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  1. Disappointing Flying Bat

    It is faint so you have done well.
  2. The nice thing about a dual rig...

    Must resist.
  3. The nice thing about a dual rig...

    Stop that it's giving me naughty thoughts and making my wallet squeal.
  4. More DSS help needed!

    Star detection 10% Were you using you calibration frames? I did'nt bother using them just the lights.
  5. Tip for when you start guiding

    Winsorized Sigma Clipping in PI works ok on 10 subs.
  6. More DSS help needed!

    The settings I use. Bilinear debayer Kappa Sigma clipping Use RGB background calibration Mosaic mode Align RGB Alignment automatic
  7. More DSS help needed!

    Yes it is, if it's green it's active, if blue not. Also remember to clear all the old stacking info files
  8. More DSS help needed!

    Ok Tim I had a play. PI did'nt like them, had an error could'nt match star pairs or something like that. So went to DSS and I think I may have found a problem that can cause this smearing. By accident I registered and stacked in super pixel mode this gives a half the image size. This stacked ok and nice image but I wanted the full res, restacked in normal mode, low behold a smeared image. Seems if you register in super pixel mode and stack in normal this will happen, I suppose it will do vice versa as well. Here is the image full res but slightly cropped to lose stacking artifacts. Still some gradients that DBE in PI would'nt remove, did'nt bother to much with that. So stacked in DSS latest version, normal mode, DBE and masked stretch in PI and some fiddling in PS CC.
  9. Globular clusters are so boring.... not!!

    Yes, I like them, nice image. They are all different in their own way and a fundimental put of most galaxies. Definately worth a punt now and again, they would not look to good at my 135mm but at longer focal lengths they gain more interest.
  10. OMG! what has gone wrong, please help.

    Does the Lacerta start guiding again well before the next exposure starts, it should be obvious with just the odd guide light flicking on and off.
  11. M3

    So many stars, nice!
  12. OMG! what has gone wrong, please help.

    Was that a random pattern dither with your Lacerta? May be, I don't know, if you dithered was the settle time long enough?
  13. ANOTHER Elkephants trunk in Ha

    No posts are offensive unless they are offensive Rodd and yours are not. Keep posting. Your mono images compared to others look ok to me on this laptop. I process most of my images on this HP gaming laptop that appears to have a fairly good screen. Although my processing may not be the best I try to gauge my images against how other members look. I particularly look at members like Sara, Olly and others and try to gauge the brightness/contrast/colour to them. It does'nt always work but we don't want to be clones of each other.
  14. More DSS help needed!

    So there is some thing wrong in the other 20 subs. There does appear to be a bright arc near the bottom, could be throwing the stacking out. Can have a bash with PI and Registar if you can post the subs somewhere.
  15. Alexanders shed observatory

    Not sure but Alexanders are no more.