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  1. Yes, just showing an example so the op can see if the quoted distances are close or not.
  2. wxsatuser

    Step down rings

    You will need 72mm filter thread, if you going to f/4 49mm should do it, f/3.5 58mm.
  3. wxsatuser

    Venus this morning (16th December)

    It's been brilliant when no clouds, so bright, the brighest I have seen in ages.
  4. From Gaia the parallax is 0.3612 mas To find the distance in parsecs divide 1 by the parallax in arcsecs. For this star it will be 1/.0003612 = 2768 parsecs A parsec is 3.26 light years so this star is about 9000light years distant.
  5. wxsatuser

    What’s your best space jokes?

    Jupiter came down to Earth one day and helped two criminals plan a bank robbery. Anyway, they both got caught and after the judge sentenced the two earthlings to fifteen years behind bars, Jupiter was a bit shocked to get arrested and handed a ten year stretch himself. “But your honour. I didn’t even take part in the robbery!” said Jupiter. “Yes” replied the judge. “But you did help them Planet!”
  6. wxsatuser

    What’s your best space jokes?

    How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? You rocket!
  7. wxsatuser

    What’s your best space jokes?

    Scientists have found that the center of Jupiter contains the letter “i”.
  8. wxsatuser

    California nebula.

    I see which bit it is now, time for a mosaic Stu. and here it is at 135mm 5nm Ha, it stretches a long way and of course there is loads of faint stuff all around.
  9. wxsatuser

    California nebula.

    The whole thing only just fits on an APS-C at 135mm. Most newbies capture the bright central bit which is not to bad and shows decent structure. If Stu has any LP the capture will be harder and as suggested an LP filter may help. The elongated stars look like a touch of coma.
  10. wxsatuser

    Alien Space Craft in NGC 1333 Region?

    Give us exact time and date.
  11. Turn off LENR as it doubles any exposure by taking a dark after every shot. As mikeyj1 above, use dithering, this will help to reduce colour noise in processing. Dark's may or may not help depends on how accurate the temperature is. BTW have gone a lot longer than 22 days without a clear sky, that's not unusual in this game.
  12. wxsatuser

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    Very nice colour worth the faffing.
  13. wxsatuser

    How do you keep data organised?

    When processing I may end up with images that I don't like but keep in a separate folder just in case. These may be files from PS CC or PI. I don't seem to have rogue files as when processing everything for a particular object goes back in its folder. In there will be stacked stuff, master dark, bias and flat, from Pixinsight I make sure the files save back to the original folder where the are dead easy to find, simply look for the object name all the files will be there.
  14. wxsatuser

    How do you keep data organised?

    Same but sorted by object.

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