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  1. Actually, I think it's a fabulous sketch, I can only wish! It's worth remembering that some DSO's are only genuinely appreciated through a wide FOV. Alex
  2. Oooops, I mean that's great thanks. I'll get one ordered. Alex
  3. <p><br /> <br /> That's great, thank you. I'll get one ordered.<br /> <br /> Alex</p>
  4. A Planck

    Hi everyone

    Great to read your comments, welcome. Alex
  5. Hi, I wonder if some of you Celestron afcionados could help me. I can't help but think there's a bit missing from my newly acquired Nexstar + handset. Should there be another connector at the bottom with a standard RS232 connector? Thanks, Alex
  6. Graphite's the thing. Clean the thread until all of the swarf is removed, then 'draw' round the thread with a soft pencil. A more advanced method is to use molybdenun disulphide powder. It's available in hardware shops for easing locks. Alex
  7. A dozen meteors before the cloud arrived at 0015, ISS glided past and all's right with the world. Sneaky peek at M13 too! Alex
  8. Hi David, Welcome to SGL Alex
  9. By the way, I use the distilled water to rinse the mirror after I have cleaned it with tap water and fairy liquid. The water down here is very hard so if you don't rinse it properly, you end up with water marks. The mirror come up like new if you do. Alex
  10. Thanks to you all, I'll try all your ideas and let you know how I get on. Cheers Alex
  11. Hi, I'm cleaning my dob primary again but I can't seem to get hold of and distilled water. Everyone offers me 'deionised' but that isn't the same. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful to hear them. Alex
  12. Saw a couple tonight, all from the Perseus radiant, very nice. Seen at 0003 BST
  13. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. I live on the south coast at sea level so the quality of the sky is not always as helpful as I might wish. Despite this I've been studying astronomy for 45 years, in fact it was astronomy that started my interest in science and ended with me becoming a chartered engineer. I've owned a wide array of instruments from a 3" refractor in the beginning to a 12" LX200 and I've enjoyed them all. These days I use a 12" Truss braced dob and a 6" refractor. I'd like to thank you for welcoming me to your forum, joining is something I should have done a long time ago.
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