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  1. If I had time it would be possible but have to many irons on the go already, From here on the North side of the South Downs I can hear GRAVES direct most of the time but I'm blocked quite a bit by the Downs. This is most likely side lobe as on 144MHz I could'nt normally hear as far south as GRAVES. On 144Mhz running 2x13elements my best distance south under no tropo enhancement would be around Paris latitude, under enhancement have reached to French south coast, but thats rare. The direct signal is receivable from south to south east. When I have received ISS and other unidentfied sats the signals are quite weak and a couple of times I have received Moon echos but they would be off the main beam.
  2. Can beginners give better help than more accomplished imagers. May be down there in the DSO imaging section it is a bit more intimidating for DSLR imagers. I know it was for me, still is because I'm a rubbish CCD imager. As to the blue stars A DSLR will quickly saturate most bright stars to white, there may be some colour in the halo. Drop the ISO and may be the sub length to stop the stars saturating.
  3. That's ok no problem. Personally I would ditch the Barlow and put the ISO as high as possible and see how long you can go, the longer the better. 5secs is really to short.
  4. Not surprised if they are dim at 5secs. Why do you need a barlow?
  5. 5seconds or less is not going to be much good, if it was with very fast glass and high ISO it might be ok.
  6. They are very nice filters and worth the outlay. I have the LRGB set plus the Ha 5nm , got them secondhand at a good price.
  7. Nice donuts.........check your focuser is not slipping.
  8. Bit of a beast to start AP with, most likely you will need guide. Some one who has used one will no doubt give you some tips.
  9. I suppose it's not the mirror when its up, it might just get in the light path. I had a similar thing on the 6D with a Astronomik lp filter in place it just left a band but if I remeber right it was'nt coloured.
  10. You don't need to remove these unless the plane ones are really close. Correct stacking and more than 12 subs will get rid of any satellites and most planes.
  11. Don't use APT but I let the Atik software bring the camera but to ambient before switching off.
  12. I normally check several stars and if they are close that will do.
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