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Hello from Dorking

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Hi everyone,

I am a 63 year old based in Dorking Surrey, and a member of Horsham Astronomy Group and the BAA. I am a keen if still improving astrophotographer. Some of my images can be seen on my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.co...s/29838100@N02/

I'm currently saving up for a new mount to replace my somewhat overloaded NEQ6!

Clear skies,



Scopes: Celestron Edge 11; W.O. FLT 110; W.O. Megrez 90; ST80 Guide scope

Mount: NEQ6

Cameras: QSI 583ws; Meade DSI Pro III (used for guiding); ZWO ASI 120MM; Canon 600D

Optec Lepus reducer for the Edge

Astrodon LRGB filters; Astronomik LRGB filters

Commercial Software: Maxim DL Pro; Photoshop CS3;

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Welcome to the group, I'm also from Dorking, North Holmwood area. Maybe see you around - I'm more of a newb than you at astrophotography.

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Hi everyone,

Many thanks for the warm welcome, and kind comments about my images.

As far as the question of a new mount is concerned, unfortunately there is no way I will be allowed to have an observatory by my S.O. as tall trees to the south mean it would end up blocking the view of our garden from the house, so I am resigned to having to stick with portable systems, though perhaps I may get away with installing a pier. I plan to wait for the EQ8 to be in the shops and see if I can lift it. I'll also consider a Mesu 200, but that is considerably more expensive. The downside of a new mount I suspect will be the length of time spent working out how to guide it.

Clear skies,


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