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  1. North American widefield 120x120secs Sigma 105mm F/1.4 Art Lens Stopped down to F/2, ZWO ASI-2600MC Pro Colour CMOS from Roboscopes@eEYE
  2. No it's a 12 second burst. The spikes are not the scan pattern as they should be 3.2seconds for each 7.5degrees. The each whole sector should take 19.2 seconds to scan 45degrees.
  3. No way I could image it here, to much ground clutter and far to much LP.
  4. Aircraft with landing lights on coming towards you, appears to be stationary then makes a turn and disappears. It used to happen a lot here when planes stacked for Gatwick came from the east towards us. You will not hear any noise as the planes could be many miles away.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm not to sure on CMOS quality, 2minute subs do not bring out the faint stuff, image lacks quite a bit. IMO noise seems ok but longer exposures may be, I don't know enough about these modern CMOS sensors.
  6. Rho Ophiuchi 90x120secs Sigma 105mm F/1.4 Art Lens Stopped down to F/2, ZWO ASI-2600MC Pro Colour CMOS from Roboscopes@eEYE
  7. Looks very good to me. We see lots of emission nebs so nice to see the odd reflection.
  8. wxsatuser

    Hi from Sussex

    Hi from Sussex as well.
  9. The only youtuber I watched when starting out was Forrest Tanaka, then I found SGL.
  10. I bet Mr Penrice will have something to say about that.
  11. Get as close as possible and see how it goes. When I did my CCD lens combo I just got with in 1mm, using a vernier, your mileage my vary.
  12. Looks like the super bias is posterized, may be a resampling or conversion problem.
  13. Not sure what the image circle is but it most likely will not cover full frame.
  14. I believe the ZWO back focus already takes into account the glass, the 17.5mm will be the optical path.
  15. Taking on Oneweb as well. Oneweb is now part owned by all of us as the GOV has a share. Supposed to be 48000 sats eventually.
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