode, anyone noticed this too? This was the most important fix I did: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-focus-friction/page07-project-focus-friction.html Old grease is not good! /Lars
  12. Now I solved one more problem, this time the high friction in the fine-tune focuser. I found two things that cause that. First: The friction in the fine adjuster gearbox was very high, caused of aging grease. Second: One of the screws that press the bearings against the stell plate was to short. Here you can follow the details if you find it interesting: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-focus-friction/page07-project-focus-friction.html I think that the problem with aging grease can be a very common problem, my EQ6 mount is very stiff too. Maybe time to take it apart and regrease it. /Lars
  13. I have now also added calculation to find the needed torque from the stepper motor. http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/astronomy-calculations/focus-gearbox-ratio/focus-gearbox-ratio.html I had a lot of problem with this earlier, now less problem. /Lars
  14. After I solved the problem with my focuser which is of friction construction I got a new problem. When I increased the friction force to get rid of the slip of the focuser the load on the stepper motor got to high. I need a new stepper motor with higher torque. I have not solved that yet. But under meantime I have updated my gear box calculator how to optimize the ratio to it: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/astronomy-calculations/focus-gearbox-ratio/focus-gearbox-ratio.html I did a massive rewritten of the code, hope I got everything correct now. /Lars
  15. That looks interesting, it even looks to fit in the Rasberry box. Is the installation of software the same as for Rasberry, or does it need some other files? /Lars
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