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  1. wxsatuser

    Exposure time

    Once the histogram is detached from the lefthand side it should be ok whatever the sub length. It does depend on your sky brightness and if an LP filter is in use. Obviously the more subs the better the SNR will be.
  2. wxsatuser

    dark-bias-flat subtraction

    The master dark and bias are subtracted but the lights are divided by the master flat. Software like DSS will do everything for you, just put the files in their relevant places. DSS will even prompt what the best settings may be, looks daunting at first but soon becomes second nature. If you get stuck someone on here will guide you through it.
  3. wxsatuser

    witch head nebula disaster

    I tried it once from home with a dslr and it did'nt even show with our LP. I was rather surprised and thought my aim was off.
  4. wxsatuser

    band running along image

    I saw this mentioned on CN and one person cured his 5dmk3 by turning off the display grid. Go in the menus and make sure the grid display is off in the red menu and the viewfinder display is off in the yellow wrench menu. I have no idea if this works but quite few people had this with 7dmk2's. Never saw it in my 7dmk2 but then my display grids were both off.
  5. wxsatuser

    red images

    That is correct for a modded camera and AWB. What you got to do is take a photo of a white sheet of paper in sunlight around midday with AWB. Once you have that photo you need to go to menu Custom White Balance and chose that photo. Once set take another photo of the paper, if done right the paper should be grey in the new photo. BTW check to see if there is a CWB photo on the SD card, there might be one.
  6. wxsatuser

    red images

    Most likely need a custom white balance. A lot of info here about custom white balance. http://www.astropix.com/html/i_astrop/customwb.html
  7. To combat noise, more exposure or longer exposures, 30secs at f/5.6 is not very long. Flats will certainly help, darks may not help as modern Canon's have good on sensor dark current suppression.
  8. wxsatuser

    Green And Blue Area ..why?

    A guess, may be something to do with Alnitak. One image has a satellite as well but don't worry about them. Once you get 12 or more subs stacking will get rid of any trails.
  9. wxsatuser

    Show us your subs...

    No stretch in PI, sub is and very black, histogram hard left. One histogram transform stretch. The more we stretch, this is three stretches and you can see the noise appear as spikes on the peak.
  10. wxsatuser

    Show us your subs...

    BTW this is the final image of 25x600secs.
  11. wxsatuser

    Show us your subs...

    Depends on how much you stretched it, you say no processing but you have stretched the image, otherwise it would be near black. This is one PI STFed stretched 600sec sub from an Atik 383L, the more you stretch the grainier it will become. The second image is a single PI histogramtransform stretch to the first vertical line.
  12. wxsatuser

    The Birds revisited.

    It looked ok to me on this laptop but there is very faint magenta emission all over that may have caused it.
  13. I would guess that's correct, Ha is red and so is SII, think there is no or very little OIII in the horse.
  14. You can use 400 as the read noise is lower and only loose half a stop of dynamic range. Is it the best, I don't know, give it a try and see if there is a difference. Go to here pick 80D and hover over the points to get the read noise. http://www.photonstophotos.net/Charts/RN_e.htm

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