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  1. The diffraction spikes are caused by the blades in the lens.
  2. I've always struggled with deconvolution. I followed your tutorial and it worked a treat! Thanks for the help!
  3. Most of the images have had very little cropping (stacking artefacts). I cropped the shark a fair bit due to an awful gradient I struggled to remove.
  4. I've owned my Samyang 135mm lens for about 2 years. It's given me some good results. I use it on both the ccd and dslr and it never disappoints. It's had more use than my scope because it's so much fun and the FOV it gives. It's a solid little lens and rather heavy for its size. The focus is lovely and smooth and seems to hold even when pointing straight up. These images have been taken using either my Canon 60da or my Atik 460.
  5. astrotrac tt320x-ag for sale. Like new. Comes with polar scope and battery pack £200 SOLD
  6. I’d be more than happy with that!
  7. Had to stay up late to grab this. This is 4 hours in 20 min subs. Atik 460 paired with the Samyang 135mm and Astrodon 3nm ha. The stars are pretty dodgy on the right of the image. Upon further investigation, one of my spacing rings had split causing a bit of tilt. I'm still happy with the image. I'm not sure if i've caught a whiff of the soap bubble. Constructive criticism welcome. Cheers for looking.
  8. Both processed the same. DBE, Masked stretch, Backgroundneutralisation, Colour calibration. HDRtransfomation, Localhistogram, unsharpmask. A play in curves (saturation & contrast) and bit of noise reduction to finish.
  9. Cheers! I alway use ISO 800. It seems to give the best signal to noise ratio at this sub length.
  10. I took a drive out to a dark site with the DSLR and Star Adventurer. The first image was taken a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think I would get M78 in the frame. Then I realised I could so had another try at it. Both images are the same sub length and the same amount of subs. There seems to be a lot more detail in the first image. The camera setting are exactly the same on both images and the weather conditions where about the same. I wonder why I'm getting more dusty detail in one and not the other? Thanks for looking. Samyang 135mm, Canon 60Da, Star Adventurer 10x5mins
  11. Great shots. Would love to see them with the mk I eyeball!
  12. Even with the 20 min subs hardly anything was showing up on the screen! It was disheartening to say the least. I've got a few more hours to add to this. I'm hoping with more data, it'll be easier to process.
  13. A couple more images with the Samyang 135mm, Atik 460 combo. I'm really enjoying this little setup. Its made astrophotography fun again! The first image was stopped down to try and control the coma. The second image i did wide open. I was affraid the signal would be so weak, so i sacrificed the stars in hope of picking more of the nebula up. Ive lost count on how many time I've processed the image. I'm still not entirely happy with it. I aim to grab some RGB over christmas holidays if the cloud gods allow. Constructive criticism welcome! Thanks for looking. IC1396 12x20mins (5
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