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  1. just a general rant

    Started using a CCD early last year but did'nt get to use it until May. After that I did a baker's dozen of targets plus I missed a few nights, not feeling upto it or work/ other things got in the way. A few of the targets were around half to full moon so not complaining. Pretty pleased with 2017, much better than previous years with a DSLR, when I nearly gave up.
  2. Staring mono CCD help

    Narrowband filters certainly help with LP . This is what it's like here and you can see my Ha images here.
  3. The Core of the Rosette Nebula

    Nice fine detailed wispy bits, the dark stuff is certainly interesting.
  4. Looks the the bottom half is stacking on something other than stars, may be a hot pixel. Try reducing the number of stars it's stacking on, have noise reduction checked as well.
  5. Imaging rig complete :)

    Nice setup, don't forget some dew tapes.
  6. Horse Head

    I recently saw someone put the cables in a curve, and cannot find it now.
  7. NGC2244 Rosette Nebula

    Well done Barry, nice depth to the image.
  8. You could try DBE in PI, use Division in Target Correction, it may fix the vignetting.
  9. DDS problem see photo

    Run out of memory because you had drizzle enable??????
  10. Planetary Nebula Sh2-216

    This one is a tough one, needs longer subs even at f/2. Would also be nice to rotate and include the SN remnant in one field.
  11. Hope that cures your problem because it's a very nice lens when it works. BTW Mine is not perfect, one corner has slight problems but I can live with it. One can never say it's the lens or it could be the mount, after all they were meant to fix to a camera body.
  12. Planetary Nebula Sh2-216

    The closest known planetary nebula Sh2-216 near Capella, from the DSW Rokinon setup. Above Sh2-216, just creeping in is Sh2-221 a super nova remnant and the little bright blob is Sh2-217. This really needed longer exposures it has a low surface brightness and is quite a large object. 46x600secs Ha Rokinon 135mm f/2 QSI 583 Astrodon 5nm filter.
  13. Seagull

    Not much doing here so decided to attack some of the recent DSW data. Seagull Nebula Sh2-296 from the DSW Rokinon setup. 56x600secs Ha Rokinon 135mm f/2 QSI 583 Astrodon 5nm filter.
  14. Reality has kicked in

    That's fine if you have no alternative, you could try stopping further or try a different focal length that might have better performance. Would be a good idea to take some flats to cure the uneven light/vignetting.
  15. Reality has kicked in

    Have run it through ACR and there is no problem with colour, it's in there just needs to be bought out. Unfortunately the lens is a bit of a dog, bad abberations, some obvious vignetting and something going on in the centre as well.