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  1. Hi Phil Congratulations on the build. Looks excellent and a perfect solution for the whole household ! Would love to see some of your drawings as you suggested. Could be my next project as I really need a permanent set up. Regards Mike
  2. Hi Matt Great image for a single exposure. Was it with the C6 ? Mike
  3. A heads up if anyone has not seen this yet. Starts Sunday March 16th on National Geographic HD and Sky 1 HD http://www.sky.com/tv/show/cosmos Mike
  4. Howdy and welcome aboard from me too
  5. In this Adobe Creative Cloud rental package you get far more than just Photoshop. You have ready to download and use:- Lightroom 5 Bridge Edge Animate Edge Code Edge Inspect Edge Reflow Exchange Panel
  6. That'll do nicely Kind Regards Mike
  7. Welcome along from me too. Please...."Bring me Sunshine !! "...... ....and plenty of clear skies. Cheers and Good Luck Mike
  8. Stunning. Many congratulations Mike
  9. All the best, Rune. Will give you a wave as we pass by your island. Stavanger is last port of call on March 23rd on the way home Cheers Mike
  10. Hi Rune Welcome form me too. I love your country very much and will be visiting again in early March on a cruise taking in Stavanger, Bergen and then up into the Arctic Circle to Tromso and Alta where we spend two days in each. Hoping we get a glimpse of the Northern Lights whist we are there. You must live not far from Stavanger at that latitude. Kind Regards and Clear Skies Mike
  11. Yes. You will not regret your investment. Welcome along. Saves going to the gym as well Regards Mike
  12. Glad you got the mount sorted. The clear skies will probably be a bit trickier the way the weather is behaving round here Cheers and Good Luck Mike
  13. Hi Brian Welcome to the Celestron C9.25 Owners Club Truly great piece of kit. Love mine. Couldn't send us a few of those beautiful skies could you mate Cheers Mike :clouds1: :clouds1:
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