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  1. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    Did you physically turn the puck 90degrees cause I see you have a side by side?
  2. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    I see. I just use CdC and set-up a few synch points and normally it hits the target. The first couple of points usually need centering but after that they are near spot on.
  3. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    How you picking your target?
  4. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    What Planetarium software are you using?
  5. wxsatuser


    1 DSLR The focal reducer is supposed to have a back focus of 105mm. Subtract the DSLR flange focal distance, for Canon 44mm also subtract the t-ring thickness. If the t-ring is 11mm you will subtract 55mm from the 105 which leaves 50mm for extra spacers. 2 ZWO ASI224MC In this case the flange focal distance is 12.5mm, this is from sensor to end of mounting threads. So subtract 12.5 from 105mm which leaves approx 92.5mm for spacers. 3 ZWO ASI224MC The focal reducer in this case will no doubt have a back focus of 55mm. Subtract 12.5mm from 55mm which leaves 42.5mm for spacers.
  6. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    Depends how far out it is. I did mine by doing this and then make sure thats the home postion in EQMOD. Your park can be anywhere but make sure home is home. If you ever undo the clutchs after doing this all synch data will be out.
  7. wxsatuser

    Giving up on EQMOD

    Have you actually set the home position to this first. http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/docs/MountHomePosition.pdf
  8. Something blocking the sensor or the FOV causing a vignetting.. What is the set-up?
  9. wxsatuser

    Spacing for CCD and DSLR

    This what I always believed as well.
  10. wxsatuser

    Blue tint

    Most likely better to set a custom white balance to start with. Shoot a grey card on a sunny day around noon and use it as the CWB and make sure the stacking software uses camera WB.
  11. Always worth a punt with narrow band and it's come out ok.
  12. wxsatuser

    Atik 383L with 1.25" filters ok???

    here is mine complete with lashed up focus motor
  13. wxsatuser

    Atik 383L with 1.25" filters ok???

    Here are the links to the rotator and 3mm spacer. 3mm spacer https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5731_TS-Optics-Optics---T2-Extension-Tube---Length-3mm.html rotator https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5547_TS-Optics-T2-Thread-360--Rotation-and-Quick-Changer---5-5mm-short.html This setup gives 19mm for the lens adapter, 5.5mm for the rotator and 3mm extension. Atik 383 has 17mm back focus so all up this should be 44.5mm for a Canon lens should be ok. Normally a filter will add about another 1mm depending on glass thickness. Mine seems to work ok with this distance. The Astrodon filter is inside the TS Canon adapter and is wound right upto the Atik glass. There is vignetting but good flats do the trick. Obviously it's not easy to change filters but to me it did not matter.
  14. wxsatuser

    Atik 383L with 1.25" filters ok???

    All the Ha images are with the 383 and Samyang 135mm.

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