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  1. I never ever plate solved but always found the target. About four synchs with CdC and EQMOD is all that's needed, may be the odd nudge with the game controller to be spot on but not often. Guiding was crap with PHD but I then found the Lacerta guider, perfect guiding from then on.
  2. The second link down the psu is adjustable from 9 to 15volts
  3. Yes you can use car fuses, they come in standard or fast blow. Also you can get ready made DC power blocks like in the link below https://www.hamradio.co.uk/accessories-by-manufacturer-west-mountain-radio-accessories/west-mountain-radio/west-mountain-radio-rigrunner-4005-horizontal-58312-1041-pd-7866.php
  4. No most electronics will go to 15 or 16Volts
  5. Just buy a decent supply like this one, you get 20amps with peak of 30Amps, more than enough for most. https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/product/nevada-psw-30h/ or this one, I use these to power my hamradio gear. https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/product/nevada-psw-30/
  6. If you are not already, try using mosaic in the result section of stacking parameters.
  7. I believe the pattern is RGBG and this camera has pixel shift, don't know if this has an effect in stacking.
  8. it's not a satellite. imo the scope moved at the very beginning of that sub, the bright star was registered then the scope moved for some reason, wobbled may be.
  9. I would think it is not the sensor if it varies in location. may be someone has seen this before
  10. An APS-C sensor with something like the Samyang 135mm will show most nebulae and their surroundings. Modding is not necessary if you get the right dslr, Canon 7DMK2 shows Ha quite well and if you want full frame the 6D is good at Ha, you can use the 6D with the Samyang lens as well.
  11. The data I manged to get was manageable, not as much as some but was enough for me. I also have a vast array of data I had from DSW, most have not been processed. Trouble is I got tired of processing, not that I was much good at it but it took to much time. Now I have gone off on another hobby but I'm still interested but only when I feel like it. Neowise was rather refreshing and did'nt take hours, which was nice.
  12. Exactly, if no one likes the price do not pay it.
  13. I think it's like this, fits cameras with 12.5mm back focus. You could ask FLO for certain. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-nikon-t2-adapter-suitable-for-all-asi-cameras.html
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