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  1. Check out Whiteadder Reservoir, further inland than Grantshouse. Great all round dark skies, There's a car park off the main road at the boathouse towards the east end of the reservoir.
  2. The issue with remembering in "the next session" is that due to our weather and lack of clear sky opportunities, the next session could be a month away... what was in the south tonight has been replaced by a completely different constellation..... all part of the fun! Good luck!
  3. Thanks Lee and Dave. Only the premium Cheshire left now.
  4. Rigel sold pending payment, thanks Cosmicbug (Lee) 2" Revelation 30mm EP sold pending payment, thanks F15Rules (Dave)
  5. Selling a few surplus items... Rigel Quikfinder, as new, boxed, both bases an unsused sticky pads included £20 + postage Premium Cheshire Collimator, no box £20 posted 2" 30mm Revelation Superview eyepiece, no box, both end caps £20 + postage Postage will be second class signed for Thanks for looking, L.
  6. Now SOLD, could Mods please move post to "sold/expired" section, thank you.
  7. Will do both the Scope/accessories AND the Rigel for £170 if it helps...
  8. I’m up the A9 twice a year to visit my inlaws in Caithness but it will be Easter before I head up that way again unfortunately.
  9. Looking to sell my SW200 f6 Dob, this will include the 9X50 finderscope, the 25mm & 10mm stock eyepieces and both 2" & 1.25" focuser adaptors. The focuser has the Lacerta dual speed upgrade. I'm looking for £160 OR for £185 I'll add the Rigel Quikfinder shown in the photos. This is collection only from Edinburgh, West Lothian areas only. Thanks for looking. L.
  10. Paul, Im sure Ian (Iam4208)in the CSOG group has that book. If its the same one, from what I remember its pretty detailed and should keep you going in the quest for more targets to search for!
  11. Thanks for your reply. Would've been £2.90 small parcel, so £23 if you pick them up. PM for details if you are interested. L.
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