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  1. It certainly will.
  2. Same here CdC and EQMOD.
  3. Looks like a meteor, don't know if it's the one you want, check it against the radiant. Whenever I tried widefield for meteors, 16>24mm always picked up a few faint ones like that. Sometimes would get 3 or 4 on a single 30sec sub. Will see if I can find the old images.
  4. Weather! You cannot trust it.
  5. I would go along with that unless anyone knows better. The clock is 24hours anyway, just double each hour, 1 o'clock then becomes two o'clock and each increment becomes 20minutes instead of 10minutes.
  6. Why do you need the Powermate?
  7. Nice!
  8. Only 1600mah rather than Canon 1800mah but cheap
  9. I'm assuming your using the dslr without a lens attached. In this case the dslr processor is inverting the image left/right and up/down. The reason it does this, is that the normal dslr lens presents the image inverted both ways to the sensor. So the camera processor is correcting the mirror diagonal, left right and turning the corrected image upside down.
  10. It's more than reasonable when you think it beats lenses 3 to 5 times in value.
  11. Thank you.
  12. I have three intervalometers, the expensive Canon one, a cheap ebay one and a cheap ebay one for my Fuji mirrorless. The Canon is fully adjustable from zero on every setting. The cheap ebay is the same but the cheap Fuji is fully adjustable apart from interval which is set to 1, cannot make this zero. Can you show us the settings? BTW You have'nt by any chance got long exposure noise reduction turned on?
  13. Love the colours, looks like hot coals.
  14. Thanks Wim, I think he was although someone else could most likely get it to look brighter. For now I will take a break and may be visit it later with some extra skill, when I have it.
  15. Thanks Paddy, I got fedup with the bright star and cropped it out. Had a look at Lloyds effort but mine came out nothing like his, I struggle with these nebs so left it as is.