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  1. Unfortunately selling this beast due to lack of free time to use it Pick up only, sorry- Boston area, Lincs Basically a 12" flex-tube skywatcher with a moonlite dual speed focuser fitted, will come with the astrozap shroud and tube caps. It has a right angled finder scope and a telrad with extension if needed, plus the scope cover. I also have other extras such as a laser collimator, 'premium' Cheshire collimator, 32mm Meade EP, 15mm Panorama EP, 12mm X-Cell EP if anybody wants to buy anything else with it. Full list can be PM'd if you want. It's in great condition as it's been stor
  2. Basically the lensing is so strong, and the source of the light is a single 'pin point', so it is seen as multiple images rather than a stretched out arc, which is seen with bigger light sources. Although I'm not an expert, I have no actual knowledge, just what I've picked up
  3. The title of that is pretty misleading! haha But I do like how the writers do put a lot of maths into the show secretly
  4. Literally if you're good at maths you'll be good for physics/astro, so take as much maths as you can!
  5. It does take a lot more time than they say it does, and it does take a lot of effort, week 5 was the worst for me to to commitments at school being sky high during that week, so I scraped 60% in that week, but luckily my overall percentage stayed about 95% which I was pleased with finishing at! Thanks for sharing the other course too, that looks a bit nicer
  6. I got through all 12 weeks through purely having to get help through the forums, as I had no time for the lectures (which are unrelated to the homework anyway). I wouldn't call myself smart or anything but I like to think that doing a level maths I'm past the 'struggling with basic algebra' stage, yet this course was constantly difficult! It finishes next week, all the work has been long due in so basically if you were to sign up you would be doing it purely for the lectures really
  7. Just as a quick example, one of the questions I found 'easier'!
  8. After taking the course and finally completing it last week, I can certainly say this: DO NOT take it unless you have a LOT of time and really love astronomy or maths, and can put up with lots of maths! They advertised basic algebra which is very easy, but I found it pretty extreme and a lot more difficult than basic algebra, and I'm currently doing A Level maths.
  9. Some of the stuff I hear here out in the middle of nowhere is pretty damn creepy. But I know this area is infested with plenty of animals so I always know it's them. (and the fact that they're more scared of you, than you are of them, helps too)
  10. That's how I find it, just swing the telrad's sight between the two bottom stars in the constellation and then it's in my EP already, it's usually the first thing I go to most nights because it's one of the few things I can actually find easily!
  11. I can't remember what time it cleared up, but once it cleared it stayed like that until we left at 4am... I think most that time was spent trying to spot the supernova in M74!
  12. It's a great site, looking forwards to going there more in the Autumn/Winter!
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