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  1. wxsatuser

    Any ideas what this is ?

    TThe headland is about 2600metres high scroll down in this link for high res images. Sunrise over the headland.
  2. wxsatuser

    Heart and Soul

    First time out since February. Nice clear sky to start with, Moon out of course but 5nm Ha does'nt care. Thought I would blow the dust out with something easyish, good ol Heart and Soul. 13x600secs, Atik 383L, Samyang 135mm f/2, Astrodon 5nm Ha filter. Processing with PI and PS CC all mucked up by me.
  3. wxsatuser


    The image is the Cygnus part of the Milky Way. In the centre is the North American and Pelican nebs, bottom left is IC 1396 and just visible to the right centre is the Veil Neb.
  4. wxsatuser

    Who’s out ?

    Thanks, was hoping for double the subs but not to be.
  5. wxsatuser

    Who’s out ?

    Came in as cloud appeared but got a bakers dozen of Heart and Soul. A quick process in PI and PS CC do a better one later with more time. 13x 600secs Atik 383L, Samyang 135mm f/2, Astrodon 5nm filter.
  6. wxsatuser

    Who’s out ?

    Out now with 10x600secs Ha on Heart and Soul. Keep going until or if cloud shows up.
  7. wxsatuser


    No scope a Canon nifty fifty......50mm f1.8 lens.
  8. wxsatuser


    The 6D has a slightly better read noise but the 7DMK2 has a better QE. The 6D does see a lot of Ha without modding, even in short exposures. 30secs at 50mm f1.8
  9. wxsatuser

    Blue mists

    That's surprising would have thought there would be a lot more red in the NA as in the Pelican. Anyway it's not to bad an image.
  10. wxsatuser

    Blue mists

    Looks like a typical unmodded dslr image. If it is, you have the colours about right, the blue is real as a modded dslr will swamp the blue with red. You have 'walking noise', noise gets smeared over the image in streaks.
  11. wxsatuser

    DSLR Hot Pixel

    The remapping in sensor clean will not work with camera jpegs you must use RAW, if your not doing so. RAW converters can use the updated sensor map included in the file to clean the image. You must do the clean routine after the camera has reached temperature equilibrium . BTW most sensors will have loads of hot, dead and stuck pixels, not unusual.
  12. wxsatuser

    Forum Speed Issues

    So slow right now.
  13. wxsatuser

    Forum Speed Issues

    Totally unusable tonight took ages to get any pages,
  14. wxsatuser

    Meteorscatter using GRAVES

    Setting up Spectrum Lab this afternoon as well as lots of pings had this near 6 seconds burst. Not sure what to make of the pattern, any guesses?
  15. wxsatuser

    Meteorscatter using GRAVES

    Just goes to show a modest station can do quite nicely seeing what you are receiving. For the moment I will carry on with the log periodic as I want to mess about on 50, 70 and 144megs as well. The 7100 is a nice radio been messing about on 20metres with WSJT-X FT8, interesting where the signals reach with 25watts and a quarter wave GP. The GRAVES tropo signal is there but comes and goes at best it moves the smeter to S1, I can still hear it with no movement on the meter and the program picks it out when not audible. Was pleased to get two satellites on the first try, first ISS and the other I have not identified yet. I'm in the process of getting Spectrum Lab going, hopefully this weekend. Mike G1HWY

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